Motorcycle Cop

There is a Motorcycle cop in the Beverly Hills Police
Department. He’s one of those asshole cops that really
enjoys pulling people over. He sits in hiding places,
and nabs cars one after the other.

He has close cut, cropped brown hair and a mustache,
and he’s always wearing mirrored sunglasses. He has
biceps that are at least 16 inches. They just barely
fit through the short sleeve dark blue uniform he
wears. He always has a toothpick between his teeth when
he’s lying in wait.

His uniform over all, makes no secret of the fact that
his body must be ribbed solid muscle. His ass is
beautifully rounded and firm, and when he walks, he has
kind of a “chup-pa-ching” to it (you know, chup-pa-
ching, chup-pa-ching, chup-pa-ching, as he saunters
toward his latest victim). His thigh muscles, and inner
leg muscles, like his biceps just barely fit his

But more importantly they help to push his balls and
cock tight against his pant leg. He wears his tools
more like a toreador, rather than the norm of a jock
and/or cup that tends to take away the definition from
them. Instead his soft but still meaty cock and balls
kind of snake down his leg.

He lounges on his bike as he waits rather than sits. He
is SO FINE and he knows it. He has so much attitude you
can “smell” him a mile away. Therefore I have never
been driving too fast, sensing his presence, I was too
busy looking for where he was.

Well not tonight, tonight I played a wild card. As I
was driving my black merc 560sl home, I see him sitting
there. On a moments decision, I slam my foot on the gas
and speed past him, try-ing to get as close to my house
as possible. He puts the siren on and I pull over, to
as private a spot as possible.

What he has seen me do has made him suspicious. But
when he comes to the window, I behave really well. I
give him any info he wants, before he even asks for it.
I accept the ticket without any argument. When that is
done I try to small talk with him and then point blank
I ask him when he gets his next break, and if I could
show my “appreciation” to him for his service as a
policeman (Lame, I know, but it is the only thing I can
think of).

He looks at me really long. He doesn’t smile, a bead of
sweat roles down my temple as I worry that I am about
to get into real trouble here. Jail or a Rodney
King/Reginald Denning style make-over.

Not able to stand the silence, I tell him immediately
that I am not trying to insult him, and that this has
nothing to do with him liking guys or not. It is just
me offering him a chance to close his eyes sit back and
enjoy whatever I have to offer. Whether he just wants
me to give him a blow-job or to go further and fuck me
(please let him want to fuck me, I think to myself)
Still he isn’t saying anything.

I am dying here. Unable to stand the eye contact I drop
my eyes. His watch reflects the light from the street
lamp. Focusing on his hand, My eyes go wide to realize
he is stroking his semi-hard cock through his pants.

Soo… he doesn’t want to say it. Okay, that’s fine
with me if he doesn’t want speak. I never could imagine
what sort of a voice he has. And I didn’t want it to
spoil my picture of him. If he spoke with to high of
voice, it wouldn’t seem right. That’s right baby, you
keep your mouth shut.

Do I just reach out and grab it? yes / no / yes / no.
YES! Cautiously I reach out and oh so gently I trace
the outline of his cock (which is now at 3:00 going on
2:00 o’clock. He is uncut. I can tell.

He places his large firm grip over my hand and presses
it down hard onto his cock. I feel the shift of his
foreskin as his shaft slides inside of it. The head of
his cock searching for the way out to freedom.

He puts his hands behind his back and watches waiting
to see what I do next. Looking around one last time, I
unzip his fly. I creep my left hand through the
opening. Good he’s wearing boxers. Easy access. I pass
through the opening of the boxers and by then his cock
is coming out to meet me halfway! I encircle my thumb
and fingers around the base of his cock and balls,
making a ring and gently pull his package out while at
the same time bringing him in closer to the car.

The nice thing about the 560sl is the height of the

It’s getting darker by now, but I can plainly see that
I had it right. His cock is a good 8″, maybe nine and
thick. I have long fingers, but I can’t quite get them
around it (my brain begins to worry, my asshole
tightens, and my cock goes rock hard) His balls are
like two WELL-watered apricots (maybe even plumbs!).
The sack has a medium-low hang to it as if they’re
heavy. His cock is now in my face and the scent of his
crotch permeates my nose, I want to somehow bottle the
aroma up, and keep it.

