Now You’re Being Sent Away

Hi! My name is Alexis, I’m 19 and I’m HOT! I’m also bisexual, which means that when I’m horny (and I’m always horny) I’d fuck anyone that stirs near me, without regards to gender, race or even species. And, although I prefer kinky sex, also do regular guys. Take for example Mick.

One day last summer, I was visiting daddy in his downtown office. Daddy is a lawyer, a wealthy one, and his clientele are mostly wealthy businessmen, whom he advices how to pay less taxes on their income. All together a disgusting lot.  Anyway, there I was but daddy was too busy to see me.

He’d told me to wait for him in the waiting room until he finished his business with a client, and he’d added, “Mick is waiting out there also. So please be nice to him, and I don’t mean tease him. He’s a very important client.”

Well telling me to be nice to someone for money-that’s a red flag for me. So I’ve decided to teach both men a lesson. I was also horny, and that mood had suited well my purpose.

Mick was an elderly whitey, rather trim and clad in a conservative business suit, a rather expensive one I may add. His receding hair was sandy, with graying temples, and his complexion was ruddy-as these Irish bastards tend to be. He was sitting there, all absorbed in an arrogant cellular phone call and was admonishing his absent secretary, paying me no attention. And that made me angry, once for his rude talk to his employee and again for his rude disregard of ME!

I went to him and introduced myself, “My dad has specifically told me to be nice to you. I don’t want to disobey him. Can I do anything for you, Mick? Am I nice?” I bent forward so he could glance into my cleavage.

He laughed an artificial laughter and said, as if to make friends. “You’re being very nice, Alexis.”

“Sure Mick. We can get VERY informal, and I can be MUCH nicer,” I said, and opened the buttons in my blouse front, exposing my tits.

He began to squirm on his seat, going ruddy red in his face. I said, “What? Don’t you like my pretty black boobs? Do they offend you? Are you afraid of the black witch, perhaps?!”

You should have seen his face, he went even redder, his eyes nearly popped out and he was opening and shutting his mouth as if fighting for air. Nearly chocking he hastily ensured me that no, they did not offend him, and that they were VERY nice.

“D-don’t d-dont… y-you must… you shouldn’t…” he stammered, panting but his eyes was glued to my exposed big bouncing boobs, with their dark brown two inches round aureoles and the perky, erect and hard black nipples. They are really pretty, even if I say so myself.

“Don’t you want to touch them? they are nice and soft…” I murmured into his ear and leaning into him I’ve shoved them into his face, and I used the opportunity to press and massage the growing bulge in his tailored pants.

“Don’t… please… Oh…” he stammered and moaned when I massaged his dick. He must have had some experience because he started kissing and nibbling my sensitive nipples sensing very fast what made me horny. His dick grew and slipped out, a fat white rod with a burning red mushroom head. He was circumcised.

“You want to shove your fat cock into my black hot cunt, don’t you? You love to fuck little hot black cunts, whitey! Come look at it!” I’ve said, and raising my skirt I exposed my cunny. I never wear panties so he was looking now directly at my shaved, black cunt. I spread open my lower lips with my fingers and coyly asked “Is it nice enough for you Mick? Would it fit your fat strong cock?”

He whimpered and moaned tying to rise, but I’ve shoved him down and prompted, “I don’t think you mind whose cunt you would fuck, old lecher, do you? Say it now, say that you are an old lecher and beg to fuck my young pretty cunny!”

“I…I…” he moaned and squealed and tried to grab my cunny, but I said, “No, first admit that you are an old lecher!”

“Yes… yes…” he said.

“Yes what?!” I demanded.

“Yes, I’m old… lecher… and please let me…”

“You bastard, look how you corrupt innocent little girls!” I said “Kiss it!” and I shoved my dripping red cunt into his face. He clung to it like a thirsty horse, licking and sucking. The bastard knew his job too! He was shoving his fingers into my vagina flipping them while nibbling my clitty and licking my inner labia and soon he has made me climb the walls. I started rotating my ass, smearing my cunt juice all over his face, moaning and panting heavily. Then, when I felt that I was nearly coming, I’ve grabbed his ears and pulled him down.

“On your knees bastard! OOH!! Eat me up! Beg on your bloody knees you swine!” I hissed and on his knees he dropped! I grabbed him by his ears and stared to fuck his face in earnest. He was whimpering feebly, as I neared my orgasm and I was moaning loudly and then I trembled, a shiver ran trough my spine and I came, squirting my orgasmic juice all over him.

Although I’m loud when I’m fucking, when I have an orgasm I turn quiet, I throw my head back and only gasp for air. Mick has used my trance to rise and kiss me, shoving his tongue deep into my throat and he pulled me onto him, grinding our crotches together. I’ve restored my senses and pushed him strongly on the chair. I straddled him, rubbing my crotch on his crotch, massaging his bloated dick in my hand. He blew up almost immediately, roaring and weeping, spewing streams of sticky, smelly jism on the front of his pants.

“Oops!” I said “seems that you won’t be fucking me today! Next time maybe…” I wiped his jism off my hand on his pants. He tried to wipe it off with a hanky, and also my fingers which I simply shoved into his mouth to lick off.

I needed to pee, and ordinarily I would have peed on him but it was my dad’s office and I didn’t want it to reek of pee. And I knew LiLi, the cleaning lady, in fact I had been fucking her all that summer, so I didn’t want to add to her work. So I left to pee in the toilet and I tidied up.

Mick did tidy up too, attempting to wash off the stain, but of course to no avail. I wondered how he would excuse that stain…

As always after a fuck, I was horny so I have inadvertently wiggled my ass in front of him and he, probably horny too, grabbed and pinched it. Now, when I’m horny, I do love an ass fucking and as I’ve said I was horny enough, so I wiggled my ass even more and said, “You like my little black ass, don’t you? Do you want to kiss my black fat ass?”

He dropped on his knees in a second, and pushing my skirt up he’s shoved his tongue into my brown rose bud. OOH, it was good! Leaning my chest on a desk, I started heaving my ass and fucking back on his tongue-and that’s how dad has found us.

“WHAT are you doing?! ALEXIS!!!” He yelled as he opened the door.

In a sweet little girl’s voice I answered, “I’m being nice to Mick, daddy. You said that he is a very important client! And don’t worry daddy, Mick here LOVES to fuck my black little ass!”

Dad nearly had an apoplexy. He has banned me from ever setting my foot in his office again, and only with difficulties has mom persuaded him to drop charges against Mick. Mom and dad have banished me to a catholic all girl college in Michigan, thinking that the cold might freeze my hot temper, and the lack of boys would temper me down. They were wrong.

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