Lead Me

He carried her across the door step. Placed her slender, tall
body down as they reached the front foyer of the house. She looked at
this man she had just married. She realized she did not know him. She
knew him, but not well. He smiled at her and took her hand. Leading
her down the main hall of the house to the sitting room.

It was a large home. A mansion of sorts. It had a sitting
room, living room, library, solarium, formal dining room, breakfast
room and kitchen with attached pantry on the first floor. On the
second was four bedrooms, plus the master suite. Attached to the
master suite was a sitting room, two baths, his and hers, laying
between the two baths was a room with a hot tub and area for exercise
equipment. An additional room, which she had never been in, for her
new husband had always kept this room locked was just off the master
suite sitting room.

Without a word he motioned for her to sit on the sofa. She did
so. He then walked to the bar at the other end of the room, reached
behind the counter and pulled out a bottle of champagne, which had
already been placed in a chilling bucket. He wrapped the towel around
the bottle then untwisted the wire and pulled the cork. The pop of the
opening of the bottle filled the room. She glanced over at her new
husband, Mike, watching him wrap the towel around the bottle closer to
the top to catch the overflowing champagne. He then reached for two
long stemmed crystal glasses and poured the drink into them. He walked
over to Audrie, his youthful and beautiful new bride, handed her a one
of the glasses then sat beside her.

“We’ll explore all areas of life together my love,” Mike said
to her softly. Then leaned toward her and kissed her gently on the
cheek, then her full red lips.

She is a sleek, beautiful, young woman of twenty five. Her
auburn hair, long, softly falling over her shoulders has high lights
of red and golden strands running through it. Her eyes, sometimes a
soft blue and other times, especially when sexually excited, turned to
an almost steel gray with tiny blue specks dancing through the iris.
Her complexion is soft and smooth, almost silky. Her legs, long and
slim, and firm from the daily exercising she did. Her frame was small,
almost petite, and yet she stood five feet seven inches tall.

Mike is an `older man’, as she told her friends before they
were wed. He is thirty two. His physique was one of a former football
player, more the type of a quarter back than a lineman. His dark brown
hair, is medium length for a man, yet styled, has the wind blown look
to it. His eyes are a dark blue, expressive and what some women term
bedroom eyes. He stood six foot two inches and had a firm body from
head to toe.

They drank their glasses empty. Mike then reached for Audrie’s
hand and stood, pulling her gently up with him. He led her down the
hall to the staircase to the second floor. They enter the master suite
and Mike closed the door behind them. Without a word, Mike reached
over to Audrie’s white wedding suite and removed the jacket, letting
his fingers gently caress her bare shoulders. He then turned her
around and lifted her hair off the back of her dress, found the zipper
and slowly moved it down her curved body to its end track. He slid the
dress off her shoulders and it fell in a soft heap at her feet. She
wore no slip underneath, only a white laced bra, bikini panties and a
garter belt that held the nylons up that clung to her long slender

Mike turned her towards him, surveyed her body, then reached
his arms behind her and unclasped the bra. Her tender, firm breasts
now exposed, wiggled a bit with excitement. The small, pink nipples,
as if laying dormant, invited Mike’s touch. He reached out and gently
stroked each nipple with his fingers, then slowly, yet tenderly
pinched each nipple between his thumb and forefinger. They reacted
with a suddenness and stood at attention, hard under his fingers
gentle pressure. Mike removed his fingers and slid his hands down
Audrie’s sides to the top of her garter belt. Audrie could feel the
excitement building in her belly and down between her thighs. Mike
unclasped the snaps holding the garter belt around her small thin
waist, then in a quick fashion moved the garter belt and nylons over
her legs.

When he reached her feet, she stepped, one foot at a time out
of the nylons and the dress crumpled there on the floor. He did not go
back up to remove her panties. He instead took her hand and led her to
the bed. She sat down. He removed his jacket and tie, then his shirt
and trousers. He then sat down next to Audrie and removed his shoes and
socks. Audrie glanced down at his manliness swelling up under his

Mike then stood and with outstretched hand, took Audrie’s hand
and pulled her to her feet once again. Her excitement was building now
with the anticipation of the love making she knew was going to take
place. Mike reached for the covers on the bed and pulled them back,
leaving nothing on the bed but the bottom sheet. He laid her down on
the bed and sat beside her. She reached for her panties in an attempt
to remove them. Mike’s hands stopped her, “I will do that my love, I
will do everything.”

She rested her hands back on the bed, waiting for Mike to
touch her body. When he did not do so right away, she moved her hand
to his groin area, reaching her fingers out to touch him gently. He
reached down and removed her hand.

“Lay quietly my dear, all will be taken care of soon,” Mike
said. Then he told her to close her eyes, for he had a surprise for
her. She did so. She heard him stand and walk away from the bed, she
was tempted to peek, but did not. She suddenly felt a soft, furry
strap being placed around her wrist, first the left one, then the
right. Her arms then were outstretched toward the head of the bed and
secured so she could not move her arms at all. She wasn’t sure she
liked this, but he was her husband and she was willing to try anything
he wished.

Mike then placed straps on her ankles and spread her legs
apart and attached the cords hanging from the straps to the end of the
bed. He looked up at Audrie as he sat on the foot of the bed, finishing
off the tying of the cords, her crotch now spread wide open, with her
panties tight across her pussy. He could see the moisture of her
juices making a wet spot on the crotch of the panties. She lay there
helpless, unable to move, waiting for him to take control.

