My Wife Sally 3

I met Sally when my closest friend at University, Bill, courted and married her elder sister, a student nurse. Lynette was a beautiful girl, though in a different way to my future wife. She was 5′ 2″ tall, a curvy redhead, as pretty as Sally but without Sally’s well developed breasts. Sally was tall and slim with a shy personality; Lynette was short, curvaceous and bubbly. In the days before I met Sally I fell for Lynette in a big way, but because she was my best friend’s wife I lusted after her sexy body in silence. It was as best man at their wedding that I first met Sally, the chief bridesmaid, and the rest is history.

After my marriage I still had feelings for Lynette. When I persuaded Sally to take lovers so that I could watch I fantasised about watching Lynette as well. It was only a dream so I did not mention it to my wife. Besides there was no way it could ever happen, as much as I wanted it to. Then circumstances conspired to present me with the perfect opportunity. This occurred shortly after the time when my wife was the altar in a black fertility rites mass and 13 men fucked her.

I knew from Sally that Lynette was sexually very adventurous and daring. Unlike Sally she’d had lots of boyfriends before Bill, and bedded most of them. Sally now revealed that Lynette was sexually frustrated. She loved her husband dearly, but they were going through a really bad patch and they hardly ever had sex. Things were so bad that Lynette was talking of leaving Bill. This worried Sally and she was the one who suggested a casual affair could save her sister’s marriage. She actually asked me if I could arrange something. Lynette was not to know, it had to happen as innocently as possible, and there was no way I could be seen to be involved or even watch. I did not dare tell Sally that I wanted to see her sister in action anyway. No, that would have to wait, but I did tell her I would see what I could do.

It was impossible to talk directly to Lynette about taking a lover. She and Bill lived on a new estate in a town some 20 miles away. At weekends wife swapping was the major entertainment on the estate, but when Sally used this fact to suggest a lover could help, her sister had gone ballistic. But like Sally I believed that Lynette would take a lover if the right occasion could be contrived. I needed a plan, so I took the problem to Elmore. I told him about Lynette; I said Sally thought she needed a lover, and that I wanted to see her getting laid without Sally knowing. Together we concocted a scheme that just might work.

Once a week the 2 girls met up for the day, usually ending up drinking in a pub. They took it in turns to visit each other for these meetings. The plan went into operation the next time Lynette came to our house for the weekly get together. This is the story of what happened on that day.

Sally and her sister spent the afternoon shopping. In the evening, as usual, Lynette drove the 2 of them to a pub for a night out. They usually spent these nights gossiping, enjoying the atmosphere and meeting other girls. But this night Sally saw Elmore sitting in the pub with a couple of men. Of course this was all arranged and the men, Chris and Ernie, were well known to us, they had been amongst the 12 black acolytes who had fucked Sally at the fertility mass.

Sally said to her sister that she recognised one of the black men sitting in the corner, he was a friend of mine from work. She went on to say she fancied him and she knew he fancied her like mad. She told her sister that if she had a few drinks she would not trust herself with this man, so she would like to avoid him if possible. Lynette found it hard to believe this of her straight-laced sister, so Sally confided that, at a recent party, she had let the man take her into a bedroom, strip her and play with her. They were just about to have sex when they heard me calling out. They split up then, but she was upset because he hadn’t fucked her (this was true, but I only broke them up because guests at the party had seen them disappear together, and he spent the night with Sally at our house afterwards anyway). Lynette was both astonished and amused at this revelation, she hadn’t suspected that her shy young sister was capable of such behaviour; that was more her own style.

Sally turned to leave the pub. But of course Elmore was expecting them, and ran over to say hello and invited them to have a drink with him. It was Lynette who said yes, she was enjoying her sister’s apparent discomfiture. Elmore bought them drinks and introduced them to his friends. They spent the evening together, then the pub closed. The 3 men had no car and faced a long walk back to Chris’s flat, so Chris asked Lynette to drive them there, and said the girls could come in for a coffee. With a mischievous smile she said yes.

Before they left the pub Elmore called me to tell me the first part of the plan had worked. I immediately set out to drive to Chris’s flat and let myself in. I’d already been to the flat on my own, so knew it well. It was on the top floor of a 2-story building, and had an attic, which is where I made myself comfortable. The flat had one bedroom and a living room. I could see everything in detail in these rooms as the ceilings were low, and had numerous concealed eyeholes รถ Chris used these to spy on his friends having sex and this was why we chose Chris’s flat.

