Lets Go To The Adult Book Store

My wife and I have enjoyed pleasing each other in various ways, some fairly kinky and others pretty crazy. But nothing beat what we did just about two months ago.

Jessica has this “thing” about doing it public, or semi- public places. It excites her madly, and she stays horny until we get home and fuck like a pair of rabbits. We’ve never been caught, Jessica’s not stupid, but we’ve had a few close calls. There was a time once, when Jessica and I were at a nice restaurant, and she came back from the ladies room with a sexy smile. When she sat next to me in the back corner booth, she put my hand under her skirt so I could feel that she’d taken her panties off! Instant hard-on!

All through dinner my left hand and fingers toyed with her twat under the table. Fortunately, she had worn her long coat, since there was a large wet spot on the back of her dress. When I turned down our street coming home, Jessica began to strip, and she was totally nude when the garage door came down behind us. We fucked like crazy teenagers in the backseat, and Jessica came with long heaving jerks.

Jessica likes a hot, lusty fuck first, and then after a brief rest, a second round, but slower, with love and affection. She says that once the animal desires are taken care of, she can concentrate better on giving to me. I’ve never complained either way!

A few months ago, we discovered an adult bookstore near our house, and late one night we went in to check it out. The clerk eyed Jessica and me, and we browsed the magazines. There were only two other guys in the store, and no women. For some reason, women don’t seem to enter these stores too often (I wonder why?). Jessica asked me to buy her a magazine, one with a three-some, two girls and a guy. When she looked at the counter and saw all the “marital aids” (we call ’em toys), she had to look at a few.

She pleaded with me to buy her one, and after a few moments I picked the one she wanted, but I decided to make it fun and I got the one in the box marked “super deluxe kit with impossible to imagine attachments” (or something like that). Then Jessica saw the entrance to the peep show booths. We had to explore this too. There were about twenty stalls, each with its own movie being shown. Three were gay films, a few were really kinky B&D or S&M type stuff. Most were fuck and suck films. Jessica asked if we could see one, and I looked out front to check the clerk. He was busy reading so we entered on of the stalls.

In the darkness we found the dimly lit slot for the quarters. I put about four into the machine and the movie came on, being projected against the wall near the door of the booth. These booths were large squares, with wooden walls and doors that reached the floor. There was a small bench to sit on, and the projector was in the back wall through a small window.

On the wall, some girl’s spread cunt was showing, with a thick cock moving in and out of her. A few seconds later, the camera pulled back to show her floppy tits wobbling as she bounced on the guys cock. Jessica watched it, and the guy pulled out, cumming on the girl’s twat. She then rubbed his cum into her crotch, then licked her fingers, smiling into the camera. The money ran out as the girl was in a new scene with another girl, kissing and undressing.

I fumbled for some quarters, and Jessica handed me about two dollars worth. When the screen lit up, I could see Jessica smiling one of her more mischievous grins. The two girls began playing around, sucking each other’s pussies, tits, and kissing. Jessica and I were still standing, and she reached over to stroke my hard cock through my pants. I cupped her ass through her slacks, and then stepped behind her. She stepped forward, her foot sliding in the slippery stuff on the floor from the previous patrons.

Jessica lit her lighter, looking down at the slick floor. Thick splotches glistened and there were some larger areas that looked soaked. She put the lighter away, then leaned back so I could hold her and play with her tits. We watched the lesbian scene until the money ran out. Jessica kissed me and we left, going home to finish off our excited hormones and play with her new toys. After an arousingly hot fuck, Jessica asked me if what she had slipped in was what she thought it was. I said yes, and she wriggled all over. I asked her if that excited her and she said yes. For us, seeing a porno movie was nothing new. Her favorite was Behind the Green Door, and we had several tapes, including that one. Jessica had confessed some time ago that she’d experimented with other women for a time, enjoyed it, but preferred men.

What had really excited her, she said, was slipping on that wet floor. She’d never seen so much cum in one place before. Several days after our excursion to the bookstore, I came home from work to find Jessica sitting with one of her friends, Susan, and they were both giggling excitedly.

Before dinner, Jessica explained that Susan and her had shared her boyfriend once and she asked if I would mind if she shared me with Susan! I looked Susan over, brunette, nice large tits, shapely legs and ass, steel grey eyes, a pretty face, and a sensual mouth. I said no. No–as in “Shit no I don’t mind! That’s a pretty stupid question isn’t it!?”