He deliberately did not touch her, knowing the waiting would
build the eagerness within her. Finally she felt him move towards the
head of the bed. She felt his lips press down on her mouth and she
parted her lips waiting for him to push his tongue inside. He did not,
but instead he placed a blindfold over her eyes. Then he gently, and
tenderly moved his tongue between her teeth and probed the inside of
her mouth, flicking the end of his tongue quickly at the roof of her
mouth. When she tried to respond by playing with his tongue with her
own, he abruptly removed his tongue from her mouth and left the edge
of the bed. She lay there waiting with hot desires and expectations of
his next move.

Audrie waited, for what seemed to be an eternity, when she once
again could feel her lover near her. She then felt the light touch of
something soft on her breasts. She could not identify what was
touching her, but it made her tingle. Mike pulled the object down over
her nipples, first the left one and then the right.

Then slowly down her body to her flat stomach, leading down
toward her shaved pubic box, beneath her panties. Yet he did not
touched the top of the slit to her cunt, as if he could see through
her panties were it began. He then moved the item down to her legs.

Beginning at her ankles, he lightly teased her flesh with the
soft item, slowly moving it up her legs to her thighs. He pulled it
over her legs slowly, deliberately tantalizing her with the excitement
of the play, yet he did not touch it to her inner thigh. He then began
back at her nipples again and repeated the same action.

By the time he had stopped she was moaning with the thrill of
the feeling, becoming hotter than she thought she could. With the same
suddenness of the touch beginning, it stopped. She could feel Mike
rise and leave the bed again.

When he returned she felt something cold and hard touch her
outer hip area and slide under her panties. Suddenly the panties
released themselves and lay open on that side. Mike had cut them open.
He then reached over to her other hip and snipped the other side open,
then reached down, being very careful not to touch her vagina region,
grabbed the panties and pulled them quickly from her body.

They slid, wading a bit in the crack of her buttocks, which
sent a wave of warmth through her, before they released themselves
from the pressure of her weight on the back of them. She then heard
Mike lay the scissors down on the night table. He reached up to her
breasts and gently, tenderly cupped them in his hands. He squeezed
them each lightly.

Then softly, almost too softly to even feel, began running his
fingers over the nipples. Audrie’s soft pink nipples stood erect and
hard. The more he played with the nipples the harder they became until
they ached for a firmer touch. Audrie could feel her inner thighs
becoming wet now from her juices flowing from her pussy. The juices
flowed back into her crack, touching her anus and covering her

The firmer touch came surprisingly to Audrie, for suddenly
Mike’s soft, gentle touch turned to a pinching of the hard nipples.
The pinches start out not being too hard, but as she moaned more, he
increased the tightness of his fingers on her nipples. The pain she
felt was now soaring through her being, she screamed, a truncated
scream, but nonetheless a scream. He did not respond by releasing his
firm hold, but instead increased the pressure to the nipples.

When she screamed again, he pulled the nipples out, extending
her small breasts and still holding the tight pinch to the tip of the
nipple. She tossed her head back and forth, but felt the warmth and
excitement of the pain she endured rush through her body and find its
way to her pussy and she responded with an orgasm. He released his
grip and bent down and lightly, almost gingerly kissed her nipples,
first one then the other. Moving his head back and forth from one
nipple to the other, his tongue flicked the tip of each tit until they
were both moist.

He then blew lightly on the nipple and again, in spite of what
they had just been put through, they responded by becoming hard again.
He then reached up and undid her hands, warning her not to move, or he
would do everything. She was so excited, and wanting more, she obeyed
his words and lay perfectly still. When he finished undoing the straps
from her legs, he then reached over to her shoulders, and told her to
turn over, face down. She rolled, with his hands guiding her, until
she was face down on the bed. He then placed the straps back on her
ankles and then her wrists. She lay there, with her head turned to the
side, blindfold still in place, and she was now spread eagle on her

Mike rose and walked away from the bed. When he returned Audrie
again felt the soft, gentle touch of the item she had felt before on
her breasts, stomach and legs. Mike whispered to her, “Have you
figured out what this is yet?” “No,” she answered softly. “A feather
my dear, a simple feather.” She did not respond, for she did not have
time to say anything, when she felt the feather floating down her back
to the top of her buttocks. Mike reached for something off the night
stand and she felt him wipe off her buttocks with a towel, removing
the juices she had released from his earlier teasing.

Then the feather was drawn over her buttocks, lightly, gently,
slowly tickling her with excitement. Mike then reached down and
released the cords that tied her legs to the bed, then after giving a
little slack to the cords, retied them. He then reached to the side,
and from the floor took a pillow and ordered Audrie to raise her hips a
bit. She did so, as he pressed the pillow under her stomach and top of
her hips, thus raising her buttocks up and opening her crack to expose
her dark pink anus.

Mike then pulled the towel, slowly through her crack moving it
up and down until the area was dry. He then took the feather and
tickled her anus and buttocks, slowly, with deliberateness. Audrie
tingled inside from the stimulation given her anus. Suddenly it all
stopped. She lay there in anxiety for what he would do next. She did
not have long to wait.

Suddenly she felt a soft, moist liquid on her buttocks. Then
Mike’s hands gently massaged the liquid into her buttocks, down
between her fleshy mounds and into her anus. She could tell from the
smell that filled the room that he was rubbing her with baby oil. Her
body fluttering inside and out with the touch of his hands. He
withdrew his fingers and wiped his hands on a towel.