I watched as the 5 of them walked into the living room. There was little furniture in that typical bachelor’s pad, just a table and some chairs, and lots of beanbags on the floor. Chris turned the lights down low, switched the record player on and went into the kitchen to make coffee, the rest of them sat around on beanbags. Once they’d finished the coffee bottles of wine started doing the rounds.

Now came the time to put into action the second part of the plan. This revolved mainly around Sally. She was to keep a close eye on her sister, and at the same time let Elmore seduce her. She was to lead the way slowly, letting Elmore take a liberty with her, then waiting until her sister had permitted the same licence to her partner. The beauty of this plan was that if Lynette stuck at any stage the party would break up without Lynette seeing her sister going much further than she had herself. We had chosen 2 extra men so Lynette would have some choice. Chris and Ernie had previously tossed a coin, and Chris had the first go at laying her.

Elmore walked over to Sally, sat on her beanbag and put his arms around her. He tried kissing her, and she turned her face away, making a pretence of rejecting his advances. But eventually she allowed him to kiss her fully on the lips. From that time they apparently ignored the others and were wrapped up in each other. Soon Chris reached out and took hold of Lynette’s hand. She made no attempt to pull her hand away but made no move herself on Chris and seemed content to just sit holding hands and talking. Eventually Chris moved over to sit next to her. At first she seemed uncomfortable, then after a few minutes she relaxed slightly. Chris took this as a signal to try kissing her, but she did not respond. Chris persisted and at last she accepted his kisses but without any apparent enthusiasm.

Once Lynette accepted Chris’s kisses, Elmore pushed Sally’s sweater up to her shoulders; Sally was not wearing a bra and so her large tits swung freely out in the open. Elmore dropped his head onto her breasts and sucked at her nipples. Lynette raised her head and watched them for a while, then allowed Chris to kiss her again. She was still acting in a mechanical way, with no real passion evident. But by slow steps Chris got his hand inside Lynette’s blouse. It was such a slow process that I did not notice what he had achieved until he moved his hand to undo her bra strap, then back to her breasts. I could tell from the movements of her blouse that he was caressing her beasts and nipples, and how I envied him. The only problem was Lynette showed no real signs of enjoying Chris’s attentions.

After Chris had fondled Lynette’s breasts for some minutes Sally whispered to her lover, he pushed up her miniskirt and forced his hand down inside her knickers. Lynette broke from Chris and stared at her sister, and it was with difficulty that Chris pulled her back to him and worked his hand back inside her blouse. Lynette had her legs spread apart and, true to the plan, Chris dropped one hand to the crotch of her skin-tight jeans. She immediately crossed her legs and pushed his hand away. He tried again, and was again sharply repulsed. Determined to give it his best, Chris spent a full 30 minutes trying to get his hand inside Lynette’s pants, but she resolutely rejected him.

According to the plan Sally and Elmore should have remained lying together with his hand in her pants. If Chris could make no further progress it should have ended there. But Elmore had inserted his fingers into Sally’s cunt, and spent the time fingering her. And 30 minutes of being fingered proved too much for Sally. On the verge of an orgasm she started to squeal and her long, slim legs waved wildly around his ears. Realising he’d blown it Elmore decided to make the best of a bad job and to hell with the plan. He jumped up, grabbed Sally and rushed for the bedroom. After a few seconds hesitation, Ernie followed them. The bedroom door was wide open and Chris and Lynette could hear what I could see from my vantagepoint. Elmore stripped Sally, pushed her onto the bed and jumped on top of her. He rammed his cock up her cunt, then knelt up as he fucked her. Ernie lay on the bed and spent some time playing with Sally’s breasts, and some time feeding his cock into her mouth. And the noise they made got louder and louder.

In the living room Chris and Lynette were very embarrassed, they had jumped apart as Elmore had rushed Sally to the bed. Then, as the sounds from the bedroom settled into the explicit rhythm of creaking bedsprings accompanied by Sally’s squeals and moans, they laughed quietly together. They hugged each other and resumed their kissing. I sensed that their relationship had changed. Previously Lynette had accepted Chris’s kisses almost reluctantly. Now she looked into his eyes and returned his kisses with passion, they were far more intimate with each other now they were on their own. I knew she was going to let him have his way with her.