After my senses clear a little, I waste no more time
and in-hale his cock in one swift motion. His light
brown pubic hair tickles my nose as I gag on his thick
man-meat. But I don’t mind. Gagging is what I want. I
learned a long time ago that if you can stand it, the
gag reflex is one of the best feelings a dick can
experience. I have no choice either. As I inhaled, his
hands came around and he grabbed my head pulling me
down onto him with no chance for me to break that grip
of his.

At that moment a car turned onto the street, and he
struggled to stuff himself back into his pants. The car
went by slowly, not actually caring about us, just as
to whether they might get a ticket. I’m terrified my
experience is about to end. And I blurt out to him that
my home is just a few blocks further, and if he will
follow, I would like to finish what I started.

Without saying anything, he moves to his bike. I start
my car and move away from the curb wondering if he is
actually going to follow. We move off slowly. Me
wanting to drive really fast to get home. Though also
not sure where the line would fall on that (in his
mind), I drive the speed limit. Okay, almost the speed

We get there and checking around, he follows me in and
parks his bike in the garage with my car. I push the
remote switch and the garage door slowly closes. I get
out of the car. I am so fired up I feel like I am on

We do not even go inside. I just drop to my knees,
furiously working on getting his gun belt off. He helps
me and gently places it on the seat of his bike. I pull
his pants to the ground boxers and all, and his cock
springs free back to where it belongs… in my face.

Now I have the time and the luxury of taking my time
and really working it, top to bottom. Foreskins truly
fascinate me. I do anything and everything I can think
of when I get a hold of one. I hold the skin so that
the head is fully covered. With him this is easy
because he has so much excess. I begin to probe my
tongue inside and around the head of his cock. I can
sense that I am sending shivers up his back. I gently
knead and squeeze his ass.

He’s playing with me… first tensing the muscle so it
can’t be squeezed, and then relaxing it so I can get a
handful. I use my tongue to play a lot with his balls,
doing an old favorite of taking them both in my mouth
“sack and all”, and play them like Chinese Ben-Wa

He’s loving it. The weight of his man meat on my face
and forehead is outrageous. Hesitating, and not able to
decide which I want in my mouth more, he makes the
choice for me. Pushing me away from his crotch he bends
down and grabbing me he pulls me up to my feet. He is
probably four or five inches taller than me (6’0″?), he
sets me on top of the hood of my car. I unbutton his
shirt, and pull it off of him. His muscles form a type
of fabric sculpture through his white cotton
undershirt. After touching the folds of the shirt to
see if what I was seeing was real, I slowly peel it off
of him. Pausing long enough to run my hands across his
broad shoulders.

He kicks of his boots and steps out of the puddle of
pants that I left at his feet. He stands before me like
Achilles. Strong and dominant, proud and with strength.
I want nothing more than to be Paris, serve him and
pray at the altar of his manhood. He moves toward me
and undoes my pants. In a brutish sort of way he yanks
them off of me and chucks them onto the windshield.
Pushing me into a lying down position.

He runs his large hands all over my body, as if trying
to feel my limitations with the tips of his fingers.
The heat from the car mildly burns my back, but in a
good way. He gets to my socks, the only remaining
clothes I have on (the underwear went with the pants).

Have you ever had a “jock/working man take off your
socks? Do it! There isn’t anything smooth or gentle
about it. He fumbles around lifting my leg so high that
I have to shift so as not have something broken. It is
as if every time he touches each spot on my foot it
translates directly to my cock. I am now harder than
ever. I just know that if he touches my big toe I am
going to cum! PHEW! The sock is off. uh oh… here goes
the other foot. I lie in ecstasy for about two minutes
as he works the other one.

Now he’s sweating. He gets the other sock off with one
fit of might. I don’t think he enjoyed that anywhere
near as much as I en-joyed it! But I can see he is
still as hard as a rock himself. He timidly fondles my
cock. I am wondering what is going through is mind.
Still no smiles, no words. Just deliberate animal

He lifts my legs up and pulls my ass toward his pulsing
cock. I slide easily from the sweat I had built up. I
can see that his heart is beating fast by the slight
rise of his phallus with each beat. Oh shit . . . he’s
just going to poke me without any warmup. I jam my foot
onto his chest (god his pecks are beautiful!), trying
to hold him back. but with the shove of his hand, I am
back into my pre-vious prone position.

