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I think I knew what would happen from the moment we became their hostages. It was only a matter of time. My wife has such a sexy figure that I knew they wouldn’t be able to resist having her. As it happened, it was actually two whole days before anything happened. And you don’t argue with these men. Looking at the wrong end of an AK47 tends to shut you up.

You probably heard about us on the news. We were taken hostage and they held us for ten days. They took us from one of the main city streets, in broad daylight. It was a classic drive-by kidnapping. The car pulled over beside us and two armed men bundled us both into the back, then we drove off at high speed. For a while I though they were secret police and that they would let us go as soon as they realized they had just arrested two innocent tourists. But when we were blindfolded in the car so we couldn’t see where we were going, I began to realize that these guys were not on the side of the law.

They took our blindfolds off when they had got us into our prison room and had chained us. I was shackled to a radiator on one side of the room and my wife was handcuffed to a big iron bed on the other side. She could lie on the bed, or sit on it. I had a mattress to lie on. In the center of the room was a plain wooden table and two chairs.

Our guards were all Arabs, or Arabic looking anyway. The two we saw the most were Sherif and Ahmed. Sherif was tall, about 30 I suppose, and grinned a lot. He spoke reasonably good English, but with a strong accent. Ahmed was younger, maybe 25 or so, very muscular, and spoke only Arabic. Sherif was the boss man: Ahmed did as he was told.

The food was, amazingly, very good. There seemed to be a top class restaurant nearby and they were bringing food in for us. Then they would unchain my wife and invite her to sit at the table to eat. I was not given this privilege and ate my meals from a plate on the floor.

The toilet was at the end of the corridor. If we asked, they would take us there. They would let us close the door. Overall, we really weren’t treated too bad. But in the back of my mind I had the feeling that sexual temptation would get the better of them, sooner or later. While we had been tourists I had seen the local Arabs looking at Julie, my blonde wife, and the look in their eyes said it all. A man in a shop had fondled her backside. Another had made me an offer for a night with her. Actually it was a pretty good offer and Julie had said later than I was a fool not to accept!

What excites them is obvious. Julie is 31, 5ft 10″ tall and has a full and curvy figure. Her legs look as if they go up to her armpits and she can’t help wriggling her backside as she walks. To top it all off, she has a wonderful pair of breasts which positively bounce as she moves. Before we were married she was one of the crowd I went around with, and her nickname was “sex on stilts.” Anyway the Arabs really go overboard when it comes to western blonde women. I suppose that’s because they haven’t got any and they just want to try something new.

We were abducted on a very hot day, so we were only wearing very light clothes. Julie was wearing a thin white blouse which buttoned down the front, and a light blue skirt. Of course she had underwear on, but only slip on shoes. No tights, nothing like that. You could see straight through the blouse, it was so thin. I saw Sherif staring at her from time to time, and I knew he was longing to get her clothes off.

After our evening meal on day two Julie asked to be taken to the toilet and Ahmed escorted her there and back. She came back into the room and went to the iron bedstead, expecting to be chained up again. But Sherif, who was sitting at the table with the handcuffs, didn’t make a move. Instead he put down his newspaper and, looking first at Julie, he then turned to me.

“Your wife Julie, nice lady, very pretty” he said.

I nodded. This was it. This was the warm up. I could feel my heart thumping. Sherif grinned at me. “I think you lucky man,” he went on. “Have nice sexy wife. She pretty good, eh?”

I pulled a face, pretending I didn’t understand what he was getting at. He laughed at my pretended innocence. “You know,” he said “Good at jig-a-jig!” He winked and poked a finger through a loop he made between thumb and forefinger of the other hand. “Like this!” he said. I shrugged and still said nothing.

“She have nice breasts John, big eh? You like play with those? And down here..” he rubbed his crotch “Nice too I think, tight for man going in there. She move around plenty when you have her John, do dance for you?” I didn’t know what to do. Chained to a radiator, there wasn’t a lot I could do. She was completely at their mercy. I just glared at Sherif, hoping he wouldn’t go any further.

“I think good idea we take look at Julie, get her to take off some clothes” he said.

“Julie,” he said slowly, turning and looking at her, a leering smile on his face. “Come here plis.”

“Just leave her alone, you animal,” I growled as fiercely as possible, getting to my feet. My chain clanked on the radiator, bringing me up short. He grinned at me. “You, John,” he said, “You shut up. You are guest here. You behave yourself. Just sit and watch. I not hurt your wife.” With that he produced a wicked hunting knife from his belt and placed it on the table. “If you give trouble” he added “I cut you to pieces, understand?” He would too. There really wasn’t a damn thing I could do. I sat down again, hoping that Julie would have some idea to fend him off. For a moment I thought it might just be a bit of fun.

Julie didn’t make a move. She just sat on the bed and looked at him.

“Come Julie,” said Sherif. “Come over here. I not hurt you.”

“I don’t want to,” she replied.

“Julie, c’mon, don’t make big trouble. Come stand here,” said Sherif, smiling.

Julie stood up slowly. She hesitated for a moment, then she went over to him. She stood a few feet from him, her arms at her sides, saying nothing, resigned to her fate.

Sherif picked up the hunting knife and pointed it at her thin blouse. “Now then Julie, take off,” he said quietly “and show us.” Julie didn’t move. “Julie,” said Sherif. “You have nice body. Me and my friend want to see. Now take off shirt, don’t make trouble OK.” Julie remained motionless. “Julie,” growled Sherif, warningly. Then he leant forward with the hunting knife in his hand and, with a twist of his wrist, sent one of the buttons flying across the room. For a moment she didn’t react. Then she slowly undid the buttons down the front of her blouse and peeled it off, tossing it to one side. She stood in bra and skirt, looking at him, completely expressionless. “Good lady,” he said, grinning. “Now take off this,” he said, indicating her bra with the point of the knife. “Show us your big breasts.” Again she hesitated. “Take off Julie!” said Sherif. It was an order.

She still didn’t move for a moment or two. Then she calmly reached up behind her back and released the clip. Her full breasts dropped slightly as she brought the straps round to her chest. Then she took off the cups and they swung free. She shrugged off the shoulder straps and threw the bra to join her blouse. Her nipples were erect, like two small pink corks.

Sherif put down the knife and got to his feet. He walked right round her. Then he stood in front of her. “Julie, you are very beautiful. Now you show us,” he said. “Show us everything.”

Julie looked quickly at me, almost as if seeking my approval. She knew she had no choice. She unzipped the side of her skirt and dropped it to the floor. Now she had only her small skimpy pair of pants. You could see the shadow of her pubic bush through them. She glanced at me briefly, then she hooked her fingers into the waistband and drew them down, stepping gracefully out of them. She tossed them onto the pile of her clothes on the floor. She drew herself up to her full height and just stood there, completely naked, hands to her sides, waiting for Sherif’s next move. I swear I saw her smile slightly. She didn’t try to cover herself. She looked proud, magnificent, and very sexy.

Sherif walked round her, looking at her with pure lust in his eyes. He said something to Ahmed in Arabic. They laughed. Ahmed was sitting at the table and I could see his hand on his crotch, his fingers working. He wanted her. Sherif stood in front of her. “Julie, you have beautiful body, very nice breasts,” he said. He reached out and cupped them, one in each hand, feeling their weight. Julie just stood, motionless, submitting totally to his fondling. Sherif knew what to do to get a reaction. He took her nipples in his fingers and rolled them gently. Julie’s eyes half closed and I saw a shudder go through her body. Then he let go of one nipple and dropped his hand to her bush. He rubbed his hand up and down her hair. “I think you nice here too,” he said. “Nice and tight for big cock.” Julie shuddered again and closed her eyes. Now it was certain that she was going to be fucked. “You like big cock Julie?” he continued, taunting her as he rubbed her bush. “I have big cock Julie, maybe you like to see?”

Sherif then turned to me, unbuckling his leather trouser belt. “Now John,” he said, smiling. “You see me. I have big cock, very stiff, good for fucking ladies. You take good look at me, John, then we find out if your wife good at jig-a-jig John.” He dropped his trousers, stepped out of them, then took off his shirt. “Now then John,” he said, dropping his underpants. “What you think? Big enough for your wife? Your wife, she like this, I think.” He was gripping his cock and smiling at me. “You as big as me, John?” He let go, leaving his erection proudly sticking out towards me.

I said nothing. I wasn’t as big as him, no way. His cock was thick and hard, like a rigid black pole with veined ribs. It curved back towards his stomach slightly. He laughed at me. “I give your wife very good jig-a-jig John, long time, then maybe give her baby. What you think John, good idea, I give Julie nice Arab baby with this?” He pulled his cock down and let it go. It sprang up and slapped against his stomach, then remained waving about in front of him. He looked at the expression on my face and laughed again, and Ahmed joined in, even though he couldn’t have known what the hell Sherif had been saying to me. He was taunting me, standing there, displaying his erection. Then he turned away and went to Julie. He stood in front of her now, his hands on his hips, proudly displaying his stiff cock.

I didn’t want Sherif to see, but my own cock was stiffening at the sight of the two of them stark naked in front of me, about to have sex.

“What you think Julie?” he said “Good, eh? My cock big enough for you?” Julie still said nothing. She just stood there. But I could see that she was looking at Sherif’s erection. Then Sherif took a pace forward, still with his hands on his hips. Now his cock was almost touching her stomach. He took her hand and pulled it to his erection. “Here,” he said. “Feel how hard and big.” I suppose it was an automatic reaction, but I saw her fingers wrap round the shaft. “Oh,” said Sherif. “You like then? Is good for you? Maybe you like in here Julie?” He brushed his hand over her pubic hair, then cupped his hand over her sex. I could see his fingers disappearing between her legs, seeking her lips. Then he brought his other hand up and cupped her breast, running his thumb over the nipple. Julie gasped as his fingers found her spot. Her eyes half closed and I noticed her legs trembling. Her legs opened slightly, letting Sherif’s fingers work on her.

Everything was beginning to happen naturally now. Julie was losing her self control. As Sherif fondled her breast and her vagina, she began to stroke his cock, her hand moving up and down on his shaft

My own cock was rock hard now. It felt surreal, watching my wife, stark naked, stroking Sherif’s huge black cock. She had her eyes completely closed now but her hand continued to stroke him expertly. Now that I was aroused, I wanted to see them doing it. It would be like watching a porno movie, with my wife as the star. My emotions made me feel guilty but my heart was pounding. I wanted to see that black cock thrusting into her, penetrating deep into her, then a gush of sperm. I wanted to see her thrashing about, impaled on Sherif’s erection. She was behaving like a slut now. She deserved a good fucking.

Sherif took her by the hand. “Come,” he said “Stand here so John can see you do nice things.” He pulled her across the room until she was standing sideways to me, just far enough away so that I couldn’t reach her. Sherif stood in front of her, also sideways to me. “Now then John,” he said. “You tell me, Julie good with mouth eh? Make me special hard, ready to give her good fucking?. What you think John?”

“For God’s sake,” I said. “Leave her alone, she doesn’t want this, it’s a bad thing you do.”

“I think you wrong, John” said Sherif. “I think your wife, she want big cock, she want good fucking from big man. What you say Julie, you like big cock like mine?” He took a pace forward. His stiff cock was almost touching her stomach.

Julie was looking down. Damn her, she was staring at his hard shiny shaft. She seemed mesmerized by it. Then she took it in her hand again. Her long fingers wrapped round it and she pumped him gently. Sherif grinned at me.

“You see,” he said. “Julie like big cock, getting me ready to give her good time. Now Julie,” he turned to her as she worked her hand up and down on him

“You go down, use mouth, show John how good you are.”

She shook her head. “No,” she said quietly. “Just this, it’s good.” Her hand slipped up and down his shaft quicker and Sherif moaned. Then he recovered his composure. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled downwards. Julie resisted for a moment, then dropped to her knees. Her hand was really flying now. She brought her other hand up and cupped his balls. Sherif moaned again. Then he gripped his cock in one hand, stopping her. “Now,” he said. “Take me.” He bent his cock down horizontally so that it pointed directly at her mouth. He smiled at her. She had her hands to her sides now. He pressed his cock against her lips, which parted slightly. The tip of his cock was against her teeth. She wasn’t giving in, not yet anyway. Sherif’s other hand went round to the back of her head. He entwined his fingers into her blonde hair, then pulled her head towards him. She had no choice. His cock slid into her mouth. Sherif rocked his hips back and forth and I watched his black shaft sliding ever deeper into her face. He let go of her head. Julie’s head continued to bob up and down. Now her hands came back up from her sides. With one hand she gripped the base of his cock whilst the other cradled his balls. I could see she was doing him properly now. Her cheeks were hollow as she sucked on him and she was speeding up all the time. Sherif looked at me. “See John,” he said. “Your wife very good sucker, make man very happy. What you think John, you think she like doing this? Look John, look, look.”

I was looking. My gorgeous blonde wife, giving this Arab the best blow job he’d ever had in his life. But, if the truth be known, I wanted to see him fuck her.

I wasn’t going to have to wait long. Sherif dropped to his knees. His cock pulled out of Julie’s mouth. “Now I give you big cock,” he said. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her slowly backwards. First she sat on the floor, then she lay back. Sherif was going to have her and she knew that she couldn’t do anything to stop him. Sherif knelt between her legs. He put his hands on her knees and pushed them apart. Then he shuffled forward. Leaning over her, he took his cock in his hand and nuzzled it into her pubic hair, seeking her entrance. I saw the tip of his weapon lock into position, then he pushed. It slid slowly into her body. As he shafted her, her hips rose off the floor to meet him. With a thump he finished his first thrust. He remained poised over her, his cock firmly embedded.

“Very nice John,” he said to me. “Very hot and wet, and really tight. Now I give good fucking.”

His hips began to rise and fall. His black cock slid quickly in and out of her, pulling her labia back and forth. Sherif growled quietly as he shafted her, enjoying her body.

Now there could be no doubt that my wife was enjoying her fucking. She had brought her legs up to allow Sherif to penetrate her fully and she had her hands on his hips. Her body rocked back and forth in time with his thrusts. Her head came up and she looked down over her stomach, admiring the sight of that black cock stuck into her. Her big breasts wobbled and shook with Sherif’s impacts. She was panting quickly and making small moaning noises. Sherif was bringing her to orgasm. I couldn’t believe it.

Julie climaxed with a loud shout. Her long legs wrapped around Sherif’s body and she pulled him to her. “Aaaah!” She cried, gripping him tightly. “Ooooh! Ooooh!” Sherif slowed and stopped. “Do different thing,” he said. He pulled his wet slippery cock out of her and stood up. “Come Julie” he said, offering her his hand. She took it and got to her feet. He took her to the table, placed her hands on it, then gently pushed her down, squashing her breasts onto the rough wooden top. “We do jig-a-jig best Arab way, very nice. Good way to give lady big baby.” She just lay there obediently, waiting for his next move. I was amazed how submissive she was. She was just going to do everything he said.

He took up position behind her and wiped his cock, slippery with her juices, up and down her backside. As he did this, he used his feet to spread her legs wider apart. Her buttocks opened and I saw her brown bush and puffy pink lips, aroused and ready for more sex. He bent his shaft down and probed at her, pushing her lips open, and he sought out her clit with his fingers. Sherif’s hand went back to his cock. He got it in just the right place, then took hold of her hips. He eased himself forward and his cock pressed into her. Julie’s eyes flickered open and closed as she waited for the penetration. There was a moment’s resistance, his big penis bent slightly, then the bulbous head popped into her and the rest of his thick black shaft followed. He grunted as he slid home, and Julie, eyes half closed, gasped as she felt his full length sliding into her.

“Ees good?” Sherif enquired as he took his first full length thrust. “Ees nice?” His shiny wet shaft slid in and out of her, pulling her lips back and forth. “Ees good?” he repeated, slamming into her. Julie moaned as he stroked her. “Yes” he laughed “Ees good, eh Julie? And it get better, like thees!”

Suddenly he changed tactics, pounding into her rapidly and as hard as he could. He smacked her backside, once on each side, hard. Her body bounced back and forth on the table and she cried out. It was a cry of pleasure. Then he slowed, anxious not to ejaculate too soon.




All this time Ahmed has just been sitting on his chair, rubbing the front of his trousers. Now Sherif spoke to him in Arabic and grinned. Ahmed replied and got to his feet. I didn’t have any doubt that he was going to have her next, when Sherif had finished with her. He began to strip off. Ahmed was younger and fitter than Sherif and he had a magnificent body. His chest and stomach were muscular and his thighs looked as if he worked out regularly. He dropped his trousers and exposed his rampant cock. I have never seen anything quite like this one. This boy was big, a real stud. His cock was fully erect, and so hard that it was bending back towards his stomach. The end was shiny, glistening, ready for sex with my wife. Naked, he stepped towards the table, and placed his hand on Julie’s head, which was turned away from him. She turned to face him. She was rocking back and forth as Sherif thrust into her. I couldn’t see her face, but I saw her hand reach out and grasp his shaft. Her fingers couldn’t close round it, it was too big. She bent it down to her mouth and it disappeared from my view. All I could see was my wife’s head jerking back and forth.. Ahmed put his hands on his hips and smiled at me in ecstasy as she gobbled him.

“John,” said Sherif, turning to me. “You like watching, I think, now you watch good, I fill her, make baby.”

He increased his pace, thumping into her backside, making the globes of her arse wobble with the impacts. His stomach slapped against her and I could see his balls swinging. His hard shiny shaft, wet with her lubrication, whipped in and out of her. Julie had to stop what she was doing with Ahmed, this was too good. She turned her head back and I saw that her face was flushed red and she was panting fast.

Sherif gave a shout and I saw his cock go rock hard. “Aah, aah, aah!” he cried out as his hot sperm gushed deeply into her. He continued to fuck her and sperm appeared on his cock and dripped out of my wife onto the floor. Sherif patted her backside gently and withdrew. “John,” he said, “Julie great fuck, really tight, really hot. Now Ahmed go next. He big boy, give her good ride, like horse. You look, him have cock like big horse, give your wife very nice time.” He laughed and said something in Arabic to Ahmed, indicating my wife’s wet and slippery sex.

Julie stood up and turned to face Ahmed. They stood facing each other for a few moments, admiring each other bodies. Julie was still breathing hard from her exertions with Sherif. She was looking down at his massive and erect cock, staring at it in fascination. I saw her smile wickedly at him, then she reached out and held his cock in her hand. She was aroused and in need of sex. She wanted it very much at that moment. Ahmed then sat down on the chair and held his cock upright in his hand. It was obvious what he wanted her to do. Julie didn’t hesitate. She spread her legs and straddled him. Then, raising one leg slightly to kneel on the edge of the chair, she reached down under herself and grasped him. Her fingers didn’t meet around his shaft, it was so huge. My heart thumped. She maneuvered his weapon into position, opening her sex to him. Sherif’s sperm trickled out of her and dripped onto Ahmed’s shaft. She began to ease herself down on it. It touched her entrance and the head popped inside her. Then the rest of his shaft began to slide slowly into her body. “Arrgh,” she said as his shaft penetrated deeply into her. She sat down in his lap, his cock fully embedded in her. Then she began to ease herself up and down, gently at first as she got used to his size, then more and more forcefully as he stretched her vagina. The contrast between his black cock and her white body was startling. His cock was slippery with her lubrication and blobs of Sherif’s sperm. I saw her smile at Ahmed. Now she really was enjoying herself. What had started as rape had developed into submissive sex, then pure lustful enjoyment. She thumped up and down on him faster and faster, groaning all the time. Her big breasts wobbled and shuddered as she rode him. Ahmed put his hands on them, tweaking her nipples.

Ahmed leant forward and, grasping her buttocks, he stood up, lifting her off her feet, still impaled on his cock. He said something to her, then dropped her off him. Quickly he grasped her arms and spun her round to face the table. Obediently, down she went. It was going to be another rear entry. Ahmed took up position behind Julie. As she sensed Ahmed behind her she raised her body off the table and pushed back at his crotch. She was still bent over, but now she had her hands on the very edge of the table. She wriggled her backside and spread her legs wide apart, inviting Ahmed to take her. Ahmed obliged. He took a pace forward, grabbed her hips and swung. His aim was good. His rigid shaft shot into her with a squelch, making a full penetration in one movement. Julie squealed in pleasure as she felt him plunge deep inside her. I knew by then that she had not only submitted to sex, but was also enjoying what came naturally, mating with these two big men. So I was not surprised to see her taking the lead now, swinging her body back and forth, trying to milk Ahmed’s cock of it’s sperm. Her big breasts swung underneath her, and she moaned, her eyes closed.

Sherif was standing there, watching the show. His cock had gone soft and it drooped, still wet with sex lubrication and semen. “Is good to see, yes?” he said “Your wife enjoying herself? She having nice time with Ahmed, eh John? Maybe she have Ahmed baby, he come in her lots and lots I think.”

I found myself nodding, fascinated by the crude sexual action in front of me. My own cock was still erect in my trousers and I had a hand unobtrusively on it where it couldn’t be seen. I could feel my sperm rising, generated by the superb pornographic performance of Ahmed and my wife. They were going so well together now, a perfect sex act partnership. His hard shaft was running it’s full length in and out of her wet sex, dragging her lips back and forth and exciting her clitoris. The noise of them mating was amazing; wet sucking and slurping noises coming from my wife’s sex. Julie was now in another world, fully aroused and on her way to a massive orgasm. Her body was flushed in patches all over, her eyes were closed and she was panting fast. “Oh, oh, oh,” she repeated over and over as Ahmed fucked her. Every time Ahmed thrust forward, she pushed back. I was amazed that Ahmed hadn’t come yet, but he was still picking up speed. His teeth were clenched and he grunted rapidly. Then Julie gave a long, low howl and, even as Ahmed increased the speed of his thrusting yet again, I saw her buttocks clench together, grasping his cock firmly. She wanted him to come. With a grunt, he began to oblige her, shooting his semen into her in spurts. More and more shot into her and it began to splatter onto the floor between her feet. I wasn’t even touching myself at that moment but, simultaneously, I also ejaculated. I felt my warm fluid spreading around my crotch. I hoped it wouldn’t soak my trousers as I didn’t want Ahmed and Sherif to know just how much I had enjoyed watching them fucking my wife.

Julie stood up and Ahmed’s wet cock slipped out of her, it’s job done. Her hairy bush was matted and soaked and streams of sperm ran down her legs. She looked at me, ashamed I think, and reached down for her clothes. She scooped them off the floor and clutched them to her.

“Sorry John,” she said. “But I did it for us, you know, to keep us alive.” She went back to her bed, then put her bra and pants back on. I just stared at her, stunned by what I had seen.

Sherif was dressing and Ahmed put his trousers back on. When he was done, Sherif said just one word to Julie. “Come.” And he left the room with her, followed by Ahmed. She was still dressed only in her bra and pants. I could hear voices along the corridor, then laughter. Then I heard Julie giggle like a schoolgirl, and a shriek. Then it went quiet for a bit. After that I heard her panting and groaning. She was having sex with the other guards.

About half an hour later she came back into the room. She was completely naked and her pubic hair was wet. She went to the bed, picked up the rest of her clothes and went to leave. As she went out the door she paused. She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. Then she left.

We were released about a week later. During that time I hadn’t seen Julie at all. I knew what she had been doing. In fact she told me a few weeks later. We had a row and she threw it all at me. She had let them all have her. There had been six of them altogether. They took her one at a time, then as a group. She had done it again doggy style, then on her back, then standing, then sitting on two men together. And she told me she couldn’t get enough of it.

After all the press reports died down and we stopped being interviewed, we stayed together for about three months, then she left. I know where she went. Back to Sherif and Ahmed and the others. I can see her now, being mounted by them all, one by one, then all together, and loving every minute of it.

The End

Wife Craves Big Cocks »

My wife and I have been married for 10 years. I was a virgin when we first met. Although I never let on to this fact to her I have always been sure she knew right from the start. We never strayed too far from what most would call normal sex. Once we tried anal but she did not like it, she said it hurt and I never pushed to try it again since I came as soon as I penetrated her behind. I felt too ashamed that I could not hold out to actually penetrate her sweet ass fully.

We participated in oral sex quite frequently, but mostly with her on the receiving end. Many times, once she was sexually satisfied from my oral attention, that would be the end of our lovemaking episode, leaving me to masturbate once she fell asleep.

I started to feel that our love life was slowing down so I suggested a few things once in a while to see if they might spice things up a little. Some things we tried but most of them were turned down by my wife. She always had the final say.

That is until I suggested that we try a little swinging. I suggested that we each find a new partner for one evening only, just to remind us of what exists outside our marriage. She jumped at that idea so fast I should have known things would be changing, and it turns out not for just one evening. I was too caught up with the idea of being with another woman, since the only female body I have experienced was the one I was currently married to.

Over the next few weeks I was to find a female that I thought I would be able to get in bed and she would find a man that she wanted. Once we had both found somebody we set up our mutual dates for the same Saturday night. I have always had a thing for blondes. My wife is a natural redhead with a beautiful light color, but for this one time only I really wanted a blonde. We both left the house that evening. Her to her new man and me to my blonde.

I took this blonde to a nice restaurant and to a movie afterwards. I don’t dance so I figured this was a better choice that going out to a club. Once the movie was over we headed back to her place. We sat and talked and eventually I made my move. It was clumsy and awkward since I had so little practice coming on to women. Nevertheless, it worked and we started making out on the couch. Eventually after some heavy petting we headed for her bedroom. I started to apply the same techniques I have used on my wife for years. She seemed to be getting turned on. I made my way down to her pussy and started to spread her legs. She had light skimpy blonde public hair but it covered her pussy lips. My wife has always shaved her cunt lips and up the sides leaving a triangle of beautiful red hair above. I started licking her pussy and slid in a finger or two. I was going to eat her to an orgasm but she pulled me up to fuck her. Once in the missionary position I noticed that my penis was not fully erect, not soft but not as hard as was going to be necessary to penetrate this hungry pussy. So I started to rub it up and down her slit trying to become more aroused. The pressure of the situation was effecting my performance. Once I was hard I started to slide it in, we fucked for what I felt was a reasonable length of time then I pulled out and came on the sheets in between her legs. I don’t think she came at all but being unused to this girl I was not sure. Once I recovered we had sex again and I think I did better the second time around.

The next morning when I woke up she was gone and had left me a note that she had gone shopping and I should lock the door on the way out.

I guess the evening was less than impressive to her but that didn’t matter to me because I had had my fling and was ready to give up all fantasies of other woman. I was going to stick with my wife and put this experiment behind us.

I rushed home to embrace my wife and tell her that no other woman was going to measure up to her and tell her we will always just have each other. That is not exactly how it played out.

She was home when I got there standing in the living room wearing only her long sheer black nightgown. She had a look about her that I have never seen before. She had a look of utter satisfaction. Before I could embrace her she told me to sit down. She had something to tell me. I sat down to find out that the marriage I left on Saturday night was gone and to be replaced with the one I have now.

She related the story of her evening in great detail, laboring over how she enjoyed picking out her date, bringing him home and fucking him how she wanted to fuck. She mentioned he was average build but had a much larger and longer cock than I did. I always have known that my penis was under average, not very long or thick. She then told me that he would be back this evening and we had better get started on reorganizing the household. She had discovered that she wanted and needed to have a variety of men and that she wanted to be able to spread herself sexually amongst them freely.

We would remain married and I would still have sex with her but when she wanted a new man she would bring him home and I was not to interfere. I was stunned but after my last experience with another woman I did not want to lose my wife even if it meant sharing.

My belongings were moved to the spare bedroom, she said when we would have sex it would be in my new room. She wanted her room to be for her new men only. I would not be in the way when she brought one home.

Her date came home later that evening and I was introduced as her husband then she proceeded up to her bedroom with her new fuck. He was let in on the situation, most of the others were not. I would merely be awakened in the night by the sounds of bedsprings and my wife’s orgasmic moaning and cooing.

The first night with her new date I went to bed shortly after they did and lay in bed listening to him fuck the living daylights out of my wife. I should have been mad or hurt or something. All I did was think about when my turn would come again, would it be tomorrow or how long would I have to wait.

He stayed for about 4 days. Every night banging my wife to orgasm after orgasm. Something I would be lucky to do once in an evening. I would lay in bed and masturbate to the sounds penetrating the thin walls and wake up to the same sound which kept me horny all day.

