Need To Make You Cum

Frank walked up to Tiffany’s with apprehension. He had not been able to get it up the other night, and the word was all around town.  He knew that Tiffany had wanted to go to bed with him for a long time, and when she had asked him last night to come over this morning, she would not tell him why. His failure to get hard the other night with one of her best friends was on his mind, and he wondered what Tiffany might say to try and help the situation.

Tiffany was a small girl, not even five feet tall. Her chest appeared small, and Frank had heard it was nothing more than a mouthful. But Tiffany’s prize possession was her cunt. Tiffany was a redhead, and the hairs on her cunt proved that she was a natural, from what Frank had heard. He had always had a thing for redheads, and he wondered if he could persuade Tiffany to give him a piece of ass.

Tiffany was best friends with his girlfriend Anna, and Anna had wanted to put out in the worst way the other night. She had taken his softness personally, crying the rest of the night. Anna was a stacked blonde, and she had a large ample chest, the nipples easily larger than Tiffany’s entire tit.

 Her cunt proved she was a natural blonde, too. Frank had seen that barely haired mound up close, and she tasted wonderfully. He knew how close Anna and Tiffany were, and he wondered what Tiffany might say now.

Frank knocked on the door. He heard noises inside, and heard footsteps approach the door. He saw the curtain part, then heard the lock click. Tiffany opened the door.

“We have been expecting you,” she said slyly, motioning him inside.

Frank wondered about who she meant, until he turned to look at her. Tiffany was wearing only a t shirt, and it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. Her t shirt rode up as she reached up to lock the door, and the ivory white of her ass showed itself, and Frank got hard as he saw a little of Tiffany’s cunt lip hanging beneath her small, tight ass. The sight of red wiry hair under her ass was a turn on, and he moved to her as she turned to him.

Frank lifted her up and kissed her passionately on the lips, and she returned the kiss, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth as his did in hers. Frank quickly pulled off the t shirt, and he stared down at her thick red fur, her cunt quivering and squirming under his gaze. He got on his knees, and he started to lick the red haired slit. He found it full of juice. He was surprised by this, but he soon didn’t think of it as his tongue started to lick Tiffany’s cunt, his tongue licking and sucking on her clit, and she rolled her hips as she started to ride his face, forcing his
tongue deep in her cunt.

Tiffany’s moans and gasps were loud as she pulled on his hair as he licked up and down the tight, red slit. He could taste her juice, and as his tongue worked in and out of her tight cunt, he again wondered about the fact that she was already well juiced when he arrived. A moment later, he heard the reason.

“Just what the hell do you think you are doing?” asked a familiar voice from nearby. Frank turned, and saw his girlfriend Anna as she stood in the doorway to Tiffany’s bedroom. Anna was naked, and as Frank watched, she put her hands on her hips.


She stared at Frank, but Tiffany turned his head and pulled him back into her groin as he licked and sucked on the red haired slit.  Tiffany moans and croons were getting louder, and Frank saw legs behind Tiffany, and he saw Anna get on her knees. Anna started to tongue Tiffany’s small ass, and it was the feeling of this, combined with Frank’s tongue riding in and out of her cunt, that caused Tiffany to come and come and come, her juice appearing everywhere, Frank sucking frantically as he tried to lick up every drop of her hot juice.

Frank stared at Anna as he moved away from Tiffany’s cunt. His eyes had a question in them, one which Anna answered immediately.

“Since I can’t keep you excited, I have been coming over here.  I keep Tiffany excited, and she excites me. We have been lovers for almost two weeks now.”

Frank knew he should be angry with Anna for turning to a girl, but the thought of these two fucking and sucking and fingering each other was a turn on.

“It’s not that you don’t excite me,” said Frank, as Anna and Tiffany kissed. “I just don’t feel I can satisfy you alone.”

“Well, I think you can.”

“I think you can, too,” chimed in Tiffany, shaking and licking Anna’s nipples. The sight caused Frank to almost shoot. The two women now led him to the bedroom, where he quickly stripped.

