Keep On Drinking

My wife and I have been married a little over 5 years. In those 5 years, plus the two we dated, I have learned a few things about Sasha, alcohol and sex. What I havelearned is that cold sober sex is an occasional and spiritless thing.

Put one drink in her, and sex is a sure thing. With two drinks sex becomes adventurous – different positions, some wild talk and even a little oral action. With three drinks sex becomes wild – blow jobs, golden showers, public parks, almost anything goes. With 4 drinks, she throws up – not much fun in that, except that two years ago, just before she threw-up, I achieved full anal penetration.

That was a fantastic experience and one that I hope to some day to repeat. (If you ever have the opportunity to bury your cock in a woman’s ass while she is barfing her guts out I suggest you take it. The clean-up isn’t fun, but the ride is fantastic.)

Now you know why I am always eager for my wife to have another drink.

Two week ago my friend Frank was over for the Monday night game. Frank is a bachelor friend of mine, who usually comes over for a free home cooked meal. Tonight was different. Sasha was having dinner out with her friend Marie. Frank and I were in for an evening of beer, pizza, football, and after the game we planned to watch the two porno flicks Frank had brought over.

It looked to be a fun evening. My only real concern is that Sasha would come home while we were still watching the porn. Sober, Sasha did not approve of porn and she never drank when she was out with a girl friend.

It was about 10:00 PM and everything was going as planned. We in the middle of watching the first flick, typical porn flick that featured a good looking blond who couldn’t seem to pass up the opportunity to fuck two guys at once. Frank was in the john and the movie was on pause when I heard Sasha’s key in the lock. I went to great her and had my first surprise of the evening.

She came in and greeted me with a deep kiss full on the lips. I was very different from her usual peck on the cheek.  Her kiss, and her breath told me instantly that she had had something to drink. As, she joined me on the couch in front of the TV she explained that dinner had included a free glass of wine. Since Marie was driving, Sasha had become the designated drinker and had consumed both glasses.

Having heard this, I leaned forward, kissed her and began fondling her breast. She was wearing a thin blouse and bra so I had no trouble rolling her nipple between my fingers. We on like this for a minute or two. The mood was shattered by the sound of Frank flushing the toilet in the bathroom. Sasha didn’t know Frank was here and I had almost forgotten Frank was there. Sasha sat up an straightened her blouse, pulling it out to try and conceal her rock hard nipples.

Frank walked into the room. He greeted Sasha warmly, bending down and giving her a kiss on the cheek. If he noticed her nipples, he certainly didn’t let on. He announced he was going to have a shot and asked if anyone else wanted one. To my complete amazement Sasha said she would like one. Frank poured shots for the three of us.

The conversation turned to what we were doing and Frank mentioned the video. He asked her if she wanted to watch a blond vixen try to satisfy two young studs. Sasha replied with a cool “why not.” Frank settled into the couch on the other side of Sasha while I rolled tape.

Within a minute our video vixen was prancing around topless with her next two studs. Frank observed that she was unusual for a Porn star – her boobs were real, not silicone, and very perky. I remarked that Sasha’s were also real and just as perky. Frank said no offense, but he didn’t think so. Sasha said they were too  just as perky. They went back and forth on subject for a few minutes until Frank finally challenged Sasha to prove it.

“I will,” she said as she stood up. She looked angry as she stood there un-buttoning her blouse. I had no idea what she planned to do. This was completely out of character for her. As she finished the last button, she stripped off the blouse and tossed it at Frank. It was clearly thrown with anger and passion and it sailed over his head.

She reached behind her and in a second her bra had also sailed past Frank onto the floor.  She stood there looking defiant, hands on hip, her naked tits doing their best to look full and perky. “Well?” she said.

“All right,” said Frank, “yours are just as perky.”

She started to sit down, but at the last minute she changed her mind. Instead she bent over and gave Frank a kiss.  I think she had aimed for Frank’s cheek, but he turned and caught her full on the lips. They locked lips and held the kiss for what felt like minutes. Frank Reached up and pinched her perky nipple. Sasha pulled back but didn’t say a word. She turned around and sat down.

We were back to watching the video. I couldn’t believe Sasha was sitting there topless. As far as I know, no other man has seen her naked tits in the last seven years. As I said, 3 drinks and things start to get wild.  On the TV, our vixen was heavily involved with her two friends. Each was sucking away on one of her tits. In a masterful show of cooperation they unzipped her shorts and quickly moved her shorts and panties down to her ankles. Frank commented on her nicely trimmed bush.

I commented that Sasha also had a nicely trimmed bush. The conversation was a repeat of the earlier Perky Tits conversation. Within a minute, Sasha was on her feet and her skirt was sailing over Frank’s head. Her panties followed, but the throw was low and the panties caught Frank square in the face.  Frank picked them up, sniffed the crotch and tossed them over his shoulder.

He next turned his attention to her bush. “Very nice.” He observed, “but is it trimmed all the way along the slit?” “It is.” She replied as she lifted her leg to show off her neatly shaved slit. Frank reached out and slid his hand up and down her cunt. “Very smooth. You win.” Frank remarked, leaving his hand in place on her cunt. I couldn’t believe it.  Sasha was standing there naked while Frank rubbed her cunt. She bent forward and again kissed him. This time she aimed for his mouth. The kiss lasted over a minute and Frank rubbed her cunt the entire time. She sat back down.

