On Display – I Can See You All Tied Up

Haley closed her eyes and began to climax. It was her
fourth time so far. She prayed that the vibrator would
not escape her lips, that her resolve–and her sense of
self-preservation–would not fail. Looking out over the
city, she moaned deeply into her throat.

This time, she thought, they had gone too far.
No…Grant had gone too far. But Haley had let him.

You stupid shit, she thought.

Tonight was another variation on their “volunteer”
theme: Bondage, where in order to avoid a misery even
worse, the victim contributed to her own torment. Such
as the previous week, when Haley had submitted to ten
hours of ball-gagging. Rather than push the ball out of
her mouth, she had left it there the entire night,
moaning and crying and pleading for help. The ache in
her jaw, however awful, was nothing compared to the
torment facing her nipples.

Attached to each was a sharp-toothed alligator clip,
loaded with a powerful spring. Each was held loosely in
place by a slip-pin arrangement, each pin attached to
the gag via a slender gold chain. They awaited only her
action. If the ball-gag fell, the pins would go with it,
releasing the springs. Though Louis promised a quick
rescue, Haley could well imagine her screams. She
moaned now, thinking about it.

Keep it cool, girl. Only six more hours to go.
Six more hours?
Haley moaned again.

They lived in lower Manhattan, in a high-rise four short
blocks from Ground Zero. The bedroom window faced the
windows of the building opposite, windows which by great
measure were still lit. They glittered refractively
through the rain-soaked window.

Was she glad it had rained?
She was glad for no lightning?
Was she glad for the late hour?
She was glad all the lights were doused.
Keep that vibrator in your mouth, girl! Do not let it

Like most city dwellers, Grant owned a powerful
telescope. Haley used it often, looking into the myriad
windows across the street. She had witnessed a lot of
parties and had witnessed a lot of fights. Many a
seduction too–and some pretty intense lovemaking. But
she had given others a few treats as well. Her apartment
offered a plethora of glass, which Grant left mostly

“Give ’em a show,” Grant always said.

Give ’em a show she did. Performing before that expanse
of glass like an actor before a sharp-tongued critic,
naked and seemingly oblivious to attention, Haley
acted, attempting to suspend belief.
Tonight, there was no disbelief to suspend.

Naked except for thigh-high black stockings, her long
blonde hair piled safely atop her head, Haley stood
spread-eagled before the window. Her ankles and wrists
were lashed to the uprights at the foot of her bed,
which Grant had pushed into position before lashing her
to it. She was a scant two feet from the glass. A
vibrator was up her vagina, and another was up her ass,
both held in place by a leather harness. They hummed
merrily away. A clitoral stimulator the size of a
Chapstick was built into the harness, cutting on and off
seemingly at will. It made Haley frantic when it cut
on. She had climaxed twice in the last half hour alone,
four times since Grant had left. And she felt another
one building.

Keep that vibrator in your mouth, girl! Do not let it

The vibrator, made of flesh-colored plastic with an
anodized aluminum tip, was slick with saliva. Haley
clenched it between her teeth. Even that was difficult.
Making things worse, her nipples were lassoed with fine
gold loops, attached to her leather headband via chains.
It was impossible for Haley to put back her head
without her nipples yelping in pain. Even with her head
slightly forward, as it was now, the chains were taut.

Do not let go of the vibrator, Kellie!

She knew that sooner or later, she would. The cylinder
had nearly escaped her mouth during her last orgasm. It
was slick and heavy and Haley had wanted it gone almost
as much as she wanted it in. She craved the spotlights
on, the blitz of panic that being spotlighted would
bring: the privacy-stealing, esteem-robbing, safety-
destroying dilemma of being seen nude and helpless.

Since the vibrator was attached to another gold chain,
one leading to a pull-switch located above her head,
being seen was an imminent danger. If the vibrator fell,
the switch would turn on, activating the spotlights
mounted either side of the window. Spotlights aimed at
her slender young body. 600 watts of brilliant white
light. Thousands of windows, comprising New York City’s
most fashionable ward, would get an eyeful of Haley
then, humiliatingly bound, shamelessly aroused, coming
in her bondage for all to see.

Do not let go of the vibrator, Haley!
Don’t you dare!
She knew that she would.

It was after two a.m. Her hips writhed slowly while
Haley endured the incessant stimulation. She sucked the
vibrator’s shaft. She inched her head back to rest her
jaw, grimaced as the lassos tugged at her nipples. Damn
that Grant! The clever bastard! Always one idea

She wondered how long she could last.
Do not let go of the vibrator, Kellie!
Don’t you dare!

Sweat glistened on her naked body. A drop slid down her
forehead and into her eye. Haley shook it away. She
moaned as the lassos bit her nipples. God, that hurts!
She thought. She looked out over the city, at all those
lights, at all those other apartments. She saw people in
them now.