She did come and fuck me once or twice since he left but always on top and she seemed to be distant if not downright bored with our sex. Since her first date a steady stream of men have come through her bedroom. Some stay for a day or two and some for the night only.

Then one night she brought home a particular man that she has on a semi-steady basis. She still likes new fucks once in a while but this one man seems to be pretty much in control of the situation. He initiated her into a bondage and discipline relationship with her as his sex toy. She will do anything he asks and he does not mind her occasional stray sex. With one major exception, I am no longer allowed to have sex with her at all.

When he is around he stays in her bedroom, the room I used to share, and has exploited her body in every way I ever imagined.

This was brought to my attention in the most dramatic way. Once he knew he had control over her and she would do anything he demanded he had her come to my room, completely naked, to bring me downstairs for a demonstration. So there I sat as my wife, kneeling naked at his feet with her knees spread wide to expose her now completely shaven pussy, a sign of her submission to him, took his enormous cock out of his robe and started to engulf it. She practically had to choke it down her throat but kept at it until it slid easily down her throat and then back to her sucking lips. The look of desire in her eyes was overwhelming when he started to pick up the pace ramming that cock into her mouth then pulling out and cumming all over her lips, the tremendous amount of cum running down her chin and onto her breasts. She then dutifully scooped the cum off her breasts and licked herself clean. She would never even let me come in her mouth before and now she was drinking it up like nectar. I assume she acquired the taste for it from all the men she had fucked in the preceding months.

After she had consumed all the spilt cum she again slipped that cock into her mouth and started to arouse him once more.

In short order he had a massive erection again and said to me that he was going to show me how a pussy should be treated and stated the reason my wife was in the position she was in now was because she had been deprived of a real cock for so long.

She was now just a cum slut, a piece of meat that needed to be sexually satisfied above all else. He told her to lie on her back and prepare for him. She did so immediately with a look of complete lust and desire. She laid on her back with her knees drawn up tight and legs spread while she fingered her pussy. Starting with two fingers then three, she had just started to work in the fourth when he told her to stop.

I could tell that was the last thing she wanted to do but complied anyway. Her master then knelt between her legs and placed the end of his cock at her pussy. It looked like a baseball bat. It was so thick and when he started to push it into her pussy her lips started to part and stretch to accommodate its girth. He did not ease it in at all. I know she had been fucking him for quite some time but it still surprised me that she was able to take it all. Once he was in he pulled back and her lips tried to follow the shaft pulling back outwards then in again on his next plunge deep into her cunt, much deeper than I had ever been.

He started to work back and forth until she was bucking and bouncing on the floor as he fucked her ruthlessly and hard. She came and came over and over, with sweat and her juices running out of her cunt. Finally after was seemed like an eternity he pulled out leaving her cunt open and loose. The folds just hanging there waiting to be stuffed once more. Instead he ordered her on to all fours and to stick her ass in the air. Now he was preparing to fuck her beautiful behind, the one place I had never been capable of entering her properly. He pushed his cock hard on her ass and it slowly opened up and swallowed him whole. As he pummeled my wife’s behind I merely sat there in the chair and listened to her beg for him to fuck her harder and deeper. She begged him to shove his cock deeper into her ass, calling herself his cunt, his slut, his slave.

Finally he slowed the pace down and came deep into her ass. He slid his cock in and out a few more times as the cum trickled out of her hole down across her worn out pussy and then finally down her inner thighs.

He gave her ass a good hard smack leaving his red hand print on her cheek. He then stated that some new rules would be initiated the following day as they retired up to her room and me to mine.

The next evening she informed me of our new house rules. He rarely spoke to me letting her do the talking. I think this reinforced my position and humiliated me more when she told me of the way she or I were to be treated.

My wife laid down the rules. Even though my penis was too small and of no threat to her master I was to shave my entire pubic area including my balls and ass. Various devices would be attached to my penis to keep erections impossible or at least extremely painful. The most effective it turns out, was to be a hard rubber ring about 2″ in inside diameter and 1/2″ thick. I had to put this ring on when I was completely flaccid, I would first slide one ball then the next through the ring and last I would grab the tip of my penis and pull it through. The ring would now be around the base of my penis and balls. When I start to get even a slight erection the blood would build up until my penis was squeezed so tight it was agony. While I was in the house I was not allowed to wear pants or anything covering me from the waist down so as to have my withered manhood on constant display. When my wife enjoyed other men she was always to bring me out for display and to state that they were here to accomplish what I was no longer capable of doing.

Now I listen to her constant fucking. She has sex every day with either her master or one of the men she has brought home. I cannot even relieve my own sexual tension. I have not had an erection now for close to a year. Yet I remain in the bleak hope of someday being allowed to once again to enjoy her body even though it no longer resembles the one I once knew. Her pussy is stretched and distended, her asshole loose and her nipples pierced as well as her outer labia.

She came to me one day with an offer from her master. I would be able to eat her pussy if I agreed to his one term. She would not tell me what it was but if I desired her pussy bad enough I would agree.

Eagerly I accepted, not caring what the consequences might be. All that mattered was that I would be able to taste that beautiful pussy I have been kept away from for so long and has been enjoyed by so many others.

She went and told her master who then ordered her to lay on the floor with her legs spread wide. He stood over her and smacked her pussy with the flat of his hand over and over again. It was now puffy and red. I was then allowed to kneel in front of her pussy and begin licking it. I stayed down there for what seemed like hours. Sliding my tongue over her bulging lips sucking them into my mouth and sliding my face and tongue up down and all over her pussy. I would never have recognized her cunt at all. It did not resemble the one I used to eat to orgasm before this all started. During my pussy eating she started to tell me of how many men had cum in her pussy and how much better they were at fucking her all under the direction of her master sitting in the chair across the room. It made me fell so small and I think my penis shriveled up just a little more than it already was.

Once we were done she told me to remain on all fours, it was time to live up to my end of the bargain. She stood up and slid her hand across her pussy sopping up her juices, then smeared them onto my asshole. She did this a few times. Then after I was quite covered she told me that her master was going to fuck me in the ass with his mighty cock. It was not because he was gay but merely to show who was in charge and to give me some understanding of what my wife had received that fateful night of swinging.

She told me not to tense up as it was going to happen anyway and once he was done that would be the end of it. When he started to enter my bum I thought he was shoving a rolling pin in. The pain was unbearable. That cock tore my asshole wider than it had ever been and he fucked me just as hard as he had fucked my wife so many times before. I was grateful when he came, filling me with his cum. It was not over yet though as he made me stay like that while my wife lay down in front of me with the cum dripping from my ass as her master knelt over her waist facing her pussy. He then inserted two fingers into her pussy then two more from the other hand as he pushed them in and pulled her lips apart. Then he slid in one more finger from each hand as she opened up for him. He was now pushing then pulling her cunt further and further apart with four fingers from each hand until he pulled one set out and pushed his other hand in further curling his thumb over he twisted and turned and pushed his fist right inside her pussy. She was moaning and yelling as he did so but he paid her no mind. Once she had accustomed to this enormous invasion he instructed her to beg for her master to ruin her pussy. She complied and begged him to ruin her pussy, to mangle it, to tear it to shreds.

By the time he was done she had come several times and the end effect was her pussy lay there a mockery of her original womanhood. It was distended and stretched, swollen, just a mound of sagging flesh, gaping open after her fist fucking and she was so happy to have a cunt worthy of her slut hood. As for me I knelt in front of what was once my wife’s perfectly shaped pussy that I alone had shared, my ass was overflowing with the cum of my wife’s master and I still had a strong desire to be with her even though I was no longer able to participate in that function. She and her master had made quite sure of that.

I remain a doting husband and compliant eunuch to her and assist her in any way necessary for her to fulfill her sexual desires. I do receive the occasional reward however. If she is feeling generous I am allowed to lick her overly experienced pussy and she says on the anniversary of our marital change she will buy me a hooker for me to fuck. I know that will not be possible and this will really be a treat for her to watch but I still hold out hope that perhaps I will be able to get it up and enjoy a pussy once more.

As I end this letter I can here my wife moaning loudly from the next room. She informed me the two men she will be fucking tonight will both fuck her pussy at the same time. She likes her pussy full and I can tell she is stuffed full once again.

The End

My Wife’s Transformation »

C h a p t e r  O n e

I am a 47 yr. old white male, married to the same woman for over 20 yrs. In my younger days I looked pretty good, but was a bit on the short and skinny side. Women seemed to think that I was ‘cute’ and liked my long blonde curls. However, not long after getting married, I quit exercising and put on pounds until now, 20 yrs. later, I’m 70+ lbs. overweight.

In short I’m fat, flabby and unfit. To top it all off, I’m now almost completely bald. My wife on the other hand is in fantastic shape. She is in her early 40’s but could easily pass for 30. She’s a pretty little brunette with a nice body. Her breasts are firm and would fit perfectly in a champange glass. Her tummy is flat, her waist small. She has the finest ass I’ve ever seen and great legs!

The problem is that she has always insisted on hiding her body, wearing loose, baggy clothes. She’s very modest, even uptight about her body. She never wears dresses or make-up and wears these horn-rimmed glasses that make her look like a librarian. Now don’t get me wrong, even dressed this way I still find her attractive but on the rare occassion that I’ve talked her into dressing up for me, she is a KNOCKOUT! I tried to tell her how much it turns me on to see her in a mini-skirt and heels, but she isn’t at all interested in turning me on. This lack of interest carries over to the bedroom. To say that she is an unenthusiastic lover would be putting it nicely.

After the first few months of married life, I was frustrated. Sex with my wife was infrequent and bland. At first I thought it was my fault(it was) but I began rationalizing that my 5 inches was plenty big enough to satisfy her. I was a STUD! I could go a long time, almost 10 minutes, before cumming. I decided to have a talk with my wife. I told her I wanted the two of us to have a great sex life and that I would do ANYTHING to sexually please her.

I asked her about her sexual fantasies. “I don’t have any sexual fantasies and if I did you could NEVER fulfill them,” she replied curtly. I didn’t understand what she meant by that. “My dear,” I said, “I have enough fantasies for the both of us. Will you please help me fulfill them?” “Just what is it you want me to do” she asked in a cold, unreceptive voice? What indeed!

Over the next few months, I tried to get my wife to open up sexually but it was next to impossible. I told her that I wanted to have oral sex with her. She said that was dirty and she would NEVER do that. I told her that I wanted to shave off her pubic hair and she said that would be unnatural. I asked her to talk dirty to me in bed and she called me a pervert. I rented an xxx video that featured well-built young studs and pretty women. It was directed by a woman and geared toward a female audience. It was explicit but not at all raunchy. My wife said it was disgusting and refused to watch. Everything I suggested she shot down.

I should have known this, I mean hell, she won’t even wear the hot lingerie that I bought for her; no way is she gonna give me head! Still, I persisted because I instinctively knew that underneath her uptight veneer there lurked a wildcat. On occasion the wild side of her personality would emerge, especially when she became angry about one thing or another. She has an awful temper.

I had made it my mission to unleash that wildcat but nothing seemed to work. I was at my wit’s end when one day, while surfing the net, I chanced upon the web site of a dominatrix. She was decked out in leather and thigh hi boots. Her make-up was very heavy and she held a riding crop in one gloved hand and handcuffs in the other. I’ve always wanted to be sexually dominated and as I gazed at the lovely Domme a thought occurred. Of course! My wife has always been the dominate one in our marriage. She decided that we would marry. She has always made MUCH more money than me and makes all major decisions in our relationship.

I was sure that with a little prodding by me, her dominate nature could carry over to the bedroom. I went out and bought my wife a pair of black, thigh-hi boots with a 6 inch heel, a black corset that would show off her body, black elbow length gloves and topped it off with a riding crop and handcuffs. That evening, I laid everything out on her bed.

She was in the living room, reading a book and I sat down next to her. “Darling,” I began, “I want you to do something special for me tonight.” Her body stiffened and she let out a long sigh. She had finally had enough of my stupid fantasies. “What now?” she snapped at me. I led her to the computer and showed her the Domme’s picture. “Do you know what a Dominatrix is?” I asked. “No,” she replied. I explained that a Dominatrix is a woman who sexually dominates men. Then I led her to the bedroom and showed her the outfit I had bought for her.

“Tonight, I want you to be my Dominatrix,” I told her. “I want you to put on the boots, corset and gloves. Wear very heavy make-up just like the Domme in the picture. Then cuff my hands behind my back, spank me with the crop, and afterwards I’ll be your sex slave.” She stared at the things on the bed for a long time. Finally, she turned to me and said, “You have GOT to be KIDDING”! “Please give this a chance, darling,” I pleaded. “I KNOW you will be turned on by this.”

Still she absolutely refused. I got down on my knees and begged her to please do this for me. I begged and pleaded until she finally relented. “OK,”she sighed, “Stop your pathetic whining.” She literally pushed me out of the bedroom and slammed the door in my face. I immediately went out to the livingroom, stripped and waited. After what seemed like an eternity, I heard the bedroom door open and the clicking of high heels coming down the hallway. Suddenly she was before me. What I saw took my breath away.

The 6 inch heels on her boots made her tower above my 5’5″ frame. The corset fit her perfectly. The black elbow-length gloves really set off her milky-white skin. Her make-up was very heavy and her lips deep red. She had a look on her face like I’d never seen before. I figured she was getting into the spirit of things and was mimicing the stern look of the Dominatrix I had shown her earlier.

In reality she was furious with me for talking her into this and her patience regarding my bizarre requests was about to come to an end. We went to the bedroom. She cuffed my hands behind my back, positioned me on my knees, leaning me across the bed with my chest and head face down. My bare ass was her’s for the taking.

She brought the riding crop down on my ass, at first rather tentitively. After a dozen strokes or so I could barely feel it. Then suddenly she snapped! She began spanking me with all her might. Again and again the crop crashed against my now pink and tender ass. “That’s enough,” I squealed! “Oh, I’m just warming up,” she assured me and began spanking me even harder. The pain was unbearable. “Doesn’t this turn you on?” she chided me. “Isn’t THIS what you WANT?” She accented her words by smacking my blistered ass with the crop. “I’m ONLY TRYING to TURN YOU ON”!

I was bawling hysterically. My poor ass had turned beet red with welts everywhere. She beat me with a vengence until there was no strength left in her arm. When she finally stopped, I lifted my upper body off the bed and while still on my knees and handcuffed, scooted around to face her. I looked up at her through tear stained eyes. She glared down at me with comtempt. She was breathing heavily, her chest heaving, her nostrils flared.

My cock was harder than ever before and was sticking straight out. Noticing this, my wife gave it a hard slap with the crop. I responded by shooting my load all over her boots. It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. That’s when she went berzerk. She angrily threw down the crop and began ripping off her Domme apparell. She started to scream at me. “I’VE HAD IT! Don’t you EVER AGAIN ask me to fulfill your demented fantasies. Why don’t you try living in the REAL WORLD for a change. QUIT BUGGING ME WITH YOUR ASSININE DEMANDS! LEAVE ME ALONE”! That was over 20 yrs. ago and sex for me in all that time has consisted of masterbation. Since then, my wife and I have had sex maybe a hand full of times; I can’t even remember when the last time.

The very night of the above incident, she moved me out of the master bedroom and into a small guest room in the rear of the house.I briefly considered leaving her but I truly do LOVE her and could NEVER bring myself to do that. I decided to bide my time, hoping that one day she would find her sex drive and the wildcat that I knew lurked deep within her being would be unleashed. After over 20 yrs. of waiting, I got more than I ever bargained for!

to be continue

Wendy »

Most stories on slut wives show how many men like to watch their partners with other men. But this applies to more than adults.

I went to a single-sex boys’ school in the remote English countryside back in the fifties. In those days sex was a taboo word and I had the usual non-existent sex education from parents so like all my friends I found out everything by experiment.

At just sixteen, still totally inexperienced, I had a girlfriend from the local girls’ school. Wendy was a stunner, really beautiful and physically developed far beyond her sixteen years. Her pretty blue-eyed faced was framed by straight blond hair that reached to her waist. She was tall and slim with large, firm breasts and the best legs I have ever seen. All my friends lusted after her and I was the envy of the school, even some of the teaching staff. On the surface she was demure and shy and I was her first serious boyfriend. We first had sex on her 16th birthday and I soon discovered that Wendy was a real goer who always took the lead.

My closest friend in school, Dave, was an undersized, shy fifteen-year-old. He was totally obsessed with sex but so shy he found it difficult to talk to girls. I knew he had a crush on Wendy, yet he was so in awe of her that he wouldn’t come near me when I was with her.

Dave’s obsession with sex was such that, at least once a week he asked me to play with his cock. This was not unusual amongst our school friends; they often explored each other’s bodies in this way, but most were now imagining doing this with girls. Dave was no exception, and kept asking me if Wendy and I did this.

I had always refused when Dave asked me to play with him, but now, less than one month after Wendy’s 16th birthday, I was getting an overwhelming urge to see her having sex with another boy. In particular I developed an intense fantasy where I taught Dave about sex using Wendy as the model – I had even planned the “lesson” in detail, giving each section a time limit. Such was the hold this fantasy had over me that I mapped out a plan to bring it about. I needed a plan because I knew that Wendy would refuse outright if I asked her to have sex with Dave.

The first part of my plan was to agree to Dave’s usual request in the half term. I arranged for him to come round to my house the following day. That night I told Wendy what I had arranged and asked her to be the one to play with Dave. Wendy had a soft spot for Dave, she knew how conscious he was about his lack of height and physique, and she knew he fancied her like hell. She was very excited about what I had planned, and certainly wanted to watch, but initially did not want to get involved. After much persuasion I managed to get her to agree to play with Dave, but when I said I wanted to teach Dave about real sex and asked if she would show him her body, she wasn’t happy. I begged and pleaded with her and she eventually agreed to show her breasts, but there was to be no touching. And that was as far as I dared go, I could not reveal my full plan.

At my suggestion Wendy brought her sexiest outfit, a tight white sweater, black wrap-round skirt, a matching black frilly knickers and bra set, stilettos and black lacy stockings. When she arrived she had a bath and changed into her outfit. When Dave came round she hid in the spare bedroom whilst Dave and I went to my room. He undressed and lay on my bed.

When he was ready I called out, and Wendy came in. The look on Dave’s face when he saw her was a picture. He was so embarrassed at being caught in this position by the girl he worshipped. He turned away and covered his cock with his hands, but his look turned to one of ecstasy as Wendy knelt on the bed, took hold of his cock and got to work. She really knew how to give a man pleasure using her hands and worked on him expertly for a long time before he spurted large quantities of sperm over himself

I was still working out how to introduce the next part of my plan when Dave beat me to it, saying he should now play with Wendy. She laughed but when he repeated his request she refused, as I knew she would. I reminded her what we had agreed the night before and, reluctantly, she said “ok”, but I had to be in charge.

With Wendy lying on her back on the bed I set about giving Dave the prepared lesson on sex. I first told him to remove Wendy’s sweater, and he pushed it over her head. Her micro-skirt gave him no problems, but when I told him to remove her bra he did not know where to start. I rolled Wendy onto her front and showed him how the eye and hook worked. Dave’s hands were trembling too much, so I undid the bra myself and removed it before I rolled Wendy onto her back again. Dave now saw the beautiful large, firm breasts that our friends talked and fantasized about, his mouth fell open and he could not tear his eyes away from them.

Now came the first tricky bit of my plan … touching. The night before Wendy had agreed “show only, no touching” but I hoped that she would be so turned on by “showing” that she would let me, then Dave, touch her.

I took hold of Wendy’s left breast and showed Dave how to stroke and squeeze it, and how to pinch and role a nipple between the fingers. At my invitation he took hold of Wendy’s other breast and copied what I was doing. I expected Wendy to start screaming her objections, but although obviously startled and tense, she said nothing. So I told Dave about sucking at a breast and showed him how, using my tongue and teeth on Wendy’s hard, swollen nipple. Dave copied me again and I knelt up and watched him play with both my girlfriend’s breasts, sucking on one and fondling the other. Dave was loving it, and Wendy was visibly relaxing by the minute.

After the 15 minutes I’d allocated to breast fondling, a short demonstration of the sensitivity of Wendy’s navel followed. I then told Dave to remove her knickers. Again I expected Wendy to object but she closed her eyes and smiled as Dave slipped her knickers down her legs, and we knelt either side of her now naked thighs stroking her blond pubic hair. I asked Wendy to draw her knees up and spread her legs wide apart and she co-operated instantly, exposing her genitals fully to our gaze.

Dave and I lay on our stomachs between Wendy’s legs and I showed him the various parts of her cunt … I was really enjoying this and he was goggle-eyed. I first pointed out her clit, and told him to wet his finger and rub it. As he did so Wendy gave a whimper and she squirmed. I encouraged Dave to play with her clit for a while before I spread her cunt lips apart, showing him the slit at the entrance to her love hole and inviting him to push a finger into it.

Dave needed no second invitation, and pushed a finger into my girlfriend’s cunt, causing more whimpering and squirming. I told Dave how to feel around inside the cunt, how to find certain spots that made Wendy squirm even more, and how to jerk his finger in and out to simulate a penis fucking her. His left hand moved to caress Wendy’s breasts and he used his right hand to feel round inside her cunt for quite a while, then, still massaging her breasts, he began to finger fuck my girlfriend vigorously, using his thumb to rub her clit as he thrust his fingers in and out. When he worked three fingers fully inside her cunt he had Wendy thrashing around on the bed.

Cunnilingus was the next part of the lesson, and I taught Dave what Wendy had taught me, showing him how to lick and nibble her clitoris, to move his tongue around the outside of her cunt lips in a continuous circular motion, and to push his tongue into and out of her cunt hole. Cunnilingus is a great favourite with Wendy and she was soon encouraging Dave to suck harder, the first words she had spoken since he started undressing her. She also grabbed his hair and pulled his head closer to her crotch, shaking her hips so that her cunt rubbed against his face.

As the final part of the lesson I asked Dave to help me bring Wendy to a climax, to let him see what a female orgasm was like. We sucked on a breast each. I frigged her clit whilst Dave jerked his fingers in and out of her cunt. We worked well together and brought her to a noisy orgasm as she screamed and squealed and produced enough love juice to wet my bed.

Now came the next tricky part of my plan … fucking. I had counted on Wendy having an orgasm, and then being too roused to object to my fucking her. I said I would show Dave how to put all he had learnt into practice. I lay at right angles to Wendy with her legs over my thighs and entered her, using one hand to rub her clit and the other to play with her breasts. I had intended to show Dave a number of positions, but I was too aroused by what I had seen and I shot my load within seconds of entering her. Just before I came, as always, I withdrew and shot my sperm into a tissue.

I invited Dave to take my place … this was the trickiest part of all. I expected Wendy to object angrily, but as Dave knelt between her legs and tried unsuccessfully to find her cunt with his cock she opened her legs wide, grabbed his cock and guided it into her love hole, then grabbed Dave in a bear hug embrace. As Dave had already had one orgasm he fucked Wendy for a long time and she squealed and moaned throughout. But I was shaken when she had another orgasm. I have a much bigger penis than Dave and although I had brought her to a climax using my fingers I had never done so by just fucking her; yet here was Dave, a virgin, doing it on his first go.

And I was to get a second shock. As Dave started to come Wendy hugged him even harder and wrapped her long legs tightly round his bum so he couldn’t withdraw and he shot his sperm inside her … I had never been allowed to do this. I had taken her virginity, but Dave was the first man she allowed to shoot his sperm into her cunt.

My third shock came shortly after Dave had collapsed in Wendy’s arms after he had climaxed. They hugged and kissed for a few minutes, then he rolled off her onto his back. Wendy took his limp cock, still glistening with her juices, and licked it clean. She proceeded to suck and caress him to yet another erection; then she straddled him. This was the first time she had used this position (it became my favourite), and I was impressed to see her magnificent breasts bouncing up and down inches from Dave’s face. He soon took them in hand and guided her nipples into his mouth. Wendy did most of the work, and it took her a long time to bring Dave to his 3rd orgasm of the day.

I shared Wendy with Dave on a number of occasions after that, then we got married. As a student I shared her as often as possible … she slept with 24 men including Dave and myself. But when we started a family sharing came to an end.

– The End

Another Friday Gangbang »

So here I am again, in that massive wooden armchair, which is so essential to our favourite game. The thick leather belts that strap my arms, legs and upper body to the armchair make it impossible for me to move, and my mouth is filled by a gag. Ines doesn’t want to be disturbed.

She takes a look around – the setting is perfect as usual. A couple of yards from the huge bed, surrounded by mirrors so I don’t miss any details, there’s the table full of food and drink. Much of the food is fish, prawns and the like, as well as fresh fruit – “Proteins and vitamins for the boys,” as Ines likes to call it.

On Tuesday, she had told me to prepare an evening for eight. Which of course meant Ines and seven studs. Seven seems to be her preferred number – if she’s not as hot as usual, she settles for five. Once she tried a dozen, but that was too much even for her appetite. On special occasions, she’ll take on a solid ten, but not that often.

I look at her – she’s in a breath-taking outfit, as short summer dress exposing her perfectly shaped, long legs, and lots of cleavage. I feel my cock getting hard, but the chastity belt will keep it from getting overly enthusiastic, even when the action starts.

She smiles at me, knowing what mixture of lust and agony she’ll put me through tonight. She had been the first to recognize my submissiveness, and enjoyed it. On the other hand, I had been the first to notice her hidden passion. I could tell it from the looks she gave other guys, and the way she liked to tease me flirting with them. But she would have never proposed our game by herself – as much as we are mistress and slave in sex, we are lovers at heart, and she would never truly hurt me.

So instead, it was me who brought the topic up. We settled on some basic rules: attractive, well hung blokes with good manners, but never any of our close friends, colleagues, neighbours and so on. At first, we had put an ad in some kinky magazines. Ines wanted to involve me, so we agreed on the following: guys who turned her on immediately were in, those who turned her off were out. As for the others, she asked me to have a look. I never told her to accept or reject a candidate, only made some remarks, things I noticed in their letters for instance.

Later, she picked up guys when she went out with her best friends, which she does twice a month. “It’s hunting season again,” she says. Most of the girls she goes out with know what we’re doing, and two of them even take part in the action every now and then.

The bell rings – “That must be our guests,” Ines says and goes upstairs to let them in. I wonder what she’ll prefer tonight. There’s lots of memories on my mind. I remember the first time she had a group of black guys, and really played with my carefully hidden prejudice. I remember those six elder gentlemen, all about the age of my dad, but still in great shape and naturally well equipped. I can still hear the remark of one grey haired, very confident manager type of guy: “Let’s show this young man how to properly fuck a lady!” And damn, those oldies really knew how to fuck.

Sometimes she goes for the athletic kind, and once had a night with a fifty-ish dad and his three adult sons. She even surprised me a couple of times with supremely well-hung Asians – prejudice again, I guess. So I’m quite curious what she’s up for tonight.

I hear them come down the stairs, and Ines leads her guests into our play-room. As I see the guys, my heart stops for a second. Of course she’d only invite studs who are legal, but Jesus, these boys are barely old enough. Ines realizes my amazement, and smiles: “Remember when I went out with Corinna last month? We went to that new disco, the Mirage…” I’ve heard of that place already – it’s the most popular hang-out for our city’s younger folks.

“So may I introduce: guys, the tied and gagged fellow over there is my husband / slave.” Ines smiles at me again, then she introduces each of the seven young men one by one – Ingo, Richie, Alex, Sascha, Patrick, Daniel and Dominic. All of them young, slim and handsome. She takes the youngest looking by the hand and says: “They’re all young and hot, but Dominic is a special favourite. Domi, would you mind showing my slave your ID card?” – The young, blondish boy takes the card from the back-pocket of his jeans and holds it in front of my face. “As you can see,” Ines says, “he turned legal just a couple of months ago. Sweet sixteen, male and horny – and none of the others is any older than nineteen.”

“But his age is not the hottest about Domi,” Ines concludes and unzips his jeans, “you mind me showing your love tool to my slave?” – With that, she unpacks an impressive dick, smiling: “You see, a nice ten inches. And don’t you think he hasn’t used it yet – the only thing he hasn’t done is fuck a lady’s ass … yet!” She turns towards the other boys, all smiling confidently, and explains: “The rest of the gang is similarly well equipped, as you might guess. You’ve witnessed already what powerful lovers elder men can be – tonight you’ll learn about the love-making talent of teenaged studs.”

