Let Me Suck You

I’m a white married man in my mid 40’s whom has always
been extremely turned on by interracial sex. The
thought and or the fantasy of my wife being taken and
treated like a complete whore by a black stud has been
my fantasy for as long as I can remember.

I’ve approached this subject, and or fantasy many, many
times with my wife, to no avail. She’s just not
interested and or turned on by anything in regards to
the interracial thing. In fact her upbringing has
taught her that blacks are the lesser race, she was
raised with the strictest of southern morals, blacks
are taboo, period.

So you can see my frustration can’t you? My fantasy
hits the wall, and it’s hit the wall many times, no
matter how hard I try, it ain’t gonna happen, period.
That’s a very frustrating thing, a man who’s quite
willing to let his 40 year old wife be taken and
ravished by a young, hung black stud, just for her

I can only imagine that there are plenty of women who’d
be not only turned on, but accepting of a fantasy like
this. Not my wife though, don’t even bring up the
subject, it’s “completely taboo”, no questions asked.
I’ve been turned on, yet frustrated by this fantasy for
our nearly 20 years of marriage.

I’ve surfed interracial internet sites over and over
again, dreaming, fantasizing about my wife being one of
those lady’s being ravished by some big black dick.
I’ve jacked myself off to many times to count while
watching videos of some young black stud banging some
hungry middle aged housewives white pussy.

Talk about frustration? Very much so, and our sex life
suffered, and suffered in a big way. I would ask my
wife about her fantasies, talk about lame, talk about a
turn off. She would tell me that she didn’t really have
fantasies, and or when she did, it was her and I making
love by a campfire on a tropical island type of deal.
As I said, and you can see why, our sex life was BORING
to say the least.

This is about where our story takes a twist. One night
while doing myself in our downstairs office, and while
looking at pics of this young black stud’s huge dick,
my wife walked in on me.
At first she was pissed, she asked me why I liked
looking at other men’s dicks, and actually asked me if
I was gay. I tried to explain to her “why” I was
looking at these young black men with huge dicks, and
how I was thinking about her being taken by them. She
refused to listen to me, and went to bed.

I joined her in bed shortly thereafter, although I
didn’t say much, I was just trying to be quiet and go
to sleep, hoping the whole thing would pass over by
morning. I was just about to sleep when I suddenly felt
my wife’s hand pushing its way under my shorts and
grabbing my dick.

This was something that hadn’t happened for a number of
years trust me. Her warm mouth soon followed her hands
action; her lips met mine as my dick grew as hard as a
rock in just seconds. She began to stroke my hard dick
while she stuck her kissed me, sticking her tongue
nearly halfway down my throat. She asked me if I liked
looking at those big dicks, and asked me if I’d like to
suck on one of those big dicks. I told her no, and that
I only looked at them to fantasize about “her” sucking
and fucking one of this big black dicks.

With that, she pulled away from me, with simply an,
“Oh, that again,” reply. In a split second, with a
raging hard-on like I hadn’t experienced in years, I
punted. I leaned into her and told her that I really
wanted to suck a big black guy’s dick, her whole mood
changed yet again.

She was suddenly all over me, her lips locked with
mine, and in a moment on top of me guiding my hard cock
inside of her. As she rode me she kept talking about me
sucking on a big dick, and of course I played along.
After all, I was getting laid, I’d have told her
anything she wanted me to, right?

The more she drove herself down onto me, the more
brazen she became, her pussy, her mouth, her entire
body was on fire like I hadn’t seen, maybe in forever.
She kept telling me how she wanted to see me sucking a
big black dick while she watched. Then, as she neared
her own orgasm, she let it out.

She proclaimed to me that she would fuck a black guy if
I sucked his dick hard first. You can only imagine how
hard we came when I told her I would. She actually
screamed as she came, and as I flooded her flowing
pussy with my cum. We had NEVER had sex like that in
all of our marriage.

In the afterglow of our lovemaking, she blew my mind,
telling me that if I would suck a black mans dick hard,
she would let him fuck her. I was blown away to say the
least, my dick was hard again in seconds, and we
repeated the entire sex act yet again, with the same
words, and the same “fireworks” type of ending. We then
fell asleep in each others arms, again, something we
hadn’t done in a long, long time.

