Not If But When

It was a hot August afternoon, and I was spending the day lying out by the pool.  The heat was intense, and there was nothing much else I wanted to do in the 100+ degree heat.  I was half asleep when I heard the phone ring next to me.


“Hey. What are you doing tonight?” I heard Charlie ask.

“Nothing,” I replied.

“Good, I wanted to see you tonight,” he said. “I was wondering if you would like to watch some videos with some friends of mine?”

“Sure,” I said.  He told me to be there around 7:30.

I had been dating Charlie for couple of months. I wasn’t sure if we were serious or not, but he did call me his girlfriend. We had met at a party where ended up naked in a walk-in closet for a couple of hours.  Afterward we exchanged phone numbers, and had seen each other two or three times a week.  I had not really met any of his friends yet; so hanging out with them would be unusual.

After I ate dinner I took a shower, put on pair of shorts and a tank top, and then drove over to Charlie’s apartment.  One the way over I wondered what type of movies he and his friends had rented.  Probably total guy movies with lots of shooting and death.  ‘Oh well,’ I thought to myself.  At least I will get to see Charlie; I had been itching to see him.  Lying out in the sun all day had made me horny, and I couldn’t wait to be with him. I found a parking spot in Charlie’s apartment complex, and went to his door.  I heard music coming from the apartment as I knocked on the door.  There was no answer, so I let myself in. I smiled as I entered the room, and dropped my purse on a chair by the door.  I saw Charlie, said hello and give him a big kiss letting him know what I wanted later that night.  He playfully groped my ass as I tasted the beer on his lips.

I went to the kitchen and find a wine cooler, and saw the movies sitting on the kitchen table. I checked them out curious to know what we were going to watch that night.  There was a Wesley Snipes action flick, and another movie called “Erotic Liaisons.”  That’s when I noticed Charlie and his friend looking at me nervously.

“What?” I asked.

“Umm, you kind of weren’t supposed to see that movie on the table,”Charlie told me in a meek voice.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said smiling.  “Who knows, I might like it.” I suddenly saw relief in their expressions.

“By the way, Charlene.  This is David, a good friend of mine.”

“Nice to meet you David,” I said as I shook his hand.

“Likewise,” he replied.

He was a good-looking guy, but he was kind of smarmy. I could only imagine what he had been thinking when he looked me up and down. The three of us settled into the main room.  I sat with Charlie on the couch, and David sat on a nearby chair. Two hours or so later the Wesley Snipes movie was done, and I was on my fourth wine cooler.  I had quite a buzz going, and felt my inhibitions dropping away. I was kind of hoping David would go home so that Charlie could take me to bed, but the way they had carried on it didn’t seem like that would happen anytime soon.

“So, are we going to see the second movie?” I asked more to get a reaction out of them than anything else. David and Charlie just looked at each other not knowing what to say.  “What? You don’t think I’ll like it?”

“I don’t know,” Charlie replied.  “We just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or anything.”

As I got up off the couch, I could feel David’s eyes on me.  I picked the movie off the kitchen table and popped it into the VCR.  I also grabbed a couple or beers and a wine cooler from the fridge, tossing the beers to David and Charlie.

I snuggled up to Charlie as the movie started.  The screened showed two women going at it while the opening credits rolled.  I giggled to myself wondering what I was in for.

It was basically a mild porno, and as it continued I could tell that Charlie was getting turned on.  I snuggled a little more into him with  one hand on his shoulder and the other on his chest.  I slipped my hand down toward his short and then up his shirt feeling his bare chest under my palm.  I planted a light kiss on his neck, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed David discreetly glancing at us.

Feeling uninhibited from the alcohol I lifted Charlie’s shirt over his shoulders.  He helped me out by taking off his shirt.  I grazed my nails over his chest, and I noticed that David was watching us.  Charlie turned toward me, and I faced him as I straddled his lap.  We kissed deeply and I buried my tongue deep into his mouth.  At of the corner of my eye I noticed that we had David’s full attention.  I pushed my crotched against Charlie’s feeling hard on underneath his shorts.

“Take me here, right now,” I whispered into Charlie’s ear.

He hesitated for a moment, glancing at David, and I kissed him again. Then I suddenly felt Charlie’s hands on my thighs, sliding them over my ass, and finally underneath my tank top.  I wasn’t wearing a bra, and his fingers quickly made there way to my nipples.  He squeezed them ever so gently just the way I like, and I immediately felt the wetness building between my legs.  My hands roamed over Charlie’s bare muscular torso.  I nuzzled his neck, planted kisses on his chest, and finally took one of his nipples into my mouth.  I heard him moan in pleasure and his grinding against me became more urgent.

