My neighbors

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8 years ago I purchased the town house that I still live in. I am single and found the town house as a convienent way to live. I am on the road traveling quite a bit for work and the lawns are taken care of as well as the snow in the winter so I do not have to worry about that. I was the first person in the new townhouses and the next to move in was a married couple 3 weeks after I moved in. I was 51 and they were about the same age as me.

We became close friends and did a lot of things together. After a couple of months, they invited me over for dinner and to watch a move they had rented. After we had eaten and cleaned up the dishes we went into their family room and they put the movie in the VCR and was I ever surprised when it turned out to be a XXX rated movie. It was about a couple and another man having a threesome. As we watched, she had put her hand on his crotch and was rubbing him and he obviously was getting hard as the bulge in his pants was growing. He looked at me and smiled and asked if I would like to join them. I never said a word, but got out out of the chair I was sitting in and moved beside her on the sofa

Just as I sat down her other hand was rubbing my crotch too and I was getting hard right away. With a sly smile she said that perhaps we should all undress and watch that way, and we were very quick to undress. She, Anne, is a slender woman with a nice set of breasts and as I found out completely shaven. As we sat down again she took me in her hand and slowly stroked my cock as she leaned over and took her husband, James, into her mouth. I let my hands move between her thighs and started fingering her wet pussy. She was moving her pussy around trying to keep me in it as much as she could. Finally she let go of my cock and kept sucking James and moved so that she was on her hands and knees with her hot pussy right in my face. I am not one too turn down an invitation like that so I started licking her pussy and heard her moan. James said that if I would like I could fuck her as she sucked him off. Not needing to be told twice I moved behind Anne and slipped my cock deep into Annes pussy. She was so hot and silky that I started pumping into her faster and faster. She was moaning and James had his head laying back with his eyes closed as he said that he was going to cum.At the same time I said I was going to cum too and as I started to unload into her she climaxed and so did James. After I had finished unloading my cum in her I settled back down on the sofa as she licked James clean and turned towards me and leaned over and licked me clean as well. It was a very nice evening and we decided that we had to do it again soon.

The next day a new neighbor moved in and we all got together on James and Annes patio for a get to know each other lunch. It turns out that the new neighbors were Asian and the three of us are Caucasions. His name is Young and her name is Niki. We got along nicely although they are in their early 30’s. We had a nice get together and as they went back to their townhouse, James took my sleeve and told me to stick around for a while. He asked If I liked what I had seen in Niki and I smiled and said what is not to like, she is a very petite small breasted woman and very pretty. Anne smiled and said that maybe we could invite them over for a movie sometime as she was curious as to what it would be like to fuck Young. We all chuckle as we all realized that we were all thinking the same thing. Not knowing them well we decided that we would have to wait until we knew them a little better, but that we could get our horniness out of our system. Anne was the first to start removing her clothes at that suggestion and I and James were not far behind. Just as we were undressed I noticed that Niki had left her purse sitting on the dining room table and I was about to say something when there was a knock on the patio doors. There stood Young, looking at us. He had a smile on his face as I slid the door open for him. He said he came back for the purse but what he saw was better than getting the purse. He said wait a minute and he left. within 2 minutes he was back with Niki and they came in and asked if they could join us. We chuckled and said that we were planning on asking them after we got to know them a little better and Niki said that we could get to know each other quicker this way.I was looking at Niki and James was looking at Niki and Anne was looking at Young and I think that we were all licking our lips with anticipation. Niki moved over to Anne and asked if she could lick her pussy. Anne nodded and laid on the floor and spread her legs as Niki started to lick her. Young had moved over and had taken James’s cock in his hand and was stroking it as he looked to see what James would say. As James did not try to get away, Young stroked him to hardness and then knelt in front of him and started sucking him off.

Young waved at me to stand next to him so he could stroke my cock at the same time. He stroked me as he sucked James until I got hard and then he released me and pointed at Niki’s cute ass. I moved in a flash and rubbed my cock over Niki’s pussy. Niki spread her lgs and as she was soaking wet I slid right in.As I started fucking Niki, Young took his mouth off of James and moved between Annes legs and slowly inserted himself into her. James moved in front of Niki and she sucked his cock deep into her throat. James and myself got into a rhythm and were both fucking into her at the same time and sliding out at the same time.All Niki did was stay stationary and moan. Anne was asking Young to fuck her harder and he was doing it for her. I was the first to cum and when I slipped out of Niki’s pussy James moved to take my place. He pushed into her about 5 times when he shot his load into her. Anne and Young were also cumming at that time and when we sat around and laughed about the fact that we were going ot wait to invite them to join us and they said that they were wondering if we would like to join them. It seems like this is a nice place to live as we get together several times a month. We also have another neighbor now but we have not had her to one of our get togethers yet, but we sure hope she does soon. We have Caucasions and Asians in our little group so our new Black neighbor would be a nice addition.

BY: Fred (C) 1999

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