Later That Night

My man and I are very freaky.  I asked him one day a story about a fantasy that may never happen.  He preceded to tell me a story with his bestfriend and his girlfriend and all of us in a foursome.  The story and the thought turned us on a lot.  I wrote them and asked if they would be interested and they said yes.  None of us knew how it would happen.

They called us and told us that they would be coming by to visit us and we looked at it as the perfect opportunity.  It was nothing that we could really plan but just hope one thing leads to the next and we get it on.  We were excited to see them when they got there.  The girlfriend looked real good, she has caramel complected skin a nice ass and a nice figure.  She wore some tight stuff and it would turn me on.  We were long time friends, so we had to do some catching up first…..

Later that night, we all started to drink.  We were feeling pretty nice and acting silly.  I started wrestling with my man’s bestfriend.  We were getting in to it and my man and the other girl (for the sake of this story, I will call her Amanda) were watching and doing there thing.  My man’s best friend(for the sake of the story I will call Dave) had me pinned down in a way that I can still take my hands and start feeling all over his penis. It was turning him on because I was grabbing it, he liked and it turned me on.  Meanwhile Amanda and my man, Steve, were dancing to the music we had playing.  She started grinding with him and feeling all over his dick. Passion was in the air.

Dave and I were on the couch and we were close and starting to look serious but we were acting like we were still wrestling.  When Steve and Amanda came to crash our party, I was facing Dave with my back facing Amanda and Amanda was standing behind me and Steve behind her.  While I was stealing feels of David’s penis, Steve was caressing Amanda’s pussy through the cotton shorts she had on, making her pussy dripping wet.  When I realized she was behind me, I reached back, slipped my hands in her shorts and started to finger her.  Her pussy was so moist, I just wanted so bad to lick it up.  I was still handling Dave’s penis with my other hand. (I was not inside of Dave’s pants yet) and I was fingering Amanda with my other hand.  She was loving it (this was her first time with another female), but we took a break to get some more to drink.  Amanda spilled something on the floor and was cleaning it up with Steve.

Meanwhile Dave and I went to the kitchen to get some more to drink.  He was pouring and I was standing behind him feeling on his butt and penis and kissing his neck.  He then went to the bathroom and waited for me to appear.  I felt on the outside of his penis and we shared a long awaited deeply passionate kiss.  We then went back into the room with Amanda and Steve.

Amanda and I were sitting next to each other and we were all talking. Amanda was damn near naked and was turning me on.  I begin to rub on her ass, it was nice and real soft and I knew I was beginning to turn her on too.  I slowly moved my hands up to her breasts and I begin to massage them.  I was getting so turned on that I slipped my hands underneath her shirt so I could get a hands on feel.  Her breasts felt so good in my hands. It was a perfect fit.  I wanted to feel her wet warm pussy on my fingers again, so I took my hand and slipped it into her underwear.  I started to stroke her mound and I would tease her pussy lips by stroking them too.  She was so turned on that she began to move around my fingers. I finally slipped my finger into her explodingly wet pussy.  It felt so good to finger fuck her and I knew she enjoyed it too.

I finally pulled her panties off and spread her legs.  I couldn’t wait to get my tongue on something that felt so good to my fingers.  I took my tongue and slid it up her vagina to get a taste.  It tasted good.  I loved her pussy to.  I could suck her vagina lips and I did.  I sucked her lips and then I spread her lips open and massaged her walls with my tongue. She was so turned on.  I placed my fingers in her pussy and begin to fuck her and then I went back to eating her out.

While I was doing this, Steve came up behind me and started to eat me out. It felt good, but what turned me on the most at this point was me eating Amanda out.  Dave pulled me with him, spread my leg and gave me the best eat out that I have ever had.  I don’t know what to say he was doing, but , He made me feel things when he ate me out that I have never felt before.  I wanted to feel his manhood in my wetter than wet, juicy, tasty, warm pussy. When he inserted, it felt real good.  I thought I was in heaven.  He felt that moment too because he had to pause for a second.  He started stroking slow as I massaged his butt. I spread my legs in the air and let him take his penis in and out of me.  We climaxed and moved on.

While we were having sex I would look over to Amanda and Steve and they turned me on too.  At this point, Amanda was sitting on Steve and they were climaxing just then.  David decided that he would eat out Amanda, I knew how she felt because it felt good to me too.  Steve and I started at it. It was a different feeling because Steve is much bigger than David and it felt like eternal bliss when Steve was back inside of me.  It didn’t last too long with us because it felt too good for the both of us.  We watched the music that Amanda and David were making together before me and David got back together.  Amanda and Steve were proceeding to do doggie style and I was proceeding to wrap my luscious lips around David’s penis.  I stroked his penis up and down.  I licked and sucked like a lollipop, he didn’t know what hit him.  We had sex again, and it was sooooo good.  After we all climaxed again, David and Amanda went at it, and Steve and I went to our room and made love and went off to sleep.  It was an explosive night.

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