With that, she takes her attention off me for the rest of the night. She tells the guys to help themselves with the food an drink whenever they need it, but quickly focusses on the night’s main thing. She takes every guy’s cock out of his pants – they are all erect immediately, and none of them shorter than eight inches. Ines goes down on her knees, and one by one gives the studs an opening blow-job. She really dislikes sucking a guy hard, but loves to have her lips around a stiff prick.

After the opening action, she does a very kinky strip-tease for the guys. Then, she climbs into bed, lies on her back and spreads her legs. The young men take turns eating her pussy, while two of them sit next to her head, offering their big cocks for some more oral attention. With the licking getting her as hot as hell, she quickly asks to be screwed.

Now the guys take turns fucking her missionary style, while she has two of them next to her face, kissing them passionately. Two others grab her tits and suck her nipples, which always turns her on. I watch in amazement at the powerful, yet also rhythmic, experienced thrusts of the guys. All of them, handsome as they are, and routined as they fuck, must have had their share of women already, and I wonder if gangbanging a lady is something brand new to them.

After a while, I begin to feel that mixture of horniness and humiliation that comes with our favourite game. My cock painfully struggles against the constraints of the chastity belt – on the other hand, I realize that these youngster are almost young enough to be my sons, yet satisfy my mistress in a way I’ll never be able to do. I feel the first tears in my eyes.

In the meantime, Ines is ready for the next step. She tosses the lube to a dark haired, well tanned young man, goes on all four and says: “Sascha, you’ve done back door stuff already – want to fuck my ass?” – The question is unnecessary, as the stud eagerly lubes Ines’ ass-hole, puts some of the liquid on his hard nine inches, and then mounts her from behind. The other guys watch in excitement, eager to take Sascha’s place – and one by one, they all do, until it’s young Dominic’s turn. He doesn’t hesitate a moment, lubes Ines some more, than stuffs his massive dick up her ass in one hard thrust, fucking her as hard as I’ve ever seen a guy. Ines lets out some deep, ecstatic moans, enjoying every inch of Domi’s cock.

I feel like this is more than I can handle – I’m sobbing, there’s a veil of tears in my eyes, and my cheeks are soaked. Yet I know that Ines is no way finished yet. She addresses two of the horny bunch: “Alex and Daniel, you’re two good buddies – would you like to really fill me up?” The two guys grin at each other – then, a baby-faced, brown haired stud climbs into bed and lies on his back. Ines climbs on top of him and inserts his dick up her pussy. She turns around and breathlessly sighs: “Come on, Dani boy, give me the full treatment.” The cute, blonde teenager smiles and eagerly pushes his cock up her ass, teaming up with his friend to give my lady a prime double penetration.

The sandwiching goes on for an eternity – every boy has Ines’ pussy and ass at least once. To me, it is more humiliating than anything she’s ever put me through. I try to close my eyes, but of course I can still hear Ines’ joyful screams, accompanied by the guys’ moans. And the pictures these sounds create in my mind are perhaps even worse than the real action in bed. So I watch again, seeing my wife double fucked by a couple of teenagers, while she takes turns sucking the others.

Finally, Ines wants to do what she loves most – take on as many guys as possible at the same time. She asks Dominic to lie on his back, then takes a seat inserting his dick up her ass. She lies back, spreads her legs and asks Richie, whose dick is the biggest, to screw her pussy. Next comes Alex to fuck her boobs. Ingo and Patrick are on their knees right next to Ines’ head, and get sucked off, while Sascha’s and Daniel’s pulsate in her hands. That’s it, one woman taking on seven studs all at once – at this moment, Ines is not just at the center of attention of the guys, she’s at the center of the universe.

As the partying ends early in the morning, Ines smiles in deepest satisfaction. Her face and body are sweaty and covered with the studs’ semen. After she has led them to the door, I hear her take a shower. Some twenty minutes later, fresh and still very satisfied, she unties me, takes my face in her hands, kisses the tears from my eyes and tells me how much she loves being my wife.

The End

Poker at Steve’s 3 »

Teezy came out from the kitchen and strode in with a big ‘shit eating’ grin on her face. She was dressed almost like Tammy except her outfit; boots, skirt and sweater, were black. Her long, straight, platinum blonde hair fell below her shoulders. Her sweater was a turtleneck, however. It was an outfit I had never seen her wear before. I struggled to stand, but the cuffs had me pinned down and Tammy’s weight mounted on my cock made it a hopeless gesture. She walked up to Tammy and kissed her full on the lips. Their mouths opened and I could tell they were trading saliva in a most ardent manner. Teezy reached up and began to pinch Tammy’s long nipples, pulling them into hard little points. Tammy was reciprocating by mauling Teezy’s tits through the sweater. Finally, Teezy pulled back and looked down behind Tammy at my cock buried in her ass. She pulled out a small leather strap that we had used in the past to extend our lovemaking sessions and pulled it tight around the base of my cock.

“I thought Tammy was supposed to give you the weenies, not the other way around,” she said with a smile.

“I..uh…I got carried away. She made herself available and…” I stammered.

“And you placated her by burying your ten inches up her ass? What a nice guy you are,” she sneered, “Is she tight, Scott? Does it feel good to have your cock buried in her ass?”

“Teez, I’m sorry. I…” I stammered some more, trying to get myself out of this mess. The other guys were standing around dumbfounded. Nobody knew what to say.

“No, Dear, no need to apologize. You were just being a good friend and neighbor. I’m sure it was the right thing to do.

After all, I’ve never let you put it up my ass. It must have been an offer you couldn’t refuse.” she said in a soothing manner that scared me to death, “Tammy tried to talk me into letting you put it up my ass numerous times, but I never had the courage. She said it felt good. It does feel good doesn’t it, Tammy, my love?”

“Your husbands cock is the biggest I have ever had in there,” said Tammy, “It feels real good. I think the tip is up between my lungs somewhere. Are you sure you don’t want to try it?”

“Why, yes, I do,” smiled Teezy, “I’d really like to try it.

Right now, in fact.”

“Do you want me to get off Scott’s cock so you can get on?” asked Tammy with an evil smile.

“No, that’s all right. There are plenty of other cocks here that I can use,” said Teezy looking around at the other cocks in the room. All of them were rigid again or nearing it at the thought of having Teezy. Dave’s giant black cock stood out and pointed up toward the ceiling. He was stroking it and staring at Tammy ass.

“NO,” I screamed and struggled in vain, “You can’t.”

Teezy swung around and put her hands on her hips and stared at me, her face turned red.

“You sit there with your cock buried in another woman’s ass and tell me what I can and can’t do? You’ve got your fucking nerve. You asshole,” she snarled, “Were you going to tell me about this evening when you got home? Or were you just going to sneak in the shower and beg off making love due to a headache? Never mind, I can tell by the look on your face. I’ve been in the pantry all evening hoping you would be faithful to me and resist Tammy’s advances.

Instead you took all of them and even orchestrated the entire evening. Aren’t you the gracious host with someone else’s wife?”

She turned back to Tammy.

“I put the strap on his cock so he wouldn’t get scared and shrink up inside of you, Dear. He does that when he gets scared. Don’t you, Lovebug?” she sneered at me, “You just keep him occupied while I taste some of these eager cocks pointing at me. Do you mind?”

Tammy wiggled her ass down hard on my cock and said, “Not at all, Teez, Watch out for Dave’s cock though. It will take the wind out of you.”

“I’ve wanted Dave’s cock for as long as Scott’s wanted your tits,” she said softly, “He was so busy that night in the hot tub looking at your breasts that he never noticed my attraction for Dave’s cock. Too bad for him, it could have ended there.”

Tammy pulled Teezy in front of her.

“Did you wear it?” she asked in a whisper.

“Yes,” said Teezy, “Want to see it?”

“I want to try it,” said Tammy, “May I?”


Tammy slowly lifted up the front of Teezy’s sweater. The other three guys moved around to see. All of them were stroking themselves while watching my wife’s chest be exposed. I looked over Tammy’s shoulder and my eyes bugged out in amazement. Teezy had a black leather bra on that was way too tight. Her massive breasts spilled out around the edges of it, but what I saw were her nipples. The bra was cut out around the nipples. Two two-inch holes extruded her nipples out obscenely. The bra was so tight, her nipples extended three inches out of the holes. They were red and swollen. Her nipples weren’t as long as Tammy’s but they were quite succulent. Tammy clamped her lips down on the left one, sucking it loudly into her mouth. She began to lift herself a few inches off my cock and pump back down on it as she sucked. I knew she was enjoying it. Teezy moaned and pushed her chest forward forcing more into Tammy’s eager mouth. Dave stepped forward and reached out to pinch the other nipple.

“Touch her and I’ll kill you, you motherfucker,” I screamed at him.

“Seems to me like we have an open invite,” said Dave as his finger and thumb closed on the swollen nipple, “If you did this with Steve’s wife, you’d have probably done it with my wife too. So….”

Teezy reached down and grasped his shaft. She began stroking it, pulling back the head and forcing precum out the tip.

“Ohhh,” she said, “Nice. This is fucking amazing. It’s even bigger than Scott’s. Did you take this up the ass, Tammy?”

“No way,” gasped Tammy, as she dropped back onto my lap again, “It was more than I could handle to take him in my cunt.”

Without asking, Ed dropped to his knees behind Teezy and lifted her skirt. He pushed his face between her ass cheeks and began making wet, sucking noises. I saw his hand come around the front of her thighs and move up under the front of her skirt.

“Oh, God,” he said in a whisper, “She’s ready. This girl is wet and waiting.”

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” I screamed as I struggled to loosen myself.

“Good idea, Honey,” said Teezy in a hoarse whisper, spreading her legs and leaning forward slightly to allow Ed easier access, “I think I’ll do just that. Do you want the bra now, Tam?”

“Please,” said Tammy.

Teezy reached behind her and unclasped the bra. She had to struggle to get her nipples out of the holes. Even after the bra was off, her breasts were distorted and her nipples and aureole stuck out a couple of inches from the rest of her breasts. Tammy pulled her sweater up over her head and tossed it across the room. Teezy arched her back and forced her nipple back in Tammy’s mouth. Then she reached down and began to put the bra on Tammy. Dave assisted to get Tammy’s nipples positioned in the holes and together they snapped it in the back. Tammy’s nipples began to extrude out the holes as Teezy’s had. Her nipples seemed to be growing even longer, if that was possible.

“Here Scott. You can play with these while I go play with something else,” said Teezy wickedly, cupping Tammy’s breasts, “Oh, that’s right. You can’t reach them. Too bad.

Can’t get soft. Can’t get off. Can’t touch the swollen nipples. Poor boy. All you can do is keep your numb cock up Tammy’s ass. Darn. You’re gonna miss all the fun, I guess. Dave come around and stand behind me, please.”

Dave moved around and Ed moved out of the way. His face was wet with saliva and he was licking his lips.

“God, her ass is tight,” he said, “I could hardly get my tongue in there.”

Teezy reached under her skirt and between her legs, pulling Dave’s hard cock up between them. It stuck out four inches beyond the front of her thighs. She let her skirt drop down and looked down.

“Look, Tammy, I have a cock now too. Do you want me to fuck you?” Teezy said with a laugh.

“Not right now, but I’d love to suck your cock, Teezy.

Can I?” she said.

“Sure, you go right ahead,” she said as she lifted her skirt again.

Tammy bent down and took Dave’s cockhead in her hands and sucked hard on the tip. She could hardly get her tiny mouth around it. Dan and Ed had moved up on either side of Teezy and were sucking on her huge tits. Saliva made her breasts glisten. She reached down and took their cocks in her hands and began to stroke them.

I was going fucking crazy. These people were having their way with my wife and I couldn’t do a thing about it except yell. I screamed bloody murder.

“Gosh, he noisy, isn’t he?” asked Teezy to no one in particular, “I’m having a hard time enjoying myself with all this noise. Maybe if Dave stuck his cock in Scott’s mouth, he’d quiet down? Dave, would you do that for me?”

“I’ve never done anything like that before,” Dave said, “What would I get to do to you in return?”

“Whatever you wanted,” said Teezy smiling, “Whatever you wanted.”

“No fucking way,” I screamed, “No fucking way I’m going to have a cock in my mouth.”

“He seems to think he has something to say about the matter,” laughed Teezy, “OK, Tammy, get off of him. Ed and Dan, lower the chair down onto the floor. Let’s see how well Scott sucks Dave’s cock.”

“Wait. Wait. Wait,” I screamed, horrified at the thought of a cock in my mouth.

Teezy paused.

“Are you going to be quiet from now on?” said Teezy, “Do you think you can just sit there quietly and watch us have our fun? I nodded frantically, anything to keep that cock out of my mouth.

“Tammy, get off of him. He’s had his fun. Tammy lifted herself off my cock. It seemed to take forever as it slid from her ass. Teezy reached into my lap and unsnapped the strap around my cock and I looked at it as it slowly shrunk up to a wrinkled, red tube the size of a hot dog. I was afraid I’d never see it work right again.

I’d never had the strap on for that long. I sat there looking at my shriveled penis and wishing I had never yielded to temptation this evening. I wondered if it would ever work again.

I looked up and saw Tammy on her back on the poker table.

Dan had her legs up and was pounding into her anus. Her fingers were stuck deep in her cunt, sliding up occasionally to stroke her clit. Her nipples poked out of the bra and pointed like thick fingers up toward the ceiling.

Teezy was bent forward with Ed fucking her cunt from behind, her lips and hands were wrapped around Dave’s cock and she had somehow forced several inches of it down her throat. Her giant breasts swung forward and back under her chest with each stroke Ed made into her.

After what seemed like an eternity, Dan began to cum into Tammy’s ass. He screamed as he came and Tammy fingered her clit furiously until she came. He fell forward on her chest, gasping and she pulled him tight against her.

I looked over at Teezy and she was reaching back to grasp Ed’s penis. She let Dave’s cock pop from her mouth.

“Put it in my ass, Ed. Fuck me in the ass,” she moaned.

I cried. My wife was finally taking it in the ass and I had to sit and watch. I choked back sobs as Ed put his cock tip against her tiny pink anus and began to force it into her. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks.

“Scott, look. Ed’s going to fuck me in the ass. Don’t you want to watch?” Teezy teased me with her voice, “He’s going to….arrgghhhhh!!!!”

Ed’s penis slid into her ass to the hilt in one swift stroke. He immediately began to slam his hips into her butt. She grabbed Dave’s cock and put it back in her mouth. He pushed forward and half of it slid down her throat. I knew she could take it in. She had deep-throated me numerous times. Her throat could loosen up and take my entire length, she was probably going to be able to take Dave is as well. Tears stung my cheek as I watched my beautiful wife take cocks in both ends of her body.

With a final lunge Dave had his cock buried in her mouth.

Her lips disappeared in his pubic hair and his ball sac banged against her chin. He began to stroke four or five inches in and out of her mouth.

“Oh God Almighty, I wish my wife could do that,” he groaned, “Take it, Sweetface, take my giant cock.”

She pulled her lips back and I could see her teeth lightly scraping his shaft as she had done to me so many times before. Ed began to grunt and moan and I knew he was starting to cum in her ass. Her first load of jism in the ass and it wasn’t mine. I could only sit and watch.

Ed gave a last lunge forward, pulled out and fell back on his butt on the floor. His cock stuck up between his legs still squirting cum. He reached out and squeezed the last few spurts into the air.

Teezy put her hands on Dave’s hips and pushed him back.

His black shaft slid from between her lips. She bent over the poker table and began to kiss Tammy full on the lips.

“In my ass, Dave, in my ass. Fill me with your hot cum,” she said in a tiny whisper.

Dave moved around behind her and put his cock tip against her anus. It was open an inch from Ed’s pounding, red and swollen. It looked like a red-ringed eye with a black center. Ed’s cum looked like a tears running down from it.

Dave pushed forward and I watched helplessly as his cock disappeared up into her, inch by inch. Then he began to stroke her. He must have fucked her for a half an hour.

Her ass cheeks were red from the crushing blows his groin made against them. She had her cheek on the table next to Tammy, her eyes were glazed and drool ran from her mouth onto the cards.

“I’m…I’m going to cum,” gasped Dave, “Where do you want it?”

“On my face,” said Teezy in a tiny voice, “On my face where Scott can watch.”

Dave pulled out of her ass, gripping his cock tightly to hold the cum back. Teezy rolled over on her back on the table and snuggled her cheek up against Tammy’s. Their faces were together, their lips almost touching. Tammy’s tongue came out and met Teezy’s. Dave positioned his cock head an inch away and let go of the deathgrip on his penis. Cum began to spray from his cock like water from a fire hose. Huge gobs flew onto the girl’s faces and into their mouths. It seemed to go on forever. Both of the women’s faces were covered with his white, sticky cum. Their eager tongues lapped it up, licking their own lips and the cheeks of the other girl. It rolled down their cheeks. Some of the strands flew out and draped across their breasts. Dave squeezed the last of his load out between their lips. Teezy sucked the head into her mouth and then reached up and rubbed the shaft across her face and Tammy’s. Ed had his face buried in Teezy’s cunt and Dan was reaming Tammy’s.

I forced my eyes shut, wishing the terrible scene out of my mind. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t do it. All I could see was my wife with another man’s cock in her cunt and in her ass and in her mouth. The same scenes kept playing in my head, over and over and over again.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard Teezy’s voice.

“Well, look at that,” she said with surprise in her voice.

“Looks like he liked it,” I heard Tammy answer.

I opened my eyes and saw both women sitting up on the table wiping cum out of their eyes and licking their fingers. They were both looking at my lap. I looked down and saw I had the biggest erection I had ever had.

“That’s my Scott,” Teezy said.

“Do you think he wants to play too?” asked Tammy.

“I think so,” answered Teezy, “Let’s let him play in Round Two.”

She got up off the table and turned her back to me.

She reached between her legs and grasped my cock. She put it into her dripping anus and dropped down onto it, swallowing my entire cock. Her ass cheeks slammed onto my lap.

“Take off the cuffs,” she ordered, “I’m ready to ride this bronco.”

The End

Poker at Steve’s 2 »

“Your deal,” I heard Ed say.

“Earth to Scott,” Dan said, “Are you here or somewhere else? You act like you’re orbiting somewhere outside of Pluto.”

“Sorry, Guys, I got distracted,” I stammered.

“A hot dish like Tammy would do that to any guy,” said Ed, “What did she do, give you a blow job in there?”

My head snapped in his direction.

“Whoa,” he said, “I may have pressed a button there.”

“Well, not actually,” I said, “But maybe later, she said.”

“Yeah, sure,” said Ed, “Are you going to deal or just sit there and lie to us?”

I picked up the cards and began to shuffle. My brain was racing trying to think about how I was going to get everybody behind the idea of fucking Tammy. All three of these guys were married. None of them had a wife as attractive as Tammy. I took a deep breath and decided they’d be crazy to not take her up on it. I was beginning to get an idea.

We played for another half hour or so. We could hear Tammy rattling pans and dishes in the kitchen. Finally she came out holding a big plate of Buffalo wings, celery, carrots, fried mozzarella sticks and some other appetizers around a large bowl of Ranch dressing.

“Break time,” she said, “Clear the center of the table.”

She leaned forward and set the plate down. She paused there arranging the food slightly. It was immediately obvious to me that she had taken her bra off. As she set the plate down, her sweater fell open and her breasts were clearly swinging free above it. From where I sat, I could almost see down to her belly button. The other guys, except Dan whose back was to her, stared in amazement at her creamy globes and how exposed they were.

“Anybody else need a beer?” she asked.

All four of us answered in the affirmative. She stood back up and put her hands on her hips. Her breasts jiggled and bounced on her chest. Her long swollen nipples were clearly visible through the thin sweater material.

“Thirsty boys, huh?” she asked, “Back in a minute.”

As soon as she left the room, Ed asked, “Did something change here recently? I’d swear her tits weren’t jiggling like that when I got here.”

“I wish my wife had breasts like that,” said Dave, “I might start fucking her three times a day then instead of just twice.”

We all laughed.

Wendy’s probably lucky to get it once a week from you,”

sneered Ed, “Even if she had three breasts the size of Tammy’s.”

“Is there anybody here that wouldn’t want a piece of that action?” I asked.

“A piece of Dave’s wife?” laughed Ed.

“No,” I replied, “Tammy. If you had a chance to fuck her, would you do it?”

“In a second,” said Dave.

“In half a second,” said Ed.

“That would be a wet dream come true,” said Dan, “Steve might have something to say about it, however.”

“Steve ain’t here,” I pointed out.

“Well then, bring her on,” laughed Ed, “I’ll dip those finger-like nipples in this Ranch dressing and lick it off.”

“What a bunch of dreamers we are,” said Dan, with a sigh, “Scott, you shouldn’t tease us with those kinds of thoughts.”

I just sat there looking around the table at them all, wondering how to broach the subject. Just then Tammy came back in the room with the beers. This time she stood next to Ed and leaned over to set the beer tray down so Dan could get a look at her breasts. His jaw dropped and he stared unabashedly down her blouse. Tammy ignored him and the other stares she was getting. She stood back up and went back into the kitchen.

“You WERE teasing us, weren’t you?” said Dan, looking expectantly at me.

I shrugged.

“Let’s just see what happens,” I said, “Maybe we’ll all get lucky.”

“I don’t believe it,” whispered Ed, “If I find out that you are fucking with us, we’re gonna make you a real sorry boy, Scott.”

I excused myself and got up to get us some napkins. I went into the kitchen and found Tammy washing some dishes at the sink. I unzipped my zipper and pulled out my penis. She looked over her shoulder at me and then looked down at the ten-inch cock in my hand.

“Where you gonna put that, Big Boy?” she asked.

“You’ll see,” I said as I moved up behind her.

I bent my knees and slid my cock between her legs. I stood up until it was resting up against her cunt. She reached down and lifted the front of her skirt, staring at the head of my cock as it protruded from between her legs. She grasped the head in her hand and pulled it up against her pussy.

“Nice one,” she said.

My hands went around her shoulders and grasped her breasts in my hands through the thin sweater. I could feel her hard nipples straining against my palms. She began to move her hips forward and back, sliding on my cock, her liberal cunt juices lubricating it. My fingers found her nipples and I began to pinch and knead them. She groaned and her eyes rolled back in her head.

“I think they’re almost ready for you,” I whispered in her ear.

“Did you flat out tell them?” she asked. Her voice was hoarse with passion and her hips never stopped sliding along my cock shaft.

“No, I just primed them to the idea of it. They seemed receptive.”

“Do I just go out there right now and lay down on the table naked?” she asked.

“No, you are a good teaser. We should take advantage of that. You do want to take it slow and easy, don’t you.”

“At first,” she said, “Then I want it fast and rough.”

“Let’s do it my way, “I said, “Here’s my plan.”

I told her what she should do and how to do it. Then I reached around in front of her and under her skirt. I grabbed my cock head and stood up, lifting her feet off the ground. Her whole body rested on my cock and she leaned back against my chest. I pumped my hips a few more times and let her tiny body slide back and forth on my cock. Then I let go and she dropped to the floor. I managed to tuck my swollen cock back in my pants, seating it against my thigh and pulled her to me and kissed her hard again.

“You know what to do. Now do it,” I ordered.

I went back in and sat down. Every guy there had seen my erection straining against my pants this time. I didn’t care.

“Been playing baseball with Tammy in the kitchen?” asked Ed, “I see you have your baseball bat with you.”

They all laughed.

“No, I said, “I’ve just been planning the evening’s entertainment. You guys do want to be entertained, don’t you?”

Tammy came back out a few minutes later with more beers.

Just in time, it seemed. Everybody had gotten real thirsty, real fast. She picked up the tray with the remains of the appetizers and set it over on the coffee table. She came back and stood next to Dave.

“Who’s winning?” she asked.

“Uh, nobody really. We’re all pretty close to even,”

said Dave, “Why?”

“Well, I thought I’d sweeten the pots a little,” she replied.

“We don’t usually let women play in our poker games,”

said Ed.

“I didn’t say I wanted to play, I just wanted to sweeten the pots a little,” she said in that voice woman uses when a man isn’t quite listening to her.

“How are you going to do that?” asked Dan.

“Well,” she said, “I think I’ll drop a piece of paper in a pot occasionally and who ever wins the pot can read it.

He wins that as a prize.”

“What will these pieces of paper say?” asked Dave.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” Tammy replied, “Do I get to play my little game?”

“Fine with me, said Dan, “I’m intrigued.”

“OK,” said Ed, “Maybe it will change my luck.”

“I’m willing to bet it will, Ed,” I replied, “How about you, Dave?”

“Let’s do it, I can’t dance,” he said.

“I thought all black guys could dance,” I teased him.

“No, we are all great athletes and have twelve inch…

uh….you know,” he said, getting embarrassed and looking in askance at Tammy.

“I think you meant to say ‘cocks’, didn’t you, Dave. I’ve heard the word before, you know. You don’t have to treat me like a lady.”

“Well, it’s true. I can’t dance worth a damn,” he said good-naturedly.

“Whose deal is it?” I asked picking up the deck.

“My deal,” said Ed, reaching for the cards. He anted for all of us and began to shuffle and deal. Tammy reached down the front of her sweater and took out a folded piece of paper with a number 1 on it. She tossed it in the pot.

Ed dealt five-card stud and after a last card showdown between he and Dave, Dave took the pot. He raked the chips into his pile. Then he picked up the piece of paper and opened it. His eyes widened in surprise.

“Read it out loud,” urged Dan, “What’s it say?”

Dave held the paper up and read “Order Tammy to sit on your lap and French kiss her for 30 seconds.” He put the paper down and whistled long and low. Dan’s jaw dropped. Ed sat there smiling and shaking his head is disbelief.

“Well,” I said, “Do it. Let’s keep this game moving.”

Dave looked up at Tammy, pushed his chair back from the table, took a deep breath and said, “Tammy, get your cute little ass over here, sit on my lap and French kiss me for thirty seconds.”

“Yes, Sir,” said Tammy obediently.

She threw her left leg over his legs, straddling him, slid up so her groin was against his crotch, put her arms around his neck and began to kiss him hard. Her hips ground down into his as they kissed. We could see his long tongue exploring her mouth as it bulged her cheeks occasionally.

“Holy fucking shit,” whispered Ed.

“Time’s up,” I said, after a few seconds, “Dan’s deal.”

Tammy stood up and lifted her leg back over Dave’s, giving everybody a flash of her cunny and stood there with her lipstick all smeared, breathing hard.

As Dan began to deal, she put another piece of paper in the pot. It had the number 2 on it.

This time Ed won. He seemed like he couldn’t care less about the chips. All he wanted to rake in was that piece of paper.

He opened it and began to read, “Pull down Tammy’s sweater and expose and kiss her left nipple.”

“Oh, Jesus,” he muttered.

Tammy moved over and stood next to him. She thrust her chest out proudly at him. Ed looked at her breasts straining at the sweater and then looked around at all of us. He took a deep breath and reached up for her neckline. He stroked the top of her breast for a second or two and then slowly pulled the sweater down, stopping just before getting to her aureole.

“Oh God,” he whispered, looking around at all of us.

With a final tug, her left breast popped free and the sweater fell down off her left shoulder. Several pieces of numbered paper fell from her sweater as she shrugged her arm out of the sleeve. Her turgid nipple was sticking out a half an inch from a very swollen aureole. He reached up with both hands and cupped her breast gently. Then he leaned forward and licked the tip of the nipple. Tammy moaned and leaned forward. Ed let the nipple slip between his lips. He began to suck on it, then biting it between his teeth and pulling it gently away from her breast. Everybody was holding their breath as they watched him. Her breast was one of the most perfect they had ever seen. It jutted out from her chest with no sag or droop. Ed began to lick it from the base, up over the nipple and to her shoulder.

Then he went back to sucking it. His wife’s breasts were no more than 34-As. This was dream come true for him.

“Times up,” I said, “Deal the cards.”

Tammy pulled back and her nipple came free from his mouth with a popping sound. She stood back and left her breast hanging free and her shoulder naked. Her nipple was wet with Ed’s saliva. She reached down and picked up the pieces of paper tucking them up against her right breast.

