My Wife Sally 1

I married Sally, my beautiful young goddess in 1972, when she was only 17 years old. Shortly after I developed a great desire to watch her make love to another man, I don’t know why, until then I thought I was a normal heterosexual male. But I was really obsessed with this fantasy and mentioned it to Sally; she became very angry and I was made to suffer for my perversity. But over the months, as we discussed our sexual fantasies, I became aware that her attitude was changing.

Finally, after a great deal of persuasion, she agreed to try a one-night stand with a stranger, who I would choose from a contact magazine. She only did this to please me, and was unhappy and nervous about the whole thing. When I replied to an advert from a man in north London who described himself as a “sexy, very well endowed young stud” she was extremely reluctant to post my letter, but eventually did so.

Some weeks later, on a Friday night, I received a phone call from our sexy young stud. My legs turned to water as he discussed our reply to his advert. Through a thick haze, and with a bone-dry mouth, I invited him to come down to our home on the following night, and he accepted. From the brief conversation I was aware that he was not English, but could not guess his nationality from his accent. When I told Sally what I had arranged she was shocked, and was adamant that she would not go through with the meeting. She was so upset that I said that when our guest rang from the railway station I would tell him we had changed our minds. And with that we went to bed.

Although nothing was said the next day I knew that Sally was not so dead set against the visit. She made no objections when I bought several packets of condoms (she had just started taking the pill at the time), nor when I purchased films for our Polaroid camera – I desperately wanted to take pictures of my beautiful young wife and this stranger. And when buying food in the supermarket she said, in a loud voice, “is this well endowed young man staying the night or not?” But as the day wore on, I could tell that she was getting very nervous and knew that she was having doubts again – I suspected that this could be a disaster.

I had asked our guest to call from the railway station at about 7:30 that evening, but the call came at 6 PM. When I answered the phone Sally stood next to me with her eared glued to the earpiece. The guest, Elmore, said “there may be a problem, I am black, does that make a difference?” I looked at Sally and she shook her head. I took that to mean that the colour made no difference so told Elmore to wait by the phone box until I picked him up.

As Sally was nowhere near ready I told her I would take Elmore to a pub until 7 o’clock to allow her to have a bath and prepare herself. I again asked if she was prepared to go ahead, and without any sign of enthusiasm she said “I suppose so, lets see what happens, shall we”. Secretly I was delighted with the way things were going. If things worked out my wildest dream was about to come true and, to make it better, the man was coloured. But there was always the question as to whether Sally would go through with it.

I drove to the station in a state of high excitement. When I arrived the person waiting at the phone box turned out to be a slim and very good looking twenty year old man. He was well over six feet tall, and very, very black. I picked him up and drove to a pub. On the way I explained about the need to wear condoms, and asked him if it was OK to take Polaroids. I also warned him about Sally’s extreme nervousness, and reluctance to go through with this, and asked him to act with gentleness and caution. I could not believe that I was talking about such things to a total stranger.

At 7 PM we set off home. At the front door there was no answer to my knocking so I retrieved my keys from my pocket. It was difficult to do this as I was shaking from head to foot. When I went in and called out there was no reply. I thought that Sally’s nervousness and fear had got the better of her and, her nerve having gone, she had disappeared for the night. But when I took Elmore into the living room there was Sally, sitting in a chair. It was obvious that she was so nervous that she could neither stand nor talk, she was trembling and looked frightened and unhappy. But she also looked stunningly beautiful. She was wearing a simple but revealing short sleeved sweater and a mini skirt. Finished off with dark tights and high heel shoes she looked as beautiful as I had ever seen her.

The introductions over, we sat around talking. At first Sally sat saying nothing, and Elmore was very quiet as well – this was turning out very badly. But then they both joined in the conversation, and soon they were just talking to each other. And as they talked so they got more and more animated. It became obvious that they were turning each other on. So in spite of her original reluctance and shyness, and extreme nervousness, I knew at last that my wife was going to let this stranger fuck her. Sensing Sally’s nervousness, Elmore suggested they dance to the music of the record player and they stumbled awkwardly across the floor, arms around each other. I got out the Polaroid, determined not to miss one stage of this. I snapped their first kiss as they danced, then realised that I had not loaded the film correctly. Cursing, I dashed outside to reload the film in the dark.

It took only a few minutes to reload but by the time I re-entered the room I had missed the first stage of the seduction. For Elmore was now sitting in an armchair and Sally was sitting on the arm next to him. She no longer wore her sweater and her bra was undone, although her magnificent breasts were not visible. It had obviously started but at that stage he had not yet felt her breasts.

They French-kissed for quite a while, then, sensing Sally’s physical discomfort, Elmore suggested that they move to the settee. And they did, sitting side by side, arms locked around each other. The kissing became more intense and I expected that Elmore would play with my wife. Instead she started undressing him. She first stripped him to the waist, then slowly eased his trousers off him. She slipped her hands into his underpants and pulled out his erect black cock, cradling his balls in her hands. He was revealed as a supremely well endowed young man. Sally has seen many cocks since then but his was by far and away the biggest as it was over ten inches long. Sally played with this enormous penis before pushing his underpants to the floor, leaving him naked. She then lowered her head and took his massive manhood in her mouth.

After a few minutes Sally slid off the settee to face Elmore, kneeling between his legs, with his enormous black cock still deep in her mouth. He leaned forward and slid her bra from off her shoulders. He started to play with her nipples. Sally’s large, firm breasts are a perfect shape but within a few seconds her nipples were larger than I had ever seen them, and I actually saw those magnificent seventeen year old tits swelling and standing out more than they had ever done before, moulding themselves to his long, black hands.

