Mother Hen

Not too long ago, my husband and I were doing some volunteer work at our church helping with hurricane evacuees. We were getting ready to leave after a long day when a young black couple with a young baby came in needing a place to stay. 

Our shelter was overfull at the church so I looked at my husband and asked if he thought it would be OK to invite them to our home as we had an empty guest room. He nodded in agreement and I asked the couple if they would like to be our guest. I could see they were tired and hungry as they both replied that they would and thanked us very much. 

They were a young couple. Greg, the handsome husband was 21 years of age and his lovely wife, Carla was 19 and they had a two-month-old baby. They got into their old car and followed us home. I was thinking how damn black they were. I really loved to see very black people.

Upon arrival at our house, I busied myself with getting supper ready as my husband helped them move into our home. After they showered, we sat down to my husband’s favorite meal of corn bread, red beans, and fried ham. They both complimented me on the meal and one could tell it had been awhile since they had eaten. 

After the meal, Carla took the baby in the bedroom and to nurse him. My husband told Greg to make themselves at home and if there was anything he needed to let him know. He assured Greg that his house was Greg’s while they were our guests. He went into the den and started watching Monday night football as usual and I began cleaning the after supper dishes. Greg joined me to help with the chore. 

Greg remarked, “You are one good cook momma, and a nice looking one at that.” 

“Thank you Greg,” I replied. “That is a nice compliment coming from on handsome young man.” 

Greg was drying the dishes and we were making small talk about him and his family, when he said, “Momma you’re one foxy looking chick.” 

I thanked him and laughed as I started thinking, “Gee I am not sure but I think he is already making a move on me.” I knew that black men considered it a rite of passage to get between some white married woman’s legs if they could. I was wondering if he had something like that in mind. 

A couple of days later, my husband was sent to the coast for a few weeks to repair some company equipment that got damaged in the storm. 

For the next couple of days, it seemed that Greg was very attentive to me and helped me to do things. He was always complimenting me and I was very attentive of him and his family, being sure they were comfortable in our home. Greg increasingly made more and more suggestive remarks to me. I would laugh and sometimes giggle at his remarks. He would say things like, “You are just like a mother hen, looking after her children, and I think it is nice. You sure do carry yourself well, Momma. You are one foxy momma.”

I must admit it was having an affect one me and I decided that the next morning when I dressed for a church meeting I would actually dress for Greg and see what he would say. I was enjoying his compliments, the kind I had not heard much of lately from my husband. I had begun to think I was loosing my sex appeal.

I cooked Greg’s breakfast and put it on the table and went to dress for my meeting. I put on black lace panties and bra, not that he would see them but they made me feel sexy. I then put on a black silky dress that came to my knees, and revealed my ample cleavage, and some black stocking and heels. I looked at myself in the mirror with approval. 

I heard Greg in the kitchen getting him some coffee and I walked in hoping to get his reaction. He looked at me, spilled some coffee on the floor and his eyes got big as he said, “Wow, momma, you are one foxy lady today. Better be careful or those deacons will be wanting to sin with you.” We both laughed as I placed a little kiss on his cheek and told him that his noticing me made my day.

On my way to the church meeting I was having all kinds of visions of spreading for this young black man. He had called me a mother hen, a chick, and a foxy momma. I think he had the “hots” for my married white ass. “What am I thinking of? I am a married woman and old enough to be his momma. Why am I being tempted? Do I or don’t I? Why is he tormenting me this way?

That evening, while Greg was in the bathroom, I walked by the half open door and saw his image in the wall mirror. I stopped and looked at him standing there naked with his beautiful black muscular arms and chest covered with black kinky hair, I looked down and saw his beautiful black rod hanging from his hairy crotch. I was wondering what it would look like if it were standing at attention. 

I was thinking, “So he thinks I’m a foxy momma, I think he is a young black fox wanting to get in the hen house with this old mother hen.” I walked away smiling to myself as I was thinking, “This foxy momma hen just might leave the door open and invite him into her nest. My old fox is out of the area for awhile and he will never miss what I will give a young black fox like him.”