She heard him reach to the night stand again, and slide open
the drawer, withdrawing something and then closing the drawer. She
waited for the next adventure. She had never been made love to in this
manner, teasing, tantalizing, causing pain, then teasing again,
causing her excitement to flow as it had never flowed before.

Suddenly she felt a sharp stinging on her buttocks. Again, and
again. Mike held firmly in his hand a flat leather paddle. He raised
the paddle above Audrie’s ass and slapped it down hard once again,
Audrie screamed from the pain. He stopped, reached over to the
nightstand again, pulled out a scarf and then placed it in Audrie’s
mouth to muffle her screams. The punishment, she realized, would

She felt angry at first, but after the next two spanks with
the paddle, she realized the excitement she felt. Mike’s hand, holding
the paddle, continued to hit Audrie’s now sore, pink, tender ass, his
other hand made its way between her legs and his fingers found her
opening. He slowly moved his fingers over the outer lips of her box,
but never inside. The teasing was beginning to drive her wild. She
suddenly realized she was raising her buttocks up to meet the blows of
the paddle.

Mike ordered her to remain still, and not move at all. She
could not believe her ears. Not move, when she was hot, on fire with
the excitement of what was happening to her, ready to cum at any
moment. She moved her buttocks up again, waiting for the next smack of
the paddle, but it did not come. Mike withdrew his hand from her
crotch and sat waiting for her to remain quiet.

When she realized that nothing would continue until she
stopped moving, she tried with all her might to stay still. The
spanking resumed, lightly at first, teasing her seething buttocks.
Then Mike’s other hand moved down between her legs again and began
teasing the lips of her vagina again. She tried as hard as she could
not to move, but every once an awhile she wrenched with expectation to
the next blow of the paddle and Mike’s rubbing fingers.

When Mike felt her rising to the point of climax, he increased
the power of blows on her buttocks, smacking them harder and harder.
She was about to explode. He suddenly stopped.

She was wet with her flowing juices, yet aching inside,
waiting to cum and yet not doing so. Mike then took a dildo vibrator
and inserted it into her anus.

At first it hurt, for she had never had anything in her anus
before except fingers. He then twisted it gently, moving it deeper
into her, then turned it on so the vibration began. He then pushed it
deeper into her anus so that the end of it was resting just below the
surface of her cheeks. He rubbed more baby oil onto her buttocks,
rubbing the now very tender, burning ass of Audrie. She lay there
waiting, begging for Mike to spank her and take her, she did so
without saying anything, but thinking it only.

Mike then placed the flat of his hand across her sore buttocks
and began to slap. With his other hand he probed her clit. He spanked
her again and again. With the vibrator inside her ass, the spanking on
her tender buttocks, his finger probing and teasing her clit she was
ready to explode with excitement. He administered four more very hard
smacks to her bottom then stopped, withdrew his fingers from her clit.
He reached down and released her feet from the straps that held them,
then her hands, making sure she understood not to move until he told
her to do so.

He then rolled her over on her back, with the vibrator still
pushed inside her ass, he pulled her legs up so her knees were
touching her breasts. He reached down and turned the vibrator to high
and then pinched her sore buttocks hard between his finger tips, she
went wild. He withdrew the vibrator and told her to lay still. She
wanted him to come inside her. She was dying to feel him inside her.

Mike took the straps and secured them around her wrists again
and then around her ankles. He took the cords to the straps around her
ankles and untied them, and forcing her knees to her chest again, he
retied them to the head of the bed with her legs spread wide, exposing
the entire area of her vagina. Mike then moved to her vagina area and
lightly, slowly, licked her clit with his tongue. Then increasing the
motion of his tongue teased her vagina area.

She was dying to cum, and Mike knew this, so he withdrew
again. She flipped her head back and forth pleading with him, through
her gagged mouth to take her. He stood, removed his underwear and his
cock stood out erect. His cock was almost ready to explode, but he
held it back from doing so. He then mounted Audrie and slowly slid his
cock into her opened clit and pushed slowly. She responded by trying
to move her hips toward him, he thwarted her movement by placing his
hands on her hips and holding her down. The message was clear to her.
He then removed his hands from her hips and slid them under her
elevated buttocks.

As he increased the speed of his thrust he began spanking her
buttocks again. Harder and harder as his thrusts increased, until both
collapsed from the climax they had experienced. He lay there with his
head between her breasts for only a moment. Then he reached up to
Audrie’s gagged mouth and removed the scarf.

“Oh Mike, that was fantastic. Better than anything I’ve ever
felt.” Mike placed his hand over her mouth and said, “My love, it is
not over yet. There is more to come.” He removed the blindfold, untied
her hands and legs and let her sit on the edge of the bed resting and
regaining her strength. Her bottom burning as she sat on it, a
reminder of the excitement and pain she had just experienced.

Mike got up and walked into his bath room, then into the hot
tub room adjoining the two baths and turned the hot tub on.

Audrie was surprised at herself. She never dreamed she would
enjoy being submissive, or spanked. She became excited just thinking
about it. She squeezed her buttocks together, causing the pain to soar
again, as a reminder of the thrill she had felt. She felt herself
becoming hot again, and her cunt getting excited. She wanted Mike to
do it again, but was too timid to ask.

Mike returned to the bedroom, walked over to Audrie and took
her hand. He led her into the hot tub room and helped her into the
tub. “Did you enjoy that then?” he finally asked.

