Road Trip

My wife Jackie and I have been married for quite a few years and we are as physically fit as we were in high school and she is a petite lady that can still get into a size two, Jackie has butt length auburn hair and the cat green eyes to go along with that red hair, her breasts are high and firm and we both love to indulge in all forms of physical intimacy with each other.

Now then, with all of that said, please allow me to share a true story with you that started out as a ‘well, maybe’ thing but got real in a helluva hurry much to my delighted surprise.

We had a long road trip to take, From Tennessee to East New Mexico, we hate flying, especially since 911, so we planned a driving trip. Not wanting to get caught up in the madness of the interstate system we agreed to drive the ‘backroads’, avoid the craziness on the super-slab and drive at night.

Our first night out, we had taken our time and found ourselves at a small mom and pop diner, we decided to stop for coffee. Both of us went in, ordered and waited for the coffee to come. While we were waiting, Jackie leaned back in her chair and gave me a wicked smile and I could tell from experience that something a little crazy was going around inside of her head.

I quickly gave in and asked her, “What?”

She leaned forward and looked around quickly and then whispered that she had always had this fantasy about playing with herself while we were out driving. Since I always heartily disagree with denying Jackie her whims, I told her that it was just up to her and let it go there. Twenty minutes later, after receiving our caffeine jolt we were back on the road, ten minutes later I glanced at her and said, “Well…?”

Instantly, Jackie was totally nude, how she stripped that quick in such a tight confine is still beyond me anyway, she reclined her seat and began playing between her legs.

Then she moved one leg a little wider and put her foot up on the dash and when I glanced over I noticed she had two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy and I could tell she was soaking wet by the squishy sounds.

Jackie finger fucked herself until she was moaning with pure pleasure, her breath came in hitches as she got nearer her orgasm, the next thing I knew Jackie was arching her back and her hips were bucking up and down rapidly, then she ceased all movement and she gave a deep cry as her orgasm hit her, her hips began to pulse up and down again and again and again while she furiously worked her clit.

Finally, she collapsed back in her seat, breathing heavily and then finally regaining control of her breathing, she spoke for the first time, “Gawd that was good.” Jackie got herself off three more times that night. Each orgasm was intense as the first… but the fun didn’t stop there, when she was dressed and she told me, “Now it’s your turn.”

I was stunned, but I quickly agreed, my cock was so hard from her playtime that I very badly needed release. “Pull over,” she said and I did and we switched seats. “Get naked…” she said and I did and my cock was standing straight up at full attention.

Jackie leaned over and wrapped her long elegant fingers around it and gave me few pumps just to get me going, like I needed any incentive. As she drove, I played with my balls and finally began to stroke my cock, several times I got close then backed off.

“Tell me when you’re ready to cum,” Jackie said as I played with the head of my cock, rubbing the pre-cum all over it. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Sweeter words were never spoken, I began to stroke my cock until I could feel that familiar tingle begin, “I’m damn close sweetie.”

I told her and Jackie found a wide spot in the road and pulled over and put the shift lever in park, reached down adjusted her seat back as far as it would go. “Jerk off in my mouth.” she said as she leaned and twisted around and took the head of my cock in her mouth.

I jerked the shaft until I exploded with a seemingly never ending load of cum.

I could hear Jackie swallowing my load as I shot at least seven times in her mouth. Then she began sucking on my cock, draining it dry. When I was drained, Jackie readjusted herself in the seat and primly wiped her lips.

“Ummm, that was nice,” she said as she gave my thigh an affectionate squeeze. Then she said the words that made me instantly hard again, “Let’s find a motel, I want you to fuck me up the ass.”

Like I said, I got hard again and jerked off again in anticipation of what was to come. We found a sleazy motel and I fucked Jackie’s asshole, she orgasmed twice more and we collapsed together on the bed with my cock still in her ass. We spent the entire day in the motel, masturbating, fucking and sucking, going out only to get a bite to eat.

When dark came, we checked out and hit the road again. This time Jackie was only clad in a bikini bottom and a light denim jacket.

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