After dinner that evening, Carla went to her bedroom room to feed the baby and Greg joined me in the kitchen. He walked up behind me and patted me on the butt and said, “Nice butt you have there, momma.”

“Now stop it Greg, You are going to start something and it might get us into trouble,” as I giggled in encouragement. “You make me feel like a teen-ager again.” 

Greg standing behind me put his arms around my waist and pulled me close and kissed my neck. Now I was going crazy knowing that his wife was in the house and my husband was away and I could tell by the hard pole I felt on my bottom that Greg was one sexed up sly fox. He was ready to get into this old hen’s nest. I turned and put my arms around Greg’s neck and looked him in the eyes and said, “You handsome young black fox. You are trying to get into my panties, aren’t you? You are one sly fox and I love it.”

“Momma, any man would want you. You are one hot Momma and you are driving me crazy wanting to get between those nice legs of yours.” 

“Well my mate is gone but yours is here. What are we going to do about her”?

Greg said, “I already thought about that, Momma. I will send her to the movies. She loves to go to the movies. I will tell her I have to help you with some things. She will think I am being a nice guy.”

“You will be doing nice guy things for me. Nothing wrong with that,” I replied.

After Carla left, I told my young handsome black lover to be that I would get ready and call him. I rushed into my bedroom and put on my sheer Red Baby Doll negligee that I had worn on our honeymoon. As I looked in the mirror, I thought that I still looked hot in it. I felt like a teen ready to give her cherry to her lover. 

I opened the door and softly said, “Greg my dearest, I am ready,” then jumped into the middle of the bed pulling the sheet over me and waited.

Greg walked in and pulled his clothes off as I watched. My heart beat faster as I saw his naked black body rippling with muscles and his now erect ebony pole that was soon to be mine. He pulled the sheet off me and saw me laying there in my red sheer nightie and took a deep breath saying, “You are one hot momma and I’m going to make you mine,” as he lifter my gown and started licking his way into my waiting honey pot. 

I was removing my gown as he licked and slurped my juices. We were both moaning. I was now free of any clothes as was my black lover. I moved over him as I took his black pole and licked the man juices seeping from the tip. I felt his sperm filled balls knowing that all his black seed would soon be mine. We were now both wanting to do the final act as I lay back and opened my legs to receive my black lover deep inside me. 

I felt him thrusting hard against the mouth of my womb preparing to deliver his black seed into a white man’s wife. I was moaning his name over and over begging him to fuck my white ass off. He was sweating as we squirmed against each other and I held on tightly not wanting to miss a single stroke of my new lovers black cock. 

Greg was biting my ear lobs and letting saying dirty things to his Foxy Momma hen. He was calling me a “white bitch,” and a “hot fucking honkey,” and telling me that I was his now forever. 

As he moaned loudly and thrust deep pausing briefly and thrusting deep several times, he moaned out, “Oh momma, I’m cumming. My balls are busting.”

As I felt his cock start throbbing deep inside, it triggered a huge orgasm in me. I shook all over knowing that my new lover was shooting his seem into me and that this old hen had been good for his black horny young ass. 

I stopped shaking and went still as I took the last of his black seed into my white womb. I then went limp as we lay there, him still on top and me lying there in complete satisfaction knowing that I had pleased him and he had gotten his woman. 

I now knew that I had crossed the line and had given my husband’s white pussy to a young black stud. I had also taken this black wife’s husband’s black pole deep inside my hot white pussy. I wondered what she would think of her young husband lusting for an old mother hen.

We lay there a long time before Greg broke the silence. “Well, momma I have always wanted to taste of a white woman and now I have. Believe me you are the best woman I have ever had. My Dad always said I wasn’t a man till I took a married white woman and now I know how good it is.”

I said, “Thank you my sly young black fox, You have really satisfied this white woman you’re your lovely hard black cock and hope that we can enjoy ourselves more often.” 

We both hugged each other and kissed and lay there in complete satisfaction as we felt each other and exchanged sweet compliments. I knew that Carla would be seeing more movies while her black husband filled a white pussy with his dark pole pumping his black seed deep inside this white wife again and again.

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