“Oh yes Mike,” Audrie cooed. “I enjoyed it very much. Did you?”

“Oh yes, I enjoyed it very much. Then you like being

“Yes Mike, I liked it more than anything I can ever remember.”

“Well, my dear, sweet love, there will be more after our hot
tub, and good night’s rest.” Audrie did not say anything, but looked at
Mike’s eyes, thrilled with the anticipation of what lay ahead. She
relaxed in Mike’s arms and enjoyed the bubbling water. One jet
fingering her sore buttocks, relieving the pain they held. They stayed
there for nearly an hour. Then went into the bedroom and slept.

When morning came, Mike told Audrie to go to the hot tub again;
she did so; he joined her a few minutes later and served her a light
breakfast of fruit and toast, along with coffee. They ate and Mike
kissed her tenderly. “Are you ready for more my love?” he questioned.
“Yes darling, more than ready.” Audrie said. Mike began to gently touch
her body everywhere and kissed her, inserting his tongue deep into her
mouth. Both teasing each other with their tongues, playing tag inside
her mouth. He then stood and looked down at Audrie and said, it is
time. “You wait here a moment.” Audrie stayed in the hot tub, waiting
for her husband to return. She finished her morning coffee as she
waited. When he returned, he carried with him clothing and a towel.

Audrie could not make out what the clothing was, for it was
partially hidden by the towel. “Come my dear,” Mike said, reaching out
his hand to her. She stood, taking his hand and stepped out of the hot
tub. Mike slowly, and effortlessly wiped the towel over Audrie’s body,
drying all areas. He then turned back to the clothing, which he had
hung on the back of the door. “You will put this on now.” He did not
make a request, but ordered her to do so. She understood the
forcefulness of his command and became excited by his sudden power
over her.

The clothing was not what she had thought it to be. It was a
leather halter. She looked this item over carefully, trying to figure
out exactly how to put it on. Mike moved to her side and said he would
help her this time. He took the halter from her and placed one strap
around her waist. The next strap criss- crossed between her breast and
then over her shoulders and was secured to the waist band. She could
feel two straps on the back of the halter, but did not know what their
purpose was. Under the straps that criss-crossed between her breasts
were small cups and it pushed her breasts upwards, making the full and
extended more. Mike then took her left hand and pulled it to her back
and placed it in one of the straps which had been dangling. He tighten
the strap around her wrist leaving her arm now secured about mid-way
up her back from her waistline. He then secured the right wrist to the
remaining straps.

Diane could feel the excitement starting to build within her.
She could feel the moisture of her juices ebb out onto the top of her
closed legs.

Mike took her by the elbow, without a word, and led her across
the bath into the bedroom and to the locked door. He reached to his
pocket and unlocked the door and forcefully pulled Audrie into the
room. Audrie did not react to this, for she was enjoying his
forcefulness. He led her to the center of the room, then walked back
to turn on a light.

The room, which had no windows, was carpeted with a thick,
soft carpeting. On one side of the room stood stocks, the type they
used back in Colonial days in the U.S. for public punishments.

On the other side of the room was a table with leather straps
at one end of the table, secured to the top of the table. Leather
straps also secured to the legs of the table. The table appeared to be
adjustable in height. Next to the table, standing out from the wall
about five feet, was what appeared to be a large picture frame. This
frame was made of 2 x 4’s and on the corners resting on the carpet
were tripods made of wood to hold the frame upright. On each inside
corner of the frame were chains with hooks on them. In one corner a
chair was poised with the seat facing the corner. There were two
straight back, wooden chairs in the room plus a soft, easy chair. On
the final wall, there was a cupboard, with its doors closed.

Mike took Audrie to the frame and told her to stand there
waiting for him. She did so, with anticipation of what was to come.
She was excited even more now, after having seen the room. He walked
to the cupboard and opened it. Audrie saw for the first time the
cupboard’s contents. The first shelf of the cupboard held leather
straps, varying in width, along with little clamps (what their purpose
was, she did not know). On the second shelf were several types of
paddles, ranging from leather paddles to wooden paddles. On the third
shelf were whips and wide, thick leather belts. She gasped when she
first looked. Mike did not turn around to look at her, but continued
his action of pulling items out of the cupboard. He opened a drawer,
the lower portion of the cupboard had three drawers in it, and pulled
something from it. Audrie could not see what it was. He then walked
back to Audrie carrying various items in his hands.

“Are you sure you wish this, my love?” Mike questioned.

“Yes darling, anything to make you happy.” Audrie replied, with
some hesitation in her voice but conviction in her thinking.

Mike told her to turn around, she did so. He undid her hands
and told her to hold them out to her side. As she did this, Mike
placed a leather strap on each wrist then ordered her to stand within
the frame. She moved back and he took each hand and connected the
wrists to the chains on each corner. She was now secured to the frame.
He walked back to the cupboard and pulled out two more leather straps
and came to her and secured the straps around her ankles. He told her
to spread her legs wide, and as she did he connected the chains from
the corners of the frame to the straps on her ankles.

She now was spread eagle within the frame. Mike went back to
the cupboard and got some other items. When he came back to her, he
told her to open her mouth wide. She did so, and as she did he placed
a small, rubber dildo into her mouth then secured the dildo in place
with a leather strap around her mouth and head. She was so excited by
now that her juices were running down her open legs. Her hips moved
forward in a grinding motion, as if she were searching for something
to touch her burning pussy and give her satisfaction. Nothing was to
be found and she remained in her most excited condition. Mike, taking
notice of her hip motion decided to secure her waist and hooked chains
to the waist band of the halter she still wore. Her motion now
thwarted, making her pussy even more electrified with excitement.

