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The fear of getting caught has always been a great adrenaline rush for me. It doesn’t help that the company that my boyfriend works for is plastered all over the truck that he drives for his job. Being a well known company in our small town, well the trucks are hard to miss. His job takes him all over the county and beyond at times.

One of my favorite drives is to East County towards the mountains. Along the way there are a couple of large dams with turn-offs that you can stop and sight-see. The water level of the lakes has been relatively low the past couple of months; they have been releasing the water frequently. You can see at what levels the water has been at in the past few months, but each time we stop it seems to get lower and lower. The area is very popular with boaters, water skiers and jet skiers.

After about a week of not really seeing each other to talk let alone do anything else. He got a call to go to East County, asked if I would like to go along just to be able to talk and actually spend some time together. Sure, why not? I didn’t have to work the next day, let’s go! Getting a late start, we first decided that taking some food would be a good idea, even if it’s snack food. Not to many places to stop at along the way, and after a certain time most of those places are closed anyway.

We stopped for some snacks and drinks to take along. It was getting late so we headed for East County. The place that we were going to was about 80 miles out, in the boonies to say the least. After snacking and getting some fluid in us, we set about to talking about the happenings of the week that we didn’t get to talk about. About half way to our destination, the answering service called and said that the call was cancelled. Well crap, so much for a nice long drive.

He told the answering service to call the customer back to make sure that it was a cancel. Sure would hate to get all the way back home and find out that he would have to go back. Yeah for sure it was cancelled. Ok fine, another mile up the road was the turnout for the dam anyway, might as well get a look at the water before it gets too dark. As we pull into the parking area there’s an RV sitting there with all it’s lights on inside, the door wide open, and you could see some guy sitting at the table either reading or playing cards, don’t really know which. My first thought was damn, there just had to be a vehicle sitting here, so much for getting in a little fun time.

Either way, we stopped and got out of the truck. It was a nice night, wasn’t too cool out, it was actually pretty warm out still. That is amazing for East County, it’s usually colder than a witch’s tit and you wish you would have brought a coat most times. I was in shorts and a t-shirt and was actually warm enough for once. I said we might as well go down and look and see how low the water is. He agreed and proceeded to walk towards the walkway that leads down the side of the cliff that leads to a fishing spot.

The walkway is made of different levels as it descends the side of the lake wall. There is a huge rock that had fallen from the rock wall and sits about half way down the walkway. Before even getting to the rock he said, “There’s your rock.” Proceeding to pull his dick out of his pants. I was rather surprised that he would, considering that there was an RV sitting not so far away.

“Hmmm, maybe you should be getting this hard?” Don’t have to ask me twice, a couple more steps down and I was at the perfect height. I love the way it feels in my mouth and against my tongue, so soft and warm to start, feeling it get harder and larger with each suck and lick, each little twitch makes my pussy twitch with anticipation. His little moans of encouragement, the ooo’s and ahhh’s make me even wetter.

The thought of that guy sitting in his motor home, could come to the edge of the hill, and see what I am doing to him makes me just want to cum just thinking about it. I intensify the blowjob I am giving him, making sure he’s good and hard, loving the feeling of his dick sliding in and out of my mouth, listening to him groan, knowing full well how much he is enjoying it. The taste of pre-cum is evident now, oh what a fantastic taste it is. He is now so hard that he’s ready to burst and so am I with need.

I ask if he’s ready to move down to the rock, taking care not to fall down the stairs with his dick leading the way. Another short flight of stairs and we are there. This rock is the perfect shape and is sitting is such a way that the shorter end is towards him and the taller end is uphill. Just the right height for me to put my knees on to make myself short enough for him to enter me from behind.

There is just enough light for him to see me shimmy my shorts down around my knees and position myself on the rock for easy access. He fingered my pussy a couple of times to smear my juices around and to tease me for a moment. The thought of getting caught was more intense now. He could walk to the edge of the hill and see us, or there was also the thought of him being up there and watching us go at it. Oh my god, just please give it to me now! Is what I wanted to say but couldn’t form the words. I was so ready that I could taste it.

He slid his dick up and down my eagerly awaiting cunt, taunting me. I was about to the point of begging, but with one swift motion he was buried in my wet pussy as far as he could possibly go. “OH MY GOD! YES!! That’s what I need the most, to be filled to the hilt.”

It felt so good to be stuffed full at that moment. To feel the little twitches that his cock makes when it’s in me, to relax and tighten my pussy muscles around it, trying to hold him there so he can’t take it away from me. I was in heaven at that moment. He slowly started to thrust in and out, increasing my lust with each move, making me want more and more. I could feel my first orgasm coming within the first couple of minutes, building with each thrust of his hips.

He knows when I am going to cum, and shoves his cock in me as far as he can, so when I climax, I don’t push him out. He twitches his cock against my cervix to intensify my orgasm. I so much want to scream but can’t. The intensity of my orgasm makes me quiver all over, bucking against him, trying to shove him in deeper. That release has been what I have needed for some time now. With the first orgasm out of the way now, he changes his rhythm to long deep strokes, letting me feel every inch going deep into my slippery smooth wetness. Oh I could let him do this for hours and not complain one bit.

Now with the change of pace, I feel the next orgasm building, starting off with that slight pang you feel, growing with each stroke till you feel that you can’t take it no more and then it hits. OMG! He speeds up a little and the second wave hits. I am getting the ready to pass out type of orgasms now. Knowing now that I am making noise, and wondering if the guy in the motor home is hearing us? He would have to be totally deaf if he couldn’t hear that one.

The tempo and rhythm changes again, he is now fucking me much faster and harder now, no other pussy could have it as good as I at that moment. ‘Oh Whoa! Wait a minute! Why did you stop?’ But before I could get the words out, I felt him rubbing his cock against my ass, I was so wet and slick from the fucking that no extra lube was needed. He slowly pushed his way into my ass as far as he could go. That is such an exquisite feeling when he first slides his cock up my ass.

The feeling of being stretched like that makes a moan escape my lips, makes me push back against him to get him deeper. Oh my God that feels so good! Fuck me, fuck me well, and fuck me hard! “OH god that feels so damn good. Grab a handful of hair and make me squeal!” I feel another orgasm mounting from his balls hitting my clit, such a fantastic one building that I can’t take it; I am ready to explode into a million little pieces. “Oh god, please don’t stop!” By now I am thinking that if the guy in the motor home isn’t at least watching he’s missing one hell of a good fuck!

I can tell he’s getting close to cumming too. I know the movements, the bursts of hard, deep thrusting, the change in his breathing, gets me right to the edge of my own explosion. The last final deep thrust makes me cum while he is shooting his cum deep in my ass, feeling the twitches of his cock inside me, making me buck against him again trying to get him as deep as I possibly can. He lays against my back, with his cock still firmly entrenched in my ass, our heavy breathing slowly starting to subside. “Oh my, that was intense, but oh so good.”

After he stands up I am able to also. Guess we have to head back home. I pull my shorts up; he puts his cock back in its nice warm resting place and head up the stairs towards the truck. The motor home is still there, lights still on; the guy still sitting at the little table doing whatever it is he is doing. Totally oblivious to what was going on, not even 50 yards away from him.

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