Make Me Pregnant

Like many couples, my wife and I had fantasised while we fucked about her being screwed by some other guy. It always turned us both on immensely and we would both cum hard. It seemed a harmless way to add some spice to our sex life. Not that I had any complaints anyway.

I should tell you about my wife, Amber. She’s 23 years old (same as me – we got married at 16), a wonderful tiny 5ft 1 of sheer sex. I don’t mean to boast but she really is stunning. She has her brown hair in a ‘bob’ style, has an innocent looking face with big, brown eyes, 36d tits which look absolutely huge on her small frame and a lovely pair of legs. What I am about to relate took place when we were both 20 years old.

About 3 years ago, our ‘multiple fuck’ fantasies began to evolve further and get really nasty. My wife would talk like the sluttiest whore, telling me how she wanted other men to fuck her at the same time – the more the better. After a while, she got even nastier, saying how she wanted the men to be black and for at least three of them to fuck her ass, mouth and cunt at the same time before each in turn ramming their massive cocks into her tight cunt and shooting their spunk deep inside her.

Our fucking sessions always ended up on this fantasy with Amber coming hard, her cunt milking the spunk from my cock and into the rubber (we had decided to hold on before starting a family and the pill ‘doesn’t agree’ with Amber so I had to use a rubber each time). This nasty, slutty talk from my usually demure wife always made me completely empty my balls.

One evening we had both gone out to a nightclub in a nearby town. I had been hard all night just looking at my wife. She had dressed differently and had heavier (sluttier) make up on. Black high heels, stockings, a low cut front showing most of her big tits and thick, bright pink lipstick. When I had first seen her earlier in the evening I had been surprised to say the least, but thought I’d keep quiet as though nothing was different and see what her game was. I also thought she looked really hot dressed that way and had no inclination to spoil the view!

It was about 1am and we had both drank quite a bit. Amber and I had danced a few times during the night but I was too far gone to want to anymore. She asked if I would mind her going and dancing alone for a while and I had no objections. I watched her stand up, reach down to her handbag on the floor (which caused her mini skirt to ride up showing her bare ass) and retrieve her cigarettes and lighter. She looked around and so did I.

I noticed three black guys had all taken in an eyeful as she had bent over and were grinning at us. Amber noticed them also, and in the sluttiest style possible, she put her cigarette to her lips, flicked her lighter and sucked hard, drawing her cheeks in hollow. She inhaled deeply, her big tits rising and her hard nipples straining at the material. Still keeping eye contact with the guys, she raised her head slightly and exhaled a huge plume of smoke toward the ceiling before turning to me, giving me a sly grin and heading off to the dance floor.

I was hard as a rock after watching my wife’s slutty show (I always did have a fetish for watching women smoke) and after regaining my composure a little, I glanced from the corner of my eye at the black guys. I saw one of them also going out to the dance floor. At this point I started to get a little worried.  The fantasy was great but I realised at that time that I didn’t want to see my wife actually fucking other guys. I nervously sipped at my drink and scanned the dance floor to see if I could find out what was happening.

It took me a few seconds to spot them – and could hardly believe my eyes. There in the middle of all the dancers was my usually shy, innocent looking wife dancing with this strange black man who was at least a foot taller than her. They were *close* his bulge pushing against her tummy and her semi-straddling his leg and grinding her cunt against him like a bitch on heat. She looked over and caught me staring.

She just looked at me, took another deep drag from her cigarette and exhaled right into my direction. She then grinned and continued her dance. I couldn’t believe how she was acting but soon I was even further outraged as she stretched her face up to the black guy, who lowered his a little and before long they were openly french kissing hard for everyone to see.

I was about to stand up and storm over when I suddenly realised one of the other black guys had made his way over to them. He stood behind my wife as she kissed the black stranger and reached round her to get as much of her big tits in his hands as possible. Amber’s legs wobbled a bit and her mouth dropped open wide. I’m sure I could hear her moan over the loud music!

My wife placed her cigarette in her mouth and arched back. Her top half was back towards the black guy groping her tits and her bottom half pushed out to grind her cunt up and down the other guy’s leg. I watched her move one hand round behind until she was squeezing the cock on the guy behind and then did the same with the other. I was completely stunned at this point.

It was also at this point that I noticed I was incredibly hard! Here I was, watching my wife, the woman I loved, standing in the middle of a crowded dance floor, cigarette between her lips, tits being groped buy a black guy, rubbing her bare cunt up and down another black guy’s leg and squeezing a covered black cock with each hand! She looked like a complete slut and I loved it! The black guy she was rubbing against reached forward and helped his friend maul her tits. I carried on watching them for a few minutes, seeing my wife getting hotter and hotter.