Mike went back to the cupboard and removed two of the clamps
and a retrieve a scarf from one of the drawers. He draped the scarf
over his shoulder and walked back to Audrie. He reached out and touched
her breasts, looking her in the eyes the entire time.

He then took one of the clamps and showed it to her then moved
down to her left breast and pulled on the nipple slightly. Her eyes
showed the fear she now had. Mike had been cautious to take the clamps
that would exert the least amount of pressure on her tender nipples,
causing no more pressure than if he were to pinch the nipple with his
fingers. He placed the clamp on the left nipple and watched Audrie’s
eyes carefully. She closed her eyes at the sudden pressure on her
nipple and rolled her head back. She was already excited and moist,
and this just pushed her further to the edge. He then placed the other
clamp on her right nipple. Once both were securely in place he patted
them softly and Audrie reacted even more, trying to thrust her hips
forward without success. Mike took the scarf and secured it around her
eyes now, so she had only her sense of feeling and hearing to rely

Audrie could feel the rush of pleasure overtaking her body. Her
senses were tuned into the sensation of feeling only. The pressure on
her nipples did not cause pain, but excited her more.

She felt no pain from her bonds, but the sensation of heat
flowing through her was almost overwhelming. She wanted to tell Mike
to take her, but with the small dildo in her mouth she could not
speak. She stood, trying to get some satisfaction from the penis
shaped dildo in her mouth by sucking on and picturing in her mind it
was Mike’s stiff cock.

Mike sat in the easy chair now and watched her. He did not
speak, nor move. He just sat quietly by watching her. When he felt her
anxiousness had increased enough, he rose and got a leather belt from
the cupboard. The belt he choose was a thin belt, which gave more
sting than anything else.

Audrie heard him get up and could tell he had gone to the
cupboard. She did not know what was to happen next, but was mesmerized
by the sudden sounds of activity about her. She could feel her pussy
begin to throb with anticipation.

Mike walked to her and said nothing. He reached down to her
pussy and felt it with his fingers. She was wet. He took rather large
dildo and eased it into her cunt. She moaned through the rubber penis
pushed into her mouth. He then moved to the side of her and swiftly
swung the double over belt in the air, snapping it so she could hear
the leather slap together. She reacted as
she had been struck with the leather, rather than just hearing it.
Mike reached down to the dildo and pulled it out slowly, to the very
tip of it, then quickly pushed it back into her. She moaned again. He
pulled his arm back and the leather belt came down with a light, but
sound impact on Audrie’s bare-bottom. She screamed through her gag at
the first smack. Mike continued to slap the leather strap on her ass.
Each time he struck her he would spank the leather strap down a little
more strenuously until the spanking strokes became firm and
consistent. As he did this he reached to the dildo in her hot pussy
and pulled it in and out, in and out, until Audrie was moaning more and

When he sensed she was about to cum he stopped and waited,
removing the dildo. Her body reacted and she expressed this by
flipping her head back. Mike reached down and touched her now wide
open pussy and could tell she had not come. Exactly what he wanted.
He let her stand, bond by her chains, in her burning excitement. When
he was satisfied she had settled down some, he began again. Slapping
her buttocks with the leather strap with a firm stroke and pushing the
dildo in and out of hot pussy. He brought her to point of orgasm again
and then pulled the dildo from her and stopped spanking her. He
continued this process for quite some time, to Audrie it seemed like
hours, but in fact, it was just under one hour.

Her ass was now a bright, burning red and she still had not
been satisfied. She ached inside and the rage of fire in her wet pussy
was causing her a yearning to be fucked and fucked hard.

Mike unhooked her slowly. He braced her against his body, for
she was having trouble standing. Her arms feel to her sides. He
reached for them and rubbed them tenderly, bringing the total
sensation of feeling back to her arms. He then did the same with her
legs. Letting her brace herself against his shoulder as he moved down
to her legs. Once she was able to stand again on her own he ordered
her to the middle of the room. She walked, being guided by Mike to the
middle of the room and he placed his hand on her shoulder to indicate
to her to stop. He then placed his hands firmly on her shoulders and
told her to move down to the floor on her knees. She did do. He
positioned her hands in front of her and pushed her head down to the
soft carpet. He commanded her not to move or he would be forced to tie
her hands and spank her again.

Audrie did not move. She waited, with her hands and arms to her
elbows crossed on floor with her head resting on her forearms. Her
sore, burning, bright red ass thrust into the air. Mike was hard and
ready. He reached down, grabbing Audrie’s hot ass cheeks and opening
them. His hand moved to her moist pussy and his fingers reached into
her and pulled out with a handful of her hot juices and he rubbed his
cock. When it was slippery he pushed it hard into Audrie’s ass. His
force even surprised him for he entered her completely on the first
push. She screamed into her gag. Mike moved slowly now, pulling out,
when the head of his cock reached the opening he
pushed hard back into her. He this pattern for a bit, slowly
pulling out then with forcefulness pushing himself back into her ass.
His hands still on her burning, red ass. He could feel the heat her
ass cheeks were giving off from her spanking and this excited him
more. His movements picked up speed. He bent over further and reached
for Audrie’s left, clamped nipple and pulled on the clamp slightly.
Audrie was about to explode. Mike then put his attention totally on her
ass and pushed in and out with a great deal of speed. Audrie felt his
cock swell inside her and she came with the most extraordinary orgasm
she had ever had. Mike’s cum exploded into her ass and Audrie came
again. When Mike had finished, he pulled her to her feet.