Dawn, Grant had said. He’d return at dawn. In time to
rescue her from the gathering daylight. Daylight that
made her plight impossible to hide. Both knew it was
unlikely she’d last that long, but at least it gave her
hope. Hope was all she had.

She wiggled her toes. They barely touched the floor. She
was not only bound to the bed, but suspended upon it,
the leather and velvet cuffs holding her aloft. Another
Grant idea. The clever little bastard!

Someone was looking her way.
He was in an apartment across the street, a few levels
down. He was staring directly at her.

She could not be seen with the spotlights off, Haley
knew, unless by a flash of lightning. Grant had assured
her of this. There was no lightning tonight and no
moonlight to make her visible. Unless she lost the
vibrator from her mouth, Haley was safe.

Do not let go of the vibrator, Haley!
Don’t you dare!

A small group had formed. They were all men. They all
looked her way. Haley realized they had a telescope.
“Oh, god,” she murmured, unconsciously shaking her head.
“Please don’t let them see.”

The thought triggered her next orgasm and moments later,
Haley was shaking and shuddering and writhing her hips.
The vibrator up her ass twisted remorselessly counter
clockwise; the clitoral stimulator wracked her nerves.
If they could see her, they were getting quite a show.

Do not let go of the vibrator, Haley!
Don’t you dare!

When the climax subsided, Haley slumped against her
bondage. The vibrator dangled from her lips. She hadn’t
the strength to suck it back in. It inched farther away.
If it drops, her thoughts said, the lights will turn on.
The men across the way will see you. Everyone will.

I understand that, Haley thought back.
Knowing it would hurt, Haley jerked her head sideways
and back. “Owww!” she wailed, around the aluminum tube.
Her nipples shreiked and throbbed violently. They pulled
straight up. They tented her breasts.

Swallowing, Haley sucked the vibrator back into her
mouth, making herself gag. She clamped it with her

That was too close! she thought. That was way too close!
She had almost lost it.

Across the way, the group of men were clustered around
the telescope. She saw them only as well as the window-
rain would allow, but one man looked very familiar.
Standing apart from the rest, he seemed to be smiling.

“What are you grinning about?” she muttered around the
tube. “I’ll teach you to grin.” She extended both her
middle fingers, in a double-barreled salute. She grinned
in retaliation. Then her breath froze.

Was that Grant? Was that Grant across the street?

The tweed coat, the white turtleneck sweater, the
graying beard? It was Grant all right! Haley watched in
horror as he left the group and walked into an adjacent
bedroom. She saw him sit down on the bed. He dialed his
cell phone. The telephone rang. Her answering machine
picked up.

“Hi!” said her cheerful and rather too-youthful sounding
voice. “I’m not home right now, and neither is Grant. If
you’d like to leave a message, however, one of us will
call back. I promise I will. Honestly. Grant doesn’t
like it when I break a promise.” Her voice suddenly
broke, an unmistakable crack of embarrassment. Then she
giggled. Grant said something in the background,
something that made her voice rush on again. “If you
heard that, please don’t tell my mother!” she pleaded
with a giggle, and then hung up.

Across the bedroom, Haley listened in trepidation.

“Hello, my sweet,” Grant said, sweetly. “No one can
decide if that’s a naked girl across the way, or a
figment of their imagination. They can see you, sort of,
but with the rain and the lack of light, it could be an
illusion. Wishful thinking, let’s say. It’s become the
focus of our little group.”

“Anyway, everyone misses you and keeps asking where you
are. I’ve assured them you’re bound to make an
appearance before the night is over. I promised that,
you know. And you know how I like to keep my promises.”
The was an expectant pause, then he hung up. He waved at
her through the bedroom window.

Do not let go of the vibrator, Haley!
Don’t you dare!

As Grant returned to the next room and the cluster of
men at the telescope, Haley closed her eyes. She
climaxed again. She writhed with the unending
vibrations. She rotated counter clockwise with the
embedded dildo. She whimpered and she moaned.

As the vibrator began its slow and relentless slide from
between her lips, Haley wondered if she could hold back
the scream building inside her chest, or the one inside
her gut. She moaned deeply, one last time. Then the
vibrator left her mouth and fell slow-motion toward the
floor. The chain tightened, then twanged like a guitar
string as the vibrator stopped one inch from the floor
and rebounded. There was a ratcheting click from above,
then a deluge of light. Haley closed her eyes. Across
the street, eyes flew open. But not for long.

Across the great city, the beacon of the east, the pulse
of the western world, lights died in a reverse cascade.
They winked off first in Harlem, and then the Bronx,
then across mid-town Manhattan. Brooklyn went next, and
then Queens, and then lower Manhattan. The boroughs fell
dark. Then most of northern New Jersey did the same,
then Delaware and parts of Pennsylvania. The blackout,
the worst in twenty-six years, reached as far south as
Maryland and Virginia, then mercifully stopped.

It became quiet in the apartment, and very still. Kellie
opened her eyes. She sighed, and then she began to
laugh. She laughed for a very long time.

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