Play While Away

Several years ago I worked for a company in Santa Clara, California. The company scheduled a three week school at Headquarters and I was among about 25 people who attended it. I had always heard about the ladies in California, but doubted that they were any different from those in the Midwest. I was partially right and partially wrong. I fantasized about big-titted girls who dropped their panties for just about anyone and was looking forward to some fun adventures.

Rather than pay hotel bills the company rented apartments for the students at a complex near the plant. This was really great because we could make many of our own meals and use the fairly generous per diem for playing around. What a deal!

The first week was real intense with classes going from early morning until late night due to the homework assignments and evening meetings. Thankfully, the weekends were free and we all got hellaciously liquored up on Friday night. After waking up at about Noon on Saturday, several of us decided to spend the afternoon recovering by the pool. That’s where I met Isobella.

As I entered the pool area my bloodshot eyes focused enough to realize that a lady occupied one of the chaise lounges that were arranged around the pool. The lounge next to her was empty and I asked if she would mind if I used it. She smiled and said that would be fine and so after swimming for a while I collapsed next to her.

We started talking and she was very friendly and told me her name and that she was a programmer and we made small talk for a long time. Our conversation turned to sports and I mentioned that I was a big Chicago Cubs fan and she told me that the Giants and the Cubs were on TV that afternoon and asked if I would like to go to her apartment to watch the game.

Needless to say, I accepted her invitation. We drank Coke and watched the game. That was all that we did. I asked her out to dinner for the next night and she accepted.

Isobella was a “pretty” but not at all a beautiful woman. She was kind of flat-chested and didn’t ever have to worry about appearing in Maidenform ads, her hips were just a little too big. She was very well educated and refined and really didn’t give me the feeling that she would want to play around. But she had a very sexy way about her which is hard to explain. She also had a willingness to learn as you will find out shortly.

The company provided us with a few “Rent-A-Wreck” cars and I was able to negotiate the use of one of them for Sunday night. I picked up Isobella and we had a nice dinner at a local restaurant and then went to a bar where we listened to one of the worst singers we had ever heard.

She said that we should split and go to her place and listen to some good music and we did so. After about a half hour of listening to music and drinking beer she excused herself and shortly came back.

I sat on the floor and she sat crossed legged above me on the couch. We were listening to the stereo and smoking our pot and all of a sudden I turned and started rubbing her thighs under her skirt. I knew that I could have been arrested if she objected, but she eagerly guided my hand farther up toward her pussy.

In a flash, she was on the floor with me and we deep kissed and dry humped each other. She gyrated her body against my swelling cock and suggested that we go to her bedroom.

When we reached the bedroom she ripped the covers off the bed and quickly took off all her clothes except her pink bikini panties and sat on the bed waiting for me to take my clothes off. I was so excited and fucked-up that I nearly fell down getting out of my pants and she gasped when she saw my hard-on and quickly took down her pink panties.

What a fabulous sight!! Her cunt was absolutely lovely. It had thick brown hair, which belied her “blond” hair and the hair completely covered her vulva. We lay on the bed and kissed and rubbed our organs together and I finger fucked her until she had an explosive and extremely vocal orgasm. She completely lost herself in her pleasure.

I gently spread her legs and licked her very slowly all the way from her toes to her pussy. When I reached it I opened her lips and lapped all around the inside of them and licked and bit and sucked her tiny clit. After a couple minutes of sucking her little button became erect enough to really work on. A challenge!!

As I licked and bit and sucked she came again and again and again and again!! I had never experienced so many orgasms by a lady before and told her that she had a wonderful gift that she was able to cum so many times. She told me that she had never been eaten before and that all of the other men she had ever been intimate with just fucked her.

She had heard about oral but never had it done to her before. She didn’t seem to want to reciprocate with a blow job, so I fucked her three times – missionary, doggie and on our sides. She had at least ten more extremely intense orgasms. After the fucking, we fell asleep and awoke the next morning in a panic that we were both late for work. We planned to get together again on Wednesday for dinner at her apartment.

On Wednesday Isobella made us a wonderful Veal Parmesan dinner. We washed the dishes and cleaned up and she told me about her sexual history of having fucked about ten men, none of whom had eaten her and most of whom just stuck their cock in her and basically just used her body to masturbate.

This pussy eating was a whole new world for her and she told me how much she loved it. She said that she had never come so many times as she had on Sunday night and actually often didn’t come at all when she was fucked. She told me that I seemed real experienced. I decided that I wouldn’t tell her just how experienced I was.
Isobella was willing to let me have some fun and she sat on the couch with her legs spread while I feasted my eyes on her and she pulled her panties aside for me to give me an incredible close up look at her cunt while she opened it wide for me exposing her pink hole. This got my prick as hard as a rock and I nearly came in my pants.

When we got to the bedroom I asked her if she wanted to do something new and she enthusiastically said that she did. I told her to put her legs around my head while I lay on my back and when she did I immediately started lapping her pussy hole. Isobella was very clean, but she had that great feminine aroma that drives me wild.

After eating her cunt hole and clit for a long time I moved her fanny down lower towards my face and began rimming her asshole. She went totally nuts!! She came with a very big orgasm as I slipped my tongue up her bung and she nearly smothered me. While I ate her cunt and asshole she pumped my cock with her hand and jerked me off all over my stomach.

She went to the bathroom and came back with a warn washcloth and cleaned up my spunk. We then laid on the bed and hugged and kissed and she rubbed her cunt against my soft, dead cock and she came again. We fell asleep and I woke up about 4:00 AM. She was sleeping beside me completely naked and when I looked at her hairy snatch I just had to eat it again and so I spread her legs and slowly lapped both her holes and I wanted to jerk off on her.

She woke up and I asked her to suck my cock. She had never done it before, but after a few instructions she caught on. Her head bobbed up and down and she licked my cock and balls when I asked her to. I told her that I was about to come and that she should stop unless she wanted me to come in her mouth. She kept on sucking and I shot my load. This shocked her, but she soon laughed about it. The next week was unreal. We did everything we could think of including “Golden Showers”.

It was tough to leave her. We saw each other twice more over the next two years and then lost contact with each other. I hope she’s had a great life.

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