My wife caught me again, for the third time, and she
was furious!

It happened the same way every time. It was always at a
party, when everyone had plenty to drink, and I was
able to find a willing female to accompany me to a
bedroom. Each of the three times she caught me in the
act, and there was quite a scene. Each time I
apologized profusely, saying I had too much to drink,
begging her forgiveness and promising that it would
never happen again.

This time it didn’t work! She was going to divorce me!
I pleaded with her- but it seemed to no avail. The last
thing I wanted was a divorce, since Tracy came from a
moneyed family, and inherited a great deal of money,
and I didn’t want to be left penniless.

She said, “I’m a lot better looking than those women
you fucked, so why are you doing this? I would like the
kind of attention that you are giving those women-
you’ve been neglecting me for a long time, so I‘m
asking you why?”

She was right; she was a lot more beautiful than the
women she had caught me with, and better looking than
the women she didn’t catch me with. I was stuck for a
reply, so I said lamely that I had been drinking and I
found it was just a challenge, that it didn’t mean
anything-it was just a conquest.

That just made her more furious. “You know in the eight
years that we have been married I have never been
unfaithful to you, and you know I’ve had a lot of

And she was right; a lot of men had tried to get her
into bed, and she always told me about these attempts.
She was tall, very shapely, with lovely firm breasts, a
slim waist, and great rounded hips and ass. Add lovely
long legs to complete the picture of a very beautiful
women-so why did I stray? It was a male achievement

She looked at me and said that things were going to
change. “It’s my turn now, and you are going to put up
with what I do or we are going to get a divorce. And
also, if I ever catch you fucking another woman, you
are going to be left penniless.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I am going to enjoy doing the same thing that you have
been doing, and I am going to be sure that you know
about it; in fact you are going to watch me in action
for a change, just as I have seen you on three
occasions. And I know there were times when you were
screwing some women and I didn’t know about it!”

All my efforts to dissuade her were fruitless. And I
knew one thing, and that was I would do anything to
prevent a divorce, anything to continue living a very
comfortable lifestyle.

My wife had a very close friend and I learned that she
had told Rose everything, that she was fed up, and
wanted revenge. Apparently she was only too happy to
help my wife achieve her goal. Rose knew of a woman
who was very discrete, and who she thought would be
only too happy to assist my wife in the matter.

I learned that the women she had in mind had a
reputation for assisting in many varieties of sexual
activities, and of course for a considerable price,
which my wife assured me she would be happy to pay. She
was determined to be revenged and said, “I expect to
enjoy it along the way, and this time you are going to
get the other end of the stick, and see how it feels
when you see me being serviced.”

Rose arranged a meeting with this woman, and my wife,
with some relish, told me about the meeting. The women,
Shyan, was delighted when she met my wife-she was
expecting some blowsy, unattractive female that would
be a challenge to find someone willing to service her.

After looking my wife over, she said there would be no
problem finding a very attractive and willing stud;
someone she was sure my wife would be happy with. When
it was explained that one of the conditions was that I
had to be there to witness the proceedings, Shyan
positively glowed.

She said, “I know of a couple of studs that would love
that scene, would love to cuckold a husband while he
was watching him service her. I’ve done that scene
before where the husband loved to watch his wife in

The circumstances were explained to her, why my wife
wanted to do this, and that I wouldn’t be a willing
observer. Shyan said that would not be a problem as
long as I didn’t get in the way, or interfere. She was
reassured that if he wanted to keep his happy home he
would sit very quietly.

Prices were agreed upon, arrangements were made, and
the date was set. She was determined to go through with
this, and nothing I said was going to dissuade her.

On the appointed day, Tracy made preparations. She
bathed and then dressed in clothes especially purchased
for this occasion-sheer stockings attached to a satiny
garter belt, matching lacy white panties and bra, a
clinging white half slip, then a lovely white dress
that hugged her beautiful figure.

Rose met with us and we proceeded to Shyan’s home,
which was a Victorian type place set on a large wooded
lot. We were escorted into a parlor, asked to be
seated, and then served some wine. Soon she brought
more wine, and clearly wanted to put my nervous wife at
ease. When I suggested that we could still back out, my
wife wouldn’t hear of it, and finally it was time, and
Shyan escorted us to a large bedroom.