He left the blindfold on her and her gag in her mouth, then
placed her hands behind her back and secured them to her halter. He
removed the nipple clamps and led her to the chair in the corner of
the room. He ordered her to sit. She did so, with a little too much
enthusiasm, causing herself pain when her very sore buttocks touched
the hard, wooden chair. He knelt down in front of her and secured her
ankles, one to each side to the leg of the chair.

“I shall leave you here. You are not to attempt to move, no
matter what happens. Do you understand?” Mike questioned her

Audrie shook her head up and down. She was still very excited
and still wanted to cum again. The threat of something else happening
excited her even more. She had loved the activities thus far this
morning. She had never felt so much delirium in having sex before and
wanted more.

She did not know how long she sat there. She did know her
bottom hurt badly. She also knew her pussy was still hot and wet. She
wanted to feel Mike’s hard cock inside her pussy. She tried not to
think about it because it would only make her condition worse.

It was quiet all around her. Her hearing had become acute
having had her eyes blindfolded for so long.

Suddenly behind her, she heard Mike’s voice, he was talking to
someone, but not to her. She shuddered at the thought of someone else
seeing her in her current predicament. Mike and her enjoying each
other in this way was one thing, because it was private between them,
but to have someone else involved or even around made her suddenly
feel embarrassed.

When Mike moved towards her, she flushed with bright redness.
He pulled her by the elbow and ordered her stand, once he had released
her bond ankles. She rose and immediately hung her head, even though
she could not see the person in the room with Mike. Mike pulled her
chin back up and removed the leather strap and dildo from her mouth,
after warning her not to speak. Then he removed the blindfold from her
eyes. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the light in the
room. When they finally did adjust, she saw before her another woman.

She was surprised when she saw a tall, large framed woman
standing there in the middle of the room. This woman looked stern and
quite muscular. Audrie could not understand what was in store for her
now. She was not very excited by this new turn of events, but said
nothing. Her face still flushed with embarrassment.

Mike walked to the woman and instructed Audrie, “This is your
mistress Audrie. She will care for you in almost all ways. She will
bath you, feed you, prepare you for me, and punish you if it is

Audrie remained quiet. She was not sure she liked this, but
considering the position she was in, with her hands bond tightly
behind her, she did not believe there was anything she could do about
the situation. She knew if she objected to Mike, especially with this
woman in the room, he would be forced to punish her for her
disobedience of speaking when she had been warned not to speak. She
decided to keep her tongue quiet and wait for a more appropriate time
to speak with Mike.

“You shall call her Mistress Gina or just Mistress. You shall
answer her always using her name, Mistress. Do you understand?” Audrie
shook her head up and down to indicate she did understand.

“You will obey your new Mistress or you will be teased beyond
your beliefs and not be permitted to cum. Do you understand?” Audrie
again shook her head up and down.

She was realized she was excited, but she was also
embarrassed. Here before her stood a woman she did not know, yet was
expected to call her Mistress and respond to her orders and obey her.
Plus suffer the humiliation of having her bottom spanked by this total
stranger if she did not obey. Mike walked out of the room, closing the
door behind him. Audrie now faced her mistress by herself.

Audrie shifted her weight from one foot to another. Becoming
nervous with the contemplation, of what was to happen now. Her love
box beginning to ooze moisture with the exhilaration of the unknown
activities that lay before her. Mistress Gina said nothing, but
walked to Audrie and surveyed her nude body. She reached for her elbow
and turned her around. Audrie could feel her looking at her hot, red
buttocks. Mistress reached out and touched her buttocks firmly, Audrie
wrenched forward from the pain she felt. Mistress Gina still said

She moved back to the front of Audrie and pushed her hand in
between Audrie’s leg. She probed her pussy with two fingers. Audrie now
more embarrassed than ever by the moistness of her hot, pussy.
Mistress Gina found Audrie’s clit and began stimulating it with her
fingers. She ordered Audrie to spread her legs, Audrie did so without
argument. Mistress Gina continued to rub her clit, stimulating Audrie
to the edge of an orgasm. When she felt Audrie reaching the point of
explosion she stopped and withdrew her fingers. She pressed her wet,
dripping fingers to Audrie’s mouth and ordered her to suck on them.
Audrie did not open her mouth.

“This will not do at all young lady.” Audrie felt herself
twitch from the restlessness of her pussy, now growing hotter and
hotter. Mistress Gina walked over to her, took her hand and turned
around leading her to the cupboard. Audrie shuffled behind her as a
child would do, dragging her feet a bit, knowing she was going to be
punished for her wrong behavior. Mistress Gina reached into the
cupboard and pulled out a wooden paddle. The paddle was thin, about
five inches wide and had small holes drilled through it spaced about a
half inch apart. The holes drilled in the paddle, Audrie would later
learn, were placed there to remove the cushion of air between her
buttocks and the paddle. The air cushion eliminates the sting of the
paddle. Mistress Gina walked to a chair on the other side of the

She sat down and looked back at Audrie seated in the middle of
the room. “Come here child.” Audrie obeyed. She could feel the
excitement mounting in her clit now, and she could feel the moisture
building and dripping onto her inner thighs as she walked towards her
mistress. “Come here closer to me.” Audrie stepped closer, with great
apprehension, and yet a thrilling sensation within her belly and
expectant ass. “All right Audrie, lay across my knees and receive your
punishment.” Audrie leaned over her Mistress’s lap. She was
embarrassed, felt humiliated, and yet she could feel the warmth of her
juices flowing from her pussy. “If you scream, the spanking will be
longer and harder,” Mistress Gina said.

