One For Every Day

Am I the luckiest woman on the planet or what? I have wild sex drive and a playful imagination, and I have a devoted, big-dicked husband who will do ANYTHING to please me. He’s absolutely mad about me and, believe me, I make him prove it – every day of the week!

I work hard all week, but I stay energized during my busy days just daydreaming about the fun that’s waiting for me when I get home. My hubby Chris knows I like variety and that I have a lot ofways to enjoy myself. He knows there’s something specific expected of him every night of the week when I get home from work.

And if he forgets, or if he gets lazy or neglectful, well I still get to have some fun. I call my powerful, ex-boxer lover over and ask him to bring his belt. Then I watch with glee as my big stud puts Chris over his lap and gives him an exciting, bare-bottom spanking. Man, can he get that boy’s tail shiny red!

But I digress. Those spankings rarely happen. Chris always remembers what he’s supposed to do to please me.

So here’s my week:

Monday is “Jack-It-For-Me Showtime” Night.

When I get home on Monday evening, Chris has to give me a fabulous show. I make him jerk off for me! He knows he has to be ready when I walk in — sitting on the sofa wearing only his blue bathrobe and nothing else. The robe must be open in the front so I can see that fabulous big cock of his and watch those wonderful balls bounce up and down while he works it for me. My instructions are that his prick must be standing up straight and marble hard. And he has to stroke it slowly and sensuously up and down for my viewing pleasure until I tell him to change the pace. He usually has the baby oil out on the coffee table because he knows I like to see his dick all shiny and glistening. Man I love that show! I sit on the ottoman and rest my face in my hands and watch with pride and pleasure while he jacks it for me — knowing it’s all

Sometimes I make him work it for a whole hour, keeping it hard the whole time, making him bounce those heavenly balls while I watch, breathlessly. And I say “faster… slower… faster!” and he has to obey me, keeping the tempo I want him to keep.

When I’m ready for the grand finale, I just say, “Okay, shoot for me!” And he does – gallons! If he cums before I tell him to, I make him lean over the sofa arm with his cute fanny thrust up. I grease up the handle of a wooden serving spoon and slide it into his ass. I make him stay there in that humiliating position while I watch TV or work a crossword, teasing him and laughing now and then. Once in a while, I’ll nonchalantly reach over and give the spoon a playful little twist.

But that hardly ever happens. I’ve really taught him to control himself.

Tuesday is “Spank-Him-Just-Because” Night.

This is particularly enjoyable if I’ve had a trying day at my job, dealing with jerks and I have frustrations to work off.

Every Tuesday when I walk in the door, he has to be lying bare-assed over the ottoman with his pants and underpants down – not off — down around his ankles. He has to be in that position when I walk in. It always makes me laugh no matter how many times I’ve seen him like that. It’s funny, but it always gives me a thrilling and exciting sense of power to see this strong, sexy man “offer” himself to me like that.

I walk in and say “Okay thrust it up for me.” And he arches it way up. Then I give him a 20-minute tail-warming. Mostly I like to use my hand but sometimes I use the spatula or my ping-pong paddle if I’ve had a really bad day.

Wednesday is “Kiss my ass hello” Night.

On my way up in the elevator, I’m already starting to get hot, just thinking about the exciting attention he’s going to give me. I slide my panties off and put them in my purse (They’re always soaking wet from my anticipation.)

When I walk in, Chris has to be kneeling at the door, clad only in his tight, white undies. I turn my back to him, hike up my skirt, push my gorgeous derriere out and say those magic words: “Kiss my ass hello, slave.”

And with that, he buries his face in there, licking all over my cheeks, and up and down the crack, and tonguing my asshole. (And he better be enthusiastic about it!). I walk casually around the house putting things away, or taking clothes out of the dryer, whatever. And he has to follow me around on his knees, keeping his face in my trim little behind the whole time.

Sometimes, I actually cum two or three times while he does it.

Thursday is “Bring the Gals Home” Night.

I have a reputation at work as a sex goddess whose man knows he better please her. I often bring one or two of the women I work with home just to make them jealous. They’re delighted, turned on and fascinated by the things I make him do to give me pleasure. I make him give me head and kiss my ass while they watch. Sometimes I spank him bare-assed over my lap and sometimes I let them watch him fuck me hard, long and passionately. If one of the gals has been especially nice to me lately, I give her a little present. Maybe I make Chris get her off by rubbing and stimulating her clit with his talented fingers until she cums, or maybe I let her spank him. It depends on my mood.

Sometimes we play a game called “gusher.” I make Chris lie nude on his back with his big dick sticking up (This always makes me super-proud. The girls’ eyes nearly pop out of their heads at the sight of it.) Then I grease that big thing up with Vaseline and we all take turns jacking him. We give him 20 strokes each. Then it’s the next woman’s turn. Whoever makes him shoot wins the game. Her reward is she gets to sit on his face and ride him until he gets her off.

I love it when there’s a new girl at work who doesn’t believe it when she hears the stories about me. I love to bring her home and watch the stunned, excited look on her face.

