Naked Medical Fun

“You’re kidding!” Sandra was obviously amused and I didn’t like the way this was going.

Alexis, who lives in the apartment across the hall had just told her about our experience that very afternoon. You see, Alexis, who works in a doctor’s office, had convinced Sandra and I that we ought not to put off having physicals. I’d just finished mine but not without an embarrassing moment. After having been shown into the examination room, in walks Alexis, telling me to undress.

She didn’t leave either. She just stood there waiting.

“Uh, I feel funny doing this.” I was slowly unbuttoning the first buttons of my shirt. So slowly, in fact, that I wasn’t likely to be undressed before midnight.

“Whatever for?” She sounded genuinely surprised. I couldn’t believe that she wouldn’t see the oddity of the situation.

“Well, knowing you and everything.”

She smiled, stifling a giggle. “Oh, is that it? I am a professional you know. I do see men undressing every day and don’t even think about it.”

“Yes, but it’s so weird… doing it in front of my next-door neighbor.”

“Well, get over it. We can’t wait here all day.”

“Can’t you just… have the other nurse, uh, take care of me?” She left, mumbling something as she went out the door.  Another nurse came in, in a minute and asked me to undress to my underpants. She left while I was undressing and, well, the rest of my physical went along without incident.

But now Alexis was amusing Sandra with the story. “You really were too embarrassed to get undressed in front of Alexis?” she asked. I could see she was suppressing a laugh. How do I get myself into these things.

“Well I don’t think it’s so strange…”

“Oh honey, don’t worry about it. You’ll get over it by next time.” She was still smiling.

“Actually, he’ll probably be all-the-more nervous,” piped up Alexis.

“Like waiting too long after you’ve fallen off a horse?” returned Sandra.

“It would do him good to work through this right away.”

Suddenly I felt a nervous twinge. These two were getting too many silly ideas.

“Well, what do you say, honey? Want to work on your problem?”

“You two are crazy!” I blurted.

“Definitely needs help,” said Alexis.

“Come on honey,” added Sandra. She walked up to me and said more softly, “Not *man* enough to face up to your fears?” The grin she was hiding ate at me. “Do it!” she continued.

“We’ll celebrate later,” she whispered. “Do it.”

Now she didn’t look so amused. She looked serious. I stood there, staring at her but didn’t say a thing.

“Good!” said Alexis as if it were all settled. Sandra walked back over to her. “Take off your shirt and undershirt,” ordered Alexis. She used a business-like voice and also didn’t seem to be laughing at me any more. Sandra smiled an encouraging smile and nodded at me to go ahead. I took them off. I stood there, not believing I was doing this.

“OK, your shoes and socks,” continued Alexis. They watched as I sat down and removed them.

“OK, stand up and take off your pants.” I felt like this was it. I was wearing briefs and wouldn’t be much hidden. I felt a lump in my throat but I did it and stood up.

“Very good,” said Alexis. Sandra looked a little surprised. I wondered if she would burst out laughing. “Turn around and face away from us,” continued Alexis. I did it.  Nothing. They were just looking at me?

Then I felt hands at my side, pulling down my briefs by the waste band. I was uncovered! Whichever it was left them around my knees. I felt someone move away again.

“You’re doing very well,” came Alexis’s voice, “isn’t he?” she added.

“Uh… yes!” Sandra sounded a little breathless. I stood there, not believing my predicament. I heard them walking and then they were in front of me, still keeping their distance.

“Good! Just stand there but spread your feet.” I spread them until the briefs were stretched as far as they could go–not much but a little more.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I was beginning to get hard. They were both just staring at it.

“A little show!” Alexis finally added. “Don’t worry, we get that often enough.” It was definitely getting harder. Sandra was grinning.

“OK, that’s enough of that,” said Alexis, “take them off, go in the bathroom and take care of yourself. You’d better be soft when you come out.” I couldn’t believe this. I just stood there in shock.

“Well, honey, you heard her,” added Sandra, still grinning, “or are you going to… ?”

