My Pet

I sit waiting for you at the door. I have placed the fur-lined leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles, locking them shut with the tiny padlocks you had specially made for me. I kneel naked, with my knees spread, as you have ordered, with my hands placed palm up on my thighs and my head down. My hair is pulled to one side so that you may fasten the collar on me when you come home. Every so often, I glance up at the collar on the hall table next to me.

I long to feel it around my neck, but know better than to put it there myself. You once came home from work early and caught me trying it on in front of the mirror. You were so upset with me. “My pet, that collar is not for you to put on and take off at will. You are mine. I will collar when I want you to be collared, otherwise you are not to touch it. Is that clear?”

I lifted my tearstained face to look up at you, nodding my assent, unable to speak. You punished me that night so I would never forget, then made love to me until morning. I still remember the welts with a small smile at times.

But that was another evening.

Tonight, I sit waiting for you just the way you like, open and vulnerable to your every look and caress. I never feel more alive than when I see that light come into your eyes, the one that says “you’re mine, to do with as I please”. That look never scares me, but makes me feel loved and wanted.

My attention is pulled back to the present as the door opens, and you walk through. My face lights up as you smile at me, for I can see the love in your eyes, and the pleasure at seeing me obedient to your instructions. You hang your coat and drop the mail on the table, picking up the collar with the same motion. As you do every night, you lean down to whisper in my ear.

“Is this what you’ve been waiting for, my pet?”

I look up at you and nod my head. I won’t speak until you give me permission.

You slowly place the collar around my neck. I shudder as I hear the lock click shut, but in anticipation, not fear.

“Rise my pet.”

I rise to my feet as you gather me into your arms. You kiss me softly, running your tongue over the outline of my lips. I moan and begin to melt against you, for I have been waiting for this all day. You take me by the hand and lead me into the living room. We walk to the couch and sit, side by side.

This is one of the few times we sit as equals, talking about our day and winding down from all the stress. Gradually, I begin to see that look in your eyes that tells me you’re ready to resume the responsibility of master. You stand and pull me to my feet, then lead me into our playroom.

It was once just a spare bedroom, but you have outfitted it to use as our play room now. There are various rings to tie things to on the wall. There is also a sturdy 4- poster king size bed. You lead me to the wall and attach the rings on my bracelets to a hook above my head on the wall.

I stand quietly, waiting to see what you have in store for me tonight. I can already feel myself beginning to get wet at just the thought of what you’ll do to me.

Tonight, I see you grab the black leather crop, the one you had made for my birthday. I smile to myself, for that is my favorite. I stand facing the wall, leaning on it slightly to brace myself, and I hear the whistle of the crop. I tense for the impact, but you’re only swishing it in the air.

You’re always able to tell when I’m anticipating something, and then surprise me with something else. This time, I hear the swish of the crop again, but instead of feeling it on my ass, I feel your bare hand make contact. I jump at the first swat, not having expected it.

You begin to tease me by running the tip of the crop up and down my inner thighs. You laugh as I squirm, trying to bring the crop into contact with my pussy. You’ve already got me so worked up that I can smell my own arousal, and feel the juices on my inner thigh. I begin to beg for more, and you give it to me, only not as I expected. Suddenly, there is a sharp crack and I feel aburning sensation where you’ve hit me with the crop. It hurts somewhat, but it also feels so good.

“Well my pet, now that I have your attention, we’ll proceed.”

You begin to strike me with the crop, softly at first, varying your speed and the force of the strikes. I moan each time you strike me, but in pleasure, not pain. The burning on my ass makes my entire body hot and sensitive to the lightest of your touches. You keep cropping my ass until it is fiery red, but stop before it actually bruises.

You know me so well that you can judge how I’m feeling by taking one look at my face. You run one hand down my spine softly, then down the crack of my ass to my pussy. It is dripping wet, and you insert a single finger into me. I begin to move up and down your finger, and you promptly remove it. I groan in frustration.

“You may not come yet. Do you understand Pet?”

