Pool Side Fun

The following story was told to me by my good friend Claudia. Claudia is a happily married Brazilian woman standing 5 feet 1 inches tall with a wonderful deep olive colored skin tone and knock out looks to match. Her small frame is accentuated by her large tits and perfectly shaped ass that will make the any man’s dick hard as a rock. Claudia married a Brazilian stock broker 2 years ago, whose job is constantly occupying his time. Although Claudia has a beautiful home she wishes she could see more of her husband, get out of the house more often, and eventually start a family.

One summer weekend, she and her husband, Marcelo, took a trip to relax and have some fun at the beach. Their hotel had a beautiful pool that they both enjoyed. This particular Sunday afternoon they were relaxing in their room enjoying some homemade wine they brought with them. They decided to take a dip in the pool and Claudia was looking forward to going back to the room later that evening for some love making as she was becoming extremely horny from the alcohol and had not made love to her husband in a few weeks. Claudia put on a rather skimpy bikini that fit her like a glove. The beige colored swimsuit covered most of her tits but left a good view of her cleavage. The bottom part covered her private parts well but was extremely low cut and just covered the top of her pubic hair. Her deep olive coloring and beige bikini gave you the impression she was naked at first glance.

The pool was practically empty as it was nearly 7PM. Claudia and Reggie were relaxing on the poolside lounge chairs when Marcelo received an emergency business call on his cell phone and had to leave for a couple of hours. He apologized and told his wife that when he returned they would go out to dinner and make love the rest of the evening. Claudia was now on fire thinking of his large cock as the wine was giving her quite a buzz. She kissed him goodbye and told him she was going for a dip in the pool to cool down before going back to the room.

As Claudia went into the deep section of the pool she was unaware of the 3 men on the opposite end of the pool who had been watching her every move as she kissed her hubby goodbye. The 3 guys, Aiden, Craig, and Marvin had been drinking heavily all day and nearly came in their pants when they saw Claudia stand up from the lounge chair and enter the water. The decided to give the Brazilian beauty a test in the water and let her dictate their actions.

Claudia was the only one in the deep section of the pool while a few elderlies were lounging around poolside on the opposite end and standing in the very shallow water mindless of anything else. All three decided to take the initiative and swam near Claudia underwater. Aiden started small talk with her and all three immediately noticed that she had a buzz on. As Claudia was treading water and telling Aiden about her husband, Craig and Marvin dove under water and brushed against her thighs. There was no reaction at all from Claudia as she pretended not to notice but when the 2 men got a little bolder the 2nd time and brushed against her ass, Claudia looked down in the water at them. Aiden immediately told her not to worry as his friends were just clowning around. All 3 were now treading water and Craig and Marvin apologized to Claudia saying that there was nothing to do and they were just wrestling with each other underwater and bumped into her. Aiden then told Claudia all 3 of them would be doing their underwater wrestling and to just ignore them if they happen to bump into her.

Claudia, feeling no pain from the wine just nodded in agreement while all three guys dove under water. Craig was the first to test Claudia when he swam at her through her legs. Claudia thought this rather amusing and felt they were kidding around with her. Next, Aiden swam through her legs and made sure to brush up against her bikini bottom. Marvin did the same and when they saw no objections from Claudia, they knew they could get bolder. In the meantime, Claudia was becoming hornier by the moment and decided to play along with the game. The wine made her forget that she was a married woman and the three guys were total strangers.

All 3 men decided to take turns with Claudia underwater while coming up for air one at a time. Craig and Aiden stood on the pool floor, on each side of Claudia, and each placed a hand on her ass cheek. When she didn’t move away or swat them away with her hand they took a bolder step and moved their hands to the front of her thighs. Claudia had mixed emotions about what to do because this was the horniest she ever felt and she kept thinking in her mind that they would stop and not go too far. Claudia’s stomach was very nervous but she was enjoying this too much to move away. Aiden then came up and spoke to Claudia. He told her that they were just having some fun and there was no harm intended. He also told her that if she became too uncomfortable all she had to do was motion with her hand and they would stop.