“I said, take them off!” added Alexis. I finally did it and headed for the bathroom. I’m too embarrassed to go into that further but I heard them talking while I was in there and I finally came out again, still naked but soft.

“Well, I think he is coming right along,” said Alexis.  “You can get dressed again,” she added and she drew Sandra into the kitchen, leaving me alone.

That night Sandra was a wild woman–and I was definitely up again for it.

The next evening I answered a knock on the door and Alexis barged in. “Well, don’t just stand there, get your clothes off!” were her first words, as soon as I’d closed the door again. Sandra and I had been watching television. I stared at her open-mouthed and looked at Sandra. She was still lounging on the couch but was looking our way but far from protesting, she had an expectant look on her face.

“Quickly,” hissed Alexis. I don’t know what made me do it but I did it. Quickly, too. Soon I was standing nude by the door. Alexis had walked over and sat on the couch next to Sandra where I had been.

“Come closer and stand next to that table,” Alexis added, indicating a spot about six feet from them. They watched me walk over. Alexis was stealing glances at the TV and was soon asking Sandra about the show.

She looked back toward me for several seconds. “Good,” she said and looked back at the TV. “He *is* getting better about it,” she added to Sandra after a little while. Sandra stole glances at me and I thought I detected a smirk.

And I couldn’t help it. Yes, I was getting hard again.

It was so weird and I wondered about myself.

“Interesting,” said Alexis when she looked back at me.  She smiled, stood up, and walked past me. She came back with my briefs and held them out.

I took them. “Take care of yourself right here, using those to prevent a mess.” I stared at her. “It’s nothing! You think nurses don’t know how men’s bodies work? Do it!” I still stared.

She put it on my cock, wrapping it around the end and pushed my hands so one was holding my cock and the other was holding the folded underpants on the head. Then she walked back to the couch and sat down. “We’re waiting,” she added.

I stood there. Soon I was doing it. I was breathing harder. Standing up made me feel it in my head more. I was coming. I came. They were both watching me.

“He’s definitely getting better about it,” said Alexis.  “Hold it ’til you know you’re done,” she added and I just stood there.

A few minutes later she added, “OK, take those away and put on some fresh ones.” I left immediately.

“That was *amazing*,” Sandra whispered in my ear that night. But what immediately followed was *more* amazing.

I was meeting Sandra at a restaurant after work. When I walked in, she was already sitting. And with her was Alexis and another woman I didn’t know. They introduced her as Jennifer, a nurse friend of Alexis’s. I could tell from their drink glasses that they had been there for at least a little while.

“So Alexis’s been helping you with a problem getting undressed in front of nurses,” volunteered Jennifer as soon as I sat down. I couldn’t believe this!

“Oh, he’s coming along fine,” said Alexis. Sandra grinned.

“Well, I could check his progress,” said Jennifer. Sandra giggled.

“Go ahead,” said Alexis, “it would do him good. Go with her,” she added to me. Jennifer stood up and came over next to me.  I looked at them all. Sandra looked like she might stand too but Alexis held her arm. No one objected. Jennifer stood there. I got up and followed her.

She led me out the front door and then around to the back of the restaurant. It was dark and deserted and she found a spot by the back wall out of sight of any door.

“OK, get undressed,” she said. I felt panicked. Yes it was dark and deserted and no one was around but anyone could walk around behind and run into us!

“Not quite trained I see,” she said. “Get undressed! Now!”

Yes, I did it and was soon there, standing nude with my clothes in a heap next to me.

“Well, you finally did it. And it looks like you’re enjoying it but we can’t have that while you return. Take care of your hardon.” She just watched and waited.

“I said take care of it! Jack off!”

Yes, I did it, right there in the back of the parking lot. And then she had me get dressed again and I followed her back inside.

Sandra and Alexis were still sitting at the table. I looked at Sandra again… she looked a little scared. “Don’t worry,” said Jennifer, “I didn’t come within 2 feet of him the whole time.”

After we ate, we all left together. Jennifer wanted to show them where she took me. We were out back again.

“Well, show us how you stripped,” said Alexis. The three of them stood watching me. Soon I was nude again.

