Out On The Prowl

Tonight I wanted some hot young cock and I really wasn’t interested in dealing with the bullshit singles scene. I put on my cum-and fuck-me whore threads and hit the local gas station. That’s right, some of the hottest scenes with kinky young dudes I’ve ever had have been in gas stations. Maybe that’s why they call them filling stations?

I spent a good two hours primping and preparing myself for the ordeal to come. A sensually-scented hot oil bath followed by a quick session with my chrome plated dildo got the juices flowing and the nipples hard: lets just say it put me in the right frame of mind! Next came the wardrobe: the “special” attire for special occasions like these.

Hmmm, should I wear this bra? Nah, nothing can hold back these massive 38 DD’s tonight. Maybe just the sheer red lace halter so all the boys can appreciate what’s waiting for them underneath.

Of course along with the top comes the mandatory black fishnet stockings, purple garter belt, split crotch panties for easy access to my cunt and the three inch spiked heels. A swish of blood red lipstick to match the nail polish, a splash of cheap perfume, and this is one hot cunt ready to get her snatch filled.

I cruised about town in the convertible driving from station to station searching for the right time and place. I was looking for one with one or two attendants, preferably young black studs wood just love to take a piece of my soft wet pussy. I finally found the perfect place. Just in time: my cunt was dripping wet from the anticipation. I pulled my car in and called one of the guys over.

In the yellowish glow I could read his name off his green shirt, Alex. We began to rap casually while he filled up the car. He told me that he and his cousin James had been working in this station for most of the summer and he’d never seen anyone as beautiful as me. I could tell he was being honest, the bulging mass of cock in his pants gave him away. He tried to conceal his engorged member but it was too late.

After he finished filling the tank I paid him and asked him for directions to some bogus party I was allegedly “dressed up” for. He tried, oh how he tried to keep his mind straight and tell me how to get there. He forged on while I lit my cigarette and cast a sultry glance at his huge prick. He even fought temptation as I hiked my miniskirt up to reveal my garters. But when I began to brush my thumb against my clearly hardened nipples, he surrendered.

“Do you know anyone who’d like to fuck my wet hot pussy?” I asked him.

With that, Alex lunged through the open driver’s window and grabbed both of my tits with his powerful hands. My cunt quivered. I opened my mouth wide and trapped his tongue with a deep sensual kiss.

He wanted my cunt right then and there but I suggested that we’d be more comfortable in the garage. Reluctantly he agreed. I parked the car alongside the garage and sauntered on in. I was met there by Alex and his cousin James. Without a word, Alex took me by the back of my head and forced my mouth down on his huge, uncircumcised cock-meat. He shoved his dick deep within my throat, thrusting away with all his might. I gently took his balls in my hand and milked them gently while eating his dick as fast as I could.

James came up behind me and slapped my ass hard. I jumped, nearly biting Alex’s dick! James put three fingers up inside of my dripping cunt, then he lubricated his meat whistle with my juices. He shoved the full length of his glistening shaft deep within my shit-hole, fucking me like a madman; pumping and humping my ass while Alex continued to feed me his sweet black sausage.

The waves of pleasure alternated with the pain. My tits were hanging outside of the halter now and shaking so violently I was afraid they’d fall off my chest. Suddenly, Alex began to shoot thick hot spurts of cum deep inside my throat. To my astonishment, he pulled his meat out of my mouth and shot his cream all over my face. My makeup was running making me look like some freakish whore-clown. I began to writhe as my cunt-hole contracted in time to James’s incessant pumping.

“Make the fucking whore drink it!” yelled Alex.

James pulled his dick out of me and spun me around, just in time to shoot another mouthful of the hot jism. I opened my mouth wide and drank the fuck- fluid greedily. He thanked me with another hard slap, this time across my cum-drenched face.

I didn’t bother to clean-up, I just ran for the garage and got into my car, with my tits exposed, (much to the surprise of some lady filling her car). I drove off a couple of blocks and parked in a desolate street where I finger-fucked myself till I came again; my needs satisfied… until the next time that is.

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