By now Amber was humping and grinding her cunt *hard* against one guy and forcing her tits out harder against their big, groping hands in between taking deep drags from the cigarette she left between her slutty pink lips. Her little hands had managed to open both their zippers and were tucked inside, playing with their cocks.

The guy behind her whispered something into her ear and she laughed. After a few seconds she straightened up and turned to face me. I looked on at her and was shocked at what I saw. My shy, innocent wife stood there, one hand on her hip, in her high heels, stockings (which had run in a few places), and a top which was hanging far more to one side than the other with her big, hard nipples extremely prominent! Her short skirt was creased and had been pushed up around her waist partly, exposing some of her glistening, cunt.

A jolt ran to my cock as I realised her cunt was bald! I’d asked her to do this on numerous occasions but she’d always refused. I raised my sight higher and looked at her face. Her cute, innocent look had gone and been entirely replaced by something I’d never seen in her before. Sure, all her features were the same but somehow they didn’t seem to belong to the demure wife I loved – they belonged to a slut. Her bobbed hair was ruffled and she still had the cigarette dangling from her (slightly smeared) pink lipsticked lips. Her eyes were teasing and humiliating at the same time and she was slyly grinning at me.

We kept eye contact for a few seconds and in that time I realised that the bitch needed it badly. I realised that the complete slut in my wife had been released and, excited as I was now, I couldn’t wait to see what happened.  I just hoped that she was in control enough to remember she wasn’t on the pill. Still looking into each others’ eyes, she took a drag from her cigarette, took it from her mouth, dropped it and ground it out with her high high heel then exhaled right at me.

Suddenly she broke eye contact with me, turned and walked to the men’s toilet, guiding the men with her by their cocks. Mine were not the only eyes to watch the slut ooze sheer sex across the club. A few people followed them, men and women, obviously wanting to watch this trashy white slut performing with these big black guys. I tagged along and into the toilets.

Inside the toilets was like a different world to the dance floor. The stark, fluorescent lighting glared from the graffiti covered white tiling. The place reeked of piss and (like a lot of men’s toilets) the floor was about 1/2 centimetre deep in it. There were two cubicles, one long urinal and three washbasins with mirrors. There were about 7 of us in there: myself, my whore of a wife, the two black guys from earlier, a man and girl who were obviously a couple and a girl who was black. As I took in my surroundings the third black guy arrived and locked the toilet door behind him before moving up to be with his friends by Amber.

As I watched, my wife caught my eye and grinned again, then sat between two washbasins with her skirt up around her waist, legs spread as wide as she could and her sloppy, puffy cunt on show. She giggled and groped at one of her tits hard through her top. Her other hand went between her legs and she immediately rammed three fingers right up herself. Amber moaned and began finger fucking herself hard.

The rest of us just watched her for a few minutes. From what I saw, I was not the only one getting off on watching this trashy, white slut abusing herself in front of these complete strangers (except me of course!). The couple, she was about 19, redhead, medium sized tits with conservative make up and clothing on. She looked as though she could be dressed for the supermarket rather than a nightclub and she looked sooooo naive. He looked younger, probably about 18 and ‘wholesome’ also. They were trying hard to conceal their arousal. She was staring intently at my wife and slowly licking her lips.

Her hand was absently groping gently around her own cunt and she got hotter and wetter watching my slutty wife being nasty. Her boyfriend had his hands in his pockets and was quite obviously playing with his prick. The two black guys and their black friend all had their cocks out and they were huge! At least 12″ on each of them and easily thick as my wife’s wrist! It made me feel my own 8″ was completely inadequate. They were rubbing their cocks and watching my wife, getting harder and harder until they were all three hard and huge!

I heard my wife groan as she continued abusing herself to her audience of strangers and saw she was looking right at the three black men wanking themselves near her. A little to the side by the cubicles was the black girl.  She looked about 25 and *very* elegant. She was about 5ft 8″, black shiny spike heels, black sheer stockings with a skirt that came down on to the long side of short.

She had a cutoff top and a black leather jacket over it. Her tits must have been 38dd and were obviously bra-less as her huge, hard nipples strained to poke their way through. She had wonderful pouting lips with deep, deep purple lipstick, and high model-like cheeks. Her eyes were almond shaped and deep brown with long black lashes and her hair was straight and combed down to just above her shoulder, curling inwards. The sight of this hot black girl was enough to make me forget the reason we were all in here – but not for long!