She kept one in her hand and reached out and put it in the center of the table.

This hand went to Ed again.

“Shit,” said Dan, “What a night to be on a losing streak.”

Ed opened the paper numbered 3 and read “Reach under Tammy’s skirt and look for a surprise.”

She turned toward Ed again and stood there spreading her legs slightly. Ed reached out and put his hand under her pleated skirt.

“Describe it for us, Ed,” I asked him.

“I feel a very wet pussy,” he said, “No pubic hair.

Smooth as a billiard ball. A hard little clit.”

Just then Tammy swooned and had to reach down and steady herself against the table.

“What the hell are you doing?” asked Dan.

“I’m pinching her cunt lips on her clit,” said Ed, “It drives my wife crazy.”

“Works on me too,” breathed Tammy.

“What’s the surprise?” I asked.

“Deeper, Ed,” urged Tammy.

More of his hand disappeared up under her skirt and Tammy’s eyes rolled back.

“What a tight little cunt,” Ed said.

“Deeper,” urged Tammy again.

“Wait. What’s this,” said Ed, “The woman has a fuse.


He pulled his hand out from under the skirt and he was holding a Maraschino cherry by the stem.

“A prize in every box,” laughed Dave, “Are you going to eat it?”

“You bet,” said Ed, popping the cherry in his mouth and savoring the taste, “My favorite flavor. Ummmmm.”

“Deal,” said Dan, “I want to win one.”

It was my turn to deal and I dealt myself a winner.

I opened paper number 4 and read, “Show everybody Tammy’s ass. If you won with a pair of Kings or higher, put something in it.”

Tammy walked over to me. I turned her away from the table and bent her over at the waist. I lifted the back of her skirt exposing her perfect round ass. My hands were all over it massaging and exploring. Tammy reached back and pulled her buns apart. Her tiny, pink anus flexed as she tightened and loosened her sphincter muscle.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” said Dan, “What fine ass.”

“Not only that,” I said, “but I won with a pair of aces.


I slid a finger up between her legs and slid it around between her cunt lips and then put the tip against her anus and began to push it into her. There was a slight resistance and then her sphincter relaxed and allowed me entry. I twisted and turned my finger, forcing it deeper with each movement until my finger was buried in her up to the hilt.

“Schweet,” breathed Dave.

“Deal,” said Dan, clearly going crazy watching everybody else have all the fun.

Tammy stood up, flipped her skirt back down and put another piece of paper on the table. We played the hand and Dave won again.

“For crying out loud,” said Dan, “What a night!”

Dave opened the paper, read it and handed it to Dan.

“Here, this one’s for you,” he said.

Dan took it eagerly and began to read “Number 5. Let Tammy undress you and she’ll suck you off.”

“You gave this to me?” asked Dan incredulously.

“My cock wouldn’t fit in her tiny mouth and I plan to put my load in a different part of her body,” said Dave matter-of-factly. We all knew from high school days that Dave’s cock was even larger than mine, twelve inches long with a head somewhere between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball.

Dan stood up and put his arms straight out from his shoulders, saying, “Take me, I’m yours, Tammy.”

Tammy walked over and pulled his T-shirt up over his head.

She licked his nipples and rubbed his massive chest.

Her hands quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper. His cock popped up as his pants and underwear dropped to his ankles. She pulled off his shoes and socks and slid his pants off. He stood there naked with his erection jutting out from between his legs. His circumcised cock was about 8 inches long, narrow and had an upward curve to it. Tammy dropped to her knees in front of him and began to lick his cock from the base to his cock tip like an ice cream cone. She finally grasped the base, pulled his cock into her mouth and gave him head as good as any I had ever gotten or seen in a porn video. She wrapped her lips around the head and then forced her head all the way onto it. Her lips were buried in his pubic hair. She began to do that over and over, starting slow and then pumping furiously. Dan’s hips bucked as he drove his cock down her throat each time she lunged forward. With a loud groan, Dan put his hand at the back of her head and held her on his cock as he came. We could see her throat furiously swallowing his cum. She choked slightly and cum came out her nose. She pushed back, letting his cock slide from between her lips.

“Oh God, that was good,” breathed Dan, “Motherfucker! Can that girl ever give good head. Can you teach my wife that technique?”

Tammy still held his cock and rubbed it on her cheeks and lips. Her eyes were glazed as she squeezed more cum from the shaft and eagerly licked it up not stopping until his cock began to soften in her hand. She stood up and using a napkin from the table, wiped the cum running from her nose. At least the cum she couldn’t reach with her tongue.




“Gentlemen, are we here to play cards or what?” I asked, reaching for the deck. Everybody was so sexy up that nobody remembered whose deal it was so I just dealt again.

Tammy put paper number 6 in the center of the table. She stood there with her left breast hanging free, licking her lips and savoring the taste of Dan’s cum. She had a glazed, wanton look in her eyes. She had turned into nothing more that a living ‘fuck machine’ for us and that was exactly what she wanted tonight. I thought back to earlier in the evening when she had off-handedly said she was our slave for tonight. I also wondered if she had let Teezy know what she had planned to do this evening. I sure hoped not.

I wanted some of Tammy’s action tonight too and I didn’t need Teezy knowing about it. She would surely kill me.

Dave won again. He read the paper and said, “This is more like it.”

“Like what, Asshole,” said Ed impatiently, “Read it out loud.”

Dave read, “Let Tammy undress you and you can fuck her cunt doggie-style on the floor.”

Dave stood up, pushing his chair back from the table.

Tammy moved over dutifully and began to unbutton his shirt. The top of her head only came to his nipples so she had to reach up for the top buttons. He towered over her and I feared what might happen when he entered her. Tammy didn’t seem bothered at all. If anything, she seemed quite excited, but Tammy had probably never seen Dave’s dick. Even I could only imagine what it looked like angry.

She pulled his shirt down over his shoulders and then stopped.

“Break time,” she said as she picked up the beer tray and walked into the kitchen. Dave stood there with a perplexed look on his face looking at us and wondering what she was up to.

“Did I say something wrong?” he asked us all.

We all shrugged. Was the party over? Had Tammy had enough? She came back out of the kitchen a few minutes later carrying the beer tray with four beers and four shots of tequila on it. No limes. She had taken the sweater off and her massive breasts swung and swayed over the beers.

She set the tray on the floor halfway across the room and picked up a shot glass and swallowed the tequila in one gulp. She moved a beer over to the edge of the tray and squatted down over it. The neck of the bottle disappeared under her skirt. She moved her knees closer together and stood up taking the beer bottle with her.

All we could see was the bottom of the bottle hanging down under her skirt. She half-walked and half-hobbled over to Ed.

“Have a beer, Ed,” she said and he reached under her skirt. He pulled the beer out and took a sip.

Tammy went back to the tray and swallowed another shot glass of tequila and squatted over the next bottle. This one was mine. She repeated the same routine two more times before stopping in front of Dave. He took the beer from under her skirt and she dropped to her knees in front of him. Her hands quickly undid his belt and zipper. With one quick tug, she pulled his pants down to his knees. His huge cock flew up and hit her under her chin. A long strand of pre-cum flew from the tip and draped itself across the top of her breasts.

She rocked back on her heels and just stared at it in amazement. We all did. It was black and shiny, but the tip was pink. It was easily a foot long as it jutted out from his groin. The shaft was as thick as Tammy’s wrist and the tip oozed precum in a steady stream. It floated it front of her face and she couldn’t resist sticking her tongue out and catching the stream. The thick cum coiled down on her tongue like a rope. She swallowed and shook her head. The look in her eyes was a curious blend of fear, surprise, excitement and anticipation.

She got his shoes and pants off and then took his massive cock in both hands. Her hands only covered a third of it.

She just held it and marveled at it. She pushed her hands toward his stomach, pulling the skin back from the tip and his pee slit opened up. She put the tip of her tiny tongue in it. She rubbed it on her cheeks and face, tried and failed to get her lips around the head and then got down on her hands and knees.

“Fuck me, Dave,” she whispered, “Fuck me good and hard.

Put that giant cock in my cunt and drive it home. Do it now!”

Dave got on his knees behind her, lifted her skirt onto her back and nestled his cock tip up against her cunt.

We could see the head spread her cunt lips apart. She looked way too small to take him in, but as he leaned forward, first the head and then the shaft began to disappear up into her pussy. He gripped her hips and pulled her back onto him and he pressed forward. Inch by inch, his giant cock disappeared into her. With four inches still showing, he had bottomed out in her. He pulled his cock back out and Tammy moaned long and loud. With a quick thrust, he buried it in her again. She screamed this time.

“More,” she moaned, “Faster. Deeper. Harder. Fuck me.”

He began stroking it in and out of her. Her cunt lips seemed to grab at his shaft as he pulled it out. He reached under her and grasped her tits. He began to knead them as he pumped. She began a deep moaning that turned into screams as he went faster and faster. Each time he bottomed out, her body spasmed. After what seemed like an eternity, he screamed and began to pump her full of cum. I looked down in surprise and saw my cock in my hands. I had no memory of taking it out of my pants. Dan and Ed were stroking theirs too. As Dave made his last few strokes into her, cum began gushing out from around his cock and running down the insides of thighs. With a last gasp, he bottomed out in her again and then pulled it out, letting go of her hips. She fell forward onto the rug and just lay there gasping with her eyes closed. Cum flowed from her exposed cunt onto the rug. He must have put a quart into her. His balls were big enough to hold at least that much. I sure didn’t envy his wife having to deal with that monster every night. I had a lot more respect for her now.




He stood up and then dropped into his chair, his cock still sticking a foot into the air. He picked up his beer and drained it in one gulp.

“I needed that,” he said.

“No, I needed that,” said Tammy in a tiny voice from the floor. She looked like she had been rode hard and put away wet. We let her just lay there, watching the cum run from her cunt.

Twenty minutes must have passed before she slowly got to her knees and then used the back of Ed’s chair to pull herself to her feet.

She told Ed to stand up and took off his clothes. Ed’s penis was the smallest of us, about 7 inches long, but thick. She sat him back down and put her face in his lap and sucked on him until he was as hard as he was going to get. She stood up and staggered over to an end table and opened the drawer. She took out four pairs of handcuffs. She handed them to me and told me to cuff Ed to his chair. I looked at Ed and he nodded. He sat in the chair and I cuffed his legs to the front legs of the chair and his hands to each side of the back of the chair.

Tammy faced him and straddled his legs. She moved forward until her breasts were in his face and her crotch was over his cock. She reached down and positioned his cock against her anus. She slowly dropped down onto it and it began to disappear up into her ass. Soon her butt cheeks were down on his lap, his cock buried in her rectum. She just sat there for a few minutes and then began to pump herself up and down on it, again and again, slowly at first and then faster and faster. Soon she was slamming herself down on his cock, lifting herself with her arms on Ed’s shoulders. Ed enjoyed it as long as he could, but her tight little ass must felt just too good. With a loud groan, he began to cum up into her. She ground her ass down onto him, clenching her sphincter muscles again and again to pump him dry.

When she finally stood up, cum bubbled from her anus.

Cum was running down her thighs and calves in rivulets.

It seeped from her cunt and anus, but she seemed oblivious to it. She turned to me.

“Scott, get naked. Dan, take the cuffs off Ed and put them on Scott,” she ordered.

I quickly stripped. My ten-inch cock stood out firm and proud. I wanted it in any hole she was willing to offer even if they had all been filled once already. Sloppy seconds on a woman like Tammy was better than going first on most other women. I had never been so horny in my life. I sat in the chair and let Dan cuff me into place.

“Dave and Dan, I want you to lower me onto his cock. I want him up my ass,” Tammy said.

My cock jutted out from my lap, ten inches of hard manhood. Dan and Dave lifted Tammy under her knees and thighs and positioned her over my cock with her face away from me. Her anus was already stretched by Ed’s cock, but his was nothing compared to mine. She reached between her legs and positioned my cock tip in her hole, Ed’s cum lubricating the entry.

“Now, down,” she ordered, “Slowly.”

I groaned as her tight ass slid down on my cock. Tammy leaned forward. When four or five inches were in her, she held up her hands. Dave and Dan stopped, holding her in that position.

“Let me go,” she screamed.

Dave and Dan let her go and she slid down onto my cock.

Eight of the ten inches slid into her ass in a second.

She bounced her body until all ten inches were buried in her. I wanted to reach around and grab those tits.

I wanted to kiss her and hold her, but the damn cuffs held me confined. I could feel her clenching her ass muscles, grabbing my cock. I was in heaven.

“I want one more thing, Scott” groaned Tammy.

“What’s that?” I asked her as I pumped my hips up against her ass, “Whatever you want you can have it.”

“Are you sure?” she asked again.

“Yes, Baby, what is it?” I pleaded.

“I want to suck on Teezy’s nipples,” she said.

I froze.

“What are you talking about,” I demanded to know, “What does my wife have to do with this?”

“Teezy,” shouted Tammy.

I looked over in the den and saw Teezy walking toward me. She was wearing an identical outfit as Tammy only in black. I wriggled in the chair in frustration trying to get out from under Tammy so Teezy wouldn’t see me.

“Oh hi Scott,” said Teezy with a big smile, “Having fun?”

to be continue

Poker at Steve’s 1 »

Steve called me today to let me know that he had been called out of town on a business trip and wouldn’t be able to make our regular Wednesday Night poker game. He was sorry about the situation but assured me that we could still have the game at his house since he had the poker table and chips. He had checked with his wife, Tammy, and she said she wouldn’t mind. In fact, she had said she would even make up for his absence by making some hors d’oeuvres for us. He told me to make ourselves at home and have a good time. I wished him a good trip and started to clean off my desk.

His ‘have a good time’ statement echoed in my ears as I pictured Tammy. She was a very shapely, petite lady only a little over 5 feet tall with a massive chest for such a tiny woman. Her waist must be only about 12 inches around and made for a sumptuous set of curves with her rounded hips and an ass that stuck out in the most provocative manner. We had ‘hot tubbed’ together one night together with some other couples and the mental image of her in a skimpy bikini was still burned into my memory. I could feel my groin tighten at the thought of a moment that evening when she lifted her leg over the edge of the tub exposing her barely covered crotch to my eager gaze. Her bikini top was no more than a strip of cloth that almost covered her nipples and aureole and the mental picture of the tops of her huge breasts bobbing at the surface of the water almost made me drool. My wife had been frosty to me for a week afterwards due to my inability that evening to keep from staring at Tammy’s treasures. Wrong approach as far as I was concerned. If my wife had spread her legs that night, she would have gotten the reaming of her life. I looked down and saw that I was subconsciously rubbing my cock shaft on the edge of my desk as I pictured that evening again. A damp stain spread from the tip of my cock onto my pant leg and I forced my mind to cleaning up my desk and getting out of the office.

I got home and found my wife, Teezy, in the kitchen preparing dinner. I gave her a kiss and as I did, I put my finger down the front of her blouse and pulled it out so I could look down at her breasts. She was wearing one of those European bras that left the top of her breasts exposed and only encased the bottoms in a silk sack. Her dark nipples and aureole were clearly visible.

I’m not sure why Tammy’s breasts were so attractive to me. Teezy’s were just as large. I think the difference was that Tammy was only five feet tall and Teezy was nearly six feet and all legs. Proportionally, Tammy breasts ‘looked’ larger on her smaller frame even though they were about the same size.

Teezy lifted her knee up into my crotch and said, “If you don’t want your dinner burned, you’ll back off, Mr. Horndog.”

I laughed and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Poker tonight at Steve’s,” I reminded her.

“I know,” she replied, “Tammy called and told me she was hosting the game anyway. Brave girl.”

Steve and Tammy just lived a couple doors down from us and Tammy and Teezy played bridge together on Thursdays. “She’s making hors d’oeuvres for us. Not like some wives that just put potato chips and ‘store bought’ dips out,” I teased.

“Potato chips and dips are hors d’oeuvres,” she replied, “What makes you think you’ll do better over there? What can she be going to give you that I can’t?”

I paused. She had me there. Then a quick mental image of Tammy’s breasts flashed through my mind.

“What was that look about?” she said.

“Oh nothing,” I lied, “I just pictured Tammy bringing us out hot weenies and doughnuts.”

“Well, there’s a Freudian image,” she laughed, “Is that what you guys crave while playing poker, hot weenies and doughnuts?”

“Doh!” I replied in my best Homer Simpson voice, “You discovered my secret desires.”

“You probably want Tammy to provide the doughnut and you’ll provide the weenie, if I know you.”

“Not going there, “I said, backing off, “I didn’t need another two weeks of cold shoulder around here. We probably won’t even see Tammy all evening. If she’s smart, she rented a video and will stay in the den and ignore us.”

“If she’s smart,” said Teezy, dismissing me and turning back to her dinner preparation.

After dinner I kissed Teezy god-bye and headed over to Steve and Tammy’s. Tammy opened the door and gave me a hug. The feel of her breasts pushing against my chest revived the erection I had earlier in the day. It popped up like the little plastic timers on a Butterball turkey. I felt it tighten my pants and stop against her stomach. I may have held the hug a little too long, but she didn’t resist or say anything.

She stepped back and held the door open for me. She was wearing a low cut white, fluffy sweater and a very short white pleated skirt and knee-high white boots with 4″ high heels. She looked like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader in that outfit. Her long red hair hung down past her shoulders and hung down below her shoulders but above the swell of her breasts. My cock expanded even more and really tented the front of my pants. I walked past her quickly, but was sure I caught her eyes dropping to my crotch. I wasn’t sure if I was glad or not that she had seen how excited I was. I didn’t want to incur Teezy’s wrath again. When she gets mad at someone or wants to get even, she really gets even.

I made sure to keep my back to her as I walked toward their living room. She had the table all set up in front of their living room window. I put my cigarettes down at the chair opposite the door to the den. I sat quickly hiding my clearly obvious erection.

“I’m making some hors d’oeuvres for you guys tonight. What are you hungry for?” she asked in a throaty voice.

Again, the image of her breasts bobbing in the hot tub filled my mind. I began to count out the poker chips forcing my mind to the present.

“Oh, whatever you want to prepare,” I replied with a catch in my voice. My heart was beating like a racehorse, to fill my ten inch cock with blood, no doubt..

“How about weenies and doughnuts?” she laughed.

I laughed a little too heartily, as she was obviously letting me know she had talked with Teezy before my arrival. I wondered if Teezy had told her about my attraction for her. I wondered if my swollen cock told her about my attraction for her.

“Weenies and doughnuts would be fine,” I replied, “Those are my favorite hors d’oeuvres.”

“So I hear,” she said, licking her lips, “I love weenies myself. Ummm-Ummm. Yummy.”

I looked up at her quickly and saw a saucy smile on her face. She had her hands behind her back and her nipples poked provocatively against the front of her sweater despite her bra. Did I mention that her nipples were about a half-inch long and made dimples in every shirt, blouse and dress she owned? They were every guy’s fantasy. Her bra this evening made the top third of her breasts seem to bulge up out of her neckline and the cleavage between them was a dark gap promising many pleasures and delights.

Steve’s pleasures and delights, I reminded myself. As she stood there, her legs were spread slightly and the pleats of the skirt curved provocatively from her tiny waist down into the hidden junction of her creamy thighs. I felt the tip of my cock up bang against the bottom of the poker table.

Just then the doorbell rang and she spun to answer it. Her skirt flew up briefly and what I saw of her exposed ass was totally bare. I groaned inwardly. How was I going to concentrate on cards tonight? Tammy came back into the living room with Ed and Dan. Ed was tall and thin with dark hair and an Italian complexion, Dan was shorter and stockier. He lifted weights a lot and had the shoulders of a football player. The doorbell rang again and Tammy escorted Dave in. Dave was a big, black guy who was a football player. Or he was anyway, he had played defensive end for the Green Bay Packers until a knee injury forced him to retire.

The phone rang in the other room and Tammy left to answer it. She came back in a moment later.

“Bad news, boys. The Withers brothers can’t make it tonight. Their uncle’s wife had an appendectomy attack today and they just left for the hospital. Can you play with only four?”

“Damn!” said Dan, “How I can make enough money to support my wife and family with only three opponents?”

Ed laughed and said, “What are you talking about? Your poker losses have been supporting my wife and family for years.”

“Well, tonight I was going to turnover a new leaf,” laughed Dan, “It’s your turn to lose….all of you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, “Sit down, give me your money, buy some chips and we’ll get started. I believe it’s my turn to win anyway. I don’t need the money so much, I just thrive on the whining and crying you guys do when you lose to me.”

“Bite me,” said Dave as he dug in his wallet.

Tammy came up next to me. I could smell her perfume and hear the pleats on her skirt swish. Her body seemed to radiate heat. The front of my pants must be sopping wet by now which was going to make getting up and going to the bathroom a real chore.

“Who wants a beer?” she asked, “Or maybe I should ask, who doesn’t want a beer?”

There was absolute silence as we all looked up at her and grinned.

“Well, that answers my question,” she spun again and walked into the den toward the kitchen. Her skirt flounced up again, but not nearly as much as it had for me earlier. I glanced around and saw all three pairs of eyes lingering on her legs as she walked away. I couldn’t blame them. She was really something. And dressed like that, she looked more like a whore than a friend’s wife.

As soon as she was out of the room, Dave said, “Tammy certainly looks edible tonight.”

“I’ll say,” said Ed, “A little whipped cream on her and she’d make a fine dessert.”

“I can whip up the cream,” said Dan, with a laugh.

“I can whip up my own cream,” I replied, “And it would probably taste better than yours.”

“That’s not what your wife says,” retorted Dan with a grin. Everybody laughed and I began to flip cards to see who would deal first. Tammy came back in with a tray and four open longneck beers. She went around the table, reached over each guy’s shoulder and set the beers down next to their chips on the table. I would have sworn that she brushed her breasts against all four of us as she did it. I know for damn sure that she did when she set my beer down.

“I’m going to go in the den and watch a video. I’ll make you guys some snacks later. If you need anything, give me a yell. My name is Tammy and I’ll be your slave this evening,” said Tammy with a laugh.

She turned and walked into the den. The other three guys had their backs to the den, but I could see right into it.

I watched as she opened a videocassette case and bent over to put it into the VCR. She stood with her back to me and bent almost all the way over. My eyes must have bugged out as I saw her skirt rise up and expose 90% of her ass. She was definitely not wearing panties. Her creamy white thighs disappeared into the boots just under her knees. Her legs were perfect. She fiddled with the controls of the VCR and wiggled her ass slightly.

“Scott, are you calling the bet?” I heard Dan’s voice from afar. Tammy stood back up and I forced my eyes back to the cards in my hands as her skirt lowered and again covered her ass.

“Uh, yeah. I’ll call. What’s the bet?” I said as I fumbled for my chips.

A few moments later I was out of the hand and looked into the den. I could see Tammy standing in front of the TV. Her legs were spread slightly and her hands seemed to be fiddling with something at her waist. She bent her knees slightly, still watching the TV. She looked over her shoulder and caught me looking at her. She smiled and moved to the side slightly letting me see what was on the TV screen.

I nearly fell out of my chair. She had a porn tape on and some busty redhead was ‘sword swallowing’ a cock the size of a beer can. She turned slightly toward me and I saw that her hands were under the front of her skirt. Still looking at me, she pulled her hands out from under her skirt, picked up the remote and turned off the VCR. She came into the room and stood behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders and I could clearly smell her sex. I looked at the hand on my left shoulder and saw it glisten. My heart was pounding at the thought of where those fingers had just been. I wanted to take her fingers into my mouth and suck them clean. I felt her lean forward slightly and her breasts pushed up along both sides of my head. I caught Dan’s eye as he saw what she was doing. His eyes rolled back in his head and he struggled to hide a smirk.

“Can I get you guys anything?” asked Tammy, “More beer? Are you ready for some taste treats?”

Her fingers dug into my shoulders as she said that and she subtly pulled me back slightly into her cleavage.

“I could use another beer,” said Ed, “What do you have to eat?”

“Weenies and doughnuts,” she said without a pause.

The other three guys snapped their heads in her direction. All had quizzical looks on their faces.

“Sorry, Guys. A little joke between Scott and I. How about some Buffalo Wings and ranch dressing?” she suggested.

“Sounds good,” said Ed.

“Yeah,” echoed Dan, “Bring them on.”

“Can you guys do without Scott for a few minutes? I need his help to prepare them.”

“Yeah,” said Ed, “He seems kind of distracted tonight anyway. Take him.”

“Come on, Scott,” said Tammy, “I need you in the kitchen.”

She took her hands of my shoulders and headed toward the den. Her cute ass wiggled and tossed the skirt around as she walked. I excused myself and grabbed my bottle of beer, holding it in front of my crotch and hoping it would hide both my erection and the damp patch on my pants. They were all playing their hands and didn’t even look up. I breathed a sigh of relief as I awkwardly shuffled through the den and into the kitchen. Tammy was at the sink pulling plastic off a package.

“Come over here and give me hand cutting the wings,” she said, her eyes dropping immediately to my groin, “Do you know how to do these?”

“Not really,” I said, ashamed of my obvious erection and the damp spot on my trousers but feeling foolish about trying to hide it now that she had obviously noticed it, “I’ve eaten them, but never cooked them before.”

“Well, come here and watch what I’m doing here,” she ordered turning to the sink. Her eyes seemed to stay locked on my crotch even as her head turned.

I walked up behind her and watched as she took a chicken wing, spread it and made two cuts at the joints.

“There. Pretty easy, huh? Think you can do the rest of these?” she asked.

“I think so,” I said hesitantly.

“Here do one for me,” she said.

I started to move up alongside of her.

“No, just reach around me and cut one so I can see that you are doing it right.”

I moved back behind her and reached around her, picking up an uncut wing in one hand and the kitchen shears in the other. As much as I tried to avoid it, my body pressed up against her back and I knew she could feel my hard cock pressing into the lower part of her back. As I cut the first chicken wing, my arms pressed her shoulders together and her sweater opened like an envelope allowing me a view into the dark cavern between them. A low groan escaped my lips.

“Are you feeling alright?” she asked, “I can feel your heart beating at ninety miles an hour.”

“I..I feel fine,” I stammered.

“You sure do,” she said softly, “Now let’s see how good you are with your hands. Cut another piece of chicken.”

The right side of my face was buried in her hair and I almost cut my finger off trying to snip the wing and look down her sweater at the same time. I felt her wiggle her back against my penis slightly and it responded by twitching back against her. I cut the wing and put the pieces in the piles she had started.

“Good work,” she said, “Do a few more before I leave you to yourself.”

I was almost out of my mind with desire. I tried to concentrate of the task but all I could think of was how good her hard little body felt against mine. I couldn’t resist leaning forward slightly pinning her against the sink with my body. My hips pressed forward and my hard cock pressed into her. She didn’t resist. Her head up towards me putting her full lips only a couple of inches from mine. Her mouth was open slightly and I could see her tongue snake out and wet them. I felt her breath go into my mouth as she spoke, “I like working in the kitchen with you. I think we could make magic in here.”

I saw her tongue come out again and lasciviously lick her full lips. They glistened and reminded me of her shiny hands on my shoulders a few minutes ago at the poker table.

“Are you enjoying your movie?” I asked her, my voice was raspy.

“Yes, it’s an old favorite of mine. I never get tired of watching it,” she said nonchalantly, “It gives me warm fuzzies inside.”

“I imagine so from what I saw of it,” I replied, “What’s the name of it?”

“Four Cocks and a Cunt,” she answered back without a pause, “Have you seen it?”

“No,” I stammered.

“Maybe later then,” she said, “If you’re a good boy.”

I didn’t know what to say. Was she leading me on? Was she teasing me? Did she want me to fuck her right there? She was good friends with my wife. I dared not do anything that might get back to Teezy.

“I think you have the idea now,” she said, “Let me out of here and I’ll get the fryer going.”

I reluctantly stepped back and she turned and walked over to the counter next to the sink. As she did, her hand went down to her side and brushed against my raging hard on for a brief second. I was sure it was deliberate.

She began to set up the deep fat fryer, humming to herself. I turned back to the wings and continued cutting them up. She plugged in the fryer and turned to look at me. I turned toward her and her eyes went down to my crotch again.

“Oh look. You’ve splashed water on your pants. Clumsy boy! Let me help you with that.”