Audrie’s buttocks were still somewhat red from the morning
spanking session and there were some minor bruises on them. Mistress
Gina softly, with open hand, rubbed Audrie’s bottom, making the nerves
come alive and excited. “I will be extremely harsh with you if you
should wiggle about or move, so I suggest you lay perfectly still
across my knees.” Audrie knew this tone, it sounded like her mother
when she used to get spanked. She knew better than to move.

The spanking began. Mistress Gina did not hit her hard with
the paddle, she only made her buttocks sting slightly. Audrie thought,
hey, this is easy, I can do this without a problem. She could hear her
Mistress counting under her breathe, 11, 12, 13, 14, and Audrie felt
her bottom warming up as her Mistress got closer to 15. At smack 15
the blows became a little harder, increasing slowly, about every four
or five slaps of the paddle, so by the time her Mistress reached the
count of 25 the slaps were harsh and hurting.

Audrie’s excitement was increasing. Then Mistress Gina said,
“You have been a bad, bad little girl. I will not tolerate that, nor
will your Master.” This excited Audrie even more. She felt her pussy
aching for a male organ to enter it and satisfy her. But she knew this
was not to happen. The spanking continued until her Mistress reached
thirty with the paddle. Mistress Gina reached down to Audrie’s tender
ass, slowly she let her fingers drift over the soreness of it, making
Audrie all but cum when she placed her fingers in between her crack and
pushed on her anus. The thrill filled Audrie’s body. She had tears in
her eyes from the stinging slaps of the paddle and yet felt the
overpowering excitement of sexual fulfillment. Audrie then was told to
stand. She did so.

Mistress Gina once again pushed her fingers into Audrie’s hot,
dripping pussy, pulling her fingers in and out. She then pulled her
fingers up to Audrie’s mouth and told Audrie again to suck her fingers.
Audrie spread her lips quickly this time and took her Mistress’s
fingers into her mouth. She sucked on them for only a few minutes then
her Mistress withdrew them.

Mistress Gina stood back and looked at Audrie. “Now bend over
and Audrie.” Audrie did as she was told, fearing another series of sharp
slaps on her already painful, almost raw bottom. Instead she felt her
mistress grab her by the hips with one hand, then she felt her other
hand probe her asshole. Then she felt a thick butt plug about three
inches long and two inches in diameter being inserted into her ass
with some forcefulness. She squealed when it was pushed into her
without lubrication.

Mistress demanded Audrie to stand. Audrie did so immediately.
“Now child, come to me. We will bathe you before your master comes
back.” Audrie walked slowly towards her mistress, Mistress Gina
reached out and pulled Audrie by the elbow, commanding her to walk
faster. As Audrie walked, the pain of her buttocks came back as a
reminder of the result of disobedience. The butt plug still pushed
inside her anus hurt when she walked, and the faster she moved the
more it hurt. Mistress pulled her along quickly, noticing her
discomfort and pain, she pulled her faster, taking pleasure in Audrie’s

They moved out of the room into the bedroom, then across it to
the bath. Mistress Gina then took Audrie and forced her to bend over,
and without saying a word, pulled the dildo from her butt hole. She
then stood her up, undid the her leather halter and let it drop to the
floor. Audrie’s tender nipples were hard and firm. Mistress Gina
dropped her hand down to the hard titties and pressed on each nipple.
Audrie became excited all over again.

Mistress Gina then told Audrie to lay down on the floor of the
bathroom. Audrie did as she was told. her mistress then told her to lay
back with her legs spread wide apart. Audrie did so, and as she did her
mistress got down on her hands and knees and with her fingers probed
Audrie’s cunt. She was still very wet from her earlier pleasures.
Mistress Gina pushed her fingers in and out of Audrie’s warm pussy,
then suddenly withdrew them and with a quick motion, slapped her pussy
area with her open hand. Audrie responded by putting her hands between
her legs.

“Move your hands or I shall be forced to blister your bottom.”

Audrie, with hesitation did as she was ordered. Her Mistress
slapped her pussy again, causing it to burn and tingle at the same
time. She slapped it several times, until it became red from her hand,
then pushed her fingers deep within her cunt and Audrie arched her hips
upwards and started to cum with an exploding orgasm. Her mistress
quickly removed her fingers, leaving Audrie in the worst possible way,
begging, silently for her to enter her again with her fingers.

Instead, her mistress slid down on the floor and buried her
head into Audrie’s crotch. Her tongue flicking at the lips of her
vagina. The speed of her tongue increased and Audrie felt herself
heaving with desire again. Mistress Gina then, with her tongue moving
quickly, reached up and slapped Audrie’s pussy triangle with several
sharp, fast smacks, then thrust her tongue deep into her, causing her
to explode all over her Mistress’s face. Mistress Gina then lifted
her head and reached for Audrie’s hips.