This turned out to be part of Jessica’s plan. We ended up in bed, a nice friendly group-grope, and I got to watch Jessica get sucked off by Susan, while I sucked Susan! I came in Susan’s very tight twat, and Jessica licked her afterwards, bringing her off again. Susan actually urged Jessica to tell me about her fantasy, and Jessica was very shy about it.

“You know the movie booths in the dirty bookstore?” Jessica started. I nodded, but she was continuing anyway. “I want to get completely naked on the floor and eat Susan’s pussy while you stand there and cum all over us both, like you’re watching us in one of those movies.”

I was hard all over again! Susan said it looked like I liked the idea. Actually, I did, and I didn’t. It sounded very erotic, even slutty as hell. I remarked about the floor. “That’s the best part.” Jessica said. “I want to feel all that cum on my belly, on my tits and all over Susan’s butt too.” I was so hard that Susan began sucking my cock while Jessica sucked one of her large nipples. I spurted like a hose in Susan’s mouth, and she sloppily kissed Jessica, making her chase and lick it off her chin. Now I knew how horny they’d be, and what kind of rewards I’d get!!

It took several weeks of casual stops at that bookstore. I tried several times of day, and different days of the week. I found that some of the booths had TVs with movies on different channels, but these were smaller, cramped booths. The best part about the TV booths was that they had sound, which would cover Jessica’s or Susan’s moans. I finally figured out when, and how and told Jessica about it.

The bookstore changed all of the movies on Wednesday morning, so our best time was Tuesday night, after eleven, when things were slow. I had to explain to her that there were signs (she hadn’t seen them) that declared only one person to a booth was permitted, so we’d have to be very discrete. I outlined our plan for getting in and out, and even what she and Susan should wear to make things easy. I planned like an Army General to make this work. Everything except what the girls were going to do.

We rode down in our car, Susan in front with me and Jessica being very excited in the back seat. Susan was too, and for that matter so was I. It was difficult to keep my cock soft, so I wouldn’t walk with a limp! When we got to the bookstore, I parked near the side of the building, near a side door. I knew that the door opened from the booth area without any alarms, having left that way several times.

We went in and browsed around quietly. The clerk was an older man with thick glasses who seemed more interested in his newspaper than us. We slipped into the back and found the booth we wanted, moving slowly down the line of booths as if we were looking at the movie placards on each one. We got to “our” booth. It was occupied!

Plan B: We kept moving around the booths, and sure enough, the door opened on our booth and a man left, head down, but glancing at us anyhow. He went out front, and the three of us slipped into the booth quietly. So far so good. Earlier I had put a long screw into the back wall, up high, for this moment. Jessica and Susan were nervous as I locked the door. I put about five dollars in quarters into the machine. I realized that I’d never even bothered to look at the movie title before we entered!

The movie flickered on, and in the background someone had started one of the TVs, and we could hear the sounds of a porno tape running. Jessica slipped her one piece knit dress over her head, revealing her completely nude body underneath. Susan removed her dress, and her top, showing her tits slung in their bra. I had my shirt half unbuttoned when Jessica whispered that I should only open my pants, not undress.

Jessica removed Susan’s bra, putting into her purse which hung on the screw with her clothes. Only their shoes were left, and they would keep those on. In the dim, slightly reddish light from the movie, I watched Jessica and Susan embrace and kiss. My hand was stroking my cock, eyes glued to them, the movie all but forgotten.

Jessica’s hand cupped Susan’s twat while they kissed. Susan pulled on Jessica’s nipples, making her cone-shaped tits stretch. Jessica pulled Susan down to the floor, and Susan sat down, her ass on the cold floor, legs wide. Jessica slid down and lay between her legs, pressing her creamy white flesh against the slippery, cum-covered floor.

I watched with growing lust as Jessica licked and sucked Susan’s cunt, writhing in the cum on the floor. Susan’s ass slipped and slid in it, and her hips were rocking up and down quickly. It was quite a sight, one I’ll never forget! Jessica hungrily sucked Susan’s cunt-lips, rubbing her face in her friend’s squishing cunt. I could hear the really wet noises as Susan neared her climax. I didn’t want to shoot already so I slowed down and looked at the screen. Big Mistake!!