She said, “I want you to meet Bill,” and she introduced
us to a handsome man attired only in a robe. He looked
at my wife with appreciation, looking her over a second

“I’m going to enjoy this,” and he reached for Tracy,
drawing her into his arms. She was reluctant at first,
but gradually she relaxed and allowed him to kiss her,
soon kissing her again, holding her in a longer
embrace. She was clearly entranced with this well-built
attractive man, and she was responding to his caresses.

Slowly, and with great care, he began to remove her
clothes, sliding down the zipper at the back of her
dress, slipping the dress off her shoulders, pushing it
over her hips till it fell to her feet, moving her
clear of her dress. She looked lovely in her sheer
underwear, and he gazed at her with admiration, taking
his time with her. He released her bra, pulling it
free, and exposing her lovely firm breasts.

She was flushed and trembling now as he stroked and
caressed her, kissing her, sliding his hands from her
breasts, which he had been stroking till the nipples
were very firm, down to her hips and ass. Finally he
slowly slid her slip down till it too fell on the
floor, leaving her exposed in her sheer panties and

She was responding more and more as he continued his
seduction, and it was clear that he was an expert. He
held her in a long kiss before he began the slow
removal of her panties, the last barrier to her sex.
She was moaning now-I thought she would stop him before
it was too late, but it was clear that she had no
intention of stopping. As he relieved her of her
panties, I new she was going to be fucked by this stud
and nothing was going to halt the proceedings.

Shyan whispered, “Wait till you see the cock on him –
it is very impressive.” At that point he removed his
robe, and Shyan hadn’t exaggerated – it was very large
and very thick, and it was getting stiffer and stiffer.
My wife’s eyes opened very wide, and she gasped when
she viewed his penis-touching it with her hand as it
became fully erect.

I didn’t believe she could take a cock that size, Tracy
was not very large. I said this, but Shyan replied not
to worry-Bill always gets it in, but sometimes he has
to stretch them out a little bit. She was obviously
thrilled with this scene.

Bill lifted her in his arms, carrying her to the large
bed, laying her down, then kissing her and stroking
her, stroking her breasts, her thighs, finally moving
his hand up between her thighs to the lips of her
pussy, my wife gasping as he touched her there. He
pressed her stocking clad thighs open, my wife
whimpering as he now caressed the lips of her cunt.

She looked incredibly erotic as he continued the
assault on her body. He moved her beautiful legs
further apart, moving between her thighs, bringing his
mouth to her cunt, stroking her with his tongue till
she was moaning, giving a little cry as his tongue
found her clitoris. Finally he moved up her flushed and
trembling body, her legs spread wide, and directed his
very hard cock against the wet lips of her cunt, which
now were gaping.

He began to press forward, gradually stretching her,
stretching her more and more, my wife groaning now at
the strong pressure of his invading cock, now pressing
even more firmly till, with a hoarse cry from my wife,
she was penetrated, the head of his cock entering her,
stretching her fully.

Slowly he began to push more and more of his cock into
her, her legs lifted and stretched wide to relieve the
pressure. She was groaning as he continued advancing
his cock into her, crying out again as she was fully
impaled. He was still, holding her onto his cock till
she got used to his size, finally moving back and forth
with long slow strokes.

The women were thoroughly enjoying the show as he began
to stroke into her harder and harder, taking a long
time with her, fucking her expertly, my wife moving to
his thrusts, crying out again and again.

Finally she was in the throes of her climax, her body
shaking, jerking, her legs clutching him as she came,
crying out as he held her fully impaled, groaning as he
emptied his cock into her, spurting into her. Finally
he withdrew his softening cock from her, moving next to
her. She lay there drained, her legs spread-eagled, her
ravished cunt open, red and wet, their juices draining
from her.

I couldn’t believe what happened to me! Watching this
stud fucking her, servicing her so expertly, I had
become very aroused, as if I was watching another women
and not my own wife. I had come without touching
myself, staining my pants. Rose and Shyan saw this and
laughed. I was humiliated!