As I watched, the black girl groaned, hiked up her skirt and began to frantically finger her clit. She leaned back until she was sort of squat against one of the cubicle doors and frigged her hot,wet cunt as she watched my wife.

I turned back to watch Amber, my own cock out in my hand. She looked straight into my eyes and began to cum. She was shuddering and moaning – and swearing worse than dirtiest hooker I’d ever heard.

Her dirty talk really turned me on even more. Her fingers blurred a while as she finger fucked herself hard and fast, her cunt making a loud sloshing noise nearly as loud as her moaning and obscenities. Finally she finished and, still looking me straight in the eye, asked, “Ok, who’s first?”

It was at that moment that I realised my wife was indeed going to actually fuck someone else – and this time my cock reared up even harder at the prospect. The first black guy immediately stood between her legs and positioned his cock right at her sloppy cunt. She was at the perfect level for him because of the height of the washbasins.

“You ready, bitch?” he asked.

My wife just groaned before humping her hips outwards obscenely, trying to get that big, black cock up inside.

“Fuck me! Fuck my slutty cunt with your big black cock! Fuck it all the way up me and don’t stop until your balls are banging against my ass!” she yelled, looking me right in the eye.

The black guy did as she asked and rammed about 3/4 of his prick right up my tiny wife’s soaking twat. Still keeping eye contact with me, she yelled:

“All of it you fucker! All of your black cock up my trashy, white-slut cunt!

I’m a dirty bitch that needs a good hard fucking! So fuck me!”

I managed to tear my eyes away from my wife getting profoundly screwed by this big black guy and looked around the toilet again. The young couple were now openly masturbating. He had his cock out and was wanking like crazy and she had hiked up her skirt, plunged her hands into her white cotton knickers and was frigging herself slowly.

As I watched this naive looking redhead I noticed her occasionally sneaking looks at the others in the room, even her boyfriend.  From the look on her face, it seemed as though this time was the first that anything like this had happened to her. It seemed as though this could even be her first time at seeing another cunt or a cock – even her boyfriend’s – close up. As she looked around, she turned behind herself to see me and caught me wanking myself and watching her. She just gave me a cute little shy smile and giggled, looking away and back to my wife and the black guy.

I also looked over to my wife and saw she was now clinging to the black guy with her legs locked around his back and her arms around his neck while he fucked her cunt hard and deep. She was kissing him lewdly and deeply – stretching her tongue out far then finding his mouth and shoving it in, frenching him deep. She broke the kisses now and again to moan things like how good his big, black cock felt right up her slutty cunt and how much of a white trash slag she was. She kept urging him on harder and faster yelling all types of obscenities.

“Come on, harder! Fuck your black cock right up into my womb! Make me yell!” she begged the black stranger. With her mention of her womb, I remembered she was not on the pill. Here was my new-slut wife, clinging onto a black stranger who was fucking her cunt to splitting point, surrounded by other strangers and me, in a smelly, pissy men’s room. The fact that she was in such surroundings only heightened my arousal. It made her seem even sluttier. I wanted things to continue but I didn’t want to risk her getting pregnant so I made a move.

“Amber, hold on a second. Let me get some rubbers from the machine then you can carry on.” I said above the noise.

Everyone froze and turned to look at me as I gesticulated to the condom machine in the corner.

“‘Amber’ – is that your name, bitch?” asked the first black guy.

“Yeah. But you can call me slut. And I don’t want to know any of your names” she replied ” I just want you all to use me like the slut I am.”

She turned her head to face me again and looked me in the eyes. Again, my wife’s eyes were teasing and humiliating.

“Amber, if you don’t use rubbers, you don’t carry on” I said slowly.

“Honey, fuck you!” she spat, and humped herself against the black guy again.

Everyone in the roomed laughed at me – even the naive looking young redhead who gave me another cute look and giggled in the most heartbreakingly sweet way.

Amber looked to everyone in the room and asked them all to ‘keep it on heat’ for a while because she wanted to get to play with them all. Everyone laughed and smiled good naturedly, except me. I just couldn’t believe my wife was knowingly taking the risk of unprotected sex with a stranger, especially when she was using no birth control. My thoughts were racing but I did believe that she would get him to pull out before he came inside her.

