Mick and Susie 2

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Awaking in our hotel room, we again chat about the previous evening escapades as we get dressed. We go out to the lift and just as it arrives, who should turn up but our “neighbours”, the couple from the evening before. We all enter the lift, they obviously recognising us from the blushes on the cheeks on the leggy redhead and the flittering eyes. We all head for the breakfast lounge where we sit on adjacent tables. On finishing our breakfast, we get up to leave and I say out loud to Susie as we pass their table about going to the Jacuzzi for a relaxing soak.

We return to our room and then shortly make our way to the hot tub. We fool around in the changing rooms and then enter the water, the bubbles hiding our hands that soon begin to wander over each other. We are beginning to get a bit carried away when we are none too surprised to be disturbed by “the” couple. ‘Oh, sorry to disturb you, mind if we join in?’ he says. ‘Not at all’ I reply ‘come in – it’s lovely and warm’. ‘It looks HOT to me!’ she says looking directly at us, obviously thinking back to their voyeur experience last night… Susie decided at that point to force their hand by piping up, ‘but not as hot as last night eh Tim and Nicky?’. They both freeze, the mention of their names making them realise that the tables have been turned, they are the ones now at a disadvantage. They both settle into the tub, looking warily at us. I decide to put them out of their misery; ‘We’re in room 54, next to yours, you’re not the most silent in bed are you?’ The atmosphere between us relaxes and they start to laugh. We talk about the night before; they had indeed watched our “performance”, having just arrived at the hotel car park and had been talking in the car prior to our arrival in the underground car park. Upon seeing us and our obvious intentions, they had stayed silent in their car, watching our lovemaking. Although a row back from where we were, they had a good view as they stood up unseen by us peeking through the sunroof to gain a better view. This had turned them both on and upon our “climax” they were desperate to get to their room and satisfy their desires. We recounted the overhearing of their lovemaking and the buzz we received from realising that they were the ones watching us and then subsequently went on to declare that earlier we had video’d ourselves. Tim’s eyes widened at this saying that he had always fantasised about making a video of themselves but never realised the fantasy. All this open talk about sex was totally out of character for us and I expect them but the atmosphere and rapport between us seemed to urge us on. I suggested that they could borrow our video if they wanted and Nicky replied that that would be great, ‘how about showing us what to do?’. My mind raced, did she mean how to operate the camcorder or … Anyway, I agreed! During all of our conversation, Susie and I were having furtive fondling sessions beneath the bubbles and as we got out to dry, both myself and Tim were clearly turned on, our cocks outlining our shorts. After drying and changing, we all went back up in the lift to our room.

Upon collecting the camcorder, we opened the adjoining doors between us and I proceeded to show them how to use it. Nicky wanted to see the filming we had done ‘to get her in the mood’ but judging by the way that her nipples were sticking out against the thin fabric of her T-shirt it was obvious she needed no encouragement. I said that we didn’t mind showing us “ours” if they didn’t mind showing us “theirs”; after all, they had already seen us “in the raw”… Unexpectedly, she replied that it would be better if we simply filmed them and then we could watch and adjust the camera as desired. Then, they would be able to watch our film without any delay! Things were getting out of hand here, Susie and I had never been involved in anything like this before and what had started as a bit of a dare was definitely getting more serious. However, the thought of watching them really turned me on and as I looked to Susie, expecting a frown of “no”, I was met with an open-eyed look of “why not?” We grinned at each other, entwining our fingers as we agreed to film them.

It all started a bit awkward, obviously being new to them as well as us; they embraced each other and rolled onto the unmade bed. I had set up the camera on the tripod, the film running as they kissed and cuddled each other. Susie and I were close; arms round each other as they got more involved in the scene and began to openly fondle each other. Nickies T-shirt was soon pulled off over her head to reveal a fair sized par of breasts crowned by enormous blood engorged aureoles and long nipples that just begged to be sucked. Tim must have had the same thought as his face was soon buried in them, sucking as much as he could into his mouth, running his tongue over then and pressing his face between them. This all served to heighten her sexual drive, squirming against him and grabbing the back of his head to pull him closer. I decide to become more pro-active with the video, zooming in on her then her face, in fact its a while before I zoom back out to realise that Tim has undone his trousers and she has her hand inside his pants, caressing his cock. She pushes his head away so that he is lying on his back and leans over, pulling down his jeans and releasing his stiff cock from his knickers. I’m impressed, and so is Susie going by her response, increasing her grip round me as one-hand moves toward my crotch. Tim’s cock is a good 2 inches longer than mine is and also thicker. Nicky runs her tongue over the head, flicking its eye with her tip and then running her tongue over the whole length before closing her lips round the head. She looks at me behind the camera and I zoom in, much to her delight, her eyes moving between Susie and myself as her head bobs up and down on his cock. It’s when I zoom in that I notice the stains on the bed linen from the night before… Susie kneels before me, undoing my flies on trousers and releasing my cock from my pants, licking and sucking my balls so as to give Nicky who is still looking in our direction a good view of me.

