Looking Good In Those Shorts

When I went to college as an undergraduate a while back at the University of Missouri-Columbia there are these outdoor racquetball courts. They are all concrete, high walls, with no roof.

One of my fantasies was to play a little more than racquetball with some girl there. I mean it was a cool place, you were outdoors, in a public place but the high walls provided most of the privacy you needed.

I had no steady girlfriend that semester and could think of only one girl who I could coax into a situation like that, Jennifer. Jennifer was a sophomore I think and it was rumored that she was picking up guys while she worked part-time as a waitress at a pizza place. We both hung out with the same group of friends and she had flirted with me a lot.

Now Jennifer was no raving beauty but was rather plain looking. She had short, brown curly hair and brown eyes and freckles. My guess was that she was about 5′ 5″, medium weight.

I asked her if she would be interested in playing and she said sure. It was one of those warm spring days when the temperature shot up in the 80’s and everyone was thankful to be wearing shorts and t-shirts for a change. Jennifer had on shorts and a pullover shirt and looked nice. I told her so. She smiled and said thanks. We batted the ball around and then played a game.

After the first game I was getting hot and asked if she would mind if I took off my shirt. She said not at all. I could tell she appreciated the view (I did work out at the gym). At the end of the set, we were both hot and sweaty. So we walked to the back of the court and pulled the towels and water bottle out of the bag.

She ran her hands across my bare chest and commented on how sweaty I was as we sat down with our backs against the wall. I brushed my hand across her face and said, “So are you.” I impulsively gave her a kiss on the check to see what her reaction was. I could taste her saltiness and smiled as she smiled back.

Then to my surprise, she leaned over and kissed me on the lips while her hands stayed on my chest. She couldn’t help but feel my heart thumping away at high speed. Our lips parted and our tongues met.

After a minute or two of this very nice kiss she swung around, on her knees, placing one leg between my legs, fully embracing me with her arms. Her leg was against my crotch and my cock let her know I was glad she was there. My hands roamed under her shirt, caressing her smooth, sweaty back. She pulled away to peel off her shirt. I reached back to unhook her bra, adding it to the growing pile of clothes. I immediately started to suck and lick her erect nipples. She sighed as my tongue flicked over her left one.

Meanwhile, I pulled gently on the other nipple. I could tell she was enjoying it by her moans. With my free hand, I reached down and pulled my very hard cock out of my shorts. I’d like to know what my blood pressure was that day because my cock was a good inch longer than usual and rock hard. Jennifer reached down and started to stroke it. At the same time, I slide my hand up her shorts and found her very wet panties.

Hastily I pulled her shorts aside and slid two fingers into her pussy. She was sopping wet. We both had the same thought in mind. We stood up and quickly pulled down our shorts and underwear, not even bothering with the shoes or socks. I was semi-reclined on the floor with my back against the wall. Jennifer lowered herself onto my cock in one fluid motion and didn’t stop until I was all the way in.

She immediately started humping me in a kind of circular motion, rocking back, then up, forward and down. I knew by her frantic motion that style and finesse would not count in this race. It took all of my effort to keep from shooting my wad as my cock slid all around her pussy.

I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t last long under this kind of treatment. I nearly passed out as I slipped into her and immediately came inside her. I’m sure she felt every pulse as I did. Sensing it was now or never, she started to frantically pump up and down on me, her eyes glazing and her fingers digging into my shoulders as she came with a groan.

Finally Jennifer slowed her rocking down as we both came down from our high. My cock was still fairly hard so it felt good for both of us as I moved in and out. And she was so wet from the combination of her and my juices that I could feel them oozing out and down my balls and ass and onto the towel.

Someone once said if sex isn’t messy then you aren’t doing it right. Well we had definitely done it right! The sweat was also dripping off of both of us. The feel of her naked, slippery body on top of mine made my cock hard again. She noticed this too but said she needed to switch positions because her knees were hurting her.

Anything was fine with me at that point.

She hopped off me and we spread the towels and clothes on the concrete. Not that it helped that much. She lay on her back and I gently laid on top of her as she guided me into her. We started french kissing again as I pumped into her. She wrapped her legs around me and dug her tennis shoes into my ass. This “spurred” me on to pumping even harder. 

I wasn’t as hard as the first time but I could tell I would last a lot longer. I started to match my strokes with the little breathes she was taking and after a few minutes was rewarded by watching her cum again. We both lay there panting when she realized I still hadn’t cum yet. I suggested we try a different position and she readily agreed.

I’ll say this for Jennifer, she may not have looked the part but she was the best sex partner I ever had. So I got her to get on her hands and knees, this time putting most of the loose clothing under her knees for padding. With one hand on her hip, I held my cock and slid it into her pussy.

I started to pump away, looking down and watching my cock plunge in and out and the lips of her pussy moving with my cock. This is my favorite position, but not only for the view that I just mentioned. It is my opinion that some of the most beautiful curves the good Lord made are those on a woman’s hips, rear-end, and the small of her back.

I was in heaven looking down at Jennifer’s curves; touch them, stroking them as I slid in and out of her. I reached under her and started to caress her clit. She really liked that and started bucking back into me, meeting me stroke for stroke.

From her loud moans I knew she was cumming again and now it was my turn. With one last thrust I pushed up into her as far as I could go. I leaned forward, my chest against her back with one hand around her tummy, cumming inside of her. We were both exhausted. We slowly cleaned ourselves up and put our clothes back on. We walked weak-kneed back to her dorm and crashed.

We never became serious in our dating but we did find time to become fuck buddies. When she was horny and needed it she’s seek me out and same from my end. Over time we both ended up seeing someone else. But I still wonder about her sometimes, especially on those warm spring days when everyone is glad to be wearing shorts and t-shirts.

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