Loaded With Black Cum

I am a 56-year-old man who from 36 to 46 lived with a girl who when we started living together was 19. 

Melanie was living next door to an aunt of mine that I visited often. I would see her in her yard and exchange the usual pleasantries. One Saturday evening I decided to see if I could get something going with her, as I knew she was fucking a few truckers she had contacted over her CB.

 I knocked on her door, (it was just after dark) under the pretence of asking her if she had a match for the joint I was holding. She answered the door in her bathrobe; it was obvious that she had on nothing underneath. I pushed her back into the small room and down on her bed, which was part of her living room and near the door. I kiddingly asked her what she had on underneath her robe. Without waiting for an answer I spread her legs and saw her hairy pussy come into view. I knew that it was safe to come on to her like that, you could read it in her eyes.

Within 5 minutes of my arrival I was fucking her.

Afterwards she asked me if I would come back the next night and this time stay the night. I readily agreed and the next night she sucked my dick and was anxious to show off her cock skills. She was very proud of her skill, and with reason I should add.

I fucked her several more times in the following weeks, and my aunt began to wonder why I was visiting her so much all of a sudden. Until one Saturday night I got home and found her in “my” bed. She was quite excited and stated that earlier a black boy had pushed out the fan in her window and had tried to grab her purse. She expressed that she was scared and beg me to let her stay with me. I acquiesced to her pleading, and so began a ten-year sexual sojourn that to say the least was exciting.  

Melanie worked at a union possessing plant from early morning till noon. About a week after moving in with me she came home and I was still in bed nursing a slight hangover from a late night party. She crawled in beside me and started to rub herself all over me. 

Knowing that she was fucking her supervisors I asked her she’s been fucked by one that day. She replied, “No but I sucked Clyde’s cock.”

Her admitting this in such a mater of fact way turned me on immensely and I fucked her till I couldn’t cum anymore.

Several months passed; Melanie got a job tending bar down town. One night when she was due home at 7, she didn’t showed up until 11. When she finally came home, she walked into the bedroom and announced that she had brought me home a wet pussy.

Without thinking about it I said, “Let me see it,” And I asked her who had fucked her.

She pulled down her jeans and panties revealing a pussy that was red with lips that were swollen and were obviously coated with some man’s come. She told me that she had picked up a man at the bar and had gone to a nearby hotel were he had fucked her three times. Then she lay on the bed and spread her legs so I could crawl between them and slid my dick into her well-fucked cunt. The feeling was strangely wonderful and I knew I was hooked on that particular sensation. 

It turned out the story she told me was a lie.  She had really fucked a black dude. We both knew him, he lived right across the street from our apartment and he had fucked her twice before she’d admit it.  She was afraid to tell me she loved black cock, afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle the interracial thing. Melanie for the next ten years had many black menfriends. She let just about all of them use her pussy whenever they wanted. I have a plethora of incidents when she comes home loaded with black cum. 

She finally met a black man who wanted her to move in with him. She let me fuck her a couple of times after she left me, but I’ve only seen her a few times since. I sure do miss that pussy of her’s. Fucking a women after she has been pumped full of another man’s come and having her relate how she got juiced incorporates all the senses, hearing seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling. Total involvement. Nothing could be finer, believe me!


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