I groan softly and squirm against my bonds.

You take my face in your hand and turn my face to yours. “Do you understand Pet? I won’t ask again.”

I stare into your eyes for a few seconds, then lower my head and nod my submission to your will. I want and need to feel you against me now, but know that the pleasure will be all the greater if I wait for your permission.

“Good girl.”
You take down my shackled wrists and lead me to the bed. You lay me gently on the soft silk sheets, which feel like liquid fire against my sore ass. I almost come just from the sensation of it against my skin. You look at me and once again warn me, “No cumming until I say so my pet.”

My arms are pulled above my head and attached to the two posts at the head of the bed. Then suddenly, my legs are pulled apart and I’m attached spread-eagled to the bed. I can’t move more than an inch or so off the mattress. I am completely open to your every caress. I can feel myself getting wetter still, as my juices drip down onto the sheets.

You stand at the foot of the bed, gazing first at my breasts, then running your gaze slowly down my body to my toes, then back up to my pussy. It’s a deep red, and glistening with moisture. You smile slowly, almost evilly, and I feel my body respond to your gaze.

My nipples get even harder, so hard they almost hurt, but god, it feels so good. You kneel between my legs, and begin to kiss your way up from my knees to my inner thighs, stopping just short of licking my pussy. I can feel your hot breath against it, and I try to work my way down to you, but I’m held fast by the cuffs at ankles and wrists. I pull futilely against my restraints, knowing
how you enjoy to watch me struggle.
With your lips almost touching my aching clit, you look up at me and say “Beg my pet. I want to hear how badly you want me, in exquisite detail.” You know this is the hardest thing for me to do, and therefore, it’s the thing you most want to wrest from me.

I blush from head to toe. For a moment, I seem to have lost my voice. Then a small whisper comes from my lips. “Please, please, I need to feel you against me. I need to feel your lips and fingers run over and into me.”

“How badly do you want it pet?”

I almost sob as I reply, “More than anything.”

You lean down and stroke your tongue over my clit, once, and then again. I try to buck against you, but in vain. You pull back until I once again become still, then lean over and lick again, harder this time. I can’t help myself, my hips rise to meet your tongue, and as they do, you once again pull away. I groan in frustration, and here your chuckle in response.

“So needy tonight my pet. Have you been waiting this all day?”

“God, yes, Master, I want to feel your lips and tongue and teeth on my clit, please!”

“Have you been good today my pet? No playing with yourself? You know I forbid you to have an orgasm without my express permission.”

I try to answer, but the only thing to come out of my mouth is a tortured groan.

“Very well my pet, tonight I will go easy on you.”

And having spoken those words, you plunge you tongue deep into me, licking and nibbling on my clit, giving it an occasional nip with your teeth. Every time I begin to thrash, you stop, bringing me close to orgasm, but never letting me reach it.

By now, I’m almost sobbing with need. With one smooth motion, you move up my body and plunge your hard cock into me. It only takes a few thrusts, and my first orgasm hits me, stunning me momentarily with its intensity. Almost as soon as it is over, I begin to buck against you again, wishing I could wrap my legs around your waist. You pull almost completely out and wait there, with just the head of your cock in my pussy, waiting for me to calm before beginning to fuck me again.

I sigh in pleasure and look up into your eyes. My eyes tell you everything you need to know, that I am yours, completely.

Your thrusts become longer and harder, and I rise to meet each one, the pleasure building into this knot deep inside me. Each thrust brings me closer to the edge. I hear your whisper in my ear, “Tell me my pet, tell me how you feel.”

“Oh god, master, I love you. I love what you can make me feel. Please Master, let me loose so I can show you.”

You reach up and release my arms. I wrap them around you and pull you close. By now, I’m covered in sweat, and my own juices. I’m almost wild with wanting you. You pump into me with long strokes, and as another orgasm overtakes my body, I hear the words I’ve been waiting for since we met.

“You are mine Pet, now and forever. I love you, my Pet.”

I sob in relief and ecstasy as you take us both over the edge.


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