I looked down and saw that I hadn’t splashed any water; it was all pre-cum that had leaked from my still erect penis. She grabbed a towel off the counter and knelt down in front of me. She began wiping at the wet spot with the towel. Each wipe stroked my penis and inflamed it even more. It began to bulge obscenely against my zipper. She stroked and wiped, finally putting the towel over my cock and grasping my shaft through the towel and my pants.

“What’s this? Are you some kind of pervert that gets excited playing with chicken wings? Teezy told me you were built like a racehorse, but she never told me about your infatuation with chicken parts. Kinky, but I like it,” she looked up at with a semi-serious face and then laughed.

“I’m sorry, Scott. I’m teasing you. I think it was looking down at my tits that got you hard, wasn’t it? Or was it the hug at the door? Or was it watching me finger my cunt in the den? Which little ‘Tammy Nasty’ got this guy so excited?” she said as she pulled the towel away, grasped my cock and lowered her mouth over the head of my cock, sucking on it through my pants. I reached down and grasped her head pulling it hard against my penis. I could feel her teeth gently scraping at the tip. I groaned and leaned against the counter trying to keep my knees from collapsing.

I almost came right there. The top of her red head against my crotch was a wet dream come true.

After a few seconds, she put her hands on my hips and pushed herself back. Kneeling in front of me, she looked up with a glazed look in her eyes. She licked her lips.

“Before this night is over, your hors d’oeuvres are going to be a ‘pussy sandwich’. And so are the other three guys in the other room. I’m going to have all four of you in my cunt, in my mouth and in my ass. I’m going to be wearing cum on my face. I’m going to have it running down between my breasts and dripping from my cunt. You guys are gonna fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before and then I’m going to give you, just you, a special dessert. Are you ready for all that?” she said with a throaty growl.

“Oh God, Yes,” I said, reaching down and pulling her to her feet. I pulled her up against me hard and pressed my lips to hers. Her tongue came out and explored the inside of my mouth. My hands went down to her ass and lifted her skirt. I cupped her naked ass cheeks and lifted her up against me. She pressed her breasts hard into my chest and I let my fingers slide down between her legs. Her cunt was sopping wet. I let my hand slide around in her cuntlips and across her clitoris. As my finger touched her clit, her hips lurched against mine. I let my middle finger slide up the crack of her ass and pushed it against her tight sphincter muscle. She responded by forcing her tongue deep into my mouth and crushing her lips against mine. She finally pulled back and put her mouth near my left ear.

“Put me down now. I have snacks to prepare. Go back to your game and wait with the other boys,” she said.

Reluctantly I let go of her tight little butt and set her back on the floor. She straightened her clothes and went to check on the fryer as if nothing had happened. I stood there with my pants bulging. My throbbing cock straining against the inside of my pants.

“Beat it,” she said and then laughed, “Well, don’t really do that. I want it in me later. Go back in the other room and try to find out how interested the other guys might be in taking me up on my offer. Go on. Don’t just stand there with that stupid look on your face. And, remember, you get a special treat later.”

My mind was spinning. A ‘special treat’? What might that be? Just putting my cock in her would be a special treat.

I stumbled toward the door to the den and went back to the poker table and sat down. The other guys were still so engrossed in the game, they didn’t even notice my erection.

All I could see was her head against my groin and the feel of her teeth scraping on my cock.


to be continue

Slut Wife Pleases Her Wimpy-Dicked Hubby’s Young Boss »

This is based on a personal experience. I love doing women who love doing it in front of their older husbands and children and was this a nasty bitch!!!


The sexy 37-year-old South Indian porn actress let the young stud, her husband’s 28-year-old boss pull off the saree she wore, tied low, an inch or so above her sweet pussy, to reveal her large milkpots and her excited, swollen nipples.

Lying face up on the young stud’s office desk, she said, “Oh! Yes!!! Boss… Please fuck me with your massive, rock-hard young cock as my wimpy-dicked 50-year-old husband watches along with the other staff to humiliate the senile old bastard in front of his colleagues!” Guiding the throbbing, thickly-veined cock into her hot, wet pussy, the sexbomb begged the young man to fuck her hard and fill her with his potent sperm.

“My womb is ovulating for you, Boss. I want you to fuck my fertile cunt and shoot your hot jism right into my womb… breed me like the slut bitch I am. But I know you will use the semen of the black man you arranged from the sperm bank, to knock me up with a little black baby and make me pregnant so you can fuck my swollen body till I give birth! I’ll sate your filthy, sexy lust to fuck me in every pregnant hole in front of my hubby and my twin 12-year-old sons and 14-year old daughter!” she moaned, knowing her dirty talk would sexcite the young stud to the maximum. She knew that she would be rewarded well to satisfy the young man’s horny lust for her ripe, fleshy body in front of her kids and husband and a video camera!


The sexy porn star wife danced an obscene film song, stripping while she danced and finishing the number stark naked except for her gold necklace and belly chain. And her shiny wedding ring!! Falling at the young man’s feet, the slut wife pulled him to her sexy naked body, rubbing the raging 9-inch erection against the soft flesh around her belly, letting him crush her hot body in his powerful arms.

“Hmmmmmm!!” she moaned as the young stud caressed her soft flesh and squeezed her juicy fat buttocks. “See children,” she said, looking her older husband in the eye, “see what a powerful, rich, young stud like your father’s boss has a right to enjoy.” Flipping over and presenting the young man with her prime butt, the sexy wife purred: “Fuck me, Boss. Fuck my fat ass as my husband and children watch!”

“Grnnntt!!” she grunted like a stuck sow as the bulbous head of the huge phallus worked its way into her well-lubed anus, stretching her rectum to the limit, and the young man buried his massive cock all the way up her hot, clinging asshole.

“Come here, you horny little fuckers!” she screamed at her sons who had their little cocks out and shagging at the hot sex show they witnessed. “Come close and wank off your little hard pricks as a Superior Man has his manly way with your sexy mother’s forbidden anus!! See your wimpy-dicked father masturbating with his little-boy cock as his wife pleases his Master and milks his great phallus as the cuckold watches!” she groaned, feeling the massive cock in her shithole grow even bigger with sexcitement.

“Boss is going to make me pregnant with a black man’s sperm!” she said. “Then I will beg him to fuck my sexy swollen body in front of your father and all of you. I will beg Boss to fuck my pregnant cunt hard and poke the head of the little black bastard in my womb with his thick long cock.”

“I will beg Boss to bathe the little black asshole with his hot jism so he knows how willingly his beautiful mother satisfies every nasty lust of the young stallion in front of his brothers and sisters and his step-father!!!” she cried out as her sons squirted their jism on the carpet and she felt the hard body of the young stud fucking her ripe bum quiver with sexcitement, tense, then flood her willing anus with a river of hot cum.

The End

Melanie’s First Fling »

My wife Melanie and I had told each other when we got married that we knew that sex drive was often stronger than marriage, so we agreed that if the opportunity and desire to have sex with others came up, we would be free to act on it.

We had been married a little over two years, and I was going with some work friends to Vegas to celebrate our promotions. Melanie was a little upset that she wasn’t going, but she also didn’t want to hang around a bunch of my work friends for three days. A week before I left I jokingly suggested to her that she find some hot young man to fuck her while I was gone.

When Melanie dropped me off at the airport, she was wearing her usual summer outfit of tiny shorts and a tank top, no bra. Melanie was 27 at the time. She has a great little ass and tiny little tits with almost permanently hard nipples. I had already forgotten about what I had told her earlier that week, but as I found out later, she apparently hadn’t!

I arrived home from Vegas about 2 a.m., three days later. Melanie was in bed, asleep, I thought. When I finished showering the travel sweat off and I climbed into bed, Melanie sat up and turned on the light on the nightstand. She was wearing a see-through camisole and a matching thong. She said “Welcome home, sweetie!” and began kissing me passionately. “Wow” I thought, “she really missed me!” as she kissed her way down my stomach.

Melanie soon peeled down my boxers and began sucking my cock. She sucked me for a good minute before mumbling, “You want to hear what a naughty girl I’ve been while you were away?” I thought she was playing a game; we had done things like this before, so I said, “Sure! What have you done?”

“Well,” She said,” I was REALLY naughty. Like you told me to do.” She sucked my cock some more, and I began to remember what I had told her the week before.

“Did you do it with another man?” I asked, not really believing that she did.

“Mmmm-hmmm!” She mumbled on my cock. “I did what you said and found a young man to fuck.”

I still didn’t believe her. So I pulled her head up and pressed for details. Here is what she told me as her hands caressed my cock.

“Two days before you left I was at the grocery store. The bag boy was really cute. 5′ 8”, blonde hair, skinny and relaxed. I made him carry my groceries out to the car. I found out he had just graduated high school, so I gave him my cell phone number and told him I would like to see him again. The morning before I took you to the airport, he called me and said he wanted to get together tomorrow. I told him to meet me in the grocery store parking lot at 2:00 p.m.

“I was really horny all day before I met with him and masturbated several times. I put on a pink thong, shorts and a tight white tank-top. I met him at the store and had him follow me back here. I felt so naughty walking upstairs to the bedroom with him behind me, knowing I was about to cheat on my husband for the first time in my life.”

She then looked at me and said “You’re not mad at me, are you honey?” I assured her I wasn’t, though I wasn’t yet convinced she wasn’t just making it up.

“Well, we got to the bedroom and I put my arms around his neck and started kissing him. His hands went under my shirt so I helped him take it off. He began to suck my nipples, and I unbuttoned his shirt. While he took it off I undid my shorts and showed him my thong. He started to kiss my ass and fondle my wet pussy through my thong. I was so wet. I turned around and undid his shorts. After he took off all his clothes, I told him to lie on the bed. I knew he was young and would not last long the first time, so I got the AstroGlide and lubed up his cock slowly with my hand. I stroked him for about a minute and a half while I lay beside him and let him suck my nipples. He soon came hard, shooting his jizz all over my tummy and thong.”

I saw a chance to find out if my wife was just telling tales. “Do you still have this cum-covered thong?” I asked. Without a word, she jumped up and opened her bottom dresser drawer. She pulled out her pink thong and showed it to me. There were some cum-like stains, and boy did it smell like a man’s cum! “Holy shit!” I said, “You’re really serious!” My wife nodded vigorously and once again began stroking my cock. Then she continued her tale.

“I took off my thong and he lay me back and started to go down on me. He wasn’t too good at it, but it felt nice having a strange tongue in my pussy! When he was hard again he moved up between my legs and pushed his cock inside me. I told him we had to use a condom, but I let him fuck me for a few seconds without one because it felt so good.”

At this point my cock was about to explode, so I took off my wifes thong and got on top of her, sliding my cock slowly into her extremely wet pussy. She continued to whisper her tale in my ear as I slowly fucked her.

“I made him stop and put on a rubber, then he re-entered me and fucked me really hard. His cock is a little longer than yours, but a lot skinnier. He had a big cock head that really felt good when he pushed it in. I told him to fuck me good. He began to moan as I wrapped my legs around him. It only took about another two minutes before he came. But I still wanted more.”

At this point I was pumping my wife furiously, thinking how some young guy had just been in her pussy less than two days before.

“We talked for about fifteen minutes, then I told him I wanted his hard cock buried inside me again. It wasn’t long before I had another condom on him and he was again on top of me, pumping my pussy furiously! I talked dirty to him, telling him how good his cock felt and how I loved to get fucked. He moaned a lot and I pushed my hips up to meet his thrusts. I wanted to be his best fuck ever. He came after about three minutes and we were both wiped out. We talked a little longer then he said he had to go. He said he had a big date with his girlfriend, and she never put out. I told him he was lucky he already got some ass today then, so he wouldn’t be so frustrated tonight! I had to masturbate three more times that evening thinking about him fucking me and how I was going to tell you.”

Sometime during this I shot my load deep inside my wife. I must have cum three times as much as usual since she had made me so horny. But afterward I wondered, could she have faked it? I quit wondering when Melanie got up and opened her drawer again. She pulled out a ziploc bag and handed it to me. In it were two cum-soaked condoms. I opened the bag and the smell of cum was quite powerful. My wife had done it. She had fucked another man while I was out of town. My dick was instantly hard again.

Melanie said her pussy was a little sore from the long fucking I just gave her, so she had me lay back and began to stroke my cock while I sucked her nipples, just like he had done. I made her tell me the story two more times while she jerked me to cumming twice more before I let her go to bed.

This story is 100% true. As will be the next Melanie story. She’s had four flings so far…

The End

Melanie – From A Girlfriend To A Slut »

My girlfriend Melanie and I went to from rainy Hannover, Germany to Spain last year for holidays. We booked a small house in a town near Barcelona, from where we could start our trips through the country-side. Melanie currently is a student of architecture but also works as a part time model for fashion and lingerie. She is very attractive.

Let me describe Melanie to you: She’s 28 now, has long blonde hair, 5′ 6″ tall, 115 lbs, and beautiful, size 36 breasts with a slender well developed build that accented her bust. On her set card is written: Height : 5.6″ Korpergroesse : 170 cm. Size : 6 Konfektionsgroesse : 36 Bust/Waist/Hips : 36-23- 34 Masse : 90-61-87 Hair : Blond Haarfarbe : Blond Eyes : Blue- Grey Augenfarbe : Blau-Gruen Shoes : 4 1/2 Schuhgroesse: 36/37 Gewicht: 50 kg weight: 110. Boy, she looks quite fuckable….

Until that day, my baby was very open-minded for photographers but has never done any sort of harder shots. Out of her comments to some hardcore videos we used to watch from time to time, I thought she was really curious to give it a try. Man, she finally gets to fulfill all her wildest dreams and today, she’s fully useable for any kind of sex. The perfect, horny and innocent looking slut. Let me tell you the whole story… At about 11:30 AM, Melanie and I went out in the backyard to sunbathe. Our patio was secluded. As we lay there, I reached over and began rubbing suntan oil on her back. I slipped the straps of her bathing suit off and worked my way down her back. I then moved to her legs and then up to her ass. I peeled down the bottom of her suit, exposing the globes of her rear. I continued to massage the oil into her body, letting a few drops go down the cleft of her ass. I rubbed it into her and moved my hand between her legs, rubbing the lips of her pussy. She then began to moan. I continued to massage her entire backside, lingering on her ass and cunt at times. After about 20 minutes I had her roll over onto her back. She quickly pulled her suit up over her breasts and pussy. She looked around to see if any neighbors were watching. None were. I then began massaging the fronts of her legs. I moved slowly higher and higher until I came to the juncture of her legs. I then moved to her arms. I slowly moved down her chest and slowly creeping back her suit I exposed her breasts to the open air. She quickly glanced around again for some neighborly voyeur but none was to be seen.

I rubbed a fair quantity of oil into her ample breasts while she enjoyed the warmth of the sun. I pulled her suit down further displaying her neatly trimmed mound. I slipped her one-piece suit completely off, baring her, fully nude, to the sun. I continued working the oil into her skin. I then reached for a bottle of sexual lubricant and dripped a stream down over the lips of her vagina. She turned her head to the side and relaxed with a moan. While working one hand over her stomach and tits, I began to lightly work the lubricant into her pussy lips. To this, she responded with more whimpers. I was getting very hard by this point. So I reached down and removed my bathing suit, letting my hardening cock bounce free against her side. I moved between her legs and lowered my body against hers. I rubbed my entire body up and down hers, using my hard dick as a third hand.

I let it linger against her clitoris. Slowly, I slid the head of my cock into the folds of her cunt. She responded by moaning and spreading her legs further. She was so wet from excitement and the lubricant that my dick slid all the way in up to the hilt. I rocked back and forth, feeling the sensation around the shaft. I had another plan in mind so I slipped out of her and just lay there in the sun next to her. Soon, I checked my watch and told her I had to run to town for a meeting but that she could stay out here and sunbathe. I knew she was incredibly turned on, but that was part of my plan. I went inside and dressed for work. I came out and told her goodbye. I then drove up the street to where a neighbor was having a patio put in. The five workers were just finishing and packing up their tools when I approached. I told them that there was a woman who lies out naked in her backyard down the street and often services men when her husband wasn’t home. I told them the address of my house and drove away. I watched in the rear-view mirror as I saw them huddle and look down the street. They suddenly quickened their pace and threw their shovels and wheelbarrows hastily into their truck.

I drove around the block and watched them approach and park in front of my house. They quietly got out and started to walk around to my gate. I left my car and sneaked around the other way and into the house. Through our sliding glass door I could see my girlfriend lying on the patio on her stomach. Through a side window I could see the men sneaking around the other way. Looking back to my girlfriend I saw her stir and roll onto her back. She looked around and slowly reached down and started to finger her unsatisfied pussy. She reached over and put some more lubricant on her hand and worked it into her lips. I quickly ran upstairs and loaded up our video camera. I went and checked out a few of the upstairs windows for the best vantage point. The men had quietly worked their way around the house and were silently taking turns peeking around the corner at my masturbating girlfriend. I went back downstairs and peeked out the window, taking shots of her and her attentive audience. She was lost totally in her activity and didn’t notice the men. Some had removed their shirts. At this point let me describe each of the men. Three were white. One, the supervisor, about 40 years old. The other two were about 30 and 21. One of the other guys was a Latino with the stereotypical macho look, very muscular and tanned. The last man was black and about 6’4″.

Slowly each of the men moved out from their seclusion and formed a circle around my girlfriend. They watched intently as he neared her peak. Soon she gave a low moan, tensed, flushed red and shook uncontrollably. She then laid back and relaxed. In a moment she slowly opened her eyes. Shocked, she saw her audience gathered around. She let out a small scream and reached for her bathing suit. The men approached and surrounded her as she fumbled with the suit, trying to find the openings. They knelt next to her enclosing her in their circle. All the while they were complimenting her on her performance. It was obvious she was panicking, because she took a long time to even begin to get her suit on. In the meantime she kept pleading for them to leave, not paying much attention to their comments. Soon one of the men reached out and stroked her arm. By this time her suit was almost back on and she started to stand up. The men stood around her not letting her leave the patio despite her appeals.

By this time they each were rubbing some part of her body, her arms, legs, neck, or back. They stayed away from the more private areas. Melanie tried to force her way out of the ring but doing so only brought her in contact with one or another of the men. They kept begging her to stay saying that they wouldn’t hurt her; that they only wanted to talk. She looked around but could see no escape. Again she pushed against one of the men but he only embraced her, rubbing his bare chest against her. After a few awkward moments one of the men embraced her from behind. Two others on each side of her each grabbed a leg. Together the three men laid her back on the patio. She struggled trying to break free but this only caused the other two to each grasp an arm. They held her down as she struggled. After a few moments she tired a little and each man held a limb in one hand while stroking her legs, arms, or neck with the other. The man at her head cradled her against his crotch as he sat cross-legged.

She continued her verbal pleas but slowed her physical resistance. The men continued massaging her gently. Despite her objections she began to relax and obviously enjoy the ministrations the five hands were giving her. When she was fully relaxed they loosened their grips with their other hands and soon ten hands were caressing her. They passed around the bottle of oil and began to smooth it over areas of her exposed flesh. The man at her head began moving his strokes from her face and neck ever so slowly, millimeter by millimeter onto her upper chest. At the same time the men working on her legs moved higher and higher up her thighs. The men on her arms soon stroked their entire length pausing at the straps on her shoulders. The large black man had her right arm, the latino her right leg, the supervisor her left leg and the two others her left arm and head. They kept their touching away from her private areas, which helped her to relax further. Soon they prodded her to roll over onto her stomach. She did this with a look of concern and curiosity. They continued to massage her legs, arms, and back. They worked the oil into her gently. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. The men working her legs moved higher and higher and soon began stroking the exposed areas of the cheeks of her ass. Slowly they moved her suit aside little by little until more and more of her ass was exposed.

She looked back over her shoulder and tried to reach back to pull her suit out of her crack but her arms were gently restrained by the men working her upper body. They were soon massaging her cheeks gently and sensuously. She again relaxed and closed her eyes. The men working her upper body slowly pulled aside the straps of her suit so they could have unimpeded access to her shoulders. Again she tried to oppose the action but was gently stopped. They pulled her straps further and further down her arms, until the top front of her bathing suit pressed against the ground and stopped its progress. At this point they tugged a little harder until it began to slide down over her breasts, which were against the pavement. This cause her to move her arms up in an attempt to push herself up. This only caused her to loosen the pressure against her body and the bathing suit and allowed the men to pull it down clear to her waist, exposing her breasts against the patio. She immediately dropped back to the ground, attempting to cover herself. She moaned a scared, almost crying response. The men further revealed her back to the sun and had greater access to her entire back. Her suit now just barely covered her waist and down her crack. The men continued their massage, now almost having full access to her entire backside. She soon again relaxed and slowly closed her eyes.

This continued for about another 15 minutes. They then prodded her to turn over onto her back. She reached down and brought her suit up over her breasts and began to turn over. Once in a seated position she began to reinsert her arms into the straps of the suit but the men gently forced her back and pulled her arms away from the straps. She again moaned her disapproval. She started to say something but realized it would be of no avail and lay back against the pavement. She had, however, re-covered her breasts. The men again began their sensuous massage. This time the men on her legs became a little more bold in their movements along her legs and up her thighs. Occasionally they would bump up against her crotch and indirectly rub her cunt with the side of their hands as they rubbed her upper thighs. The men working her arms and upper chest became also more daring and reached under her bathing suit top toward her breasts.

In doing so they pushed aside the material of her bathing suit. Soon she relaxed and again slowly closed her eyes. The man at her head lowered it to the ground, got up and disappeared around the side of the house. About one minute later he reappeared, naked; his cock slowly rising in a semi-erect state. He approached quietly and tapped the black man on the shoulder. The naked man reached down and took the place of the black man who got up and also went around the corner of the house. The naked man positioned himself so Melanie’s arm and hand were between his kneeling legs; her hand inches below his dangling balls. The black man reappeared sporting a huge member, also semi-erect. He approached and tapped off the man on her other arm. The black man then placed himself in a position similar to the man over her right arm. Each man took his turn disrobing around the corner. Melanie was totally oblivious to this activity. All the while the men continued their boldness in exposing her breasts and rubbing her crotch through her suit. It was obvious that, despite her objections, she was enjoying the attention. By the time the men were all naked her suit had been pulled down almost to her waist and the men working her upper body had full access to her stomach and breasts.

She was breathing deeply and her chest heaved slightly with each breath, a noticeable sign of excitement. The supervisor, who was working her legs, reached up and moved aside the crotch of her suit. This caused my girlfriend to open her eyes and try to reach toward her exposed cunt. This action only brought her in contact with two excited cocks. She looked left and right and all around and surveyed the situation. Seeing all these men naked and in various states of excitement caused her to struggle more violently to escape. The men held her tighter. The supervisor grabbed the sides of her bathing suit and said, “O.K. Enough of the appetizers. Let’s get to the main course.” With that he quickly jerked down the suit, totally exposing her fully naked body. She tried to kick and squirm but to no avail. She moaned, half crying. The supervisor then reached over to the sexual lubricant I had left behind and dribbled a large amount down on her pubic hair and over onto her cunt lips. He gently reached forward and rubbed in into her lips while two of the men held her legs apart. He rubbed her clitoris for a minute or two and then slowly worked his middle finger into her vagina.

“Boys, she doesn’t need any lubricant. She’s wetter than any I’ve ever felt.” He reached down and stroked his own cock with lubricant back and forth until it stood totally erect. He then told the other men to lift her up. Each man cradled a part of her body, controlling her squirming. They brought her up to waist height. The supervisor then stepped forward between her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her moist slit. She begged him not to fuck her but her pleas were not even heard. The men at her upper body lifted her head so she could see the cock parting her lips. Slowly he began to insert just the tip a little bit at a time into her vagina. Moving back and forth he lingeringly entered her. After a few minutes of this teasing he was fully inserted. This was the first real cock other than mine she had ever experienced. The other men began to rock her back and forth on his turgid cock. He commented on how great it felt as Melanie looked down between her legs watching intently. She appeared as if she didn’t know whether to enjoy it or to fight back. She slowly began to respond.

The supervisor moved her legs up over his shoulders until her knees were locked up over them. He signaled the others to lower her to the ground. Once back on the ground he began his own rhythm, back and forth, slowly and deliberately. She braced herself against the ground still fighting slightly. Two men at her side, the black man and another, placed their cocks into her outstretched hands. At first she tried to pull away but then they kept forcing her to make contact. Deftly they worked their cocks into her palms. At first she didn’t respond but soon she tightened her gripped slightly. She turned her head to the side relaxed and closed her eyes. The supervisor still worked away between her legs. Shortly one of the men suggest that she be fully pleasured first. He recommended he make her come first. The supervisor withdrew and the man who made the suggestion dropped between her limp thighs. He began to vigorously lick her cunt, especially her clitoris. After about a minute she began to respond. First she moaned and then gripped the two cocks tighter and began to stroke them almost subconsciously. The man between her legs carried on his motions.

Melanie soon began bucking and stroking the cocks faster and harder. The man licking her inserted two fingers inside and continued his tongue thrashes harder and faster. After about five or six minutes she tensed and moaned a deep guttural sound as her cunt began to pulsate rhythmically. She relaxed and turned her head to the side, stopping all movement. The action stopped for a few minutes as she rested and then the supervisor resumed his position between her legs and slowly reinserted his tool. This time Melanie laid back and relaxed. Soon she even began to respond to his movements. She resumed her tight grip on the two cocks in her hand and slowly began to pump them again. This again triggered the hardening process. The supervisor pumped harder and faster and soon was obviously well on his way. He reached down and locked Melanie’s knees in his arms and pulled her legs up over her shoulders, allowing total deep penetration.

She moaned and bucked in response. Soon he rose up on his arms, groaned and tensed the muscles of his legs and ass, and poured his sperm into her waiting pussy. She moaned and froze in an effort to feel each squirt of his cock. After about thirty seconds he dropped onto her chest and lay there until his softening cock fell from her lips. The men in her hands had pulled free and the black man had moved to the lawn, lying on his back. He called to her, stroking his cock, and invited her to come over and ride it. At first she hesitated. I don’t know whether it was because she was beginning to feel guilty and did not want to continue or because she was fearful of the size of his monstrous cock. It stood up against his stomach, extending about eight inches from its base. She looked at it for a minute as the other men prodded her to try it. She then crawled over toward the awaiting erection. I could see come oozing from her cunt. The entire inside of her thighs were coated and it dripped down toward her knees as she crawled along. I zoomed in the camera to get a close-up. As she approached the sable colored penis she reached forward and touched it gently. She examined it thoroughly. I think she was testing to see if it would bend.

Many times, if I used a dildo on her that size, she later complained that it hurt because it didn’t bend like a real one. Then curiously she bent over and began to taste the huge cock. She worked it all over. In the meantime, the others approached and began rubbing her back and ass. Two men again began rubbing her dangling tits. The Latino man moved in behind her and slowly insert his hardened cock into her cunt. To this she responded by glancing back to see who her visitor was and then went back to work on her ebony rod. As the man pumped her from behind, she moaned. She was experiencing for the first time, having two real cocks enter her body at the same time. She continued to suck and lick the cock in her mouth, pausing occasionally to feel more completely the penis in her vagina. After about five minutes the man in her cunt exploded and pulled her tight against his loins.

She stopped sucking and closed her eyes, again trying to feel each streaming jet of sperm entering her. He came for almost a full minute and then withdrew. Melanie then move quickly astride the black man and positioned her cunt above his dick. She rubbed the lips of her cunt against his cock, spreading a mixture of her juices and the semen from the two other men over him. She then whispered, “Put it in, but please go slow.” He reached down and she raised herself up slightly. She looked down between her hanging breasts and watched as he place the head against her entrance. She began to lower herself, savoring each millimeter of the large cock invading her. She moved up and down slightly, each time taking more and more of the immense unit. After about two or three minutes she finally hit rock bottom. Their pubic bones hit. Melanie threw back her head and closed her eyes, sitting still, feeling the experience of this mammoth tool.

Slowly she began to move. Soon she was really getting into it. The other men again surrounded her and began to stroke her body. She continued to pump the large cock hard and fast. After about five minutes she suddenly got off and urged the black man to do her doggy style, her favorite position. He pumped her solidly as she let out little squeals and moans with each thrust of his hips. The other guys watched the two unserviced men stroking their ever-hardening cocks. After about another 3-4 minutes the black man tensed and poured his liquid into her gaping hole. They both paused and slowly relaxed. He gently pushed her forward and they both fell to the ground as he lay atop her. The contrast of her milky white skin against his dark skin was beautiful.