Nicky moves off the bed, removing her sandals and then her jeans, all the time facing us, giving us a full frontal view of her milky complexion, lightly dusted with freckles. Tim sits up and also watching us as he undresses. Nicky then turns round, sliding her panties down over her beautifully defined buttocks before climbing onto the bed and thence toward Tim’s erect penis. I pull Susie away from my cock, turning her head toward them as Nicky straddles Tim’s monster, Nicky reaching between her legs to spread her outer lips as she lowers herself onto him. She sways her pelvis back and fore, rubbing the tip of his cock against her slit, coating it with her love juices. I again zoom in, filling the screen with just cock, pussy and ass; she is very wet indeed! Tim is loving it, and breaks the silence we have had since starting the film; ‘Umm yes Nicky, fuck me’. She replies in a louder voice, obviously for our benefit and the video ‘You want me to fuck you in front of them? Like some kind of porno star?’ ‘Yes you sexy slut, fuck me now!’ and with that he grasped her thighs and forced his own up, pushing half his swollen length into her. She throws her head back, eyes closed as Tim bucked beneath her, more and more of his cock sliding into Nicky as she moans with pleasure. After a minute, she recovers and turns to smile at us, both of us as if frozen watching them, even Susie who does not find porno movies sexually exciting and has never been that interested in the “home video” aspect has become absorbed, my cock resting unnoticed now against her shoulder and hair. Nicky then grasps Tim’s wrists and forces them back over his head against the bed, leaning over him and forcing herself down against him. She takes control, moving first in long slow movements, the head of his prick barely inside her at her most raised position and then her wispy dark red pussy hairs hard against the base of his cock in her lowered position. Its not too long before she begins to speed up her thrusting, propping herself against his chest up in an attempt to take even more of his considerable length, her breasts bouncing sexily.

I decide to move the camcorder to a different viewpoint to be able to get a profile shot of them. Susie moves round with me as if still in a daze, standing still beside me as I film them. With the camcorder rested on the tripod, I reach round Susie to fondle her titties, and she presses back against my exposed cock, its length nesting between the outline of her buttocks. My hands venture under her top and then I pull it off over her head. Tim has by now regained the initiative, pulling Nicky forward and pressing his face against her breasts as he runs his hands down over her back and buttocks, grasping them firmly, raising and parting them to be able to speed up their lovemaking with powerful short, deep thrusts. Her long hair is draped over both their faces and through it I can she is biting her lower lip as he fucks her forcibly, his cock inducing lovely squelching noises to emanate from her pussy.

Its then that I realise that Susie and I are not the only audience; the reflection in the wardrobe door mirror reveals a young maid standing to one side of the adjoining doorway which is ajar. Obviously she had come into clean our room and now has a view of the action “next door”. I’m not sure if she can see us but she certainly has a good view of Tim and Nicky on the bed. I quickly adjust the camera to catch a shot of her reflected in the mirror; she has a hand between her legs, rubbing herself through her starched uniform. In the foreground of the picture, Nicky is reaching climax, her cries of ecstasy becoming louder and louder. All of a sudden she lets out a long continuous moan and collapses on top of Tim. Taking this as a cue, he rolls them over so she is on her back, still limp from her sexual peak as he parts her legs and spears her with his dick. She hardly appears to notice at first, lost inside herself, eyes closed. He fucks her long and hard, quite slow at first. Nicky makes a slow recovery and reaches down to grasp her thighs, spreading her outstretched legs wide, lifting them off the bed, feet and toes pointed as if in some exotic gymnastic pose. Its at this point as I move in for a better view that the maid realises that Susie and I are also in the room and she quickly moves back from the adjoining door, still unnoticed by the others and I assume leaves our room.