Aiden then swam under water and rubbed his cock against Claudia’s ass. Claudia felt his cock and went absolutely nuts while telling herself that it must have been his knee or something. Aiden pulled his trunks down to his knees, placed his fingertips in Claudia’s bikini bottom and pulled it down past her ass. He proceeded to rub his long hard naked cock up and down the crack of her ass, almost cumming in the process. Craig then came around the front and rubbed her bush with his hand. Claudia frozen with lust and unable to move. Marvin then joined Aiden at the back and pulled Claudia’s bottom down to show some of the crack in her ass. Marvin took his index finger and rubbed it up and down the crack of her ass inside her bikini bottom. As Marvin was doing this Aiden and Craig swam up for some air and noticed Claudia with her eyes closed. They swam back under water and befronted her. Aiden took his finger and rubbed her clit from the outside of her swimsuit while Craig’ fingers made their way to the bikini top clasp in the front and unhooked it. Claudia regained some sense of reality for a split second and put her hand in the water motioning them to stop. Marvin pulled his trunks off and placed her hand on his hard cock.

As they continued to come up for air, Craig befronted Claudia and told her to relax and enjoy it because no one was there but them. Claudia started to complain but when Craig grabbed her huge breast and sucked on her nipple, she was helpless. Claudia shuddered and was too overcome by this sexual foreplay to resist. She kept thinking that there was no harm intended and it was only foreplay.

Aiden came up for air while Craig went back down. All the while Marvin stayed under water freely fingering Claudia’s ass and clit. Aiden then stuck his tongue in Claudia’s ear just as Marvin placed his finger in her vagina lips. Marvin couldn’t believe how wet and enormously wide she was. Claudia was overcome and continued to tremble with ecstasy. As all three saw that no one was in the pool and darkness was approaching, they swam to the far corner with Claudia in tow and leaned her front against the pool edge. Marvin then came underneath Claudia and threw her legs on his shoulders as he stood in the water. Claudia was holding on to the edge of the pool with both hands with her butt up in the air for all to view. Aiden came up between her legs and sucked on her juicy cunt for what seemed like an eternity. His long tongue sliding in and out of Claudia’s pussy lips with reckless abandon. Claudia must have came at least 3 times while Aiden’s mouth was full of pussy juice.

Craig sat at the pool edge and took off his swimsuit while Claudia was positioned in between his legs staring at his log hard cock. Aiden and Marvin positioned Claudia’s mouth on Craig’s cock and she almost swallowed him whole. The 2 men then pulled Claudia’s bikini bottom off completely and took turns sticking their tongue in her ass. Claudia was crazy with lust and would now allow the guys to do whatever they wanted.

Craig took his cock out of Claudia’s mouth for a second while Marvin asked her if they could do whatever they felt like with her bottom. She nodded vigorously while grabbing a hold of Craig’s long hard cock and shoved it back into her mouth. As she worked on Craig you could hear his cock popping in and out of her mouth with each stroke. Marvin couldn’t stand it any longer and stuck his hard dick in Claudia’s cunt from behind. It slipped in very easily and he pulled out so he and Aiden could take turns fucking her.

Meanwhile, Craig was screaming that he was on the verge of coming and the other 2 guys stopped to watch. They dared Claudia to take it all down her throat and watched as Craig came with an explosion. They held her head while Craig positioned his aim down her throat. Craig then jerked himself off until every last drop of cum was on Claudia’s tongue. Claudia swallowed and swallowed and swallowed to prove that she could drink all of Craig’s cum without a drop falling out of her mouth. The men then turned Claudia around. Aiden first squeezed and kneaded each breast and then sucked on her tits flicking her nipples with his tongue. He then went down and sucked all of Claudia’s cum juices from her long twat before turning her around and tonguing the length of her ass crack up and down several times. All 3 men took turns doing this and finished up by having Claudia suck their cocks dry and drink every last bit of their cum.

When they were finished they all put their swimming suits back on and took turns french kissing Claudia goodbye, promising to be in the pool again tomorrow at the same time if she was interested. Claudia nodded to them and headed back to her room to wait for her hubby. Claudia was just coming back to reality from the whole ordeal and could not believe what had just occurred. She was completely exhausted and went right to bed forgetting about her husband but wondering when his next business trip would be.

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