On the screen was a platinum blonde looking up from just getting a mouthful of sperm. She smiled up at the guy, and then let his thick, copious jism drool down and drip from her chin. I stopped jacking off, trying to slow down. I looked up at the screen again, and saw a different girl sucking a large cock. Somewhat better, I thought. I looked at the girls on the floor, and Susan was clenching her tits, her ass up and shaking, cumming hard in Jessica’s mouth. I looked at the screen to see the girl pull the cock out and let him shooting all over her gleeful smile, and then a second, unseen man, began drenching her tits. And she loved every bit of it!

My balls tightened, and I knew I was going to have to cum very soon. I moved and stood above Susan’s head. Jessica looked up at me, lolled her head to the side and opened wide, shoving her tongue deep inside Susan’s slippery slit. Susan gasped, opening her mouth wide. My body trembled and I crouched down, pointing my cock at Susan’s tits. Thick, hot, white sperm shot out, hitting her tits and neck. She cupped her tits, and I pressed the head of my cock against her right nipple, spewing a thick stream down her tit like chocolate syrup on a mound of ice cream.

Still spurting I moved and pumped the last squirt and few drops into Susan’s wide open mouth. I reached down and grabbed Jessica’s blonde hair, pulling her up from Susan’s cunt. Even in the dim light her chest and stomach glistened and I led her to Susan’s soaked tit. Jessica licked and lapped my cum off, pressing her face deep between Susan’s large, spermy tits. I sat back, and watched them kiss and rub sperm all over each other’s bodies. The movie showed two girls kissing while a man came all over their faces and tongues. “How appropriate” I thought.

Jessica reached out and grabbed my cock and pulled me to her lips. In one swift motion she gulped me down to the short hairs, moaning softly. When she lifted her mouth off my cock she looked up at me with my prick rubbing the side of her face. “Fuck my ass.” She said softly. “I want you to cum in my ass.” With that, she slid down onto the floor again, arching her butt into the air and began finger-fucking Susan while sucking her clit again.

I moved around behind Jessica and unfastened my pants. Her succulent round ass swaying in front of me filled me with lusty desires. Susan was spreading my sperm over her tits and squeezing them hard. I plunged my cock deep into Jessica’s sopping wet cunt and she uttered a low growling moan into Susan’s twat. After working my cock in her slippery snatch, I pulled out and pressed it to her asshole. Jessica backed herself onto my cock in a slow, steady push. She was so incredibly tight!

Jessica backed up until I was buried between her buns, her asshole pulsed around me. I began to move slowly, and forced her hips to the slippery floor. Pressing hard and driving deep into her small round butt, I began to fuck her with long, lusty strokes. Apparently this wasn’t lost on Susan, as she raised her legs high then grabbed Jessica’s blonde hair and pushed her face hard against her cunt.

Jessica sucked noisily, and I wished for sound to cover her slurping sucking. Susan’s legs shook and her big tits wobbled as Jessica brought her to another orgasm. I began pounding hard into Jessica’s butt, pressing her down on the floor. Jessica’s moans were getting louder, and I worried that we’d be discovered. Susan came to the rescue, shoving three fingers into her cunt and then feeding Jessica her slippery juices.

I leaned over Jessica’s back, full of deep, nasty lust, wanting to jam my cock up her ass until she screamed. “Cum you slut. Cum with me.” I said in a far-away voice. “Make me fill your ass with cum!” Jessica cried out, a high pitched, frantic noise, almost a squeal.

Her butt slammed up against my cock and she began shaking her ass. I slammed home, shooting my sperm into her butt. About halfway through my orgasm, Jessica jerked away, pulling me out of her asshole. I shot a few more spurts into the crack of her ass and onto her back before I finished. Sweating and breathless, I moved back to the bench seat.

Jessica sat on her knees, glistening, her tits like firm, cone-shaped mounds. She looked at me, running her hands all over her belly, tits, and her crotch, then all over Susan’s belly, tits and crotch.

Susan stood and opened her large purse, pulling out a pair of small towels we’d brought for them to clean up with. They patted themselves dry, and then began to dress. Jessica slipped her only garment on, her knit dress that clung to her sexy form, before grabbing my cock and squeezing it.