Nicky looks like she is in sexual heaven, a face breaking out into a large grin as she looks at the two of us watching and filming them. She bends her knees, pulling her legs up against herself so that Tim can pull them up over his shoulders and she grips her feet round his neck. This leaves her hands free which she runs over Tim’s buttocks, initially scratching her nails down them and then slapping them and urging him to speed up. This he does, increasing the pace, fucking her now in quick short movements with most of his cock deep within her. She fondles her breasts, suggestively pressing them together; oh what a tit fuck she could perform I’m thinking, and by the look on her face that was just the reaction she was after. She then proceeds to grasp her already very large swollen nipples between thumb and forefinger and squeezes them hard, again biting her lip and closing her eyes. ‘Oh yes Tim! Cum for me, fill me up!’ Tim sits back slightly and grasps her under her buttocks, pulling most of his cock out until the bulbous head of his cock is visible. The rest of his shaft is glistening with her love juices giving us a wonderful view as he proceeds to fuck her with just the head, her wet pussy lips opening and closing round him making lovely sexy noises. Its almost as if he has come already, she is so wet and his breathing is becoming short and hard, the feeling of her lips round his head obviously sending him over the edge as he begins groaning. Its not long before his body starts to spasm and his cock twitch as he pumps his spunk into her love nest, the last jet of which sprays over her triangle of thinly covering dark red pubes as it springs loose from what by now must be the loose grip of her snatch. Indeed, as he removes her legs from around his head and rolls onto the bed beside her, we get a view of her still open and very wet pussy. I can’t resist moving over to get a close up, her lips red, swollen and spread open, their combined cum trickling out.

They kiss and cuddle each other and then they both get up and retire to the bathroom and we can hear them getting into the shower. Setting the video back on the tripod, I reach for Susie. Apart from my cock still jutting out of my jeans and Susie being topless, we are still clothed. Susie notices my cock once more, the trance of the past 15 minutes broken. Its glistening with pre-cum which she picks up on a finger and slides into her mouth. ‘Not bad’ she whispers, ‘but not as wet as me!’ I reach with my hand down under the waistband of her jeans as she breathes in to accommodate me and am greeted with a very wet crotch. I pull my hand out and begin to quickly undress, looking at Susie to do the same. She freezes for a few seconds and motions for us to return to our room but I’m by now out of me clothes and begin to pull the rest of hers off also. I hold her tight, kissing her as we lay on their bed. I’m on top of Susie, moving down, kissing her breasts as she squirms below me. Its only when I lift up I realise why; she is lying with her bottom in their love juices! She sits up slightly, telling me to lick her before pushing me back and rolling over and sticking up her buttocks. I stand at the end of the bed and grasping her thighs begin to kiss and lick her sticky buttocks, at the same time gently sliding her back toward me. The situation is a real turn on for me and for Susie judging by her response to my lips and tongue; she reaches back with her hands to hold my head as she gyrates her hips. I dip down toward her pussy, running my tongue between her thighs; she is sopping wet. Moving back, I pull her closer to the edge of the bed and also toward another goal… As I begin to slide my cock over her pussy lips, I push her head down into the wet bed linen. She twists her head to one side so that I get a view of her tongue lapping at the traces of cum still evident on the sheet. My cock is soon coated with her cum and Susie reaches between her legs and feeds my cock into herself. Her slender waist is still moving rhythmically, causing her buttocks to bounce invitingly against my stomach as I lean over to both grasp her modest, but gorgeous pear shaped breasts beneath her and watch her still with her face pressed against the sheet. After a minute or so, Susie moves up on her arms, pressing back against me with some urgency and I grasp her waist and begin to make love to her with short strokes, my cock deep within and my balls slapping against her thighs. This I know is how she likes it best. She is soon calling out for me to come and its at this point that Tim and Nicky both appear, obviously having heard her cries of pleasure. They stand together; still wet from their shower as they watch us just as mesmerised and we watched them earlier. Susie is taking deep breaths and soon cums; this sends me over the top and I can feel my cum rising as I grasp Susie hard and begin to fill her snatch with even more hot sticky fluid. I slow down my thrusting, feeling my cock begin to shrink inside her and then it slips out together with a trickle of cum down her thigh and we lie on the bed together, spent and exhausted.

