My Wife Sally – introduction

As a postgraduate student at a leading English university back in the early 1970s I was lucky enough to marry a stunningly beautiful young blonde girl called Sally. She was everything a man could wish for. She was, to quote a relative, “as pretty as a picture,” with the figure of a film starlet. She was tall and slim, gorgeous legs “up to her armpits,” 36D breasts, and a long, lithe, shapely body. She had lovely long blonde hair, stretching all the way down her back. And she was a 16-year-old virgin, still at her private convent school. In less than a year we were man and wife. We married just as we both started our first jobs, and we set up home in a town to the west of London.

In those days there was no HIV or AIDS to worry about so young people were sexually very liberated. But the young girl I married was innocent and very shy. As I was some years older than she was I persuaded her to help me live out my wildest fantasies. She eventually became as adventurous as I was, and we had some really wild times. But at the end of the decade we started a family, and have lived “respectable” lives ever since.

I met Sally through my best friend at university. He was courting this beautiful young nurse, and I fell for her. I suffered pangs of unrequited love for many months, then I met her younger sister, Sally, and was immediately smitten. The sister, Lynette, was also beautiful, but in a totally different way. She was a small but curvy redhead, with small breasts. And whereas my wife was quiet and shy Lynette was very noisy and outgoing.

I took many pictures of our adventures, and wrote them up in detail in my diary. Here I would like to share some of them with you. The first story describes our very first adventure. Some of the later adventures involve Sally’s sister, Lynette. If you enjoy these adventures let me know and I will commit some more to paper.

to be continue


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