Pumping My Mouth

I had been going to the bath house off and on for a while. Some times it was pretty quiet, with nothing happening, and then other times the action would be hot and heavy. So, one late afternoon, I stopped in for a quick steam bath. As I was undressing in my room, before even heading to the showers and steam room, I heard a soft knock on my door. I opened it and in came an over weight man, in his 40s. He told me that his room was next to mine and to wait for him while he undresses.

So I waited till he undressed and then the two of us walked to the showers. There were two others in the shower room and my must have interrupted something because both guys had stiff cocks. As I stood under the shower, my new found partner immediately proceeded to soap up my back, lathering my back and slowly moving down to my buttocks. He parted my cheeks and soaped-up my hole.

By this time, the other two came over and one dropped to his knees and started sucking me, which by this time I was rock hard from my friend rubbing my ass hole. The other guy moved behind me and now I had two guys playing with my balls and rubbing my ass hole. Since I didn’t want to cum so soon, I politely begged off and told them I was going back to my room. As I started to leave, my place was soon taken by one of the guys behind me.

Back in my room, I was laying down, semi hard, when there was a knock at my door. On opening the door, I saw my new friend. He asked to come in and I said sure. He then sat down on the cot, removed his towel, and held his short, thick cock in his hand, stroking it. He said he wanted to finish what we started back in the shower. I was feeling horny so I agreed. First he told me to lie on my stomach. Then he parted my cheeks and caressed my ass hole.

After a while of caressing, which produced a throbbing hard on that was painful lying on my stomach, he inserted his finger. He had short, stubby fingers and it was not pleasant for me. He said he wanted to fuck me but I said it would hurt me too much. Then he pulled out his finger from my ass, sat up, told me to get on my knees and suck him off.

Up until now, I loved to be sucked off and even jack others off, but I never actually sucked cock. I got down on my knees and grabbed his thick, short cock and tried to imitate what others did to me when they sucked me off. I licked his head, which was dripping wet, tasting a liquid that was somewhat salty.

I slowly swallowed his cock until I was near the end of his shaft and he warned me about my teeth. The I slid his cock back and forth in my mouth. He now stood up and grabbed my head and began pumping my mouth. I looked up and he had his eyes closed and was gently mouth fucking me. Then he speeded his thrusts up until I heard him say he was going to cum.

I began to pull off him when he stopped me by holding my head in his powerful hands. Then I felt a warm fluid slowly seep into my mouth. No hard cumming. Just a slow flow. He kept pumping my mouth until he lost his erection. By that time, I had swallowed his cum.

Now I was really turned on. We switched positions and as soon as he put his mouth on the tip of my cock I shot my load. He slurped up every drop. He still wanted to fuck me and asked if he could but I preferred not to and he then left. I went back to the shower room to clean up when I entered the room I saw the two guys who originally were there. This time, one guy was bent over and the other was pulling a moist cock out from the others back side. They smiled at me and I stared at this guy’s rigid, shiny cock.

By this time, I became aroused again, and they came over by me. With soap in their hands, one started soaping up my cock, the other my back side. Then the guy behind me told me to bend over. When I did I felt his cock trying to enter me. I kindly begged off.

By this time, the guy in front of me was sucking me off, so the guy behind me started squeezing my nipples and rubbing my ass hole – both turn-ons for me. I soon felt my hips pumping as I fucked his mouth and in no time I came, not as hard as earlier, but still enough for him to lick the tip of my head off.

For me, that was enough for one night. I was spent.

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