My Wife’s Transformation

C h a p t e r  O n e

I am a 47 yr. old white male, married to the same woman for over 20 yrs. In my younger days I looked pretty good, but was a bit on the short and skinny side. Women seemed to think that I was ‘cute’ and liked my long blonde curls. However, not long after getting married, I quit exercising and put on pounds until now, 20 yrs. later, I’m 70+ lbs. overweight.

In short I’m fat, flabby and unfit. To top it all off, I’m now almost completely bald. My wife on the other hand is in fantastic shape. She is in her early 40’s but could easily pass for 30. She’s a pretty little brunette with a nice body. Her breasts are firm and would fit perfectly in a champange glass. Her tummy is flat, her waist small. She has the finest ass I’ve ever seen and great legs!

The problem is that she has always insisted on hiding her body, wearing loose, baggy clothes. She’s very modest, even uptight about her body. She never wears dresses or make-up and wears these horn-rimmed glasses that make her look like a librarian. Now don’t get me wrong, even dressed this way I still find her attractive but on the rare occassion that I’ve talked her into dressing up for me, she is a KNOCKOUT! I tried to tell her how much it turns me on to see her in a mini-skirt and heels, but she isn’t at all interested in turning me on. This lack of interest carries over to the bedroom. To say that she is an unenthusiastic lover would be putting it nicely.

After the first few months of married life, I was frustrated. Sex with my wife was infrequent and bland. At first I thought it was my fault(it was) but I began rationalizing that my 5 inches was plenty big enough to satisfy her. I was a STUD! I could go a long time, almost 10 minutes, before cumming. I decided to have a talk with my wife. I told her I wanted the two of us to have a great sex life and that I would do ANYTHING to sexually please her.

I asked her about her sexual fantasies. “I don’t have any sexual fantasies and if I did you could NEVER fulfill them,” she replied curtly. I didn’t understand what she meant by that. “My dear,” I said, “I have enough fantasies for the both of us. Will you please help me fulfill them?” “Just what is it you want me to do” she asked in a cold, unreceptive voice? What indeed!

Over the next few months, I tried to get my wife to open up sexually but it was next to impossible. I told her that I wanted to have oral sex with her. She said that was dirty and she would NEVER do that. I told her that I wanted to shave off her pubic hair and she said that would be unnatural. I asked her to talk dirty to me in bed and she called me a pervert. I rented an xxx video that featured well-built young studs and pretty women. It was directed by a woman and geared toward a female audience. It was explicit but not at all raunchy. My wife said it was disgusting and refused to watch. Everything I suggested she shot down.

I should have known this, I mean hell, she won’t even wear the hot lingerie that I bought for her; no way is she gonna give me head! Still, I persisted because I instinctively knew that underneath her uptight veneer there lurked a wildcat. On occasion the wild side of her personality would emerge, especially when she became angry about one thing or another. She has an awful temper.

I had made it my mission to unleash that wildcat but nothing seemed to work. I was at my wit’s end when one day, while surfing the net, I chanced upon the web site of a dominatrix. She was decked out in leather and thigh hi boots. Her make-up was very heavy and she held a riding crop in one gloved hand and handcuffs in the other. I’ve always wanted to be sexually dominated and as I gazed at the lovely Domme a thought occurred. Of course! My wife has always been the dominate one in our marriage. She decided that we would marry. She has always made MUCH more money than me and makes all major decisions in our relationship.

I was sure that with a little prodding by me, her dominate nature could carry over to the bedroom. I went out and bought my wife a pair of black, thigh-hi boots with a 6 inch heel, a black corset that would show off her body, black elbow length gloves and topped it off with a riding crop and handcuffs. That evening, I laid everything out on her bed.

She was in the living room, reading a book and I sat down next to her. “Darling,” I began, “I want you to do something special for me tonight.” Her body stiffened and she let out a long sigh. She had finally had enough of my stupid fantasies. “What now?” she snapped at me. I led her to the computer and showed her the Domme’s picture. “Do you know what a Dominatrix is?” I asked. “No,” she replied. I explained that a Dominatrix is a woman who sexually dominates men. Then I led her to the bedroom and showed her the outfit I had bought for her.

“Tonight, I want you to be my Dominatrix,” I told her. “I want you to put on the boots, corset and gloves. Wear very heavy make-up just like the Domme in the picture. Then cuff my hands behind my back, spank me with the crop, and afterwards I’ll be your sex slave.” She stared at the things on the bed for a long time. Finally, she turned to me and said, “You have GOT to be KIDDING”! “Please give this a chance, darling,” I pleaded. “I KNOW you will be turned on by this.”

Still she absolutely refused. I got down on my knees and begged her to please do this for me. I begged and pleaded until she finally relented. “OK,”she sighed, “Stop your pathetic whining.” She literally pushed me out of the bedroom and slammed the door in my face. I immediately went out to the livingroom, stripped and waited. After what seemed like an eternity, I heard the bedroom door open and the clicking of high heels coming down the hallway. Suddenly she was before me. What I saw took my breath away.

The 6 inch heels on her boots made her tower above my 5’5″ frame. The corset fit her perfectly. The black elbow-length gloves really set off her milky-white skin. Her make-up was very heavy and her lips deep red. She had a look on her face like I’d never seen before. I figured she was getting into the spirit of things and was mimicing the stern look of the Dominatrix I had shown her earlier.

In reality she was furious with me for talking her into this and her patience regarding my bizarre requests was about to come to an end. We went to the bedroom. She cuffed my hands behind my back, positioned me on my knees, leaning me across the bed with my chest and head face down. My bare ass was her’s for the taking.

She brought the riding crop down on my ass, at first rather tentitively. After a dozen strokes or so I could barely feel it. Then suddenly she snapped! She began spanking me with all her might. Again and again the crop crashed against my now pink and tender ass. “That’s enough,” I squealed! “Oh, I’m just warming up,” she assured me and began spanking me even harder. The pain was unbearable. “Doesn’t this turn you on?” she chided me. “Isn’t THIS what you WANT?” She accented her words by smacking my blistered ass with the crop. “I’m ONLY TRYING to TURN YOU ON”!

I was bawling hysterically. My poor ass had turned beet red with welts everywhere. She beat me with a vengence until there was no strength left in her arm. When she finally stopped, I lifted my upper body off the bed and while still on my knees and handcuffed, scooted around to face her. I looked up at her through tear stained eyes. She glared down at me with comtempt. She was breathing heavily, her chest heaving, her nostrils flared.

My cock was harder than ever before and was sticking straight out. Noticing this, my wife gave it a hard slap with the crop. I responded by shooting my load all over her boots. It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. That’s when she went berzerk. She angrily threw down the crop and began ripping off her Domme apparell. She started to scream at me. “I’VE HAD IT! Don’t you EVER AGAIN ask me to fulfill your demented fantasies. Why don’t you try living in the REAL WORLD for a change. QUIT BUGGING ME WITH YOUR ASSININE DEMANDS! LEAVE ME ALONE”! That was over 20 yrs. ago and sex for me in all that time has consisted of masterbation. Since then, my wife and I have had sex maybe a hand full of times; I can’t even remember when the last time.

The very night of the above incident, she moved me out of the master bedroom and into a small guest room in the rear of the house.I briefly considered leaving her but I truly do LOVE her and could NEVER bring myself to do that. I decided to bide my time, hoping that one day she would find her sex drive and the wildcat that I knew lurked deep within her being would be unleashed. After over 20 yrs. of waiting, I got more than I ever bargained for!

to be continue


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