Tim and Nicky return to the bathroom to dry themselves and we soon recover and despite what has happened between us we feel modesty should prevail and we take ourselves and our clothes back to our room to shower and change. We discuss this mornings escapades in the shower, both agreeing that we found it a great turn on, both to watch and be watched. This as I’ve said surprises me of Susie since although I have always considered myself a voyeur; she has not previously shown any interest in porno movies or magazines. Although we had occasionally taken Polaroid’s and video’d ourselves before, they were always considered “private” and Susie was never that keen. This was our first ever experience of sex in the presence of others. Even more out of character for the both of us is the fact that we were both totally sober; I could believe the morning’s events if perhaps we had been under the influence but we weren’t.

Once we had dried and dressed, there is a knock on the door, it was Nicky and Tim; ‘We’re off out, previous plans I’m afraid but how about getting together for an evening meal? We agree and off they go. We decide to go into the town and as we are about to go out of our room, the maid knocks to come and clean. I let her in as we exit, giving her a knowing look and checking out her trim petite figure. Susie looks at me inquisitively and once out of earshot, I tell her about the maid watching Nicky and Tim and the fact that I caught her on film before she realised we were also watching them. ‘I can’t wait to watch that’ she says; ‘but they will be wanting to watch ours first’ I reply. ‘That’s OK, could be fun!’ Susie replies, again taking me aback.

In the evening we all meet up in the bar for dinner in the hotel, Susie is wearing a mid-length, flowing strapy brown dress, which accentuates her slim waist and rounded buttocks with her hair held in a ponytail. Nicky is wearing a glittery strapless red dress, which shows her ample cleavage to perfection, her hair flowing over her naked freckled shoulders. The small talk over dinner starts off quite benignly, both parties seemingly avoiding the mornings (and previous evenings) activities. However, after a few glasses of wine, someone breaks the ice and the talk progresses to that of a more intimate and sexual level. We reveal that there is a surprise in store for them on their video! It soon decided that the viewing of the videos will take place as soon as the meal has finished, needless to say no one had a sweet!

We all retire to our room and I set up the video whilst Susie arranges the drinks. There are only single chairs in the room and so we end up with Susie sitting on my lap in one armchair whilst they sit side by side on our bed. Our video starts but Susie and I are only half watching the TV, we are just as intent on looking for reactions from them to our video. They appear to appreciate Susie’s performance with the vibrators; Tim’s cock is clearly visible, his hard length forcing an outline against his trousers, his hand running over Nickies knee and tracing a line to the hem of her tight fitting dress. My cock is also hard, especially as it is lying in the cleft of Susie’s bottom. Nicky starts to comment on the size of the vibrators but stops short when the mention of Susie and her former black lover starts. I slowly loosen the zip on her dress, an action which either goes unnoticed, or simply accepted. I am then able to slip her shoulder straps off and gain access to and expose her sexy pert breasts.

Our video has reached the point where Susie is sat on my face, “drinking” the wine, I whisper to Susie that maybe our guests would like a top up. She dutifully gets up and offers them some more wine, I think they had forgotten that we were there, Tim retracting his hand quickly from beneath Nickies dress before realising the absurdness of his actions, especially when presented with the real image of Susie leaning over to fill his glass. In the meantime, I have undone my flies and released my cock, covering myself with my hands so that when Susie returns to site down, she gets a little surprise, especially as I run my hands up her flowing dress to ruck the rear up as she sits on me with my cock pressed against her gusset. Susie gently rocks against me and I catch a glimpse of Nicky looking over with a knowing smile on her face. This has obviously triggered some green light for her as she is soon absently reaching toward Tim’s crotch, undoing his trousers and delving inside his knickers, all the while eyes glued to the TV.