It is all becoming slow motion now. Kind of like
watching a rocket take off in slow motion 10, 9, 8, 7,
6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Every-thing is going between black
and flashing, Oh my god… I am definitely his first
ass… there is no caution, no steady entry, no
hesitation what so ever. Bam, I feel my insides rip, I
am in too much pain to even say anything. I just give
out an UHHNNNGH with more depth than I think I have
ever thought possible. I am filled to the brim with his
manhood and the only thing I can finally get out is a
“Jodeme!” (Spanish for “fuck me!”) which was more like
a heavy exhale than anything.

My body reacts with explosive spasms, my head clears a
little and my English comes back. Fuck me, Fuck me man,
and don’t stop… uhnngh! He starts humping me like a
motherfucking rabbit, aaauuhnngh! His hips like the
pistons of a locomotive, he starts ever so slowly
building up his momentum. The muscles on his abdomen
and pelvis are beautifully prominent.

Fuck yeah! This is what I wanted, I’m in heaven. The
pain has given way to absolute pleasure. The car rocks
from his thrusts. His pelvis pivots in oh such a way,
that I wish I could be behind him watching his
beautiful ass. My gut moans are starting to blend into
one continuous loud scream. He just starts going for it
with more fervor.

My hands play all around his body, feeling more than
seeing, my fingers reach his face I realized he is
finally smiling. I open my eyes to see the sight I had
been wanting to behold. He’s beautiful. Pearly whites
showing between a smile that is radiant. He has dimples
to complement his features even more. He’s breathing
hard but still the smile remains.

My eyes role back into my head as aaaauuunnngh!! He
starts to vary his pace. Now long and deep plunging
thrusts. I resume my Idle travels across his body. I
have the heat of the car on my back and the heat of his
body on the front. Even though he isn’t lying direct-ly
on me he is radiating. I swear he is hotter than the

My cock could not possibly be any harder. It feels like
it will literally explode from all the blood inside. He
is picking up the pace again, “Aaaaauuungh! Oh my god!”

I think I have reached nirvana. I’m now seeing double.
If I can see at all. Bright flashes of color dazzle my
eyes. All of my senses are in total overload. Every
smell around me is ten fold with him being 100 fold. My
body is starting to quake and shiver. My spine is
electric. Every hair is standing straight on end. This
is it… I think I am going to die aaaauuungh!

He has started to scream. It started as a low panting
moan, but now it just plain screaming. I don’t think
either of us could stop if we wanted to. My body is
rocking from one end to the other with convulsions.
There is a feeling building up at the outer limits of
my perception, moving inward towards the center. Death
– I just know it is. He is a frenzied rabbit fucker and
I feel so fucking good I am going to die. AAAUUNNGH!!!

I swear it is like an earthquake on the fourth of July.
Now that incredible feeling at the edge of my senses is
rushing in like a tidal wave. I do not think I could
give credit to it using words.

AAAUUUNNNNGH! I loose all sense of time. I am floating.
My cock is exploding with semen. It hits his chest, it
flies over my head, some of it catching on my cheek and
hair. Wave after wave of pleasure rocks my body. I am
shaking uncontrollably. The cum just keeps spurting
out. And not just mine, He is exploding too.

The first one was with such force that I swear I could
feel it through me, now he is out, and he is letting it
rip all over me. The hood of my car is channeling the
sweat from our bodies as if it’s raining. We rock and
rock from the pleasure.

He leans forward onto me exhausted. The closeness and
pressure of his body send first shivers and then quakes
through my body. I am coming again. I can feel the warm
liquid plastering our stomachs. It is now fifteen
minutes since I first orgasmed and I swear I am still
doing it. I am slipping in and out of awareness, but
not from sleep. My body rocks again with the quakes. It
is like small aftershocks that build and then recede.

I can’t move. He looks up at me, smiles and then kisses
me passionately. I close my eyes in serene bliss,
totally content. I can feel his cock growing hard again
between us… Funny enough, so is mine…

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