Susan dressed, leaving her bra in the purse. Her tits were slightly wet still, and made darker spots in the light grey of the blouse. I listened at the door, then we walked out, heading straight for the side door. I stopped, and looked at the title of the movie I’d just missed. The title was “Best of Cum #8”. Yes, it certainly was!

We walked quickly to the car and the girls hopped in the back. I drove home, listening to them laugh and giggle about how slutty that was, and how naughty, wicked, and incredibly erotic it was too.

“Didja see Susan cum?” Jessica asked me. “I thought you’d break my neck when you wrapped your legs around my head!”

“Did you see him cumming all over my tits?” Susan asked. “He damn near drowned me in all his jism!”

“Well, he certainly gave me a good ass full too!” Jessica snickered.

Back at our place, we went in and the girls immediately stripped, then headed for the shower. I joined them about ten minutes later, and saw that Jessica was sitting with her legs wide, and Susan sucking her cunt. Jessica’s razor was on the soap dish, not in the shampoo tray. Susan looked up and smiled, and Jessica looked at me with a lusty look.

“Ohh, suck my cunt!” Jessica said, her spread legs showing me her completely shaved pussy!! I dove in, lapping her slippery wet cunt and the slippery skin all around her love hole. Susan let Jessica suck her tits, and then she sucked on Jessica’s.

Susan’s pussy was already trimmed and neat, and I made her stand so I could lick her. Then we all went to bed after our shower. Jessica, her hair wet, sat with her chest an inch above my cock.

“Cum on my tits like you came on Susan’s.” Jessica said. “I loved it when you lost control and called me a slut. I want to be your hot little slut. I love the feel of your cum all over me.”

I grabbed her and turned her around, shoving my cock up her cunt from behind and pounding her hard. Susan watched for a bit, then went into the bathroom. She came back, her tits and stomach glistening with baby oil. Susan slipped in under Jessica, her tits wobbling. She pulled Jessica down, kissing her hard. Jessica pressed her cunt to Susan’s and Susan pushed back. Susan’s legs were wrapped around Jessica’s waist, and almost in my face. I found out why she used the baby oil.

“Yesss,” Susan hissed with a deep, lusty voice. “Rub your slutty body in all this cum. Cover your naked body with this slippery cum. Rub it all over us!”

The oil felt like the cum had earlier Jessica told me later. Jessica began moaning and thrusting back against my cock. She would then press hard on top of Susan, sliding her whole body against Susan’s slippery skin. I moved and pulled out, sliding my cock deep into Susan’s wet cunt. She sucked one of Jessica’s slippery tits hard. Then I moved back to Jessica.

“Yessss.” Susan hissed again. “Fuck your slut. Fill her full of cum. Cum all over her, all over us. Cum in her mouth, cum in her pussy. Cum up her tight asshole.”

“Oh – yes!” Jessica said. “Cum – in – my – ass! Butt-fuck me!”

I needed no further instructions. I pulled her back and pressed against her asshole, watching her open up to accept me. Jessica thrust back, suddenly and violently.

“Ohhhhh, FUCK!” She cried. “Fuck me! Grab my ass and FUCK IT!”

Jessica’s body lurched and jerked, her movements impaling her asshole on my cock. I reached up on top of the waterbed’s headboard and grabbed her favorite vibrators. I pushed one up Susan’s cunt, then the other into Jessica’s tight tunnel. Both girls were packed and I switched them on. Jessica let out a long wail and came, her tight ass bringing me along with her. I must have pumped two gallons of sperm up her tight ass!

I felt exhausted onto the bed, leaving the girls to play. When I awoke the next morning, Susan served me coffee in bed, sitting next to me naked of course. She asked if I wanted a nice snack, then shoved a tit to my lips. I could taste Jessica’s cunt juice on her nipple, and licked it eagerly. Susan smiled and then showered while Jessica sucked me off.

I watched Jessica smile, holding my cum. Susan stepped out and Jessica kissed her. They made a big show of swallowing my sperm before Jessica showered. She came out, her bare cunt looking inviting, so I knelt before her beautiful twat and sucked and licked her off.

Somehow we all made it to work, nearly on time. We didn’t get a lot of work done that day, but Jessica and I did get very sweaty later that night! And that my friends is what you get when your girlfriend says, “Would you mind….?” and you agree too quickly. Hmmmmm.

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