“I am more of a whore than Anna could ever be,” said Tiffany.  “If you can make me come, will that convince you that you can satisfy Anna.”

“Sure, I guess. Anna, is it OK with you?”

“If it will get you in my cunt, I am willing to try anything,” Anna declared.

Tiffany pulled Frank on top of her, spreading her legs. He stroked in her pussy, and he gasped at the tight feel of her red slit.  He started to pump in and out of Tiffany’s cunt, and Tiffany’s moans and cries started to sound in the room. Tiffany’s face was contorted by the pleasure of having a prick deep in her cunt, and she smiled at the thought of helping her friend.

Anna watched Frank hump Tiffany, fucking in and out of her faster and faster, and the sight turned her on. Her boyfriend was fucking her best friend, and it was with her approval. Anna slowly came forward, and she now got on her knees, and she licked Frank’s prick as it pumped in and out of Tiffany’s slit, and Anna watched in fascination as the pink of Tiffany’s pussy separated and took Frank deep inside.

Tiffany was moaning and crying out loudly as she felt Frank fucking her deeper and deeper, and also at the feel of Anna’s tongue on her cunt. Anna now moved up, and she sat on Tiffany’s squirming face, and she faced Frank as she started to hump Tiffany’s face. Frank kissed Anna, then started to lick her tits, and he watched them jostle and jiggle as she bounced up and down on the tongue of Tiffany in her slit.

Frank pumped in and out harder and harder, going faster and faster at the sight of Anna fucking Tiffany’s face, and the feel of Tiffany’s tight cunt squirming and shaking under him as he stroked in and out. Anna’s moans and cries were starting to get louder and louder, and he heard Tiffany’s moans and cries do the same.

It was Anna who came, her body going rigid on top of Tiffany’s face, flooding Tiffany’s face and red hair with her juice, and Frank watched Tiffany’s mouth lick and suck everywhere in the blonde cunt, trying to lick up and suck down all of the juice of her best friend. Frank pumped in and out faster and faster, but Tiffany’s moans now started to fade.

Anna lifted off of Tiffany’s face, and Frank took the opportunity when he saw it. He rolled over, and he heard Tiffany moan and gasp as she struggled to take his prick up her cunt in this way.  She wiggled and squirmed and moaned and groaned, and she wailed loudly as she finally got him all the way inside her tight cunt, then had Anna push down on her back.

Tiffany started to hump up and down on his prick, taking him deep inside her cunt, then almost releasing him.  Frank watched Tiffany’s tits bounce, and he smiled. They were so small they almost did not move, and he leaned forward and sucked on them for a moment. Tiffany bounced up and down faster and faster as her cunt got more and more wet, taking him easily in her cunt.

Anna came around and she now sat on Frank’s face, and he started to lick the familiar blonde cunt that sat on his face. He was not used to Anna humping his face, as she started to do now, and Frank assumed it was because of being near Tiffany while getting her cunt sucked.

Anna thrust and humped Frank’s face as Tiffany bounced up and down on Frank’s prick, taking him deep in her cunt, opening her eyes and smiling as Anna started to lick and suck on her small tits. They were so small that Anna got the whole tit in her mouth, and the taste of the nipple was slightly salty as she sucked on it.

Tiffany squirmed and groaned and moaned, her honey flowing easily, and Frank could taste Anna’s honey flowing fast as well, and Anna started to come again, her juice flooding Frank as he licked and sucked her clit. She was humping madly, shaking her head, her blonde hair going everywhere as her orgasm passed through her. Frank could feel Tiffany bouncing up and down as fast and as hard as she could on his prick, but she was just moaning and gasping at the pleasure, not near a orgasm.

Anna crawled off his face, and Tiffany lifted off his prick. He stared at both, tears in Anna’s eyes.

“Don’t cry,” said Frank. “There is one thing left to try.”

Frank turned Tiffany over, and before she knew what was happening, Frank was in her ass, stroking in as hard as he could, making Tiffany scream and moan. Tiffany started to grind back at him, shaking her ass wildly to the left and the right, then up and down. 