Soon his cock softened and fell from its cavity. One of the neglected men then laid down next to her and pulled her atop him. She lay there breathing heavily, exhausted from her last encounter. He slid her up so their bodies were face to face. He tugged at her knees and she brought them forward into a kneeling position. She sluggishly began to rub her vulva against his turgid cock. She sat up and reached between her legs. This time she guided his manhood into her without any prompting. He reached up and massaged her breasts, tweaking her nipples to full erection. The last man moved behind her and knelt down. He then reached around and began to stroke her breasts also. He commenced kissing and nibbling her neck from behind. A thought entered my mind that maybe he was going to try to penetrate her from behind at the same time. My angle was poor for a decent close-up shot so I quickly took my smaller video camera and ran out the back door and sneaked around the house to where I had a clear shot of her being penetrated. One of the other men saw me and I quickly motioned him to keep quiet.

I then signaled to him to use the camera to move in close. He came over and I took him around the corner of the house and gave him a quick lesson on the camera. He then returned to the scene. I went back inside and manned the other camera. The man with the camera moved in real close behind and took extreme close-ups of the action. Soon the man rubbing her from behind reached over and took the sex lube and dripped some along the length of his rigid penis. He stroked it back and forth, working in the lubricant. He then gently nudged her forward until she was lying flat against the man under her. He reached down and slowly rubbed his cock against the upper portion of her cunt opening, which was already filled with another firm unit. He gently pushed against her vagina and used his index finger to create a small gap between her vaginal wall and the other man’s cock. Slowly he prodded forward, stretching open her pussy, making room for his unsatisfied penis. This was all captured on video as close as the camera could manage. He continued his prodding until he was also buried to the hilt.

Melanie glanced back and under her trying to see the action firsthand. She moans and together they began to establish a new rhythm. The supervisor, who had been laying nearby watching, moved over and knelt in front of Melanie’s face, offering her his wilted cock. She reached forward and took it first in her hand and then in her mouth. This performance continued for a few minutes. Then the man taking her from behind reached again for the lubricant. He drizzled a small amount down the crack of her ass and over her anus. He rubbed it into her ass hole with his middle finger.

Melanie suddenly turned and gave him a look of discomfort but said nothing to stop him. He carefully inserted first just a little of his finger and then ever so slowly the entire length into her rear opening. He continued for a minute or two. Then he withdrew from her cunt and began rubbing his cock against her anus. When he felt she was prepared, he inserted the tips of two fingers into her rear and expanded the opening enough to insert the head of his cock. He grasped his penis by its base and slowly nudged forward, inserting his cock a millimeter at a time. Melanie simply leaned forward and half- heartedly accepted the invasion. After perhaps two minutes, he was completely buried in her third opening. She now had three real cocks invading all her ravished cavities. Again the rhythm began. After another five minutes the man under her began to tense and pump up into her cunt with much more determined strokes. It was evident that he could not last much longer. As he commence to spurt his prize, the man in her ass felt through the thin membrane of her body the excitement and immediately emptied the contents of his swollen testicles into her ass. Melanie stopped sucking the cock in her mouth long enough to experience fully the eruptions her sensuous body had caused. The three of them collapsed in a heap. The supervisor tugged her from the pile of bodies and rolled her to her back. He climbed on top of her and placed his now rehardened cock at her much used pussy lips.

This time he plunged in quickly and began hard and fast movements. He held her arms above her head while he raised himself up on his extended arms and pounded away. Melanie turned her head to the side and closed her eyes. As before, she began to whimper in little moans and stifled cries of excitement. The Latino man approached and lay beside her, pressing his soft cock against her lips. This she gobbled up. The other men moved over to the hose and took turns either showering in the hose or taking video shots of the action. At this pace the supervisor only lasted about 4-5 minutes and again emptied his treasure into her pussy. He withdrew and the Latino man, who had regained his erection, quickly mounted her. He continued the same tempo and velocity as the supervisor. After his shower in the hose, the man who had screwed her ass places his cock in her mouth and again she began to suck it to hardness. The Latino went for about 6-7 minutes and then withdrew. He reached over and grabbed Melanie’s right hand and wrapped it around his cock and helped her move it up and down as he shot jets of liquid heat from his hose.

Some spurts reached her breasts and she reached over and rubbed the gel into her breasts and stomach. The Latino jumped aside as the other man moved from her mouth to her cunt in one smooth movement. He plunged in and picked up the gait. The last white man finished his shower and placed the head of his dick at her mouth, which she nearly inhaled. About two minutes into this round of rapid fucking Melanie began to tense and breathe heavily. She stopped sucking the cock in her mouth and appeared to be concentrating only on the event between her legs. She then moaned loud and long, reaching down and pulling the man in her womanhood deeper inside as she came just from fucking. She had only come from this activity only twice before in her life. After about 30-45 seconds she relaxed and tried to keep him from hitting her over sensitized clitoris. One more minute and this man spilt his load into her opening. The last of the white men then mounted her and began a slower, gentler motion. He lifted up his upper body and caressed her breasts and face. After she had recovered from her orgasm, he leaned forward and began more vigorous motions. The other men were beginning to get dressed and traded camera duty.

The black man was the only one who remained to watch. As expected, he too offered his immense liquorice stick to Melanie. She gently nibbled and licked and then sucked the staff. The other man lasted about another 3-4 minutes and then rolled off exhausted. He stumbled to his feet and began to shower and clothe. The black man allowed Melanie to suck him to full erection and then moved atop her and slowly implanted his root in her fertile loam. He also held her arms above her head as he began to pound his full eight inches into her abused pussy. She again turned her head to the side and closed her eyes, trying to concentrate fully on the endeavor between her outstretched limbs. He kept up a vigorous stride, sliding almost fully out and then all the way into the hilt with each stroke. About 5-6 minutes into this episode she again began to breathe heavily and to tense up. She drew her legs open wider and pulled her arms free, grasping his black ass and urging his movements back and forth. She guided each thrust until she tensed, threw her arms back, stretched out her legs and came.

The black man began to come soon after she did and she enjoyed a mutual climax with her new found pleasurer. The man rested atop her until the supervisor called, “Hey, Tom. Let’s get going. We’re already two hours late to the next job.” Tom rolled off and dowsed himself in the hose and began to dress. The supervisor approached my girlfriend and said, “You’re too much woman for just one man. Do think we could come back and party another day?” Melanie just kept her eyes closed and didn’t say anything. She could never say “yes” out loud. After a moment she reached down between her legs and scooped out a palm-full of come and spread it over her right breast and then tasted the mixture. The supervisor said, “I’ll take that as a ‘Yes’.” The men packed up and left, handing me the camera through the door as they passed. Melanie slowly recovered and weakly rose to her feet. She haltingly took her bathing suit and other items and with shaking legs moved slowly toward the house. I quickly sneaked out the door and off to work.

She had taken a total of ten loads of come, eight in her pussy, one in her ass, and one on her chest. She had come four times, including her own initial solo, once from her cunt being eaten, and twice while fucking. That night I returned as Melanie sat watching TV. She was strangely silent as I asked how her day was. She appeared to be distantly reliving the event of the day. She had a faraway, curious smile on her face. As we adjourned to bed, I cuddled close up behind her. As I made romantic overtures, she stopped me saying that she thought she was getting an infection and was a little sore. I reached between her legs from behind and felt her still swollen cunt lips. For the rest of our vacation, I managed to let the men return for about 5 times while I was “away to town” and, boy, you can’t believe how she’s been boned! These guys pumped the hell out of her tight little student ass and made her do the dirtiest things. Today, Melanie has become a dirty little whore and she really enjoys to be used and fucked hard, she’s fully useable for nearly any kind of sex. The perfect, horny and innocent looking’ slut. And the best thing is: no one would even THINK of her like that! What a difference a day makes….

The End

Sunday’s Game 1 »

After three holes the skies opened up and we were drenched by the time they made it to the clubhouse. No more golf today. Normally, we would have sat out the storm and then finished, but cold and wet, none of the foursome the stomach for more golf or the lunch and drinks we usually enjoyed afterwards. Just a quick shower and a change of clothes and I headed home – four hours early. I parked in the driveway and let myself in the side garage door, carrying my wet clothes to the dryer in the laundry room.

As I was about to punch the start button on the dryer, I heard the voices. Oh great, I thought, visitors. The day was just getting better and better. What next, the toilet overflowing? Worse! It was Jeff , my next door neighbor and fellow employee. Known as the company bore, he wasn’t satisfied boring me at work.

No, he had to drive me crazy in my private life, too. He had selected, out of the thousands of houses in our city, the one house next door to me to buy.

His wife Myra, also a bore, although attractive and well built. She usually accompanied him on his unannounced visits around the neighborhood. Five minutes with these two would put anyone to sleep. Even Michelle would be in dire need of rescuing by now, I thought. But then, who better than her to suffer the boring visits of these two. Jeff bored me to tears every day of my life at work, and whenever he managed to invade my privacy at home. I wasn’t about to let him and Myra ruin my Sunday afternoon. Nope, I’d slip on some dry clothes and find a football game at a local bar. Let Michelle deal with them.

That fateful Sunday started off with the same old routine. We’d been married for ten years, Michelle and I, and our life was a comfortable routine. Work was routine, play was routine, and worst of all our sex life was routine. Once, twice a month seemed to be plenty for both of us. I missed the intensity, but it didn’t seem that Michelle cared. She never initiated sex and often declined when I did. Was this the way the rest of our life was going to be?

Anyway, on this particular Sunday morning, I impassionately kissed my wife and headed for the golf course. We had a regular foursome that played every Sunday without fail, rain or shine. However, this Sunday it wasn’t just rain. By the time we teed off the sky was filled with a mass of very black clouds. After three holes the lightning started and soon the heavens opened up. We headed for the shelter of the clubhouse, where it was planned that we’d have a couple of drinks and wait for the storm to pass. If it didn’t pass, we’d have a few more drinks and then some lunch.

On this day, it seemed obvious to me that we weren’t going to be seeing any sunshine, so I decided to go home and do a few of the things around the house that Michelle had been nagging me about. My golf buddies complained loudly and called me a few choice names like ‘pussy-whipped, but I was determined to play the ‘good husband’ today.

Grinning to myself I turned and headed back out of the house. No, I wasn’t about to subject myself to the punishment of Jeff and Myra.

Then she giggled. I froze in my tracks. It was the same giggle I’d heard all those years ago. The nervous half-laugh that she laughed the first time I seduced her. I paused and waited. Another giggle, followed by, “Oh, Jeff, No!”

Springtime – Six months earlier. Jeff and Myra loved the house. The negotiations were simple since the sellers were anxious, and the deal was made in less than a week. Financing, moving, everything had gone very smooth. Everything went like clockwork and within three months they were all moved in and settled. Next door lived Brad and Michelle and Jeff liked the idea of buying the house here because Brad and Jeff worked together. So far the relationship hadn’t really developed but with time, Jeff was sure they’d be fast friends.

Jeff picked a room high in the attic above the second floor, to build his office. He framed it out, put in a bathroom, and added dormers on either side of the house with large double windows, to give him a bright, sunny atmosphere. He then added windows on each the end of the house and was delighted to note that, with his high perch he could see in every direction with almost totally unobstructed views. He decided that a telescope would but a nice addition for exploring the neighborhood. He finished everything off with carpeting, wallpaper.

On one end he built his office. On the other, he set up his photo lab with a darkroom and plenty of storage for his equipment, supplies and photos. He spared no expense. This place was his little getaway. He did some work at home, but mostly his hobby was photography and videography. Here he could get away from Myra and the rest of the world to be alone and work with his true love – pornography. He had a large collection – some he’d taken himself but mostly stuff he’d purchased. Now, with the right equipment he hoped to expand his collection of his own work.

As Spring turned into Summer Jeff became more and more comfortable with his office/studio, often spending whole weekend afternoons up there. Myra was busy most weekends with her mother and her two sisters. She usually traveled the sixty miles to see her mother on Sundays and Jeff looked forward to the time alone in his office. One particularly warm Sunday morning he was busy organizing some new photos when he heard the garage door next door and then saw Brad backing out. “Off to golf,” he thought. “Someday, I’ll have to take up that game.”

As he sat looking at his neighbor’s house, Michelle came out the back door dressed in a light robe and carrying an armload of towels, books, a pitcher of what was probably iced tea, and various other bottles. She placed everything on a small table next to a lounge, spread out the towel, and took off her robe. She had on only a tiny bikini, and it showed off her magnificent body in the most wonderful way. “God, she’s gorgeous,” thought Jeff. He quickly put away his photos and picked up his camera and took a few shots of this luscious creature. Then he attached a long lens and set it up on a tripod. Looking through this very powerful lens, Jeff could clearly see every detail of Michelle’s body. Her face filled the entire lens. He snapped a couple of pictures of her lovely face with the sunglasses on. “What a sun goddess.”

“She’s gorgeous,” he thought to himself, “I’ve got to get this on video.” With that he quickly moved a tripod into position and mounted his digital camera. Zooming it to fill the entire viewer with her body, he started it running. It was connected to a large monitor and he could see Michelle’s body in 35 inch color. Then he pickup his 35mm camera and settled in to watch.

As he started snapping pictures, Jeff was delighted when Michelle sat up, reached behind her and removed her top. Her breasts sprang free, and Jeff’s cock immediately rose to attention. “Wow! She’s really something. Come on, Baby, take it all off.” As if responding to Jeff’s pleading, Michelle raised her hips and slid the tiny bottom of the bikini off. She obviously thought that the high shrubs in their yard protected her from any viewers. She wasn’t aware of Jeff’s wonderful vantage point high in his attic. He snapped some pictures of her vital body parts in extreme close-up, but the long lens could barely get both of her breasts in the frame, so he switched to a shorter lens so he could get her whole body in the picture.

She then rubbed sun lotion on her body, paying careful attention to her breasts. She did her stomach, arms and legs. Finally, she allowed her legs to part and her hand wandered down between her legs to rub some of the lotion in that most delicate spot. She lingered there for a while, gently stroking herself, before lying back, eyes closed and drifted off into a nap under the warm sun.

Jeff had it all on film. His beautiful, young neighbor lying naked in the sun stroking that luscious pussy. Great stuff for his collection.

“Oh, Jeff, No?” What was going on here? I stopped dead in my tracks. Cautiously and silently, thanks to the sound of the falling rain, I shut the door, removed my shoes and padded over to the dining room door. The sight which greeted me was well…routine. It was Jeff and Michelle; Myra was not here. That’s interesting. Where was Myra? Anyway, Jeff and Michelle were sitting together at the dinner table looking at a photo album. Jeff and Myra’s photo album. The one we’d seen about, oh, two thousand times. Yet Michelle’s face was flushed, that endearing combination of embarrassment and arousal that I had come to know so well. And forgotten.

“Aw, come on, Michelle! It’ll be fun! Just a couple like these.” He was showing her some photos in the album. I looked harder and could see a woman posing – probably Myra. “And maybe a couple like these,” he said flipping the page. The woman was now posed, lying on the sofa in only a bra and panties.

“No, not those! But as she was saying “No”, she was nodding, “Yes.” “Maybe a couple like these,” she pulled the pages back to the originals. “Maybe just one or two – but nice ones!”

Michelle was very unhappy. They’s been married ten years and it felt like their marriage was over. No children, no sex, no future. Brad worked all the time and expected her to just make a life without him. When he came home he was either too busy with work he’d carried home or he was too tired from all the work he’d done that day. She’d tried talking to him, but he just tuned her out, sometimes his mind would just drift away in the middle of her sentence. Yesterday, she’d asked him if they couldn’t please do something about their “problem.” She reminded him that they hadn’t had sex in over a month. She needed the sex, wanted it, but in the middle of his pleading, he just said, “Do you know what that stupid Jeff is doing to his house now?” He hadn’t heard any of her conversation.

She was desperate with longing. Discussing it with her friend, Janet, wasn’t much help either. Her solution: “Maybe you should find yourself a lover?”

That was no solution at all. She wanted her marriage to work, but it just seemed that it was going nowhere. A lover wasn’t the solution. Not that there weren’t plenty of opportunities. She enjoyed the flirting and the attention she got from men, but she was afraid of the risk to her marriage. But it was fun to play.

Even Jeff, their neighbor was paying a lot more attention to her these past few weeks. He always seemed to find an excuse to drop by. Lately, he’d just been coming through the gate into their back yard and knocking on the patio door. If it was open, he’d just walk right it. “Someday, he’s going to come into my yard and catch me when I’m sunbathing nude,” she thought, and the idea was more appealing to her than she thought it should be.

Yesterday, they got to talking about photography, and Jeff asked her if she’d ever consider doing some modeling. She was flattered, of course.

“What kind of modeling?” she’d asked.

“Oh, glamour stuff, cute, sexy stuff,” he replied. “Semi-nude,” he’d added when she seemed interested.

“Well, I don’t think anyone would be interested in me. That stuff is for all those twenty year old beauties. Besides, I don’t know about the ‘semi-nude’ part.

“I’ve shot some stuff of Myra. I’d like to show it to you. Maybe it would be something you’d be interested in doing. You certainly have the looks for it.”

“Why thank you!” It was the first time a man had complimented her like that in a long time. Her husband hadn’t noticed her in weeks. It felt very good and she found herself becoming sexually aroused at the thought of posing “semi- nude” in front of a camera. What did that mean anyway?

“You going to be around tomorrow? I’ll get some stuff together and bring it over. I’ll bring my camera, too, and we’ll take a couple of test shots.”

“Well, Brad will be playing golf tomorrow, so I guess…”

“Ten o’clock okay?”

“Uhhhh.. Okay, I guess.” What was she getting herself into? But, it was nice having the attention of a man, and certainly there could be no harm at looking at a few photos of Jeff’s wife. If she became uncomfortable with the situation, she’d just ask him to leave.

“That’s the spirit. That’s my girl!” A chill went up my spine. What was Jeff doing?

Your girl?

Michelle stood up nervously and giggled again. I found myself catching my breath. She was wearing the white dress that I’d bought for our last vacation to Jamaica. It fit her perfectly, hugging her in all the right places, accentuating her breasts, hips and bottom. The top was ‘off the shoulder’ and scooped with buttons down the front. When she leaned forward, I knew Jeff could see the tops of her white breasts. She looked beautiful. I felt myself getting hard. The sight of her like this was only partly responsible. The thought of Jeff seeing her breasts caused a wave of excitement in him.

Here she was, standing in front of Jeff, behaving in a very sexy manner, flirting. Nervously she struck a pose, pouting lips, hands on knees. Just like Marilyn Monroe. Jeff laughed with delight and stood up. That’s when I noticed the camera in his hand. It was a large camera with a flash mounted on top and I could see the name Nikon on it. I’d heard that Jeff was a very serious amateur photographer, and he was clearly an expert with the thing for in the space of a second or two he’d taken half a dozen pictures of a very red faced Michelle. The camera was a professional model with a motor drive and a large film magazine mounted on the back. He was obviously prepared to take a lot of high quality pictures of my wife. Somehow that camera made things a lot more exciting for Michelle – and for me as well.

“You’re very beautiful.”

“Thank you, kind sir!” Michelle sang and sank back in her chair, her dress riding up a little. She blushed even redder and covered her face with her hands. “I feel so stupid doing this.”

“Oh come on now! You’re a great deal prettier than Marilyn ever was.” This was a side of Jeff I’d never seen before. “Wait a minute! I have a few more shots left here. Come on, a few more, huh?”

A few more? With that camera he probably had a hundred feet of film and could shoot 500 shots – or more.

Michelle didn’t hesitate for very long this time. She struck a couple of poses and the camera clicked away happily.

“Now, unbutton the top button of your dress.

“Unbutton? No, I don’t think so.”

“Just one. Remember how Myra posed in those pictures.”

“Well, Myra’s your wife,” but even as she protested her fingers were playing with the top button.

“Come on, you can do it. Just one little button. Oh, that’s very nice. One more? Please? Pretty Please? Oh, you’re so beautiful!” With only a brief hesitation, she had unbuttoned first the top button and then the second. Then she leaned forward so the dress fell open and Jeff could get a full view of her breasts. What was going on here? This guy was looking right down here dress and shooting pictures of her half exposed breasts!

“All right! A bit more leg. That’s it! More! Come on, Michelle!” Again there wasn’t too much hesitation before she raised the hem of her dress to knee level. I smiled. Typical Michelle. To her this was daring.

“Higher! Higher!”

“Beautiful, a couple more shots. Turn this way. Bend over. Great! Now unbutton one more. Yes! Great. Good, good. Another button.” Michelle was now following his instructions and the embarrassed blush was replaced with a healthy flush of passion. She was really enjoying this! The dress was open to her waist now, and I could clearly see her full breasts down to her nipples as she turned this way and that way for the camera.

Ok, now lets see those beautiful legs. Raise your skirt. Higher!

For a moment I considered rushing in and beating him senseless but something held me back. Curiosity perhaps. Whatever it was I’m glad I did. Biting her lower lip Michelle raised the hem of her dress a little higher.

“More Michelle! Come on, you have beautiful legs!” He quickly shot a sequence of her lovely legs as her dress moved even higher.

Maybe it was his compliments that did it, words she hadn’t heard in a long time. She gulped and, still biting her lip, she slowly raised the hem higher. Time stood still and all sound ceased to exist. All sound except the raspy breathing coming from Jeff, the shuddering breaths coming from Michelle and the clicking of the camera. And still her hem went higher. Inch by inch she revealed those magnificent thighs to his eyes. I knew his heart was beating with desire. And so was mine. Those familiar thighs were revealed in a new light. I had seen them so many times and yet I hadn’t seen them at all. Now they were being revealed to me for the first time. My breathing was labored as my eyes followed her hands, tugging at the hem. Higher! Higher! Until, ahhah! – just the glimpse, a wonderful glimpse of her panties.

I was dying for more. Please Michelle, I breathed, show me more.

“Take it off, Michelle!” Jeff commanded.

She stopped and looked at him, a long look as if she was making a major life decision, rationalizing what she was about to do. Decision time. Then with a deep sigh, she whisked the dress over her head and stood there, arms crossed over her breasts, eyes closed. She was beautiful. Below, her tiny panties hugged her mound, barely covering it, allowing wisps of hair to curl out from below. Above, she was braless, naked except for the cover afforded by her hands. That didn’t last very long either. With her eyes still shut she lowered her hands slowly. Ah Michelle! Her breasts were objects of perfection. Round, firm and full. They were made to be squeezed, fondled, caressed. The brown aureole, tipped with erect nipples beckoned to the tongue. The camera clicked feverishly.

“Your panties!” his voice was hoarse.

“N…n…no! No, I can’t!” she breathed but her actions belied her words. Her fingers snaked down her hips, slowly, uncertainly.

“Yes, Michelle, Do it!”

Shaking slightly she hooked her thumbs into the waistband. Then with a deep breath she peeled them off. I watched them fall and bunch up at her ankles. Then I raised my eyes to feast on her jet black forest of pubic hair. Jeff gasped and clicked away madly. His eyes were burning with desire.

“Lay down on the sofa!” he commanded. She did as he said. “Arms over your head. Cross your legs.” His camera fired over and over again he walked around the sofa getting different angles of her lovely body. She looked absolutely gorgeous lying there stretched out, eyes closed, mouth partly open.

“Now, spread your legs apart.” Slowly, very slowly, she followed his instructions. She seemed almost helpless not to do what he asked. Slowly her pink pussy came into full view.




“Wider!” “Wider!” The camera snapped more and more of her naked body as he zoomed in on her wet pussy.

“Now put your hand on your pussy?”

“I.. . I can’t do that.”

“Do it!” He commanded. As his flash fired several more times, her hand slowly descended between her legs, and she began to gently stroke herself with one finger. His camera caught every moment. The flashes popped one after the other and the only noises I could hear were the whine of the motor drive on the camera and my own heavy breathing.

“Now, stand up.” She did.

“Turn around,” he croaked. She turned facing the sofa, her back to Jeff.

She obeyed slowly, her movements shaky, uncertain. Her breasts were heaving, the nipples extended to their maximum. I watched her, my heart pounding, as she faced away from my hiding place revealing the beautifully rounded globes of her firm bum. They were magnificent. Enticing.

“Spread your legs, Michelle. More, More!” Jeff’s voice was barely audible. “Good… Now…bend over. Keep your knees straight. Just bend at the waist. That’s good, now bend over more. More! Put your face on the sofa. Good.”

Yes, I whispered desperately, yes! We were both rewarded. Again very slowly she parted her legs and bent down at the waist pushing her ass out at the same time. I almost cried out at the sight. The globes of her ass beckoned the eye to the crack between them, to the tiny, puckered rear hole, to the treasures below. There, presenting an obstructed view was her sweet crack guarded by the half shells of her slightly parted outer labia. As her legs parted those labia separated further revealing her shining folds, shining wetly. As Jeff clicked away a drop of moisture trickled out and ran down her inner thigh.

As Jeff was giving her these instruction, as she stood there, legs spread, face on the sofa and her beautiful rear end displayed in full view for us to see, Jeff reached into his camera bag and pulled out a tripod. Quickly, he extended the legs, and installed the camera to the top of the tripod. Then he reached back into his bag and pulled out a video camera and installed in on the side of the tripod. He would have both video and still pictures of my lovely wife totally naked.

What surprises would he have next?

“Can I get up now, Jeff?” Michelle asked, hopefully. Almost a little girl’s voice.

“No, stay just where you are. This is beautiful. You are gorgeous.” Jeff had started the video and was now using a remote control to fire his camera. At the same time, his right hand was busy undoing his fly.

I gulped, as the realization of what this development meant, feeling both terribly excited but a little jealous. I had ignored Michelle for so long, ignored her desires and her needs. She deserved this. The thought of watching her make love to another man – of watching another man fuck her – had always been a fantasy of mine. Now, it appeared that it was going to happen. I remained perfectly still. Let her have her fun. So I stayed in my hiding place and released my rock hard cock. It was wet and my hand felt slick on the skin. I was in heaven.

The sight of Michelle’s wide open pussy was driving me crazy. It was all I could do to keep myself from crying out. Somehow, I remained quiet, and when my eyes refocused it was to witness Jeff carefully, soundlessly approaching behind her. He had positioned the tripod with it’s two cameras slightly off to the side so that he wouldn’t block her beautiful pussy.

As Jeff approached her I could see, sticking out of his open fly, a very large and thick cock. He must have been fully eight inches in length and nearly as big around as my wrist. She’d never had a cock like this, but it was clear that very soon, Jeff was going to be fucking my wife.

Michelle was still facing away, eyes tightly shut. He paused for only a fraction of a second as he positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy. Then with a grunt he pushed forward burying his cock inside her in one single motion. Michelle’s head flew around, eyes wide open.

“What..?? Jeff! No! Jeff! Stop! Don’t! Ohhh!” Ignoring her protests, Jeff held her against the sofa preventing her from moving. Then he pulled out part way and drove into her again, and again, and again. Her pussy was very wet from the photo session and, in spite of his huge size, she had no trouble accommodating him. Then he started driving his cock into her. Her protests turned to whimpers and soon, she was pushing back, matching his thrusts. For a moment, I felt a sense of jealousy as I wondered at the ease with which she took him inside. My cock was nowhere near his size, but she’d taken him without any problem. But that moment of jealousy vanished as she closed her eyes once more and gasped with each thrust.

I watched as they fucked. Soon, their urgent thrusting toppled them onto the sofa. I noticed that Jeff had anticipated this with his placement of the cameras, and they were both getting great shots. Apparently he’d set the still camera on an automatic mode since it seemed to fire it’s strobe about every three seconds.

In the meantime, Michelle twisted around so she was facing Jeff and pulled him onto her. Reaching down she took hold of his cock and guided it inside her. Wrapping her legs around his waist she began a thrusting her pelvis upwards, eagerly meeting his thrusts. My hiding place offered me an excellent view of him sliding in and out of her, her juices dripping, running down her crack and onto the sofa.

My own cock was throbbing and I felt as though I would explode if I didn’t have some relief soon. My right hand was busy, feverishly stroking away.