Without even realizing what was happening, Audrie found herself
face down on the floor and her Mistress’s tongue now on her bare
bottom. She eased her tongue down her crack, teasing her, exciting her
all over again. Her mistress then reached to Audrie’s clit again and
began rubbing it quickly, as her tongue probed Audrie’s anus. She then
removed her tongue, and with one hand in Audrie’s cunt, she moved her
fingers to her sore anus and pushed two of them in as deeply as she
could. She began a slow, rhythmic movement, then speeded her movement
up until Audrie came once again, screaming her moaning pleasure at the
time of release.

Her mistress stood up and ordered Audrie into the bath tub, and
after washing her own face off, she began to slowly wash Audrie,
lingering her fingers over her clit and moving the wash cloth slowly
back and forth, causing her some excitement again. Once she had
finished bathing her, she dried her off sensuously touching her body.
Audrie’s mistress ordered Audrie to sit on the toilet and relieve
herself. Audrie was very embarrassed by this, but obeyed. She then told
her to go into the bedroom and take a nap. Audrie said, “Yes mistress,”
and walked out of the bath and laid down for a nap. Sleep found her
quickly, as she was exhausted from the mornings activities.

Audrie woke, seeing it was dark outside. She got up and went to
the bathroom then returned to the bed. She lay there on her side just
dozing lightly, when Mike walked into the room and sat beside her on
the bed. He gently touched her back, then moved his hand down to her
buttocks, rubbing them firmly, but with tenderness. She opened her
eyes and looked up at him. She felt excitement rise within her. He
leaned over and kissed her tenderly. He then whispered in her ear, “I
think we will forgo further training tonight my sweet.”

Audrie was slightly disappointed, but not greatly, for as Mike
continued to kiss her he also continued to rub her bottom and the
soreness of it was extremely high. She was relieved to a point. Mike’s
fingers continued to rub her bottom. She tingled, for his touch
reminded her of the pain and pleasure she had felt earlier. He slowly,
methodically rubbed her bare bottom, over and over again. He then
stood and removed his clothes and return to the side of the bed. He
turned Audrie over on her back, she wrenched when her bottom touched
the bed, Mike did not react. He placed his fingers on her breasts and
slowly teased her nipples.

He then rose and walked to a big easy chair across the room
and told Audrie to come sit on his lap. She rose and went to him. He
pulled her down slowly on his nude lap. He again started playing with
her nipples, they reacted, becoming firm and protruding. She could
feel his penis getting hard beneath her bare buttocks. His fingers
moved down the front of her nude body and when they reached her
triangle he let them teasingly linger there. He placed his left arm
across her back and pulled her legs out straight over the right arm of
the chair.

His left arm supporting her back reached around her slim frame
and played gently with her left breast, touching it ever so lightly
and occasionally pinching it gently. His right hand moved to the top
of her slit and began to rub slowly. He moved his fingers almost in
slow motion and Audrie felt herself becoming excited and moist. He
continued this action for about four minutes, then slowly increased
the speed of his fingers. She was getting very excited now and with
his cock getting harder beneath her sore buttocks she was reacting
even more.

When her juices dripped onto his lap he told her to go to the
bed and kneel down on her knees with her face and upper body laying
flat on the bed. She did so, with the excitement building and now she
began is anticipate his hand across her bottom once again. He instead
moved to the bed and went behind her and entered her anus. He thrust
himself into her hard and then slowly pulled back so his cock was
still in her but only the rigged lip of it. He then thrust himself
back into her with force and speed.

Each time he did this his hip area slapped against her very
tender, pink ass, giving her a thrilling pleasure to her body. He
continued to do this speeding up his motion a bit each time, first in
then out. His fingers made their way to her cunt and he teased and
lightly pinched the lips of her fold. When he felt she was about to
cum he withdrew his shaft and told her to turn over and keep her legs
spread apart. She did as he asked and he then mounted her from the
front. He pushed his hips forward entering her with some force, then
removed his cock, and began the process over again. His hands reached
under her buttocks and his fingers moved over the soreness of her
bottom until they reached her anus.

He pulled her buttocks apart and then slowly, with the same
rhythm of his cock, pushed a finger into her ass. Pushing in and out.
He then quickly increased his speed. He removed his one free hand from
her bottom and placed it on the right tit and began to circle the
nipple slowly, then pinching it ever so lightly. He then stopped
touching the nipple and increased his speed of entry to her cunt with
his swollen cock, and into her ass with his finger. As they both
reached the point of climax, Audrie moaned loudly and Mike reached back
to her nipple and pinched it quite hard, sending waves of pleasure
through her body and she climaxed again. He withdrew his limp member
from her and pulled back to lay beside her.

They lay there for nearly thirty minutes. Then Mike kissed
Audrie tenderly on the lips and asked, “Did you like the events of the

Audrie whispered softly, “Yes, darling. Though I must admit I
was not thrilled about a mistress, not at first anyway.”

“Well my sweet, I do not want your to be a total slave to me.
I do want you to sense my needs and desires, as I wish to do with you.
I knew you would love being bound and disciplined. I could feel it
quietly laying beneath the surface of your desires.”

Audrie leaned into him and pressed her lips hard to his, her
tongue probing his mouth. She withdrew and said, “Darling, my desire
is to please you. Lead me to your most erotic pleasures.”

In the days that followed Mike and Mistress Gina taught Audrie
many new things of pleasure for Mike and herself. Soon after, Mistress
Gina was thanked, paid for her services and left. Now, thirty years,
and three children later, whom they never raised a hand to, the ritual
of pleasure they both love still continues.

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