Not This Woman- I Want It All

Over the years I’ve worked really hard to get to the top, sacrificing everything to become what I am today, but it’s paid off. I’m one of only three female vice-presidents in our company, and I’m making a ton of money.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have to show for my hard work. Money, and the by-products of money. Nothing else. No husband. No kids. Not even a steady guy. Just a nice apartment, a Jag sedan, and a great wardrobe.

Sounds great, doesn’t it, but it isn’t. It just isn’t enough. I need sex, and lots of it, and when I get horny, I don’t want some politically correct suit to fuck me. I want a real man. Or group of men. You know the type. Construction workers. Truck drivers. Bikers. Guys who know how to give me what I really want, which isn’t a fucking “relationship.” What I crave more and more these days is hard cock and lately, the more the merrier.

Like last weekend. After a bitch of a week, I went home, took off my conservative corporate clothes, and put on my hunting outfit. I’m a brunette, but when I’m after sex I wear a silvery blond wig, lots of heavy eye shadow, rouge, and the sexiest clothes I can find. Usually, like last weekend, I put on a see-through blouse, with no bra, a black leather jacket, black leather micro-mini skirt, black garter belt, black stockings, and red bikini panties.

When I’m looking for a hot fuck I never shower before going out. I like my pussy to retain the sweaty essence of a long day at the office, and just to add that last little tinge of seductive aroma, I don’t bother wiping my pussy after I pee, either. I like the damp feeling the last few drops of urine cause in my panties, and I know damn well the men who eat me like it, too, because they’ve told me they do.

Anyway, as I was saying, last Friday night after work I got all dolled up in my slut clothes and went to a bar located in one of the more dangerous neighborhoods of the city. The place is frequented by guys who got there on Harleys, or in pickup trucks, not in fucking Porsches or Beemers.

I walked in and for a moment conversation stopped. There were maybe thirty or so guys in the place and I was the only broad. I loved it, especially when I heard the guys making nasty cracks about me as I walked up to the bar and ordered a longneck beer.

My pussy was tingling, and when I hopped up on a bar stool and spun around, crossing my legs so my red panties were showing, I almost had a little orgasm just from exposing myself like that. It didn’t take more than thirty seconds or so before one of those nasty looking bikers came up to me and asked me what the fuck I was doing in a men’s bar. I told him, and loved it when he smiled real nasty at me.

“I’m here to get some cock, why the fuck else would I be here?” I said brazenly, opening my jacket, letting him see my practically naked tits. I have huge boobs, and wear a 38D bra at work, but tonight my braless tits were sagging a little. Hey, at 42 years old I’m still in pretty damn good shape, even if I am a little softer than I was as a teenager.

I’ve still got a great body. I haven’t had kids, so my stomach is still fairly flat, my ass is pretty good, and my legs are long and shapely. I never have any trouble getting a guy to hit on me especially since I’ve also been told I’m beautiful, but mainly on nights like these I’m just plain sexy.

Anyway, as I was saying, after I told this guy I wanted some cock, I looked down at his dick and was glad to see it getting bigger. His jean were torn and scruffy and he was getting a nice, big bulge where he was supposed to, so I knew I had him.

“Well just how many cocks you looking for, babe?” the guys says, grinning at his buddies. There were four of them standing around looking at me now, and I turned so they could all see my tits.

“These guys will do just fine,” I said. “I love a crowd, especially when I’m real horny, and boys, tonight I’m so horny I’ll do anything you want.”

“Well fuck, let’s just see about that,” one of the studs said, unzipping his jeans. Right there in front of everyone he just took out his dick and told me to suck it. It was long and sweaty looking, and I loved it, so I did. I got off the stool, got down on my knees, and took his cock into my mouth, the strong, sweaty male flavor making my pussy ever wetter than it had been.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck that dick. Eat my cum, you fucking slut,” the guys said as I squeezed his balls through his jeans.