Everyone in the room except my wife and the black stranger fucking her unprotected cunt was rubbing themselves. The beautiful black bitch against the cubicle door was now squat low with four fingers pistoning in and out of her shaven cunt. She was dripping juice into the pissy pool covering the floor and alternately watching my wife getting the fucking of her life, and throwing her head back, moaning loudly with those beautiful, big pouty lips open wide.

The young naive looking redhead looked even more now like she was very inexperienced – she had one finger up herself, her white cotton knickers around her ankles, soaking in the mixture of piss and water on the floor, and was fingering herself in a clumsy fashion. Still, she was obviously getting a lot out of it if her soft moaning was anything to go by. Her boyfriend was still jacking off like crazy at the sight of my wife acting slutty.

The two other black guys were rubbing their huge, black cocks pretty slowly, making sure they would be ready to go when my whore wife told them to. I too was very slowly rubbing my own throbbing hardness. I knew that if I went any faster I’d shoot everywhere. I decided that as I thought I could trust my wife not to let him cum in her, I may as well enjoy it.

I watched as the black guy’s cock was rammed into my tiny wife’s body. Right up to the top of her cunt and against her womb. The lips of her twat were stretched thin by the width of his huge ebony pole and were rolled in and out as he thrust in and out of her. I loved the sight! Her fucked my slut wife for a couple of minutes like this with her getting more and more turned on.  Her juice was dripping out and into the pool of piss on the floor in little splashes. She was moaning and begging at him to fuck her harder and faster, yelling obscenities at him and everyone else in the room.

“You, bitch!” she yelled to the naive looking redhead – “Get three fingers up yourself and fuck that tight cunt of yours!”

The girl blushed but obeyed my wife. It was definitely hard for her to get her three fingers up herself but she finally managed it and began pumping herself. She threw her head back and moaned, fingering herself harder. The black slut had seen this and frigged herself a little harder.

Suddenly all our attention was back to my wife and the black stranger as she shouted: “FUCK! YES! I’M GONNA CUM! SCREW ME! FUCK ME HARD! SHOVE YOUR BIG BLACK PRICK RIGHT UP MY FUCKING TWAT! USE ME LIKE A WHORE! THAT’S WHAT I AM! AAAAAH!”

We all watched as she went into a frenzied orgasm, clutching herself hard against the black stranger screwing her stretched twat. She had her legs crossed behind his back and her arms tight around his neck. He held her weight as he screwed her and she humped and ground herself against his huge black cock. Someone (or some people) were banging on the toilet door, but everyone just ignored them – we were all too interested in the slut showing off in front of us.

“Hey, bitch! I’m gonna cum. You want me out?” he suddenly asked. I assumed Amber would have him cum on her tits or something. I assumed wrong.

My wife looked over at me, right in the eyes and yelled: “Don’t you dare! Fuck me harder! Cum up my cunt! I’m not on the pill so come on, knock this white slut up!” she begged, still staring at me. Everyone in the room gave an audible moan upon hearing her talk like this!

He was jerking harder now, his face starting to contort. Although I was appalled at my slut wife begging this black stranger to knock her up with his black bastard, I was also extremely turned on at her behaviour. I wanted to see this white-trash slut in front of me get what was coming to her (no pun intended!). The thought of the slut getting knocked up by the big cocked black stranger in front of all these other strangers only added to the thrill.  I felt my cock twitch and only just managed to keep control. I looked down to see some white cum oozing from my cock. Amber also noticed this and laughed at me, humping harder at her black stud.

“Where d’ya want it, slut?!” he yelled.

Her eyes widened as she carried on staring at me, conveying her sheer wanton lust by the action.

“Up my fucking cunt! Don’t pull out! I’m a dirty white slut that needs a good screwing! Fuck it right up me and spunk into my womb! Knock this white slut up with your black baby! I want to be a momma!”

There was more banging on the toilet door and it sounded like the people outside were cheering. My wife was loud enough for them to hear!

The black guy groaned loudly and rammed himself as far as possible up my wife’s unprotected cunt. She squealed and ground herself against him. He was jerking and very obviously coming hard right up inside my slut wife’s sloppy cunt. The feeling of him filling her up made her cum hard. She was moaning and begging him to “make sure you get all your spunk up inside me. I want your black baby growing inside my body.” All the time she kept direct eye contact with me, taunting me with her words, her actions, her eyes. Her face was contorted into a look of complete lust.

The sight was way too much for me! My tiny, innocent wife with her newly shaved cunt moaning and begging some black stranger to knock her up in a dirty pissy mens’ room. All the time he was coming she was looking at me and taunting me.