Before I could wake up the next morning, she was on top
of me trying to stuff my growing hard-on inside of her,
licking my ear and proclaiming how she wanted to watch
me suck off a big black dick. It didn’t take long for
my dick to again rise and then cum in less that five
minutes as she rode me. This was simply amazing, talk
about a transformation. I ended up taking a shower, and
getting myself off to work that morning.

It wasn’t yet ten o’clock when I got a phone call from
my wife telling me that she needed me to come home.
There was a major problem with the pool, apparently the
pool cleaner had come by and discovered a problem.
Knowing that she knew nothing about the pool, I felt
like I needed to go home and help remedy the problem,
so I did.

As I arrived home, I found the pool cleaning service
truck in the drive, which was no big deal. I went
around into the backyard and found no one, and the pool
looked to be fine.
I entered the downstairs backdoor and began to make my
way upstairs. As I got to the upstairs level of the
house I heard my wife’s moans of pleasure, she was all
but yelling, “Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck me
with your big black dick.”

As I approached our bedroom and looked around the
corner, there was the pool guy with a handful of her
hips slamming what looked like a foot of black cock
into my convulsing wife from behind. She was delirious,
she was begging him to keep fucking her, telling him
how much she loved his big black dick, and telling him
to fuck her harder. I stood there in disbelief, my
fantasy had become reality.

My suddenly hardening cock nearly broke the zipper on
my trousers. I was as hard as a rock as he pounded my
wife’s hairy pussy from behind. I’ve seen a lot of
black dicks on the internet before, and this guys was
one of the most impressive I’ve seen. If it wasn’t ten
inches, it was twelve, at least, and thick too.

He looked over his shoulder at me and winked while my
wife was cumming yet again, begging, screaming, and
moaning over his huge black monster. I stood there for
what seemed like an eternity, yet was probably only
five or ten minutes while this young black stud
assaulted my lovely wife.

I came without even touching myself I was so turned on.
As he began to cum, my wife rose up and met him, her
back to his chest all but whimpering how she wanted his
cum, and that’s exactly what she got. He filled her
with so much of his cum that it was dripping onto the
bed in no time at all.

As quickly as he had cum, he forcefully pushed her away
and walked over to me. His big black dick softening,
yet wet with his and her sex all over it. He walked
right up to me and told me that I was going to suck his
big black dick hard again. I was going to clean him up
and make him hard to he could fuck my slut in her ass.

Without hesitation I took his black dick in my hand,
and my mouth. The smell and the taste of their sex was
amazing, I licked and sucked his black dick until it
was standing up like a big black flagpole. He even
grabbed me by the sides of my head and forced about
half of that monster down my throat.

I grabbed his ass cheeks and let him fuck my face,
looking over my shoulder and watching my wife working
herself with her hand, and actually squirting herself
all over the bed. She was so turned on by this whole
scene, not only being fucked by this young black stud,
but mostly by watching me suck his big black dick.

After about ten minutes of this, he pulled his dick out
of my mouth and bitch slapped me, telling me it was
time to watch him fuck my wife’s ass. And that he did,
she bent over and accepted him like I couldn’t ever
imagine she would. His big black dick slipped into her
like butter, and she took it like a pro, I couldn’t
even count how many times she came as his big black
dick slid in and out of her wet ass.

After what seemed like an hour, and what was probably a
dozen of her orgasms, he finally came deep inside her
virgin white ass, this again sent her off to a place
that I’d never seen her go.

She came so many times, that neither of us can, or
could count. We’ve re-lived this experience a number of
times since our first night, and it only gets better
each time. Our young black friend has recently promised
us that he’ll soon bring another black friend of his to
join us. According to him, his friend has an even
bigger black dick than he does, we can hardly wait.

Oh, and yes, our personal sex life has improved. My
wife will actually get on-line with me while I look at
those big black dicks. She tells me how much she’d like
to fuck them, watch me suck them, and then watch them
fuck her again.

Sometimes a guy has to give to get, and I’m getting
what I wanted.

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