It was over, they dressed, and my thoroughly satiated
wife smiled at me and asked “How did you like the show?
I really enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoyed watching
your wife get fucked by this stud.” And then she noted
my condition and also laughed. “I see you did enjoy it,
and maybe you will enjoy it the next two times I am

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you’re going to have the opportunity to watch
me in action two more times! Don’t you remember? I
caught you three times, and that means you will have
the pleasure of seeing me getting fucked again. You
enjoyed watching him doing it to me, so I think you
will get your rocks off again when you see me getting

The three of us left Shyan, who said, “Let me know when
you are ready to proceed again.”

We arrived at our place and Rose was leaving. She was
thrilled at the scene she had set up, and obviously
couldn’t wait to have a repeat.

It wasn’t till after they were finished that I thought
about birth control. We didn’t want children, and she
always made me use a condom as she couldn’t take the
pill, and there was no protection during this episode.
When I mentioned this she just laughed and said, “I
didn’t think of it until it was too late, and besides I
enjoyed it a lot more without a condom, and I was a lot
more excited by the possibility that I could get
pregnant by that stud; his stuff is still draining out
of me.”

Every time I thought about Bill doing it to her I got
and erection. When I wanted to make love to her she
refused saying “It’s going to be a long time before I
let you between my legs again.”

It wasn’t long before Rose and Shyan set another date
for a tryst. Shyan had suggested that Tracy take on two
studs-she had Bill in mind, as well as another well
hung stud that she thought my wife would enjoy. She
wasn’t thrilled at first with the idea of taking on two
men, but the women persisted and finally she
reluctantly agreed.

The day arrived, and again she took a long bath,
spending a lot of time getting ready; again dressing
with great care, this time all in beige underwear with
matching slip, and again a clinging blouse and skirt.

She was a bit nervous again when we arrived at Shyan’s,
but she quickly put her at ease, a couple of glasses of
wine helping her relax. Finally it was time, and we
were escorted to the same room again, and there we
found Bill waiting as before, with an expectant look on
his face, and another man who was also very handsome,
both men in robes, and both commented on how gorgeous
she looked.

They couldn’t wait to get started, and Bill moved in
first, taking her in his arms, kissing and caressing my
nervous wife, while the other man, Greg, moved behind
her, pushing himself against her. Both began stroking
her, their hands everywhere, till she was moaning,
trembling, becoming more and more aroused.

Working together they began removing her clothes,
unfastening her skirt, sliding it off, unbuttoning her
blouse, that coming off next, and then her slip pushed
down and off. They both stopped to look at her before
doing more, admiring her in her sheer bra and panties,
her garter belt visible, attached to sheer stockings.

Greg unfastened and removed her bra, admiring her firm
breasts, Bill stroking her beautiful rounded ass before
slowly sliding her panties off. They moved her to the
bed, one on each side of her as they pressed her down
and began spreading her. She moaned louder as four
hands were stroking her breasts, her thighs, her cunt,
the lips now red and moist.

She was becoming more and more aroused, till finally
Bill moved between her spread thighs, pressing his hard
cock against her pussy, and began to push into her, my
wife crying out again as she was stretched and entered.
Soon he filled her again, her cunt stretched tightly
around him, beginning to stroke into her while Greg
caressed her breasts, the nipples erect and firm, my
wife groaning now as he thrust more powerfully into
her. Both were nearing a climax, and my wife cried out,
shuddering as she was overwhelmed, Bill groaning as he
came, filling her with his semen.

Now it was Bill’s turn, and he rolled her onto her
stomach, lifted her hips in the air, pressed her head
and shoulders down, and prepared to enter her. He
pushed his extremely hard cock into her vagina, my wife
crying out again as he filled her, pulling her hips and
ass fully onto his cock. He started moving into her
with long strokes, almost pulling out each time.

We had a clear view of his cock moving in and out of
her, the shaft shiny with her juices. It was
unbelievably erotic, seeing her with her rounded ass in
the air, and this large cock thrusting into her,
accompanied by cries and groans from my wife.

The women were thrilled observing this scene, and Rose
said, “How do you like watching these studs servicing
your wife? It seems they are doing a very good job on
her. You won’t forget this for awhile.”

