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Hi my naughty friend,

Before I go in further and tell you about the sex I had last tuesday with a cleaning guy I better tell you about the problems I have in trying to talk with you on the phone !

You have to know that the phones in my office are unable to call International and if I have to do some work in my hotel room I get a mobile phone from the company I work for to email my evaluation reports! Also due to the fact that most public phones now use paycards and I only can get them at the postoffice here in my neighborhood I cannot say when I can get free time to buy such card because the postoffice is only open at times when I mostly have to work or are asleep … so I hope you can understand this situation and have patience with me !?

Now let me tell you more about what happened last week with me at the office after I chatted with you and went to take a shower before I went home.

During the time we chatted you asked me to take of my underwear and let my zipper open so I could finger myself while we were chatting! I did that but after out chat I forgot to close my zipper again.

When I walked towards the shower room at the floor where they are situated I met 3 cleaning guys who have to cleanup before our daygroup arrives ( 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. !! ). Most of those men are from North african origin and are around 45 – 50 years old ! when I past them they all started to laugh and pointed to my open zipper where some pussy hair was sticking out.

I blushed and closed the zipper immediately. 1 guy who was probably around 50, over 100 kg with a tummy, my head came only at his chest height and with a moustache … said I dont have to blush because everyone can forget to close his or her zipper and then said thanks for giving them such a beautiful site. Especially because I did not wear underwear under my jeans.

We talked some minutes with each other mostly about the beautiful weather we have now here in Belgium … ’till I said that I better go and take a shower before I go home due to the fact that the air conditioning does not work during the night here in the offices. He also said he takes a shower before going home due to the fact that he hates to be sweaty. So we said goodbye and I headed to the girls shower room who is situated next to those of the men.

Each shower room has 3 shower cabins with a curtain in front of them.

After I took my clothes off and started to wash myself I heard the shower room door open and hear someone come inside and turn on the cabin shower next to me. I thought it was another girl but when I said HI to that person I heard it was the guy who I talked earlier to.

He told me that no one of the showers in the mens shower was working and hoped I did not mind that he also used the girls shower room … naturally I said that was no problem. After about a couple of minutes he asked me if I had some shower gel that he could use. I told him yes and would give the bottle to him after I was done cleaning !

Instead of waiting he just opened my shower curtain. He stood there naked in front of me with such a hard cock who had to be at least 10 inches long. First I tried to hide my private parts while I could not keep my eyes from his cock sticking way in front of his tummy. He comfort me in saying that it would be an honor for him to help me clean myself !

I said him that I would like that and he came inside my cabin and started to put some shower gel on my back while his tummy was pressing me against the side wall of the cabin. Due to the fact that these cabins are not so wide he had trouble to wash my back but he did his best anyhow with a big erection that slammed between my legs. When he was done with washing my back he put his hands on each side of my hips and lifted me up. He told me to grab hold of the upper side of the cabin … which I did … so it would be easier for him to put his big cock in me. This was actually a funny site because I was holding on with my hands at the upper side of the cabin with my legs not even touching the floor anymore and this guy trying to penetrate my pussy 🙂

When he finally had his cock in me he grabbed my hips again and helped me ride his cock who felt so good in me 🙂 I had to put my face aside due to the fact that I was being fucked really hard against the side wall of the cabin while this guy was actually resting with his butt against the other side wall. Luckily my breasts where soaked up enough so that they did not hurt much while slapping against the wall !

While we were having sex he even turned me around to face him and so he had the change to suck on my nipples while I was embracing him. We both had multiple orgasms and when he came in my pussy I sucked him dry till he was hard again and we started to fuck again even outside the cabin now … sometimes even on the sink. When we both where wasted out I looked at my watch and saw it already was 7 o’clock! So we clothed ourselves again with often french kissing each other and went our own way.

I often had sex with a guy but this guy was one of the best I had … even with the fact that he was not handsome and even had a tummy. But his beautiful cock made all up for this and I was only sad for 1 thing … that I was unable to get his cock inside my ass due to the fact that his cock was too thick for my ass 🙁 I wish I could have done that because this guy¥s cock deserved that hole also 🙂

He works in shifts and mostly only gets to work at us company only every 2 weeks … so I hope he will work here again soon but are actually a little afraid because the company he works for is often using other working people at most jobs … sometimes the workers have to clean offices and sometimes they are instructed to do other work !!!

Sadly enough we forgot to tell each other our addresses 🙁

Well I hope you will like this ( TRUE! ) story from me and I hope you will have kept your promise in sending me stories also that you have found. Bye for now … for the moment I have to work due to the fact that the other secretary is sick due to pregnancy! I often wander how she could have been getting pregnant because we are only allowed to travel back to Korea twice a year and she even has no boyfriend in Korea or here in Belgium !!

– The End –

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