Friday is “Face my Pussy” Night.

Friday is the mirror image of Wednesday. I still slide my panties off in the elevator and he still has to meet me on his knees at the door. But this time, instead of turning my back to him. I face him and make him bury his face in my pussy and lap me like a little kitten drinking milk out of a dish. I don’t move around as much on Fridays as I do on Wednesdays because, frankly, I get too weak and rubber-kneed to walk. He gives excellent head and when he starts tonguing my clit… well I pretty much collapse.

I greedily push him back onto the floor and mount his face. I make him give me two or three good thorough orgasms — each in a different place and position (lying on the kitchen table on my back with him kneeling before me; on my hands and knees on the living room rug with him underneath me,lapping my snatch; or sometimes I sit on the sofa, legs spread, watching X-rated DVDs while he licks my soaking wet pussy. I like the special touch of not getting naked, but just hiking my skirt up and making him get under it.

Saturday is “Date Night” Night.

This is one of the most exciting and satisfying nights of the week for me, and the most humiliating and embarrassing for Chris.

I work with some really cute guys. I’m so sexual. I often flirt and fantasize with these sexy hunks and sometimes — I can’t help it — I find myself making out with one of them in some secluded section of the office. The prospect of getting caught adds to the excitement. Anyway, usually I’m very hot and so is the handsome dude I’m with. After I reach my hand down and make sure he’s got the goods. (I am a “size queen” and if the guy isn’t super big, forget it.)

Anyway I usually tantalize him by asking, “Have you ever been waited on hand and foot by a woman’s husband while you kiss, suck, fondle and fuck her?”

He usually does a double take. But after I give him some ideas about what I’ll make Chris do for us, we set a “date” for Saturday.

Just the other day I made a date with our branch manager, Mario. He’s a rugged dark-haired Italian guy with dreamy brown eyes and a hard muscular body. His dick is enormous too, of course, and he’s a wonderful kisser.

A whole hour before Mario was supposed to be over, I made Chris start “getting me ready.”

I sat at my makeup mirror with my panties off and filmy button-up negligee on, I had Chris kneel before me and lick my pussy while I put my make up on. I kept teasing him saying, “Get me greased up good and slick. Mario has an enormous cock and if I’m not lubed up enough, he’s going to be very angry and I will be too. If you don’t get me wet and greasy enough, Mario and I will make you suck his huge cock and get it slippery wet so it slides in nice and pleasant.”

I just kept saying whatever came into my head. And Chris really outdid himself getting me worked up. It was so thrilling and exciting to know he was so turned on to me and that he would put up with it for me.

When he had my cunt sopping wet I tenderly brought his face up, opened the front of my nightie and said: “Now honey, you know Mario really likes to see my tits standing up pert, firm and pretty for him. He likes it when my nipples are really diamond hard. And I already told him he could spank you if you don’t get them looking just like he likes them — and believe me, you don’t want to go across Mario’s lap because, from what I can imagine from feeling those strong arms of his around me, he’s probably a real hard spanker. I must admit it would turn me on two watch that. I bet he could get your ass stop-sign red for me…”

And Chris sucked and kissed my tits like there was no tomorrow. I actually came twice.

By the time Mario came over I was on fire. Mario and I hurried into the bedroom, making Chris crawl nude on his hands and knees behind us like faithful doggy.

Mario and I started making out. Before long he had me nude and was lying on top of me kissing me. I whispered in his ear “Let’s not waste the opportunity. We have a willing slave who will do anything we tell him. Make him do something to please us.”

So Mario said (in a commanding, sexy voice), “Okay slave I want you to kiss the bottoms of your wife’s feet while I kiss her mouth and breasts. And you better do it good.”

I shivered with the masculine authority in his voice. Chris got right work!

Man! What heaven. I lay there with Mario on top of me, his shirt and pants off, only his tight jockeys covering “the goods” and felt his wonderful mouth on my neck, breasts, face and lips.

And all the while, my “dog” Chris knelt at the foot of the bed kissing the soles of my bare feet, tonguing between my toes, licking me from my heels all the way to my toe tips. I was tingling all over.

Soon, I had Mario’s undies off and Chris was amazed to see that Mario’s dick was at least as big as his was.

Just for fun, I had the two of them sit on the bed side by side and play with themselves for me. They were both pretty proud of what they were displaying for me. What an exciting show!

Then I had them both kneel at the foot of the bed and watch me stroke my pussy. I could hear their moans and sighs as they watched, shivering with the excitement of what they were looking at.

Then, I let them take turns eating me, lapping my pussy like eager little puppies.

When I finally couldn’t wait another second, I allowed Mario to fuck me. We made Chris stand beside the bed and fan us with a huge palm frond while Mario rammed and reamed me with that huge cock of his — rough and strong, hurting me just a little but not really bad, just enough to remind me of what a rugged man he was and how much he wanted me.

It was great.

Sunday is “Anything Can Happen” Night.

On Sundays, Chris never knows what just I’m going to make him do to please me. It depends on my whim and my mood. But one thing’s sure. It’s going to be all about me and my pleasure.

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