I sat up and pulled my shirt off and I felt his chest against mine after I pulled him close to kiss him again.  I glanced over at David again and I saw him turn his turn away quickly pretending to watch the movie. He looked a little uncomfortable. I had initially thought that he might be turned on watching us, and I felt kind of bad that he wasn’t. However, it just felt so good that I didn’t want to stop.  I continued to look at David and I smiled at him when we made eye contact.  That time he didn’t turn away.  I thought it was so hot as I watched him watch me with Charlie.

I felt Charlie unbutton my shorts, and stood up so that he could pull them down off of me. He had taken off both my shorts and panties, so that when I returned to Charlie’s lap I was naked.  I looked over at David and saw that he was still watching us.  I smiled at him again and he smiled back that time.

“Take off your shorts,” I whispered to Charlie.

I laid back on the couch and spread my legs as I waited for Charlie.  I noticed David hadn’t taken his eyes off of me, and he saw staring with his mouth open.  Charlie, naked and hard, got on top of me, and the feeling of his body against mine is exquisite.  We writhed around together enjoying the sensations of our naked bodies rubbing up against each other.  When I felt his manhood rub up against my wet sex I repositioned myself and suddenly felt the tip of his cock enter my well-lubricated pussy.  Like a predator getting his kill, his cock impaled me in one strong stroke.  He filled me up, and he began to move himself in and out of me.

With Charlie facing the other way I looked over at David again. Our eyes locked as his friend fucked me harder and harder. I wanted him to watch me and get off on it, and he didn’t disappoint. I moaned in pleasure when I felt the beginnings of an orgasm coming on.

“Take me from behind,” I whispered lustily into Charlie’s ear.

I got on my hands and knees facing towards David’s chair.  Charlie mounted me from behind, and his cock founded the entrance to my pussy once again.  I felt him fill me up from behind, and he quickly began to move in and out of me.  David continued to watch, and we locked eyes again.  The room started to spin when Charlie reached between my legs and began to rub my clit while he continued to fuck me senseless from behind. “Oh God! I’m Cumming!” I yelled as I felt my orgasm pulse through me. It took over every ounce of my body, making me writhe in pleasure, and David watched me intently the whole time.  I continued to moan as I fully enjoyed the sensations of my climax. Just as I was coming down I heard Charlie moan as he came filling me up with his seed.

Charlie collapsed on top of me when he finished, and I just lay there basking in the afterglow.  After a few minutes I began to feel uncomfortable underneath Charlie’s weight.  When he didn’t move after I asked him to get off of me, I figured out that he had fallen asleep. When I finally maneuvered myself out from under him I couldn’t believe he was still asleep.  As I stood there I suddenly remembered that David is still in the room.  He had his shorts pulled down and was stroking himself. He kept going when I noticed what he was doing. I was somewhat fascinated and he seemed to enjoy me watching him so I sat on the coffee table in front of David’s chair and just watched him. It wasn’t often I got to see a guy masturbate.

He took off his shirt, pulled his shorts down all the way, making himself naked, and continued to pleasure himself in front of me.  I began to touch myself as sort of a show at first, but I became more and more turned on as I continued.

“Cum for me,” I whispered to David hoping he would finish quickly before Charlie woke up.

“Can I cum on you?” he asked.

I could tell that he wanted to really bad, but I was starting to get nervous that Charlie would wake up and see us. I didn’t think Charlie would be into his friend spurting all over me.  I didn’t really answer him and continued to sit on the coffee table touching myself. I suppose David took my silence as a yes because he stood up began stroking himself with his cock aimed at straight at me.

“I want you to cum again,” I heard him say.

I was still nervous that Charlie would wake up, but I was really turned on. David’s muscle toned body looked good, and there was something primal about the way he was touching himself. I uttered a low moan as I felt my sex gushing like a river while I began to massage my clit with more enthusiasm.  I watched him stroke his cock right in my face as he watched me masturbate.  When I sensed he was close I began to play with myself at a more frantic space.  All the sudden my second orgasm crashed through my body, and I bit the inside of my cheek to stifle my involuntary moans.  Just as I was finishing I heard David grunt and moan louder and I saw him tense up.  I watched his warm fluid spray from his cock onto my chest and stomach as I continued to climax. Watching him like that was very erotic.

As soon David was done I was relieved to see that Charlie was still asleep.  David and I just sat there for a few minutes staring at each other.