Tiffany fucked his prick, trying to get him all the way up her oh-so-tight ass, and Frank loved the feel. Anna was masturbating, and Frank watched her finger slide in and out of her as he pumped in and out of Tiffany’s ass. It was joggling and shaking, and he suddenly felt the muscles tighten and shake and shudder, and Tiffany screamed out as she came and came and came, the prick deep in her ass setting her off.

She yelled and screamed no words, the moan and cry loud and passionate.  She tried to shake the prick out of her ass, but she couldn’t and she was glad, because it made her come, and she wailed and yelled a little longer as her orgasm passed. Frank rode her with a smile, and he licked his lips at Anna.

As Frank pulled out of Tiffany, he started into Anna’s deep and wide pussy, and he started to pump in and out of the tight, blonde mound. He kissed Anna passionately, tasting her lips and her teeth as his tongue rolled around in her mouth. He stroked in and out of her pussy, which was tight, though not as tight as Tiffany’s. Tiffany came around, and she dropped her cunt on Anna’s face, and she immediately started to hump Anna’s tongue as it appeared through the red hair of Tiffany’s slit. Frank watched this, and he heard Anna’s moans and groans as he fucked in and out of her faster and faster, and he heard Tiffany’s cries and moans as Anna licked her friend, and he could see the juice flowing out of Tiffany as he fucked Anna.

Anna was apparently a better pussy eater than Frank, because it was Tiffany who started to shake and yell and wail and moan, as she cried out loudly as she came and came and came, flooding Anna’s face and hair with her juice, Anna licking everywhere as fast as possible, making sure not to miss any of the juice.

As Tiffany lifted off Anna’s face, Frank turned Anna over, and she squirmed and moaned as she sat on his prick. She squealed happily as she started to bounce up and down on his prick, shoving him as deep in her cunt as he could. Frank was happy as well, for Tiffany came around, and she dropped her red slit on his face. The smell was incredible as he started to tongue Tiffany, and she started to hump his tongue.

Anna was humping and bouncing wildly and she took the prick deep up her cunt, and she watched Frank’s tongue disappear in the red fur of her best friend. It was Tiffany again who started to yell and moan and cry, and Frank tasted her hot juice as she humped and fucked his face, lapping it up as it came out.

Anna had still not come, even though she was riding his prick as hard and as fast as she could, and Frank started to get concerned. Anna was giving his prick a good ride, but her orgasms seemed to have disappeared once he got his prick deep in her cunt.

Tiffany saw the look of disbelief on Frank’s face, and she thought she knew how to handle the situation now. Tiffany lifted her friend, and she spread Anna’s ass cheeks. Anna was shaking and squirming, and the sight entranced Frank. He stroked into her tight ass, and Anna moaned and wailed at the feel of a prick in her ass.  As Frank pumped in and out of Anna’s ass, he saw Tiffany disappear under Anna.

Anna stared to tongue Tiffany, and Anna started to hump urgently up and down, and Frank assumed Tiffany was licking Anna.  The two pronged attack worked, and Anna came and came and came, her juice flooding Tiffany’s red hair and face, squeezing Frank’s prick hard enough that he, too, came, shooting his seed deep in Anna’s squirming, shuddering ass. As Frank pulled out of Anna’s ass, Tiffany appeared with Anna’s juice running down her face, mixing in her hair.

“That is what you will have to do from now on,” said Tiffany.  “Fuck her ass, and have someone, preferably me, underneath her to tongue her at the same time.”

Sounds like fun to me,” said Frank, looking at Anna. Anna kissed Frank.

“Sounds fun to me too,” said Anna, kissing Frank passionately, then turning to Tiffany and licking the juice off her friend’s face, Frank moving to Anna’s cunt and kissing and licking it. He moved to Tiffany, and all three groaned in pleasure as Anna kissed Tiffany, while Frank licked Tiffany, Tiffany’s hand around his prick, stroking up and down.

They turned to each other, and all of them smiled, then started to groan and moan again…

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