And she was right-once more I found myself aroused by
this erotic scene. Her beautiful breasts were hanging
straight down, and swaying back and forth to his
thrusting, her stocking clad thighs, still attached to
her garter belt, were spread widely as he continued
servicing her. Soon he too erupted into her, holding
her hips tightly as he filled her with his semen. She
cried out, feeling him spurting deeply into her.

Watching his friend doing it to her, Bill became hard
again, and when he withdrew, he moved up, pressing his
cock into her wet and gaping cunt, taking her on her
hands and knees also, my wife groaning again, groaning
and crying out as he fucked her powerfully, soon
overcome with another orgasm, her body shaking
uncontrollably, as he added more semen in the depths of
her pussy. When he finished and released her she
collapsed on the bed, face down, looking exhausted.

After he was done Greg moved to her, and gripping her
hips, he rolled her onto her back. He was hard again,
and he pressed her legs wide apart, mounting her and
driving his cock into her, my wife gasping again. This
time he took longer with her, thrusting into her till
finally he emptied his cock, but not before she
climaxed again, almost convulsing.

It was all over now, and clearly the studs had a good
time servicing my wife, who now laid there, spread-
eagled, semen matting her vagina. With the help of
Rose she dressed, obviously exhausted by her ordeal.
We managed to get her home, and straight into bed- she
was too tired to bathe.

I had never seen a woman so thoroughly fucked, and even
though it was my own wife, I was extremely aroused, and
Rose and Shyan, noticing my erection, taunted me,
Rose saying, “You seem to enjoy being a cuckold – you
really liked watching those studs having their way with
your wife. You had a good view of those cocks going
into Tracy, and she really liked it. I can hardly wait
till the next time-we will see what Shyan suggests.”

We soon learned what Shyan had in mind- she wanted
three black men to service her. Both my wife I and
balked at that suggestion; but Rose took her to meet
with Shyan, and they were very persuasive, Shyan saying
she knew of three black studs who would be happy to
service my beautiful wife, but only two would be
available on the evening she suggested.

My wife had misgivings – the idea of taking on black
men was scary. Shyan said she should try a new
experience, and adding that these men were not only
attractive but were very well endowed. Finally my wife
agreed after Shyan said “you’ve already taken on two
white studs, so what if they are black-maybe you’ll get
a thrill out of doing it with them; they are very

I pleaded with her not to do this, but the more I
pleaded with her, the more determined she became. I
said, “If you are going to do it again, please don’t do
it with any black people.” My pleadings fell on deaf
ears, and only seemed to strengthen her resolve.

I said, “This time they have to wear condoms! We can’t
take any chances!”

It was set for Friday night, and again my wife took
great care in her preparations, after her bath dressing
in a very sheer pink garter belt, attaching sheer
stockings, and adding a pink bra, panties and slip. She
looked incredibly sexy, but she repulsed me when I
tried to take her in my arms. She added a figure
hugging pink dress which ended above her knees, and
finished by doing up her hair and making up her face.

After Rose arrived we left for Shyan’s, and as usual
we were ushered into the living room. Both women
admired my wife, Shyan saying, “You look gorgeous-the
men are here, and when the third guy heard about how
beautiful you were, he cancelled his appointment and he
is here also.”

Tracy looked alarmed at this news saying, “I don’t
think I can take three of them.”

“Don’t worry,” Shyan said. “You’ll do just fine.”

This didn’t reassure my wife, but she reluctantly
followed us upstairs and into the same room again. When
she saw the black men her face blanched, her eyes wide.
All three were looking at her with appreciation, never
expecting to find so beautiful a woman.

Tracy said, “No! I can’t do this!”

Shyan got firm with her. “It’s too late for you to back
out now! You agreed, and now that everyone is here we
are going to proceed. We don’t want to force you; but
that is up to you.”

My tearful wife finally agreed to go ahead, and Shyan
said “we’ll get her ready!” And motioned to Rose to
help her. They approached my wife and began to strip
her, and they seemed to enjoy getting her ready for the
studs, who were looking on with anticipation.