On the screen, Susie is taking my cock between her breasts and I can’t but help look over at Nickies, hers are bigger than Susie’s but not huge, maybe a 35C but she has a canyon for a cleavage. She looks directly at me, obviously remembering my look earlier in the day. With her free hand, she rubs her breasts through her dress, cupping and pushing them up, forcing them against the low cut top until her large aureoles are visible, the nipple crowns barely within the confines of the dress. Her gaze returns to the screen where I am starting to cum over myself tied to the bed. ‘Wow! – That was a helluva cum!’ she blurts out; ‘you nearly came on your face.’ Everyone looks a bit embarrassed, but I decide to make light of it, replying that had I wanted to come over my face I could have. It is now Susie’s turn to be taken aback; ‘Well you’re not around when I’m away working, all alone in a hotel room, its amazing what my right hand can do!’ ‘I don’t believe you can shoot that far’ Susie says, ‘well we’ll see later’ I reply… Our tape finishes and we briefly recount the session in the bar and then they obviously know the rest. The conversation also turns to the size of the vibrators, wondering how they compare to each of ours. I know my cock matches the smooth black one and some discussion takes place as to if Tim measures up to Susie’s translucent veined monster. Susie gets up and fetches them for the couple.

I put on their tape and pay a visit to the loo and on returning I sit on the floor between Susie’s legs. The close ups have certainly worked to effect on their video, the zoom-ins and angle changes giving the best views of the action. However, the aroma and heat being given off by Susie’s pussy are soon too much to ignore and I turn to kiss her legs, running my hands up her calves. She is obviously in a highly sexed state as she pulls up the front of her dress to expose her sex, which to my surprise is naked to my gaze; she has obviously removed her knickers while I was changing the tape. I bury my face between her opened thighs, lapping at her dripping cunt. She has her hands on the back of my head, rocking me against her. This goes on for a little while, broken only by an exclamation of surprise from the other couple. I come up for air, seeing the scene with the maid in the background; ‘that’s the surprise we promised you!’ I lay on the floor on my back, telling Susie that if she wants more then she must come down here, as I want to watch as well as eat her out. The scene is set, looking up I can get a worms eye view of my wife’s wonderful wet pussy; to the right I can see the TV with Nicky, legs spread getting a good fucking and to the left, she is now knelt between his legs, side on so that she too can see all the action, sucking Tim’s cock. His trousers are off and his length is as impressive as before, on comparison just falling short of Susie’s large vibrator. Soon, however, Susie wants more than a tongue inside her, and she rolls onto the floor beside me, her dress only covering her stomach and nothing else. I lean over, kissing her ear as I quickly undress, removing all my clothing and then cuddling up to her, my penis nestling between her buttocks. As I look toward the others, she is an all fours in front of him, her dress riding up to give me a view of her white knicker clad bottom and Tim has unzipped her dress to fully liberate her pendulous breasts. He is running his fingers through her hair, entwining them every now and again to manoeuvre her as he wants, sliding her tongue over his length or devouring his head. I reach round Susie to work my cock into her, gently sliding it in as we alternately watch the screen and the others.

They too move onto the floor, Nicky on her back who like Susie now has her dress pulled round her waist and is pulling down her knickers, removing one leg to leave them dangling from the other as Tim sheds his clothes. Pushing her breasts together suggestively leaves him little option I’m happy to say but to straddle her chest and rub his engorged member between them. Unconsciously, we all begin to work our bodies to some common rhythm; all of us having a good view of each other separated as we are by only a few feet. On the video, Tim is reaching his climax and we all turn to watch as he floods Nickys snatch and then shoots his seed onto her pubis. Tim comments that in a real porn movie, he should have pulled out and shot all his cum over her face; ‘next time baby’ she replies. What Susie and I had not realised was that I must have forgotten to turn off the video as we are now the “players”, and they are able to see us revelling in their love juice wet bed. Susie turns away from the screen and closes her eyes, obviously more than a little embarrassed, despite all that has taken place between us. Our lovemaking, though slow and tender is a real turn on and the “scene” is obviously having the same effect on them as simultaneously with my our climax on the video, Tim begins calls out that he can’t hold back much longer. He starts to apologise about not making love to her and cumming inside her, but she just smiles, pressing her globes harder around him urging him to cum over her – now! She lifts her head, opening her mouth and running her tongue over her lips and soon has Tim exploding, jets of runny cum hitting Nicky in the face and neck, being rewarded by some coating her lips and outstretched tongue.