“Ahhhh!…Ahhhh!… Jeff! Fuck me! …F…f… fuck me!..” Jeff responded with even harder, more eager thrusts. Then he began to grunt, and I knew he wasn’t far from coming. Would he stop? Would he pull out.

Michelle picked up on this, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Come! Come! I want to you come inside of me! Oh, yes, please come! I’m coming, too! Yes! Ahhhhhhhh!” Michelle’s scream pierced the air and her whole body shuddered as her orgasm tore through her. Her climax spurred Jeff on and he was obviously only too happy to comply with her request. His buttocks clenched and unclenched spasmodically and I knew that his cum was pouring deep inside my young wife’s belly. My hands moved faster, my ears still ringing with the words Michelle had uttered; forbidden words uttered by those sweet, demure lips. “Fuck me! Oh, Jeff, Please fuck me!”

I came right after Jeff and sprayed the wall with jets of come while waves of pleasure surged through my body. Breathing hard, I took out my handkerchief and wiped my cock before administering to the walls and carpet. There are still tell-tale stains there. Smiling, I slipped out the door and quietly drove away.

When I returned home late that afternoon, Michelle was dressed in shorts and a T-Shirt. She had no bra on, which was unusual for her, but there was no hint of what had happened in my house that day. She was cordial and routine. When we went to bed that night my thoughts of her being fucked by Jeff caused an instant hard-on and I began to pet her. She responded quickly and we made love with more intensity than we had in months. She was wild and as she approached orgasm she screamed, “Fuck me, fuck me!”

We were both thinking about the events of earlier in the day. Only this time she left out Jeff’s name.


The Tease »

I’m sitting here, wondering what’s going to happen to my marriage. I’ll know soon enough because Judy, who is now taking a bath, will emerge soon and we’ll have the most serious talk of our marriage.

We’ve been married twelve years – both of us are 35 years old and we have what I thought up to this point was a perfectly satisfactory marriage. Oh, we have our problems, and the sex isn’t much to brag about, but we truly love each other, and we’ve always been able to talk and have fun.

Judy’s a cute little brunette, with big brown eyes. She’s little – just 5′-2″ tall and weighs in at around 110 pounds. Nice perky breasts, with nipples that get hard and show through her blouse when she’s excited or cold. She also has lovely white skin, sexy legs and the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen.

Nobody’s perfect, however. It has to be said that Judy is really not into sex. The years we dated and the first few years of our marriage were pretty good, but then we just drifted off into a nothingness of sex.

Oh, sure, she likes to cuddle and smooch, but as for the dirty deed itself…well, she does what she has to do and she never complains, but it’s duty and not pleasure. I know this because she told me once. She’s also not into oral sex. She’ll tolerate me eating her, but it’s been years since she gave me a blow job.

We still have sex. Occasionally. Randomly. Like when we go away on vacation and sometimes when we both got drunk at a party.

As I said, she never complains and neither do I. Nobody’s perfect; we all have our faults, although I wish she were more into sex. And, I often fantasize about her being into some of the kinky things my friends talk about. But, she isn’t, so what’s the point of making a big deal out of it.

She’s also doesn’t like my friends and is very cold to them. She’s not actually unfriendly, mind you, but she always behaves like she’s better than they are. Behind my back they call her the Ice Princess.

One night the three of us, Hank, Jim and me were in my basement watching Monday Night Football and having a few beers. Well, if the truth is to be known, we were quite drunk. Judy came down and got very bitchy about the whole scene. She made some comments to Hank and Jim that hurt their feelings. I was annoyed at her about the whole way she acted towards them. If she’s pissed at me, that’s one thing, but why does she need to take it out on my friends?

After she left, Hank commented, “You know what that lady needs? A really good gang-bang fuck to give her a sense of reality.” That really broke us up and we had a good laugh about it. Then he and Jim promptly offered to do it for me. Some charity! Judy went to bed and the guys and I spent the next few hours getting drunker and talking about her.

I was really drunk but I remember that the focus of the conversation was just about Judy. Once we started talking about her, they had a million questions. Was she different in bed? Did she like fucking? What’s her favorite position? How does she like it? The guys wanted to know the most intimate details. What were her nipples like? Did she give good head? Did she scream when she came? Did we ever fuck in public, and on and on.

I don’t remember everything I told them but I was pretty drunk and I remember telling them a lot – mostly true, but I also invented a few things, like the story about us making love in the back of an X-rated movie theater while seven guys watched, or the time I left the front door open and the Pizza delivery guy came in and watched while Judy was giving me a blow job. I just wanted to make my love life sound better than it was.

I guess my stories were good, because they were impressed! I remember that they both had large erections showing in their jeans. Then I did something I know I shouldn’t have done. I dug out a box of nude pictures that I have of Judy – mostly stuff I took when we were first dating, but I also have a few that I’ve taken more recently when she wasn’t aware of the camera.

Most were quite tame…shots of her swimming nude, and in the shower and the bath, but there were some that I took when we were a little drunk and those were much more revealing. In one, she had a vibrator and was pushing it into her pussy. Another time, several years ago, I held a small camera and took some pictures of her when she was giving me a blowjob. She had most of my cock in her mouth and you really can’t tell just how small it is. The guys loved these pictures and begged me to let them borrow them. But fortunately, I kept them and put them away. After that, whenever they guys were in the house, I noticed them staring at Judy smiling and winking at each other. I can only imagine their thoughts.

But, back to Judy and me. There really aren’t any major problems between us. Well, actually there were two things that really bothered me. First, my name is Richard, and when Judy was pissed at me, she’d say things like, “You really are a Dick.” I hated it when she said that. When she wanted to ridicule me, she’d call me “Little Dickey,” which between us was a reference to the length of my cock. Now, I have no control over the fact that my cock is only four inches long when fully erect. I know that, because she once measured it, and then laughed out loud and shouted, “Only FOUR inches! You really are a Little Dickey.”

But, it was my smallest fault that caused me so much difficulty. You see, I think I might be the most easily spooked man in the world. Now, Judy insists on demonstrating it to anyone who happens to be around. I’ll be standing around at a party with a drink in my hand talking to a bunch of people and Judy will sneak up behind me, poking her fingers into my ribs and yell, Boo!” Then she laughs hysterically when I scream and jump. It really pisses me off when she does this and I’ve begged her not to do it but she persists. Nothing works. She simply won’t stop doing it and it annoys the hell out of me. She says I look so much like a startled rabbit that it’s just irresistible.

Well, today that rabbit fought back, and all hell broke loose. I’m about to get to that story.

Right now, I’m sitting on the back porch, alone, looking at a lawn that needs mowing. Judy is taking a bath, and when she finishes, we’re going to have a talk that will probably change our lives. New rules, new behavior, or maybe she’ll just tell me to get lost.

Now, I’ve always fantasized about seeing Judy with another man, but I’ve never had the courage to even hint at it. A few times, we’ve been out when other men have started flirting with her, and I’ve gotten very excited at the play. And having Jim and Hank around, especially after I told them all the details of her body and our sex life, and showed them those pictures of her, was very exciting. I can tell by the way they look at her that they’re thinking of those pictures, and of her naked and giving me a blowjob. Every time I think of it, I get a hard-on.

Today, in a space of a couple of hours, everything is different. And I don’t know what to think or what to do. I’ll have to face her any minute now and I do not know what I’m going to say. But, first, I need to give you the story.

This morning we were busy around the house doing chores, like we usually did on a Sunday. I was getting ready to cut that lawn when Jim and Hank turned up, like people often do on a Sunday. So we started throwing a football around in the back yard. We were having good fun, when Judy came out and started bitching at me about the lawn. Hank took the offensive and invited her to play with us. I was surprised when she agreed. We split up sides, Hank and me against Judy and Jim. We were having a good time and beating their pants off. On one play, Hank took off across the yard and I was going to throw him a long pass. Judy came up behind me but instead of just touching me, she poked me in the ribs. I screeched and dropped the ball and flapped my arms about and everybody laughed at me. I was humiliated and I did something I’ve never done before. I just snapped.

I swung around in a fury and lunged for her. She jumped back and started to run. I was pissed and I wanted to punish her. Chasing her into the house I caught her in the living room and pushed her onto the sofa. She tumbled awkwardly over the arm of the sofa and then rolled off onto the floor, sprawled, legs akimbo, looking up at me in astonishment. Hank and Jim were right behind us, trying to see what I was going to do in this insane rage, and maybe to protect her from any real harm that I might want to inflict.

I dropped to the floor sitting on top of her, astride her chest and grabbed her wrists pinning her arms. She started to wriggle in protest, and I barked at Hank, “Hold her legs.” Tentatively, he took hold of her ankles and held them tight, but she was kicking furiously and nearly got away from him.

“Hold her, God dammit!” We were finally able to subdue her and she lay panting but immobile.

“Now,” I said to her. “Hank and I are going to hold you and Jim is going to tickle you and we’ll see how much you like that. Do it, Jim!” As I said this, I moved to the side off her chest but still held her wrists tightly over her head.

“Okay,” said Jim, much amused. On hands and knees, he crawled across the floor and started poking her provocatively in the ribs.

Judy bent her head backwards and looked up at my face scornfully. “But, I’m not ticklish, Dickey,” she said. “Only you are.”

“Tickle her feet,” I told Jim.

“Okay” he said, and took off her canvas shoes. He stroked his fingers along the length of her feet. She wriggled uncomfortably but did not even come close to breaking out into laughter.

“Dickey, give it up,” she said. “I’m just not ticklish. There’s nothing you can do to me.”

Calling me ‘Dickey’ infuriated me, and I was determined to extract some measure of revenge. I looked for inspiration at Jim and then to Hank, who was still holding her ankles pinned. Judy was wearing a light cotton summer dress and the tumbling and the grappling had caused it to ride high up on her thighs. I could see the edge of her white panties, with a few dark curls showing. Jim and Hank, could see, and they were looking and looking very closely.

In a flash I had it. Brilliant. Judy would pay, and pay big time. I pulled her wrists together over her head, grabbed both wrists and tucked them under my knees and then I reached down and pulled her dress up exposing her panties. She squealed with indignation and thrashed about trying to escape.

The dress was now pulled half way up to her waist, and each time she twisted or turned, I pulled the dress a little higher until it was up to her waist and her panties were completely exposed. We could clearly see the darkness of her pubic hair through the sheer fabric, and small curls of black hair around the edges of her panties.

“Okay boys,” I said grimly. “Let’s just show her what we can do. Jim?”

He tore his eyes away and looked up at me with a blank look on his face. “What?”

“Take her panties off,” I ordered.

He blinked at me and exchanged a fast glance with Hank.

“Really?” he asked.

“Do it!” I ordered, confidently. “She has to learn a lesson and by God, she will remember this one.”

“Richard, no!” She exclaimed.

“Jim, go ahead.”

“Richard, I’ll kill you for this,” Judy shouted furiously. She called me Richard when she was pissed.

“Do it, Jim.”

He hesitated, looking first at me and then at the juncture of her legs. Then he shrugged. “Okay,” and he did, dragging her panties over her hips and down her legs, past her knees. He had to lift her legs to a vertical position to get the panties off her ankles and as he did Hank moved in so that he could hold her bucking legs.

When the panties came off, Judy was trying to twist away from him so Hank tucked one ankle under each arm. I realized that this forced her legs wide apart and opened her pussy giving Hank an incredible view. She continued her bucking, vigorously but ineffectually. Each time she bucked she opened her legs and gave Hank and Jim an incredible view of her open pussy. As she thrust upwards, I noticed a glistening wetness. Curious.

Finally she was quiet. Judy lay pinned, helpless and panting from her exertions as the three of us stared at her bare crotch. Her black hair curled provocatively. She was an outdoor girl but she barely needed to trim to fit into tight shorts and swimming costumes. Her slit and puffy lips could be seen clearly through the now wet hair.

“You will die for this, Richard,” she said to me with extreme menace, her eyes narrowed. “Now let me go.”

Of course, that’s what I intended. Take her panties off, humiliate her in front of Jim and Hank and then let her go. But there was an unintended consequence.

There I was, holding her wrists together over her head, looking down at Jim and Hank who were staring at her exposed pussy with fixed interest. Suddenly I didn’t want to let her go. My mouth had gone dry. It was very interesting.

Without thinking about it, I reached out and pulled the dress up to her neck and face. Then I hooked my fingers under the bottom of her bra and lifted it off her breasts, exposing them to the air. Her face was half-covered but I could see her eyes, and they were brimming with wild uncertainty.

The room was totally quiet. Except for our breathing, everyone was still. It was a tableau; me, pinning her arms with my knees; Judy, most of her face covered by her bunched-up dress, bra around her neck, breasts firm with erect nipples, rib cage flexing with her breathing, legs apart; Hank, holding her ankles and looking directly up at her crotch; Jim, by her side, crouched, looking from her bare breasts to her exposed pussy, and waiting like the opportunist he was for what might happen next.

She wasn’t struggling any more. I thought I must be hurting her with the weight of my knees on her wrists, so I sat back and let her go. But, she didn’t move; she just lay there, breathing, her eyes looking up at the ceiling almost vacantly. She couldn’t see Jim or Hank because the dress prevented it. I was in her view, but she wasn’t looking at me either. She just stared up at the ceiling. I stood up but nobody took notice. I moved to the side opposite Jim and sat down, but nobody even looked. Judy was virtually free from restraint. Hank kneeling between her legs, had only a token hold on her ankles. She could have pulled her dress down, sat up, got up, gone away, baked a pie and danced a polka. But, she didn’t move. She just lay there, naked and exposed.

Nobody moved for the longest time, until Jim tentatively reached out a hand and ran his fingers over the tips of her nipples. Judy jumped slightly but the slight moan that escaped her lips encouraged him and he began to play gently with first her nipples and then her entire breast. Hank, who was taking the situation in hand, leaned forward, his hands moving up her thighs, dipped his head and kissed her on the inside of the thigh. Then he brushed his lips in long sweeping movements along the top of her leg.

Jim slid his hand down across her breast and, when she didn’t protest, he also moved in, taking the other nipple into his mouth.

“Oh God,” Judy moaned audibly, and, although it was a sound of dread, she didn’t move a muscle. I sat there, few feet to the side, and watched, mesmerized.

‘Whoa!’ I thought. This is really out of hand. I knew I could and should stop it, but I couldn’t act.

I wavered and watched as Hank moved his mouth into her pubic hair his tongue sliding directly to her clit. I became aware of an extremely urgent erection, so strong that it was painful.

“Oh God,” Judy moaned again, this time without the tone of fear or dread, as Hank worked her with his tongue.

I knew Judy; I’d been married to her twelve years. Sex wasn’t her strong suit. She didn’t much allow oral sex, even though it was the only real way she could get an orgasm. That and direct manipulation with the fingers, which she didn’t often allow either. I suspect she preferred to do it herself rather than allow somebody else to intrude. In fact I knew it because she’d told me so in a frank moment some time in the past. Not once during our marriage had she ever climaxed through intercourse. Never. Not once in twelve years with me, and according to her, not once ever.

These were cool, almost clinical observations. I watched Jim kissing her breasts, and Hank tonguing her black-haired box and I mused about her general lack of sexual appetite as she lay passively under their double attention.

But wait. Maybe not so passive. She started to roll her head from side to side, slowly at first but then faster until she was almost thrashing. The veins in her neck stood out and her teeth were clenched. No doubt about it. I hadn’t seen it happen all that many times, but I knew that Judy was hitting an orgasm.

“Oh, God!” She began trusting her hips into Hank’s face and then she screamed as the orgasm swept over her.

Then, she was quiet and still again.

“Oh God,” she panted indistinctly through the clothes still bundled across her mouth. She sounded embarrassed. Even regretful. Reproachful, even. Jim and Hank had drawn away from her. She could have moved easily now. Nobody was touching her, let alone restraining her. But she just lay there, legs apart and arms flung out on the carpet. Then, the clear and unmistakable sound of a zipper broke the silence.

“Oh God,” she said again, still panting from her orgasm, and I saw that Hank was undoing his jeans. I watched, frozen and fascinated, as he stood up to step out of them. His stiff cock waved in front of him as he bent down to her again. Jesus, what a cock he had! Although it wasn’t very thick, it was very long! I’d seen him in the shower, but never with an erection. And what an erection he had!

Then, it came to me in a shock that he was going to fuck my wife! I was still grappling with the concept of it when he knelt down between her legs, poised himself above her on his hands and moved up close to her pussy. “Oh God,” she said, as Hank moved in. I watched, mouth open, as he positioned his cock, rubbed it up and down and across her wetness several times and then slowly pushed forward and slid his cock all the way into her. She was so wet that her pussy enveloped that long tool without so much as a whimper.

“Oh, God!”

Jesus. Hank was fucking Judy. He was in there. Deep inside. All the way. My best friend was fucking my wife! And I was just sitting here watching. But not just sitting. Unconsciously, I had unzipped my fly, taken my cock out and was stroking it. The pain of that erection was almost unbearable.

Everything had been happening slowly. I had become quite detached. It all seemed like some sort of hypothetical experiment which had you pondering about the outcome. But now it was happening. Right in front of me. Hank was thrusting into her at a rapid pace, like he was afraid somebody was going to stop him and he had to get as much as possible before it ended. Little did he know the level of excitement that I was feeling right then. Who would stop him? Certainly not me, and not Judy. After her climax to his tongue she was loving everything he was doing. Her legs had come up gradually, higher and higher until they were wrapped around his waist. With each thrust, she was pulling him deeper into her.

Jim wasn’t about to stop it either. He was just lying there, stroking his cock through his jeans and loving every minute of it.

We could all hear the sounds of their fucking. The slap of his balls against her ass, and the friction of it. Rapid, steady thrusting, not varying his pace at all, he just kept pounding away at her. Minutes later, it could have been five or ten, I couldn’t tell because time had become blurred, he began grunting and hunching and driving harder and harder into her. Suddenly, he practically lunged into her and I knew that his cum was pouring into her. His face was a tight mask of passion and effort and concentration.

“Oh, God!” she screamed as his cum poured into her belly. “Oh, God!”

Then Hank collapsed on top of her body and lay with the side of his head on her breasts. They both lay perfectly still, panting loudly.

But not for long. Jim tapped Hank on the shoulder and without hesitation he withdrew from her, his half-hard penis coming out of her with a loud plop.

She moaned a soft, “Oh, God,” as she lost the warmth of Hank’s penis.




I hadn’t seen Jim undressed, but there he was, totally naked and very hard. I looked at his cock, and remember thinking how big it was. I never knew he had such a cock. Although not as long as Hank’s it was much, much thicker. He quickly took Hank’s place between my wife’s legs, his ready-to-go erection already pointing eagerly at her wet, black pussy hair.

Without hesitating, Jim leaned forward, parted that hair, and pushed his large cock directly inside. Even though he was much thicker than either me or Hank, his cock slid almost effortlessly into her very wet pussy. The wetness wasn’t all Hank’s either. She was wetter and more excited than I had ever seen her.

I remember thinking here we are: My wife, Judy, full of cum from a just completed hard fucking, and being fucked again already by my other very best friend. My stomach was sick, but my cock was hard and throbbing.

Jim started like a distance runner moving quickly and easily into his stride – intending to run the whole race – paced for the long haul. He wasn’t concerned about being stopped. He knew I wasn’t going to interfere, and Judy certainly wasn’t going to end this. He had all the time in the world and he intended to make the most of this fuck. All these years he’d known my ‘unapproachable’ Judy, and now he was going to give her the fuck of her life.

The pace of his hips never varied – up and back, and then down and in, running hard, like a piston engine. I could see the muscles in his ass contract as he drove that large machine deep into my little wife. Noisy, too. He grunted with each stroke, and soon Judy began to respond with a small grunt of her own. Then I noticed that her hips were clenching in tune with Jim’s. She was beginning to really enjoy this fuck also. Soon she was thrusting in time with Jim.

There were other noises, too. Hank’s climax had filled Judy and the fucking was noisy as well. Wet. Sloshing. I watched in a stupefied daze.

This was not going to end soon. Jim was obviously a skilled and conditioned cocksman, and he was going all the way to the top of the mountain with my wife. They were both covered with sweat, their naked bodies glistening in the sunlight that streamed through the windows.

“Unngh, unngh, unngh,” Jim’s grunts kept the steady pace and Judy was now responding stronger, her buttocks clasping hard each time he plunged into her.

“Ohhh, God,” said Judy. I watched amazed as she lifted her legs and locked her ankles around his back. Her arms grabbed his head and she pulled Jim down to her body. His pounding now began to increase in tempo, as he sensed that my wife was approaching a climax.

“Unngh, unngh, unngh,” louder and faster he went.

“Oh God, Ohhh God!” she said, much louder this time.

“Ooohhh, God, Ohhh GOD!” screaming now, over and over again.

Well, fuck me. I’d seen a lot today I had not expected to see, but what I was seeing took the gold medal. There she was. Judy, flat on her back on the living room carpet getting her brains fucked out in rapid succession by two old friends, wracked in orgasm.

“OOOHHH….” Then she collapsed, her legs dropping, her head falling back.

“Oh God!” she said, her voice cracking as she came down from it. But Jim was not done, not by a long shot. He was still going hard at it, he had now lifted her legs high up and placed them over his shoulders. He braced himself on his arms and pounded into her harder and harder, faster and faster. The dress was now around her neck and away from her face. She looked across at me, her eyes wide, pupils dilated, mouth open, panting. She kept looking at me and I kept looking at her as Jim pounded away. And then he lifted his head and grimaced and he too was unloading into her, and still looking into my eyes, she said it again and with startled surprise, almost a yelp.

“Oh God!”

She squeezed her eyes shut and lurched into another shaking spasm. She’d done it again. Who would believe that? Judy? My Judy? What the fuck was happening?

Nothing whatsoever, going by the body language coming from Jim and Hank. They were both zipped up and fully dressed in microseconds. And sheepish, avoiding my eyes, already leaning in the direction of the front door. Well hell, I knew that stuff.

Hank tried to mumble something, “I .. ”

I cut him off, “You guys had better go,” I said quietly.

They nodded very quickly, still avoiding eye contact. I trailed them to the door and they were down the path at a fast walk and away into Hank’s car and gone at a speed only fractionally less than breakneck. I knew that stuff. They’d turn the corner and start shouting, “Jesus Christ,” and punch each other in the shoulder. Of course they would. That’s what I’d have done if I were them. But I wasn’t. I was only the husband and I went back into the event room feeling blank.

Judy was still on the floor but she had rolled on her side. She struggled slowly to her feet as I came into the room and the dress rolled down her body of its own accord. She bent and picked up her panties, and without looking at me, she walked slowly down the hallway and into the bathroom. I heard the door shut.

I’m sitting here on the back porch looking out at the garden. I’ve run through it all in my mind. I know what happened but I can’t work out why I let it happen. Pretty soon Judy will come out here and find me. She’ll have to say something and I’ll have to say something because we can’t say nothing, either of us. I have no idea what she’ll say. I have no idea what I will say. I’m trying to get some words together but it ain’t working.

Fuck the lawn. Maybe I’ll just go fishing.

The End

My Wife Stella’s Thrills »

It has been a while since I’ve detailed any of the experiences that my wife Stella has been a apart of, but rest assured that does NOT mean that things have not been going on! To the contrary. I suppose that one reason I have taken some time off from writing about her experiences is because I am not sure that the stories are being read and enjoyed. What I have hoped for was that a number of men and women who read and enjoyed these stories would share some of their personal experiences and even their personal fantasies with me, and in doing that not only would I come to know my readers, but perhaps some of you could contribute ideas on things that would be done to Stella. This may or may not be the last of my stories, so really the rest is up to you, the readers. To answer a few FAQs: (1) yes, Stella is real; (2) yes, these things that I write about are true: and (3) yes, we have this kind of fun periodically, and we also enjoy a lot of time alone together. Write to me care of the editors and share your experiences and fantasies, and at he same time describe yourself to me too.

Just before the holidays I got a call from an old friend of ours, Hans, who is a major player in the business world. He was putting together a special get together and end of the year party for some very powerful Asian businessmen. The party was missing something he told me, and that was some special entertainment! He wanted Stella to join them at this weekend party that he was hosting on a small island in the Caribbean. She was excited and nervous, but the plans were made, and she was picked up on a Thursday evening by a limo that drove her to a private airport where she joined Hans for a flight on the corporate jet to this island. He would not give her any of the details of who was going to be there or what was going to be done, but he did have the limo driver hand me an envelope that contained full details just so I could follow along and he also assured me that she would call and someone would e-mail me often to keep me in the loop real time with all that was going on.

Thursday when they arrived very few people were at the compound, and Stella basically unpacked her clothes in a luxurious room and headed off to the dining room where dinner was served by a staff of Thai waiters and waitresses. After dinner, drinks were served and Stella was given a tour of the place, showing her where the pool with a waterfalls was, where the hot tub was located, and also where the theater was. The theater was locked and at least for now, off limits to her eyes. The surroundings were lush, and the climate was hot and humid. She wore a simple sundress that was very short, the panties that she sore were a simple mesh thong, and the only other thing she had on were sandals with a heel. As she toured she noticed the Thai staff all looking her over and smiling, several talking at low tones in their native language. As she got ready to call it a night, she was told that two of the servants were assigned to her and would be doing anything and everything that was needed, she met the two Thai servants, both female, and they both looked as though they could not be more than 18. They escorted her to her room, and guided her to the oversized bathroom where they helped undress her and then they used a device that misted her entire body with a fragrant spray. A cool mist that felt good, and caused her nipples to harden immediately! As the one girl misted Stella, the other used a fluffy hand mitt to massage her body, not missing an inch! As they finished the misting treatment, they had her sit in a barber’s type chairs and they proceeded to lather her pussy with a rose scented soap and the one trimmed most of what little hair she had into a small triangle, while the other gave her a pedicure. With that done, they both had her stand and they picked up what looked like feather dusters and dusted her with a lightly scented powder, from her neck to her feet. She was brought to her bed and tucked in. A small fountain/waterfalls in the room lulled her to sleep in no time.

Stella was awakened by the two girls as the sun was coming up, again they escorted her into the bathroom and walked her into a huge shower, where they washed her from head to toe. The girls were wearing rather modest bathing suits (which surprised Stella) and Stella was nude. After drying her off, they helped do her hair, make-up, and even gave her a manicure! When they were done, again they dusted her with this lightly scented powder. They had her slip on a pair of sandals and a satin robe, and they escorted her to the pool. There they removed her robe, and gave her a tray with her breakfast. The sun was already fairly hot, so being naked was not a problem. They gave her a phone so she could call me, and then they left.

When Stella called me she sounded like she was in heaven, and she could not say enough about the pampering that she had been treated to. Here it was Friday morning and she felt like a princess. I laughed to myself. I knew what was around the corner for her, although she had no clue. She remarked about the wonderful powdering that she had twice so far, and about how wonderful she felt after it. Again I laughed because mixed in that powder was a fairly powerful drug that would, over time, reduce her ability to struggle too hard or fight off whatever was coming! We said our goodbyes, and she told me that she looked forward to whatever treat they had next for her.

She dozed off in the sun, and as she gradually awakened at about noon time, there were others by the pool. As she focused on the others, she realized that these were the guests. She wondered why they were all looking her way, and it was then that she realized that she was still nude! No towels around to cover up with! She felt a bit funny, almost like she had a drink or two, so she just decided to continue laying there. Some shade trees kept her from getting a sunburn, and a half hour later the two girls returned, put a robe on her, and returned her to her room. Again she was misted and powdered! After the powdering, the girls opened up a massage table and had her lay on her belly, and they both began giving her a soothing massage. She melted as the girls massaged her neck, back, the backs of her thighs, and even the cheeks of her ass. They had her turn over and they began on the front of her body. They started on her face and neck, then her arms and hands, feet and legs, and then they started massaging her breasts and belly and as she got turned on more and more, the girls giggled and started massaging her pussy! This went on for almost thirty minutes, and the whole time the girls massaged her with a scented lotion (it also contained that special drug mixture!). As the massage finished, another girl came in and began to apply henna tattoos on Stella. First on her breasts close to her nipples, then on her belly close to her pussy, and then, after turning her over, on the cheeks of her ass.

Afterwards, Stella looked at them in the mirror and loved the colorful decorations. She was escorted to the balcony for a light lunch, and some additional time soaking up the sun. It was almost 3 in the afternoon now. She had no idea that soon the real party would start!