They unzipped her dress, pulling it down till it fell
on the floor, her slip soon following, my wife putting
up feeble resistance as they continued. Her bra was
next, and one man whistled when he viewed her beautiful
breasts; Tracy trying ineffectively to cover them with
her hands. She was blushing, trembling now, as the
women relieved her of her panties, now standing naked
except for her garter belt and stockings.

They moved in on her, lifting and carrying her to the
bed, removing her shoes as they laid her down, the men
working on her now, stroking and caressing her, their
hands on her breasts, her abdomen, her thighs till she
was moaning. They were slowly inching her thighs apart,
gradually exposing her very bushy vagina. When they
touched her there she gave a little cry, trying to
close her legs, but the men easily held them open as
they continued to lightly caress the lips of he cunt,
my wife gasping when they found her clitoris. She was
becoming more and more aroused, whimpering now.

The women were delighted as they watched this scene
unfolding, their eyes wide. The men stripped, exposing
some very large and very thick cocks, which were
becoming hard as they observed my naked and trembling
wife. She looked with disbelief at their size, saying,
“Oh no! I can’t do it! I can’t take those.”

Rose said, “Yes you can,” and the women moved to the
bed and held her shoulders down as she tried to rise
up. They looked in awe at their size, hardening now as
they gazed at my naked wife, and I think Rose and
Shyan wondered if Tracy could take cocks that size, but
they were determined to find out.

Then I remembered, and said they had to wear condoms.
The men laughed and one said, “We don’t wear condoms;
that’s for white people. I think you will enjoy
watching these bare cocks going into your wife, and
besides we want to leave something in her so she will
remember us. We’ve had other white husbands who have
enjoyed watching us servicing their wives with no
protection. Maybe we will get her pregnant. Just think
of the added excitement for you and your wife, thinking
about maybe getting pregnant.”

They continued stroking and caressing my wife, her
nipples hardening, her body trembling. She had closed
her legs when she saw their cocks, but slowly they
overcame her resistance, and began to spread her legs
and thighs. She was moaning as she was skillfully
caressed, giving little cries as they stroked into the
lips of her cunt, which were moist and gaping. Finally
she was moaning almost continuously. She had no ability
to resist, knowing she was going to be fucked, now
totally helpless in their hands. The men smiled as she
succumbed, and they spread her legs fully, bending her
knees up, the wet lips of her vagina opening. She was
breathing rapidly, her whole body flushed, as the first
stud moved between her legs, mounting her.

He moved the head of his cock up and down the lips of
her cunt, moistening it, and then began to press
forward, her vagina opening more as he continued the
unrelenting pressure, my wife wailing as she felt
herself being stretched, finally screaming as he
stretched her fully, the head of his cock penetrating

The women were thrilled watching this scene, watching
as this stud held her hips still as he steadily
advanced his cock, beginning to fill her, Tracy
groaning and crying out as she felt herself stretching
even more. She cried out again as she was impaled

I couldn’t believe she had taken a cock that large, but
she did, and now she was being slowly and steadily
fucked by this black cock, now shiny with her juices.
It was incredibly erotic watching this black man taking
her, using her, fucking her powerfully, enjoying
conquering this white wife while her husband looked on
helplessly. He moved faster in her, my wife groaning
continually, crying out as her body responded to him,
her hips and ass jerking to his thrusts.

Finally, with a hoarse cry, she was overcome with her
orgasm, her legs and thighs clutching him. This
triggered off his own climax, and he held her as he
filled her with his semen, draining his cock into her.
He lifted off her, looking down at her naked and
ravished body, thrilled with his conquest.

He was pressed aside as the next stud mounted her,
directing his cock into the stretched lips of her cunt,
pushing forward till he too entered her, my wife crying
out again. He didn’t last long, having gotten very
excited watching the first one taking her, and he
thrust quickly into her, soon filling her with his

It was the third one’s turn, and he mounted my wife,
directing his large and very hard cock into her cunt,
soon filling her. This one took more time with her,
fucking her slowly at first, finally increasing his
thrusting, holding her ass in his hands as he labored
towards a climax. She was brought higher and higher
till she was on an erotic plateau, crying out
continuously, her legs and thighs lifting higher,
groaning as her orgasm was full upon her, her arms and
legs clutching him. He continued pounding into her till
he pulled her fully onto him, adding another load of
semen into my whimpering wife.