“That was hot,” he said.

“Yeah, it was,” I agreed. “But this is gonna be our little secret.” “I totally agree.”

“You should get dressed before Charlie wakes up and sees us like this,” I said standing up.

My knees were a little shaky and I grabbed onto David’s shoulder for support. He reached out and put his hand on my stomach, rubbing his cum into my skin. It felt good and I didn’t stop him right away. Then both of his hands moved up to my breasts as he continued to rub his fluid into my skin. I still didn’t make him stop until we both turned toward Charlie when we heard him stir.

“I’m going to the bathroom to clean up,” I said. “You should really go.”

“I know,” he said picking gathering up his clothes up from the floor.”But I just can’t get enough of you, besides you seem pretty into it too.”

“That’s beside the point,” I said. “I don’t want Charlie to wake up.” “I don’t either,” David said following me into the bathroom. He locked the door behind us and we just kind of stood there in the bathroom awkwardly staring at each other naked.

“You look so good I could eat you,” he said pulling me close to him and putting his mouth on one of my nipples. I didn’t pull away as he started to lick his cum off my body. I wanted to tell him to stop, worried that at any moment Charlie would wake up and want to use the bathroom, but I just couldn’t make myself. It felt really good and I just kept thinking a little bit longer, just a little longer.

The next thing I knew I was sitting on the bathroom counter with David kneeling on the floor between my legs going down on me. He knew what he was doing and it was all I could do to keep myself quiet. I wanted to scream in pleasure, but I kept as quiet as I could still worried about Charlie walking in on us.

I grabbed onto David’s head with my hands as I climaxed once again. I couldn’t breath as the waves of pleasure flowed through me. Eventually I had to push David away when I became too sensitive.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” I heard him say I sat there trying to catch my breath.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Eat out a girl who’d just been fucked by another guy.”

“You’re a nasty boy, huh?” I said enjoying his naughtiness.

“Yeah, I guess so,” he said seeming embarrassed.

“Don’t worry,” I said standing up and grabbing onto his semi-erect manhood. “I like boys who are a little on the nasty side.” I continued to stroke him until he was fully hard. “Fuck me,” I said as I sat up on the counter once again.

He was long, hard, and more than ready. He grabbed onto my hips as he moved between my legs. I grabbed onto his member guiding him toward me. I felt the tip of his head outside my wet sex, and then he was slipping inside me.

He thrust his hips, clutched my ass, and pulled me towards him forcing himself all the way inside me. I had given myself to the moment. I didn’t care if Charlie walked in on us or not, all I wanted was for David to fuck me senseless.

“Oh God, you’re so wet,” David whispered. “This feels so good.”

“I know,” I said my voice coming out breathy.

He drew himself out, part way, then in, and after that there was nothing but his body inside mine. He thrust into me as hard as he could and the sound of flesh hitting flesh punctuated every thrust of his body. Sounds emanated from my throat, by the sheer force of it, and from the sensations as he moved in and out of me. My body opened up to him as he thrust himself in and out of me over and over again.

I heard his breathing quicken, his thrusts take on an urgency, harder, faster, until he cried out, and still he didn’t stop.  As I felt his swelling warmth spill inside me, I felt my body contract, jerking. I was unable to control it and wrapped my arms around him, holding his sweat-covered body against mine.  He leaned into me, his hands still grabbing onto the cheeks of my ass, his head leaning on my shoulder, I could hear him grunt and moan into my ear until he finally finished. We sat there with him still inside me for a long time.

“Thank you,” he said in a ragged whisper, finding his voice first.

“It was my pleasure.”

I felt stiff and sore as he slowly pulled himself away from me. Then we both looked up in alarm as we heard Charlie walking down the hallway. “You sneak out while I distract him,” I said.

I turned off the light and intercepted Charlie in the hallway.

“It’s about time you woke up,” I said to him. “I’m not done with you yet,” I continued as I began to fondle him.

It didn’t take much persuading to get Charlie interested, and I lead Charlie straight to the bedroom and onto the bed.

“You’re really slippery,” Charlie commented as he entered me. “I must have lubed you up from before.”

I could only laugh to myself, and began to wonder what the consequence of what I had done with David would be. I was surprised I didn’t feel guilty, and I actually still felt slightly euphoric over the whole thing. Just as I started to focus on my sex with Charlie, and I starting getting into it, he began to cum emptying himself inside me for the second time that night. I fell asleep wondering, not if, but when I would be with David again.

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