Sally sucked Elmore’s cock for a few minutes before he slipped his hands under her armpits and swung her up onto the settee beside him. He reversed positions by going on his knees between Sally’s legs. He took her nipples in turn into his mouth, giving each a very hard suck; and as he let go of each nipple it seemed to throb with life. All this time Sally silently fondled the thick black curly hair on his head.

Elmore spread his kissing to include the whole of Sally’s body and she started to writhe excitedly. Her mini skirt had a button up front and the buttons were soon undone, the skirt then lying open on the settee. Sally was now only dressed in tights and pants. Using one hand to fondle her breasts, Elmore used the other to remove her pants. Sally co-operated willingly, lifting her bottom off the settee. With her pants gone, Elmore dropped his head between Sally’s legs and sucked at the crotch of her tights. This really got Sally going, and she ground her crotch against his face in excited thrusts.

Elmore then gripped the tops of Sally’s tights and tried to pull them down. But now she grabbed them and held on, reluctant to reveal her private self to her prospective lover. Without letting go of the tights, Elmore took one of Sally’s nipples into his mouth and sucked it noisily. Her hands moved to caress his head again and once more he tugged at her tights. After a seconds hesitation Sally arched her back and the tights came off. Elmore sat back on his haunches and looked at my wife’s cunt, then his mouth dropped onto it and he started eating her. She sat nestling back into the low settee, legs spread wide, feet on tiptoe, her large blue eyes wide open and staring at the top of his head which she gently stroked

This must have gone on for five minutes or more when Elmore pushed Sally back into the corner of the settee so that she was half sitting and half lying down. He moved further in between her legs and kissed her furiously. Sally started to writhe around again and moaned, the first sound that she had made since they had started dancing. I assumed that he had entered her, so went over to remind him to wear a condom. But no penetration had occurred and my intervention broke things up, so they sat talking, side by side, on the settee, Sally playing with Elmore’s cock whilst he fondled her breasts.

After talking for a few minutes Elmore suggested they adopted the 69 position and within seconds they were lying at my feet. Elmore was on his back eating my wife’s pussy whilst she took his massive cock in her mouth. I got a great picture of them in this position. Elmore had to give up when Sally performed one of her favourite tricks. She took his balls in her mouth and sucked and caressed them with her tongue. She could produce the most fantastic sensations doing this, and Elmore could only lie there groaning.

In danger of coming, Elmore sat up right at my feet. Sally joined him and they entwined, head to head, looking into each other’s eyes. Elmore’s hand stroked the inside of my wife’s legs, and I watched as he put his hand on her mound, then slipped his long slim fingers into her cunt. He was playing with her, fingering her and putting his fingers in her right up to the knuckles. As he did so Sally stared intently into his face and stoked his hair.

Sally suddenly jumped up, grabbed Elmore’s hand and headed for the stairs. I was disappointed, as I had asked her to have sex with him downstairs where I could sit down and watch in comfort. But I got up and followed them.

As soon as they entered the bedroom they grabbed each other and fell onto the bed, kissing passionately, with Sally on her back and Elmore on his stomach next to her. And so began the most fantastic time for Sally. Elmore slid down my wife’s body until his mouth was next to her breasts, which he kissed, sucked and bit very hard. He also played vigorously with her cunt, stroking the clitoris and slipping his fingers in and out. He worked away until, eventually, all his slim hand disappeared inside her tight cunt. He used his other hand to fondle and play with her bottom, slipping a finger occasionally into her anus.

Sally’s reaction to all this was amazing, she was soon moaning and crying and thrashing around on the bed. She had one huge orgasm after another, they went on for ages and her love juices flowed like the Niagara Falls. In our short marriage I had never seen her like this. This foreplay went on for over an hour, then Elmore asked Sally if he wanted his cock inside her and of course she said yes. He had difficulty getting a condom over his enormous penis, splitting two before he was successful with the third. He lay on his back and rolled Sally over on top of himself. Between them they fed his penis into her wet cunt.

I stood at the foot of the bed in a daze; my dreams had come true. I had watched my beautiful young wife being played with by a black man and she was now being fucked by him. I got a great picture of the two of them coupling in this position. Elmore’s large, thick cock was completely inside Sally and she raised herself on her hands so that he could play with her breasts. His cock was so big that Sally was in some pain and, after a few minutes of thrusting gently in and out of her he withdrew, to help her find a more comfortable position. But they found that the condom had split. So for the next half an hour they went back to the vigorous foreplay that they had started with. I do not know how my wife stood it, she was soon screaming and crying so loudly and continuously that I was worried that the neighbours would come round to find out what was wrong.

I went downstairs to develop the last of the Polaroid’s and saw that the time was 11:30 PM. Elmore could not stay on this, his first night, and had to catch the last train back to London at midnight. I ran back upstairs to tell him. Reluctantly he got off the bed, then lay down again for a final quick grope of Sally. I left them saying their goodbyes as I went to start the car.

So ended Sally’s first extra-marital experience. Elmore was the first man, other than myself, to have sex with Sally and he was her greatest stud. It was unsatisfactory as she had not been fully screwed, but we corrected that as soon as possible. Two weeks later, when Sally was safely on the pill, Elmore came down again and spent a night with her. In fact he became the first man to fuck her without using a condom, or, as we would say, to ride her bareback. He was a very experienced stud, and Sally and I learned more about sex from him than from any other source. Elmore had lots of contacts who he visited regularly, but after meeting Sally he dropped them and concentrated on her for 2 years. He was instrumental in setting up most of our sexual adventures in the 1970s.

The End


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