The men clearly enjoyed servicing my wife. They
couldn’t believe their good fortune- performing stud
service on a white women as beautiful as my wife,
sticking it to her while her unfortunate husband was
watching them in action. And they especially enjoyed
witnessing my arousal, as did the women. The men were
smiling, giving each other high fives as they prepared
for a second round with her.

Tracy said, “No more! I can’t take any more! Please-no

These smiling studs were not about to quit. A chance
like this didn’t come around very often, and they were
going to make the most of it. They moved in on my weak,
helpless wife, and one of them said, “Let’s put her on
her hands and knees this time: that’s how white men
treated our women when they were slaves, and now she
needs to see what it’s like to be fucked by black men,
on her knees with her ass in the air.”

And they proceeded to do just that, rolling her over on
her stomach, lifting her ass in the air, pressing her
head and shoulders to the bed, and spreading her
thighs. My wife was whimpering, still pleading with
them, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

The first one moved to her, his thick cock standing
straight out, the bulbous head purple. She flinched as
he touched the tip of his cock against her moist
swollen lips, holding it there while he looked at us,
smiling as he gripped her hips, preparing to enter her
again. And with a steady pressure enter her he did,
accompanied by a yelp as the head disappeared into her,
my wife groaning again as she felt herself being filled
once more.

As he fully impaled her, he reached forward and
released her head band, allowing her hair to cascade
over her face. It was incredibly erotic, watching this
black man holding her hips with his cock fully into
her, preparing to fuck her again.

In long strokes he moved back and forth, thrusting into
her steadily, my wife finally responding once more, her
moans almost continuous. All of us were caught up in
this scene, watching her being thoroughly fucked, her
breasts bouncing to his plunges-like a scene right out
of a porn movie. As he increased his thrusts, my wife’s
cries grew louder, till once more she was caught up in
a climax that shook her whole body, and triggering this
stud, who groaned as he pulled her fully onto him, his
spasms releasing more semen into her.

Watching this scene, the other blacks became incredibly
hard, awaiting their turn. She was like a rag doll when
the next man moved to her, his cock leading the way,
plunging into her, fucking her thoroughly and
competently till he too erupted into her.

This time she didn’t climax, and when he was through
with her, she tried to move away, but the last laughing
guest gripped her body, pulling her to him, keeping her
beautiful ass in the air, as he directed his erection
into her, stretching her vagina fully as he buried his
cock in her, enjoying her humiliation as she was taken,
ravished on her hands and knees.

In spite of herself, she began responding to him, as he
slowly and expertly moved her towards a climax. These
studs were expert the way they handled my wife, making
her respond again and again. She ran the gamut of
sounds; moans, cries, screams, groaning loudly as she
was serviced by these studs. She climaxed again as she
felt him spurting into her, wailing, shaken by an
orgasm that went on and on.

Finally it was over, and the last one released my
trembling wife, who collapsed onto the bed, her gaping
cunt awash with their semen, all thoughts of birth
control long passed. Tears were on her face, and she
was whimpering, then sobbing, as she faced the reality
of what happened to her-never again would intercourse
be the same.

The women were thrilled by what happened, Shyan saying,
“I never saw them perform that well!”

The satisfied men knew why-they had serviced a
beautiful white women while her husband stood by,
caught up in the erotic scene, watching his wife being
ravished; it couldn’t get better than that. Once more
black men were in charge, having their way with a white
woman, a lovely wife, and filling her with their sperm.

The smiling women helped my wife dress, semen matting
her cunt, running down her naked thighs, staining her
stockings. We got her home, and she collapsed into bed,
too tired to clean herself up, leaving a pool of semen
in her, which I knew by now, had been flowing into her

The last thing my exhausted wife said before she went
to sleep was, “I can‘t believe they did all that to me,
and made me come, over and over again. It was so erotic
having those black men in me, and filling me up with
their sperm. And especially the way they enjoyed taking
me so many times, getting a thrill out of humiliating
me, punishing me with their cocks. And you enjoyed
watching your own wife getting fucked liked that,
getting a thrill out of it, watching those black cocks
filling me up. Life is not going to be the same again!”

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