After a few drinks, I can maintain a hard on for ages which is just as well given the situation. This enables me to hold back long enough to roll Susie onto her back and give her some well deserved long ball smacking strokes though our attention is by no means devoted solely to each other. We are both looking over at Nicky and Tim as he withdraws his placid cock from between her tits, cum still oozing out, leaving a trickle of cum between them. She is still laid there, unashamedly covered in spunk as she asks Tim to pass her the large vibrator. She lubricates it with a mixture of his spunk and her saliva, as she rubs it over her face and between her tits and is soon masturbating herself with it. Tim simply looks on, slumped back on the bed as its length disappears inside her and she turns it up to full speed. I also increase my already rapid strokes and can feel the cum rising in my bollocks. As soon as my balls reach boiling point, I pull out of Susie, sitting back on my heels and holding the head of my cock tightly as I wank off. Susie in a stereotype of Nickies performance props herself up on her elbows and sticks her tongue out between her open lips, challenging me to shoot into her mouth from where I am. I am knelt back by her knees and she curls one foot up to rub against my balls as she releases her hair from it clip. My cock spasms three or four times but the pressure on the head of my cock stops it from immediately spewing forth. However, a slight release of grip on the next surge sends my cum shooting over Susie’s face, then in her hair and the last splattering over her tits. I can’t believe I could have come so much, she is covered. They have both been watching our finale intently and Nicky is fucking herself into a frenzy and soon joins us in a state of sexual fulfilment.

We retire to the bathroom where I press up against her, feeling her cum covered breasts rub against my chest as I embrace and kiss her, revelling in her sultry look, my cum dripping from her chin onto her tits. We share the spunk, me licking it from her face and she scooping dollops of it from her neck to feed to each other as we kiss deeply. When we emerge, they have retired to their own room and we head for the bed. The large vibrator is lying on the bottom of the bed and Susie picks it up. It is still coated with Nickies juices and closing my hand round hers, we settle down together. She brings the pseudo cock up between us ‘I bet you want to taste her don’t you’ she whispers ‘and I bet you imagine that’s his cock don’t you?’ I reply. ‘Ummm’ comes the reply as we each run our tongues over its length, each in our own little fantasy world. I can taste Nicky and its good, closing my eyes, I imagine I’m licking her slit, tasting her love cream. Moving position, Susie is on her side, my now erect dick once again pressing against her love pot, sliding in with ease. I reach round cuddling her breasts with one hand and with the other grasp her hand holding the dildo, feeding the head into her mouth, whispering to her that ‘Tim needs a good sucking’. Gently rocking against me, she takes the head and some of the length, causing her cheek to bulge out sexily. However, we are both pretty tired and settle for a gentle caress and loving session, “Tim’s” pretend cock slipping out from between her lips as Susie drifts off into a sexual dreamland.

I almost join her but feel the urge to visit the toilet. On my return to the bed, I hear sounds coming from next door. The adjoining door has been left agar and I peep through. Its Nicky who is making the noise, she is knelt with her head toward Tim’s crotch, presumably taking Tim’s tool in her mouth once more, but more interesting are the activities of her hand against her raised rear. As my eyes become more accustomed do the dim light shed by the courtyard lights outside, I can catch the outline of what appears to be Susie’s black vibrator pressing between her raised buttocks. Her hand moves back and forth and she is stifling her obvious cries of pleasure. Its only when she changes position slightly and buries her face in her pillow that I realise that Tim is fast asleep and that the dong is buried in her ass, not her cunt. I stoke my semi-hard cock in as I watch her attempt to take it all. She does not appear to manage to though and a few minutes later, obviously satisfied with her efforts, removes it and slips off the bed toward the toilet. As she does so, she glances in my direction. I freeze, unable to move as she continues on her way to the bathroom and I go sheepishly back to bed. A few minutes later, I hear the adjoining door close.


The following morning, I notice the vibrator lying on the floor by the door. We all meet up at breakfast and engage in a lot of small talk before broaching the subject of the day before. We all agree that that we have had a fun time and as we are due to leave the hotel shortly, we exchange telephone numbers and we give them “their tape” (minus our extra performance which I erased earlier). We have been in touch since and have had some interesting conversations about what went on that weekend. Like us, they say that it has been their only shared sexual experience since they were married five years earlier. We will most likely arrange a reunion, who knows? Certainly the experiences we shared have spiced up our lovemaking, I’ve no doubt Susie fantasises about his cock now and again as she seems more willing to put on a show or let me fuck her with the large vibrator which has now been dubbed ‘Timmy’. On my part, I cannot help but think of Nickies breasts enveloping cock and her buttocks taking my sized (vibrator) cock in her sweet ass. The latter is something Susie has never wanted to try, but I’m willing…

– The End –

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