Stella called me at 4, as was pre-arranged. She was still very excited and feeling HIGH as she described it. She wondered if it might be all the attention! I knew that it was the drugs that had been applied were taking affect, and I also knew that in an hour things would begin! She laughed as she told me how the guests looked her over and how sexy she felt. She also wondered if I knew what was planned. All I could do was laugh. I sure did! Again we said our goodbyes, but this time I knew that she would soon be experiencing some unique tortures!

It was almost 4 when the two girls returned. They were still wearing modest bathing suits. They escorted Stella into the shower, but this time just rinsed her body off with very warm water, taking special care to rinse her pussy and the cheeks of her ass. They slipped a thin robe on her, again with slippers, and then escorted her down a back hallway and down a flight of stairs that led to the kitchen. She stood there and wondered what this was all about, but simply shrugged her shoulders. The one girl handed her a pretty cocktail which she drank rather quickly as she had not had anything to drink since lunch. Soon she was feeling even more woozy!

The two girls were then joined by two of the Thai men. They then escorted Stella over to what looked like a rolling table. The girls removed Stella’s robe and the guys lifted her up and laid her on her back on the table. Feeling no pain, she just laid there as the four of them quickly used the straps built into that table to secure her wrists at her sides and her ankles apart. Other straps held her thighs apart and one that crossed her belly kept her from moving at all.

Once she was strapped to this table, several chefs began placing sushi and other appetizers all over her body. Several large spoons of caviar were shoved inside of her cunt with some carefully laid along her slit. A mirror placed on the ceiling allowed her to see the beauty of how the food and henna tattoos looked on her body. They held a cup with a straw by her mouth, and she drank, almost as if she knew she was better off drinking it!

The guys then rolled her out to the main dining room and the guests were introduced to their first course! She laid there covered with food as the men stood around her looking both at her body and the food! They were invited to start eating, and then each was provided with sharpened chop sticks. As the guys drank and ate, she felt the tips poking her often. Frequently the pokes were from sticks that were not seeking any food, but simply the enjoyment of hurting her, poking her nipples, belly button and all over her cunt. A tiny spoon was used to scoop the caviar out of her pussy. Never quite enough to pierce her flesh, but enough to hurt! The host announced that the cocktail hour was over and they all left the room. Stella was then rolled back into the prep room where they removed the remainder of the sushi and used a warm water spray to wash her off. The girls dried her body and again fixed her make up and hair into yet another style.

When the girls finished, the chefs again came in with trays of food. This time it was slices of meat, pieces of fish, and even some vegetables. The food was placed all over her, and this time slices of meat and fish covered her breasts and cunt. She was then rolled into another room where the guests were invited to partake in the main course.

This time the they had two of the male servants serving the food off of her, and when a guest came up with a plate, one of the servants would use a two prong fork to get the food off of her body and place it on the guests plate. The servants were not very gentle and when the guest pointed to a piece that was on her breasts, belly or cunt, the servant made sure to poke her extra hard! She laid there and each time the fork would poke her, she would try to yell that it hurt, but the two girls that were assigned to her would cover her mouth to silence her. They giggled each time the servers would poke her extra hard!

As the guests sat to eat, the host asked if anyone wanted seconds, when none spoke up, he gave a signal and the two servers and the two girls proceeded to eat their meal. The servants however ate directly off of Stella’s body! The guests lit their cigars and watched as the two guys and two girls ate their meal off of Stella, frequently biting her on the nipple, the breast, on the thighs, and on her pussy. No one bothered to cover her mouth when she cried as she was bitten, and the guests seemed to enjoy that she was in pain! This went on for almost twenty minutes. Again she was rolled into the prep room where she was again washed off and dried.

Now she was prepared as dessert! This time the chefs placed a warm chocolate syrup on her pussy and all over her breasts, belly, and thighs. On top of this was placed cherries, fresh cut up fruit, jimmies, and loads of fresh whipped cream. This time the chef inserted a tube into her cunt and squeezed in a load of strawberry syrup. She was again rolled out, this time into a rec room. The guests walked around her looking, laughing, some dipping their fingers to taste whatever caught their fancy! Many tried the strawberry syrup, taking their time dipping into her pussy. As the guests around her gradually had their fill, several of the were handed glasses of brandy and took their seats. Stella was still coated with most of the dessert. She thought that the servants would again finish things, but not this time. The host had some entertainment ready! The two girls rolled the table to the center of the room where some colored lights were focused on Stella. The girls locked the wheels and held a cup and straw again for Stella, at this point she knew she had better take advantage of this cocktail! It was almost 8 pm now!

As she laid there some music started and a girl came over to the table. This was not one of the two assigned to her. This one was very pretty and wore a black bra and panties. The girl smiled at Stella and this one spoke English. She told Stella that she was going to start hurting her for the enjoyment of the guest, and with that she reached over and pinched Stella’s nipple, twisting and pulling it at the same time. Stella started to cry as the girl pinched her nipples and then started biting them. She bit down hard! While she was crying, the girl began to finger Stella’s gooey cunt, first with two fingers, then three, and four, and she pushed until she has her hand inside of Stella’s cunt! The guests loved that, and while the girl was fisting Stella, the two other girls assigned to Stella came over and started playing with her nipples, playfully at first, then pulling on them, then they began sucking on them hard, all while the other girl fisted her..then it all stopped and the girls left the room. At that point a huge black guy came into the room and walked over by Stella, and then a second one. The first one grabbed her cunt so hard that she screamed, and the other slapped her tits. The guys then picked up two hoses and started hosing her off with very hot water. The steam was rising as the water hit her body. The one guy aimed the hose into her cunt and washed all of the syrup out, and soon she was washed free of all of the food.

Her skin was red from the hot water. The one guy climbed on top of her and started fucking her pussy as hard as he could while the other stuffed his cock into her mouth. The guy fucking her pulled on her nipples and squeezed hard enough to make her try to scream, even with a guy’s cock in her mouth. But they just continued until he came, as he climbed off of her he bent down and bit her belly hard enough to leave teeth marks, and the other came in her mouth and he too bit her, but her bit her on the breast. She sobbed as the two guys left the room. It got quiet now and the two girls returned carrying a medium sized box. They reached into the box and pulled out a five foot long snake and showed it to the crowd. They applauded. The one girl reached over and opened Stella’s cunt and the other girl placed the head of the snake against Stella’s cunt lips, as she cried, the snake started to enter her pussy, pushing in deeper and deeper. The girls pointed to the crowd how Stella’s belly was rising from the snakes movements! It was at least 18″ deep…The girl who spoke English returned and told the crowd that the snake was a determined reptile and would continue pushing its way into her body…she smiled and told the crowd that some snakes were known to enter the womb by pushing past the cervix and as she studied the snake, she told the crowd that it was likely that this one was past Stella’s cervix and that to help get Stella’s mind off of the pain in her cunt, they were going to use some thin needles in her tits! The guests were invited to come up and stick as many pins into her tits as they liked!

Slowly they got up and came forward, the first guy took about 6 pins and stuck them into both breasts. The next guys took about the same amount but he focused on sticking them into her nipples, straight in and deep. The next few used about the same amount. The needles were thin, sterile and about an inch and a half long. By the fifth guy, her breasts were being well covered, as were her nipples. She cried and sobbed as more and more needles went in. One of the guys pointed out how her belly was moving from the snake. It was in at least 2 inches now! With that the guest all sat down and watched. They left her there as the snake continued pushing for almost 45 minutes. Eventually the girls returned and slowly they pulled the snake out, but first they marked it, and as they pulled it the rest of the way out, they were able to see it had been in almost 28 inches! The crowd gasped.

With that they unstrapped Stella and helped her to her feet. They walked her over to a large tub in the middle of the stage and sat her in it. It was filled with warm water. She rested and relaxed in it and watched as the two male servants took the girl that spoke English and secured her in a standing position, and stripped her of her clothes. Stella watched as the girls that were attending Stella earlier began making love to this new victim, and the girls would take turns to come over by Stella and remove some needles from her breasts and nipples, and after removing them from Stella, they placed them into this new victim. They started placing them into the girls nipples and breasts, then they placed some into the cheeks of her ass, and after that they placed quite a few into the girls pussy and belly. The guests loved it. Once all of the needles were out of Stella and in this other girl’s body, they brought a strange looking brass pole in. It was almost three feet high. Rounded at the end, like a long metallic dildo! They two girls had the guy raise the victim up, and they placed the metallic tool in between the girls legs and lowered her until it was deep inside of her. The girls then placed two brass clips on the girls nipples, and a small brass rod inside of the girls ass.

The guests were then informed that a small remote control would be passed around. The remote could either deliver some mild and erotic buzzes that might cause her to orgasm, up to wildly painful shocks, to her tits, cunt or ass! As the remote was passed around this victim experienced orgasm after orgasm, and she never quite knew whether she would cum or scream in pain!

After they had tired of that, they removed the metallic rods and the pins from the girl. They placed her spread out on a pool table and blindfolded her, they did the same with Stella. For the next two hours, the guests watched as the male servants took turns raping each one, and when they were finished raping the two girls, the Thai girl who was tied, was untied, and she helped the guys entertain the guests by using a variety of smaller snakes and reptiles inside of Stella. Toward the evenings end, the Thai girl brought out two smaller snakes and placed them by Stella’s sore nipples, and they immediately bit down and started sucking…these snakes from the forest in Thailand sucked blood from any warm-blooded victims…when the guests showed their excitement, the girl produced two more and placed them by Stella’s cunt lips, which they too were immediately and firmly bitten! As the guests left, the girl kissed Stella’s cheek and said that the snakes wouldn’t be finished for at least an hour.

Stella laid there crying as they all left. Her two servants stood and watched in amazement!

The End (for now) –

Wrapped in the Cosmic Calculus »

You know it’s that time of year when you get all the copper-bearing bottom paint, the power sander, rollers, extensions and tape and head down to your sailboat for three days to redo the bottom in preparation for re-launching it for the sailing season. Old clothes, a tall ladder to get up into the boat with and the pleasure of a shower each day after the mess is over with until the next when it’s dry and you finally put the last coat on. It’s 75 miles each way to where the boat is kept out on land for the winter so I usually go down and sleep on the boat a couple of nights and use the marina’s heated showers and bathroom. The television on the boat works and there’s a heater when I hook the boat up to the yard’s electric power just like it is in it’s slip and hooked up to 120 volt shore power. The two or three days has lots of meals eaten at the local restaurants, a couple of extra blankets aboard and a certain amount of satisfaction when you’re done.

This year looked to me to be a pretty easy year with little scraping and straightforward painting. When I left I told my wife Sarah that I wouldn’t be more than three days but if I could do it in two I’d use the cell phone and call to let her know I’d be home earlier. We’ve been married awhile and a few days away never hurt anything given the normal nature of that with her work schedule and mine. I miss her and all her soft freckles but it is always nice when I get home too.

This year everything went right. The weather cooperated, the ablative coating was thin enough to need only minimal sanding and by 4 o’clock on Sunday I was done. I decided to go to the showers, get cleaned up, head home and surprise Sarah. Wouldn’t be much of a surprise if I called her so I didn’t. I did stop and buy her a pot full of blooming daffodils which had been forced over the winter and sat it on the car’s front seat while I hummed my way homeward, expecting to surprise Sarah. The car glided around the last bend and up our driveway while I relaxed, happy to finally be home with the task done for another year. The porch light was on and there was a bicycle in the driveway, which wasn’t ours, a little unusual at 7:30 on a dark Sunday evening.

I walked around the bike and thought that it looked almost like Edward Offeou’s, the husband of a Nigerian couple who lived in a 6,000 square foot home three doors from us. Curious thing, but we all were friends or at least nodding acquaintances. It is my habit to walk back to the garden and check on the plants before I go inside and I followed my habit that night as well. The garden was fine and I turned back towards the house and car to lock it and go in and say hello. As I turned, I noticed my master bedroom lights were on and the shades partially open. You could see in easily because of the low light inside. Probably just enough that no one could see out so I detoured over there to see what it looked like since I’d never been outside looking in at night before. The sidewalk was just next to the two bedroom windows and I stopped when I got to it and slowly looked in.

Surprise would be putting what my eyes say and my heart thumped over mildly. As far as I knew, she had never cheated and neither had I but when I looked in I was completely shocked to see the dark black skin of Edward on his back laid across the cream colored sheets of our king sized bed. Next to him was my very naked wife Sarah on hands and knees with her eyes focused on the center of Edward’s sable groin where an enormous erection was waving, standing as tall as a fir tree and every inch as firm. Her breasts hung down but were brushing back and forth over his thighs as she savored the wet tip of his cock. I could see her stomach where it sagged below the dark bush that marked her parted legs, legs that were moving in little, regular movements. My heart stopped and my breathing stuttered while I attempted to take it all in. At first, I couldn’t, wouldn’t believe it.

During the time I was grasping the reality of what I saw, Sarah reached out and put one hand at the base of his stomach and curled her slim fingers and palm around his cock in his curly hair then pulled the skin upwards over the ridge of his head while she watched with parted lips and obvious lust. Her naked knees were apart and she was almost panting. Her butt was totally exposed and obviously ready as she scooted it my way. I’d never seen her from an angle like this while we had sex. Her opening was two swollen lips wet with her juices or perhaps his and very, very ready for him to enter her. It was damned exciting in a perverse sort of way and stopped me cold, not even worrying about the fact that it was my wife I was watching. I was surprised but did nothing to stop it. As I stood, they continued, passion totally their master.

As her curled hand pulled the skin upwards, it slid over the helmeted head of his huge cock and hid it beneath the rich black skin, leaving only the outline, which she dripped one drop of spit on. Obviously, he had an uncircumcised and very large cock. I wasn’t small or average, maybe above average, but this was enough to get any woman who got this far to go the rest of the way. The contrast between his dark skin on the sheets and my wife’s fair skin was a tableau that just never occurred any other way and kept me speechless and motionless. I ought to have run in and shot the bastard or maybe both of them but I didn’t. Instead, I just stood there doing something I’d never done before …..I watched.

Edward, on the other hand, was very involved and tensed the muscles of his butt which pushed his cockhead towards her face as he reached out for one of her swinging breasts and held her nipple between his fingers and thumb and pulled as her hand peeled the skin back down the shaft to reveal the pinkish head of his cock with it’s wet little drip of clear lubricant which oozed out of the slit at the top. It was too much for Sarah who swallowed it with one gulp, obviously wrapping her tongue around the shaft, laving it with spit and passion. Her other hand found his balls and lifted them from the sheets, rolled them in her palm. As she did, she started bucking her hips, which were now facing me. Her bottom was open and her vagina swollen and rounded on both sides with moisture lacing the long joint where her lips came together undulating down the length.

As I watched, her hips stopped, jiggled then started to move rhythmically until she took her mouth off his cock and said something I couldn’t hear to Edward. It was all he needed as he hoisted her up then helped her straddle his legs with hers, putting her pussy right over the head of his cock. She reached down as they kissed and guided the head against her vaginal lips. No more than one rub up and one part way down and she slammed her hips over it and forced it inside her with one powerful and needy shove.

They stroked like that at least five or six times before her stomach muscles coiled and ground, started that squeezing inside which meant she was cumming. When she did, she pushed her hips down as he pulled until Edward’s cock was inside her all the way to the curly hair at the base, expanding her width and making her head tip back and cry out as she came. Her splatter came oozing out past her pussy lips, which sealed imperfectly now against Edward’s wide cock and ran down his balls as she came and came in pulse after pulse. I could see that he couldn’t help himself then as he thrust the big cock upward carrying her entire body with it as he came in pulse after pulse of creamy, rich and very white liquid which joined hers both inside and running down her thighs..

It was too much. My cock was strong as a rock and at the same time I wanted to kill both of them and go on watching forever. It was hard to tell which and impossible for me to decide what to do next. Somehow, barging in didn’t seem to be the thing to do any longer so, out of an absence of real conviction, I went back to the car, left the driveway to drive around the block and cool off for ten or fifteen minutes. When I was cooler, I decided that the cell phone might be the first thing for me to do, maybe call her and see what she would do when she heard I was ten minutes away.

I dialed and it rang three times before she picked it up. It was very quiet on her end when I told her I’d finished early and had a pot full of flowers for her in ten minutes when I’d be home. She was valiant, hardly did more than one quick breath as she told me she’d be taking a shower when I got there and would be ready when I got home. I hung up, looked at my watch and waited ten minutes. In less than five minutes, Edward came out with his underwear wadded mostly into a pocket, grabbed his bike and rode out of our driveway and quickly over to his house. When he got in his driveway he turned to look at our house and smiled the biggest, whitest smile I’d ever seen. In ten, I pulled in the driveway and took the flowers and my sailing stuff inside and put the painting stuff away before saying ‘hello’ into the master bathroom. It was always nice to see a freshly made bed and a clean wife after being gone two days. There was a sort of new room deodorant spray smell in the room, which was pleasant but doubtless covered up the musky smell of sex.

Somehow, I managed a hello and revealed nothing. Sarah finished her shower and must have been the greatest actress ever to join me and act like absolutely nothing had happened other than red skin and wide eyes presumably from her shower. I suppose I was hurt but at the same time, I had been wildly excited and knew that in the cosmic calculus, she “owed” me one. It would be one I’d never taken and I kind of liked the idea that I could do the same and be guilt free. Maybe after I had, I would bring it all up and we could regain our balance.

Time would tell as we spent the evening as we always did before bed. In bed, she was unreal, sucking my cock and fucking me like there was no tomorrow even sliding her ass over it, which was usually only a birthday treat. This wasn’t all bad since I was the only one who knew that I knew!

By Monday, I was back in the groove and we returned to work, her at hers and me at mine. Nothing happened while we were around each other constantly and two weeks passed with me wondering when I ought to see about getting my little guilt-free affair in to balance the cosmic calculus. Truth is, I had no clue.

The problem took care of itself a week later. I work at home some days and this Tuesday was one of those days. Sarah went in to work while I stayed in the house and worked all morning in my studio. At noon, I took a break and went outside for a walk. I circled the development and returned walking past Edward’s house and beginning to think about what had happened once again. When I got near the garage, I could see his wife, Bahia, inside, clearly agitated and upset. I said hello and she only waved which was unusual so I walked up the drive to see if I could help.

When I got there, I could see she had been crying. I didn’t need to say anything because she stopped with a decisive nod of her head to herself and motioned me to come closer, come into the garage where she was standing.

“Bill, I’m glad you came over. Please come inside with me. There is something I have to talk about with you.”

I was pretty sure I knew that it was going to come out or already had about her Edward and my Sarah and I nervously hesitated. She reached out and touched my hand with hers saying, “Come on, silly. I won’t bite.”

She turned and walked the length of the garage hips flowing beneath her soft dress as I followed her through it then up the few steps into the house. When we were inside she reached around for the garage opener and triggered it down. “We don’t need stray pets in here. Come in. Can I get you a soft drink? A beer maybe?”

Bahia was a very light skinned black woman perhaps with a hint of European somewhere in her background. She was tall at 5′ 10″ and had a narrow waist with generous hips atop long and slender legs. Her neck was elegant and her eyes piercing with soft, dark hair fashioned European as much as African in style. When she turned and asked me for the beer, I couldn’t help but notice her breasts swinging freely where they swelled the top of her simple dress, obviously without the benefit of a bra. If you were into counting size, I’d have to guess 42DD and full nipples. It was enough to get a reaction from my libido.

She cut right to the chase. “You know about Edward and Sarah?”

All I could do was take a sip and nod before calming her with the only question I could think to ask. “Bahia, do you think it was just this once?”

She sniffled, firmed up then said, “Yes, just once with Sarah.”

“How do you feel about it, Bahia?”

“You know, I’m hurt, worried, all that. He’s been in demand before and I’ve had to find a way to live with it. Have you and Sarah talked about it too?”

“No. In fact, she doesn’t know I saw them. I got home early and happened to walk around back and see them through the window. There’s no justification for my standing outside like an idiot and watching but that is what I did. I felt like a voyeur and called on the cell phone then waited until Edward left before I came in. Cowardly, I guess.”

“I’ve never watched anyone else do it. Maybe that’s exciting. Don’t beat yourself up over it. If you watched, you know why she had Edward, don’t you?”

He just nodded. “He’s striking and,” he paused here, “he’s big, very big and very black.”

“Exactly. Well, I wouldn’t hold it against her, she’s not his first.” She looked sideways and puzzled, she asked, “By the way, why didn’t you say something to her?” She looked curiously at him, rubbing her shoulder with one hand while she waited for an answer.

He stumbled and fumbled for words at the directness of her question. “Well, I, ah, uh, I sort of figured it was part of the Cosmic Calculus.”

She pulled her head up and her eyes regained their smile as she turned towards him. “The what?”

“I’ve never cheated and I figure now I am owed one. After that I was going to tell her and see where it lead.”

She laughed enough to shake the big breasts resting inside her cotton dress. “The Cosmic Calculus, eh. Has it worked out for you yet?”

Explosively, he snorted. “Christ, Bahia, I haven’t done anything. Nothing, zip, nada.”

Bahia’s eyes flashed at him and she put her elegantly long hand out touching his knee. “Want to?”

“With you?”

She looked straight into his eyes and nodded before saying, “Now. It’s time I got some of the Cosmic Calculus as well.”

Even more stunned than he had been looking through the window the other night, all he could think of was to repeat his question. “Now?”

“Uh, huh.” When the word left her lips, she winked, reached up, ripped the top of her dress open and spilled the biggest breasts he’d ever seen out and said, “Hold them. You won’t regret it.”

They swung from the middle of her chest out to the sides and back, heavy with flesh and firmness as she moved his hand to the bottom of her right breast and helped it hand cup her aureole and nipple; hold the weight in his hand.

She looked down and parted her lips when she sighed with the feelings his touch sent through her body. “Hal, look at how white your hand looks against my skin? Isn’t it wonderful?”

He melted with one look around to be sure they were alone before nodding and moving his head closer to hers, feeling the heat of her lips which were without makeup but wide and somewhat thicker than Sarah’s; sensual just by existing. Their lips touched and she moved her legs apart but closer to him, shimmying and shaking to drop the dress from her hips leaving her standing with swaying breasts and a pair of white high-cut panties. Her mouth opened and his tongue went inside hers as she did the same to him. Below, her hand had coursed across his chest and unbuckled his belt and his pants which dropped and allowed him to step away, dressed only in his boxers.

Bahia sucked on his tongue and pushed her other breast against him as her hand slid inside his shorts and found his balls at the bottom which she cradled and rolled in her palm before feeling upward and moving around his fully engorged cock. The touch was electric and he pulled back from her lips approvingly.

As he did so, she whispered in his ear, “This is only the second cock I’ve ever touched, Hal, but it’s the second big one I’ve had and I’m going to make love with you until your Cosmic Calculus is balanced again.”

Before he could move, she dropped to her knees, big breasts sliding down his front and over his cock and sucked the head inside her mouth. He could see her lips sealing around it and feel the warmth of his head at the back of her throat as her tongue moved over and around his shaft, cushioning it, cradling it, heating it with her moisture. “No white woman could ever match the ability of her large tongue and lips to suck a cock,” was the only thought that ran through his mind. Certainly Sarah hadn’t been able to come close. He had died and gone to heaven as she held his balls and sucked his cock, inhaling through her nose in noisy, passionate breaths.

Over her back he looked down the bumps of her spine to where her hips divided. He could see the heart shape of her butt and the tips of her vaginal lips and hair as they glistened, swelled and moved with her efforts. The more he watched, the more he wanted his cock inside her.

She must have felt it and moved easily when he asked her, “Bahia, honey, I want you and I want you now. Let’s go to the bedroom and do this on your bed, right where Edward might do it with you!”




Her slurp as his cock slipped out of her mouth was answer enough before she sprinted away down the hall, big butt cheeks flying and legs churning as he raced to catch up.

She fell on the bed and rolled on her back as she pulled her legs up to her tits and offered her self to him. He stopped and touched it, the first black lips he had ever touched. She jerked and ground her hips at the touch but moaned happily as he returned and parted her lips with his finger to reveal the pinkest inner vagina he’d ever seen surrounded by dark skin. It was too much and his head bobbed as his tongue touched her button at the top of the keyhole. She screamed, “Shit, Hal. Shit, Shit, Shit. Screw me. Take me now.”

His cock was dripping his own juices as he slid his tongue up her vagina and then down and dug it into her pink, moist opening. He took his time and moved inside her three times before he noticed her tummy starting to jerk spasmodically. Quickly, he raised his head and positioned his cock in front of her pussy and guided it with his hand. He took the head and placed it just below her clit and gently pushed enough to bury the rim with her outer lips before sliding it lower and lower until her push swallowed and enveloped him. When he felt his wide head spreading her opening then getting past it, he picked up his pace and begin stroking into her and out, into and out as he felt her anus with a little wet finger and sucked the nipple she offered him. When he released it she grunted and turned her large tit to herself and sucked the same nipple while he watched and drove his cock against her cervix as her heat flooded him with her first orgasm. He stopped, let his cock fill her then when her last spasm was done he withdrew partly until the top of his cock was raking the rough little patch of skin inside her body directly behind her clit. He raked it once then again as he moved up and back inside her, never moving more than an inch.

It was too much for Bahia who screamed a long wail and hit her spot, came all over the inside of her vagina while pulling his butt deeper against herself and grinding with strength he had never seen. For Hal, it was too much and the flood of his white, creamy liquid moved in pulses she could feel down his shaft and spurted against her cervix and the walls of her vagina setting her off once again. Neither was done and both settled down to serious pumping for several strokes before he rolled to the side, rolled her up and on top of him where she controlled the pumping. When she was above him, she was naturally swinging her massive tits too and fro until he grabbed one in each hand and pulled. She started to shudder again as she leaned towards him and used her muscles to squeeze his cock, getting one last squirt of his cum in the process.

She wasn’t human right then nor was he as they both grunted, sweat and smelled the heat of their coupling. She lifted up and turned enough to suck his wet cock back to life. When she had examined it, licked it and felt the taste of both their juices, she kneeled over it again but this time, rubbed it with her pussy until it was wet again then put it against her ass and slowly slid her butt over his cock, burying it in her rectum and smiling that special smile.

He used his fingers and entered her vagina, touching his own cock inside her body through the tissues that narrowly separated the two channels. She twitched and leaned forward with lips open to his. When they kissed they both tasted the cum she had taken from them.

Her hand found the panties she had discarded in haste and she rubbed it across her pussy before bringing it to their noses and inhaling it as they came one last time in total collapse. As she fell in a screaming faint, the panties landed around his neck where they rested as the two lay entwined, connected and depleted from the energy of the sex they had just finished.

Neither could speak or wanted to and both were now emotionally discharged enough so she curled her head against his neck and began to breath deeply, began to nap, happy with what she’d just done, happy with her sable skin on his, her vagina holding his softening cock inside her.

He joined her and the two slept a contented twenty minutes curled and wet with each other’s juices until she stirred and whispered to him. “What should we do now, Hal?”

Groggy, he tried to answer her, “You mean, do we tell them?”

It came as a purr, her answer. “Yeah, that’s what I was wondering.”

“What do you think we ought to do, Bahia?”

Her wiggle told him what she’d say as she answered. “I think we ought to keep the Cosmic Calculus to ourselves until we’ve got it right, don’t you?”

A giggle and a squeeze of the cheeks of her butt above him was his answer as he took no time at all to respond. “We only did it in one or two positions, right, Bahia?”

“Sixty Seven to go until we even begin to think about finishing the Cosmic Calculus by my way of thinking.”

His hand rolled one of her large breasts over and felt the button on the end as he kissed her ear. “Honey, it’s going to take years for you and I to get this perfected. We can tell them once we get it right, eh?”

She nodded, kissed his neck after moving her panties aside and balling the wet nylon into the pocket of his pants. “I’m available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, sometimes Wednesdays when he plays golf.”

“Find someplace safe for these and when you want me, take them out, feel me in them and come to me. I’ll be here. Edward and Sarah have no clue what they’ve started!”

Any reasonable man would have to agree, even one whose cock was swelling and whose smile was nearly adding a second grinning face to the head on his neck. It was new and different but it was definitely part of the Cosmic Calculus, which was now beginning to work perfectly.

The End