In a minute one of the studs removed his shorts. His cock was thick, over a foot long, and ready for action. “Nice cock!” Sasha explained. 

“Mine’s nicer,” Frank replied without missing a beat. Once again they were locked in a war of words.

This time it was Sasha who demanded proof and Frank who rose in response. In a flash Frank’s pants and shorts were flying over Sasha’s head. Frank had a nice cock but it was no match for the one on the tube. It was thinner, shorter and softer than its video counterpart.

Sasha laughed in triumph.

Frank remained calm. “Sure, it’s smaller now. It needs someone to get it hard before you can see it full size.”

Sasha didn’t say a word. She just reached out and started stroking Frank’s cock. True to his word Frank’s cock began to grow and swell. It never really got as long as the stud’s but it was still impressive from the perspective of my 6 incher.

Frank bent forward and kissed Sasha. She responded warmly as she continued to rub Frank’s cock. Frank sat back down on the couch and Sasha continued to stroke his cock. Frank slid his hand along the back of Sasha’s neck and began to guide her head toward his lap. With Frank steering her head and Sasha steering his cock it only took a minute until her lips were wrapped around his cock.

I was in shock. I just stared at them. Slowly I became aware that I had a raging hard on. I don’t know how it happened, but slowly I realized that I too was now naked. Sasha was now kneeling on the couch with her head bobbing up and down on Frank’s cock and her ass pointed at me. My left hand continued to stroke my own cock while my right hand reached out and began to rub her ass. Frank was now playing with Sasha’s perky tits as she continued to suck on his cock.

I slipped a finger up into Sasha’s cunt and was amazed at how wet she was. I took a well lubricated finger and pressed is against Sasha’s asshole. There was a moment of resistance and the she pushed back against my finger. In seconds, I was two knuckles deep into her ass. I moved my in and out and soon I was vigorously finger fucking her ass.

I stopped and slid two finger up her cunt. Then it was back to her asshole, this time with two fingers plunging all the way up inside her. Sasha was starting to make some strange sounds as Frank forced his huge cock further and further into her mouth.

Again I stopped and removed my fingers. I shifted my position until I was kneeling behind her. I carefully placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt. I pushed forward and easily slid balls deep into her cunt. I pumped in and out a couple of times.

Suddenly Sasha froze and the shuddered. Sasha was experiencing her first two cock organism. As she relaxed, I slid my cock out of her cunt and repositioned myself so that I was pointed up her asshole. I pushed forward and after a moment of resistance her asshole opened or me. My cock was well lubricated with her juices and slid easily up her ass.

I was back fucking her in the ass. It wasn’t at all as I had pictured it. This time if she got sick she would be throwing-up all over Frank’s cock. Frank was now starting to make grunting noises and it was clear that he was very close to cumming. Both his hands were firmly planted on the back of her head.

Frank gave a final grunt and pushed her head even further over his cock. I looked at him and realized my best friend was now cumming in my wife’s mouth. Even more amazing she was doing her best to swallow the huge load. Best of all, I was fucking her ass. I was overcome with pleasure and I erupted into her ass. Frank was filling her mouth while I was filling her ass. Again Sasha shuddered with an orgasm as she felt both loads filling their respective holes.

Frank released her head. She moved her mouth off of his cock. For a minute she licked at a large glob of cum that was sliding down his cock.  Despite the size of his orgasm Frank had barely softened. Frank pumped his own cock once or twice and it was back to its former erect glory. Sasha turned around dislodging my softening cock from her ass. Cum was oozing out of her asshole as she turned to point her cunt at Frank.

In a moment he had the tip of his cock buried in her cunt. He moved slowly back and forth adding to the depth of his penetration with each stroke. Sasha had he next orgasm before Frank was even half way into her.  It took him almost 10 minutes, but at last he was fully imbedded in her cunt. He continued his incredibly long, slow strokes. Sasha was going nuts.

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” She was lost in what was clearly the best fucking she had ever experienced.

Frank began to pick up his pace. Sasha seemed to be having an orgasm a minute and Frank just kept pounding her. Finally Frank reached his own climax. He held is cock deep into her cunt as he pumped load after load on cum up inside her.

Again I realized that I was hard. I pressed the end of my cock against her lips. My cock was covered in a mixture of her juices, my cum, and an occasional souvenir from her ass. Her lips opened and welcomed my cock into her mouth. I slid it back down her throat until I felt her lips brushing into my pubic hair. Her hand moved to my balls and gently caressed them. In a minute they tightened and I shot my final small load of cum into her mouth.

Frank told her to lick his cock clean and then go clean up herself. While Sasha was in the bathroom, Frank found his clothes and got dressed. I lay on the couch exhausted. Ten minutes later Sasha returned. Her face was washed, her teeth were brushed and she was wearing a short robe.

Frank removed her robe. Sasha stood there naked while Frank told her what a great fuck she was. He told her that if she wanted to come over to his place sometime he would let her have a shot at his German Shepherd.  Sasha thanked him and said she would like that.

She walked him to the door. He kissed her good night she stood naked in the doorway watching him walk to his car. She gave a final wave and then closed and locked the door. She walked past me without a word and headed into the bedroom.  Ten minutes later I joined her.

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