“What do you think, Sandra?” asked Jennifer. Sandra giggled, sounding a little nervous. “Sandra, do *you* ever have trouble undressing in front of nurses?” she went on.

“Oh, no, that’s just my husband.”

“You sound a little reluctant. Why don’t you show us?”

“No, I… I don’t have any problem…”

“Well, then show us,” Jennifer went on. “Show us and I’ll believe you.” Alexis didn’t say a thing. “Just show us.”

She sort of guided Sandra over to where I was standing.

“Take it off! Your *husband* can do it!”

She started doing it! Her blouse. Shoes. Shorts. Bra and panties. I stood there, amazed.

“Are you excited?” Jennifer asked, more quitely. She walked up close to Sandra and I saw her hands go to Sandra’s body. She withdrew in a flash.

“Better take care of that, Sandra,” she said. “Both of you,” she added. The two of them stood there watching us. Sandra looked at me, obviously nervous. She put one hand on her breasts and one to her crotch. I wrapped my hand around my cock again.

“Good,” said Jennifer. Then she waited. We both did it — brought ourselves off. I think we came at the same time.

“Now that’s cute,” said Jennifer and she told us to get dressed again.

The next day when I got home, Alexis was there again.  Sandra looked very nervous. There was a knock on the door and I opened it to find Jennifer and another woman. She was younger and Jennifer introduced her as Kristin, another nurse. I noticed Kristin looking at me.

“Well, show us how you get undressed,” Jennifer said to me.  Maybe I *was* losing some inhibitions–I was nude in seconds. I looked around. Kristin was staring at me. Sandra looked nervous.

“How about *Alexis*,” said Kristin. Does *she* have these sorts of problems?

“Not me,” said Alexis. I looked at her and was amazed at the expression on her face. I thought she might dart from the room.

“Show us!” said Jennifer, sweetly. She looked right at Alexis and grinned.

“I don’t *have* any problem!” said Alexis, more vociferously. Jennifer and Kristin just stared at her for a few seconds.

“Then get undressed,” said Jennifer, finally in a quiet voice. She did it! Soon it was Alexis and me standing there nude.  Sandra was agog–I think she was surprised out of her nervousness.

“What do you think, Sandra?” asked Jennifer. Sandra was immediately tongue-tied. I think she thought they’d be ordering her to strip next. But Jennifer just laughed at her.

Jennifer told Alexis and me to lean over the dining table. I looked back to find her with rubber gloves and K.Y. jelly! She told us she was going to get us used to medical procedures!

She put jelly on my rear. “Relax,” she said and I felt her finger pushing. Probing. “Put your hands on the back of your neck,” she said. I was getting hard. Still she pushed and probed. Two fingers.

Then she was out and I felt a sting on my ass. She had slapped it. Then she had another glove on and was doing the same thing to Alexis! I watched Alexis lay there with her hands on the back of her neck. Then I heard three slaps on her rear and she jerked each time.

Then they had us get on our hands and knees in the middle of the floor. Sandra served them drinks and it seemed like forever that we stayed there. I was so hard.

They asked Sandra for scarves. They had us stand up.  They tied my hands behind my back and they did the same to Alexis. Then they left, taking Alexis with them! Across the hall, still with her hands bound! They told Sandra to have fun.

As soon as the door closed, Sandra was immediately kneeling in front of me, my cock in her mouth. She was so crazy!

The day after that, coming home from work, I opened the front door and couldn’t believe my eyes! Alexis and Sandra were both standing there, nude, with handcuffs on! Kristin was there with them, but I didn’t see any sign of Jennifer. They were both gagged, too, with ball gags–obvious S&M paraphernalia. She had a belt in her hand, looped double and was standing behind them.

She ordered me to strip and I was nude in seconds. She handcuffed and gagged me and led me to standing next to the others. Then she led us into the bedroom and put us on our knees, laying over the edge of the bed. She put something on each of our ankles, binding them together, and then she invaded each of our rears with her rubber-encased fingers. She got two, then three, then four fingers in me!

Someone else entered the room. “My man likes girls and boys,” I heard her say.

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