“Look at me, honey! Look at your little wife get knocked up by this big black stranger! Ohhhh, I can feel all his spunk shooting into my womb. I’m definitely going to be pregnant from the amount he’s shot up me! Do you think I’m slutty enough, honey?”

I couldn’t take any more and began shooting my spunk out hard and far without even having my hand on my cock! My wife noticed this. She laughed and pointed at me, making the others in the room turn to look.

I was coming buckets with all eyes on me as my wife took the last of the black stranger’s spunk up her. I was coming so hard that my spunk jetted out and some hit the innocent looking redhead, who was watching me shyly.

“Ohhhhhhhh” she moaned at the feeling of my spunk hitting her and fingered herself harder before the naive, shy look on her face turned to one of intense lust and she orgasmed all over her own hand. I gripped my cock and intentionally directed my spunk at her hand at cunt, splattering both copiously. It matted against her neatly trimmed, dark copper coloured bush and frothed up, mixed with her juices around her cunt lips.

As she frigged my spunk into her cunt and around her clit, the excess of our juices dripped into the pissy mixture covering the floor. Her boyfriend looked shocked and excited at the same time at the sight of his girlfriend coming with a stranger splashing her cunt with spunk. He pounded his own cock faster, grimaced and began shooting everywhere. He quickly turned to the black slut against the cubicle door (he obviously was into her as much as I was!)

The beautiful black slut was having her own orgasm, head back, squat low so her ass was occasionally dipping into the pissy mess on the floor. She had a thumb and three fingers ramming the fuck out of her own cunt and her little finger was wiggling around deep in her asshole. She threw her head back again and moaned through those amazing pouting lips of hers when she noticed the young guy shooting out towards her.

This seemed to make him cum even harder and his jets started landing on her. She had his cum dripping down her tits, over her nipples and onto her stomach. He shot a flood of spunk all over her.  Quite a lot hit the slut’s face and matted her hair together. It was dripping from her nose and chin. She was wildly stretching her tongue around trying to lick up as much as she could.

His girlfriend gave me another amazingly cute smile as we both finished coming. She then turned and saw her boyfriend covering the black girl with his spunk and meekly reached over to his cock and balls. It appeared as though this was the first time she had ever touched a cock in her life, but she soon showed she was a natural! She used one hand to hold his jerking, hard cock and direct his spunk over the black slut. Her other hand was squeezing his balls, urging him to cover the black bitch even more. The black girl spoke for the first time, or shouted, rather:

“Tha’s it, white bitch! Make sure ya little white boyfriend give me it all!” Her voice was silky – incredibly sexy and more than tinged with a Caribbean accent.

The young guy groaned one last time and shot one last jet of spunk right into the black bitch’s eye! She screamed with lust and came all over her own fingers.

I looked again to my wife who was still clung to the black guy. He was slowly still pumping into her even though he’d finished coming. I guess he was making sure that he knocked up my wife. She had a contented look on her face and was purring about how he’d definitely knocked her up. I was pretty upset by the fact but even more aroused at the dirty slut’s actions – even though the dirty slut was my previously demure wife.

Amber loosened her grip on the black stranger and he lowered her back onto the washbasins. He slowly eased his semi-soft cock from my darling wife’s twat. It was slick with the mixture of her cunt juice and his spunk. When he finally pulled the last part out of her, there was an audible, sloppy ‘pop’ sound and a flood of his spunk and her cum dribbled out of my wife’s ravaged, stretched cunt. I examined her cunt. It was stretched *very* wide – much wider than it had ever been in the past. Her cunt lips were loose and hung apart a little now. Before this black guy had fucked her, her cunt had been the tightest I’d ever seen and her cunt lips had always met in the middle, covering her hole.

“Oh dear, honey.” she said in a little girl voice, looking me in the eye.  “Your little Amber seems to have got herself knocked up by this big black stranger. I couldn’t help myself. What will we do?”

She looked amazing sat spread-legged with her gaping cunt on view for all, leaking spunk and her own cum which was dribbling onto the pissy floor. She had a little girl look on her face, and her makeup was all smeared. One of her hands toyed between her messy legs and she held the other to her mouth, her little finger between her lips in a schoolgirl pose. As she batted her eyelids at me, everyone looked at me, saw my prick was hard again and laughed.

“I guess that answers my question, then.” my slut wife exclaimed loudly. She then looked around to all the strangers, grinned, and said:

“Well everyone, I’m glad you all got the chance to see me getting impregnated by this stranger – but who’s next?”

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