Chris put a hand inside Lynette’s blouse. At a particularly load shriek from Sally, as she hit her first climax, he dropped his hand to Lynette’s crotch; instead of pushing him away she opened her legs and let him stroke her. When she whimpered it told him all he needed to know, she made no objection as he gently removed all her clothes. And I got my first view of that lovely body. She had beautiful pert little breasts; I was just dying to get my mouth on them, just as he was doing. She had much more flesh on her than her sister, but it was distributed perfectly. Her thighs and her bottom were unbelievable and Chris was soon planting his lips all over them. I watched in rapt wonder as Chris put his hand on her mound, and she spread her legs wider than I had seen any other girl, by almost 180 degrees. This gave me a great view of her red-hair fringed vagina before he smothered that too with his kisses. And when he thrust his fingers deep inside Lynette’s cunt and she screamed, oh how I wanted to take his place!

Chris finger fucked Lynette for ages at the same time covering every inch of her gorgeous body with his kisses. Sally once told me that her sister was an animal in bed and I soon saw what she meant. As she approached her orgasm Lynette went wild, clawing at Chris’s back until she had scratched him quite badly, and she screamed and squealed like some animal in distress before she came to a very noisy climax. When she calmed down Chris lay on his back and she straddled him, I think he only did this so that I could get a good view of her lovely little tits quivering as she humped up and down.

Sadly it soon came to an end, Chris deposited his sperm in her tight little cunt, and they lay side by side and arm in arm for a few minutes before Lynette knelt up and began putting her clothes back on. In the meantime I had seen my wife get fucked by Elmore, then Ernie took his place. After fucking Sally Elmore stood peeking through the bedroom door. As soon as he saw Lynette getting dressed he walking over, knelt down beside her, took her in his arms and planted kisses on her.

She immediately responded and he quickly had her naked and lying on her back again. So I got the great pleasure of seeing Lynette get fucked a second time, this time by a monster cock (not that Chris was small, or Ernie either, come to that). The 2 of them spent a long time in noisy foreplay, kissing and sucking each other all over. And Lynette scratched and bit Elmore, leaving visible marks over most of his body. By this time Elmore had still not regained an erection so Lynette got on her hands and knees and sucked his cock until it went stiff, then he fucked her in the doggie position. In the meantime, when the sounds revealed that Ernie had come into my wife, Chris got up and walked into the bedroom. He lay down on top of Sally and soon had his cock inside her. Ernie went back into the living room, waiting his turn to fuck Lynette.

So on that great night I saw both my wife and her sister getting laid by 3 black stallions. Lynette became hooked on sex with black men and she usually ended her fortnightly visits to her sister in bed with one or more of Elmore’s friends; in those days it was the only sex she was getting. Occasionally Sally arranged extra “shopping” and “sightseeing” trips, which involved overnight stays. These were really special events organised by Elmore where the 2 sisters got laid by a number of men. I told Sally that I had seen everything on the first night, she told Lynette and they both thought it funny. From that point I usually watched them in action.

In spite of growing more and more in love with Sally I still fancied Lynette, and eventually I got her. We were at a party thrown by Tony, a friend of Ernie we had not met before. Sally, Lynette, Elmore and myself were to sleep at Tony’s flat. When the party ended I was on my own. The amount of thumping, squealing and moaning from the main bedroom led me to assume that the other 4 had paired off in there. I tried the door but it was locked so I assumed they were there for the night. I crawled into bed in the spare bedroom to find Lynette already there, waiting for me; it was Sally making the noise with the 2 men. So that night I got to play with, and fuck, that magnificent body. It was my turn to be bitten and scratched, but it was worth it.

On that first night I was worried about the effect we could have on Lynette’s marriage, but that seemed to be over after such a short time anyway. As it turned out, Sally had been right, the marriage turned the corner and grew stronger and stronger. I suspect that her husband knew what was happening (although not about our involvement), and tacitly approved. It was just that she had a much stronger sex drive than he did, so everyone was happy. Of course, like us, when they started a family it all came to and end. And they are still together.

to be continue


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