“You want me to eat your cum, you have to come first, asshole,” I said, getting a laugh out of his buddies. By now a big crowd had gathered around us, and everyone was yelling and screaming at me to make him come. Suddenly I wanted him to do just that, all over my face, so I began jerking off his cock while I sucked it.

“Uhhhh, oh yeah, ahhhhh, here it comes, bitch!” he groaned, and I felt him swelling up in my mouth so I pulled his dick out and jerked it as fast as I could. He screamed again, and gobs of cum started splattering all over my face. My own orgasm hit me then, and I wiped his cock all over my cheeks and forehead while it was still pumping jizm out of it, loving the noise the crowd was making.

They were yelling and screaming, saying what a hot cunt I was and how they couldn’t believe I’d done what I’d just done right there in the bar. When I was through I looked and like the slut I knew I really was, and I loved it.

I got back up on the bar stool, licking my lips, then picked up my long-neck beer and sucked on it, swallowing most of it, but letting some of it spill out the sides of my mouth and run down onto my tits. Guys were hooting and hollering over my performance, and I knew it was only a matter of time before somebody tried to fuck me. I was going to get gang-banged, and I couldn’t wait.

“Hey baby, you fuck as good as you suck?” a big, black biker asked roughly.

“Why don’t you try to find out for yourself?” I asked, sliding down off the stool, molding my body to his, rubbing up against him, letting him feel how hard my nipples were.

“Let’s take the bitch back to the pool table.” Everyone seemed to like that idea, and suddenly I felt myself being carried toward the back of the bar. In a separate back room I felt my clothes being taken off. Naturally I didn’t even try to resist, and when I was naked they lay me on my back on top of the pool table with my thighs spread real wide. The black guy took out his cock and just rammed it into me, roughly, deeply, just the way I like it.

“Yeah, come on, do it, you fucking nig…” CRACK! He slapped me before I could say it, and I spit on him, making him slap me again. I loved it, especially since it made him fuck me as hard and fast as he could until he was spewing hot cum inside my cunt.

“Satisfied, bitch?” he snarled, pulling out of me roughly. He grabbed me by the neck and pulled my face close to his cock, then wiped it off on my hair. The dumb fuck didn’t even know it was a wig.

“Satisfied? Fuck no. Isn’t there anybody here with a BIG dick to fuck me with?” I teased. A huge, grizzly bear of a man stepped forward. He had a shaggy reddish beard, tattoos all over him, must have weighed over 300 pounds, and looked at least 6’5″ or taller.

“Think this will do?” he asked, taking out a gigantic dick, stroking it menacingly toward me.

“Yeah. That should do just fine,” I said. He stepped forward, between my cum-stained thighs, then rammed his cock into my cunt, fucking me slowly, but steadily, using his own pace, masturbating with me, strictly interested in pleasuring himself, not caring a fuck about me. I loved it, being treated this way.

Nobody here treated me like “the boss,” kissing my ass, paying me phony compliments. To these fuckers I was just a cunt out to get laid, and I loved the relaxed way it made me feel. Sure they were using me, but I was using them, too. It was wonderful.

I guess I must have been fucked by, no shit, at least 10 or 15 guys that night, and before they were though with me, my body was caked with cum. I had it in my hair, all over my face, my neck, my tits, stomach, my cunt…. I even had it drizzling out of my ass, which had been fucked a few times, too.

The guys loved it, and of course, so did I. Until you’ve been fucked by a room full of men, where you, and only you, are the complete center of their erotic attention, you can’t begin to understand how totally fulfilling it is sexually.

The sensations a girl experiences while lying there, getting fucked, knowing that no matter how good this present lover is, it doesn’t matter, because behind him is a long line of other hot, hard cocks just waiting to take their turn on you… you just can’t describe how exciting that makes a girl feel.

I love this so fucking much, going out on my “slut nights,” tramping around, getting fucked by groups of men… it’s the greatest, and I know I’ll never stop doing it. So look for me.

Who knows, you just might find me!

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