Rub Me

I am happily married and have two grown daughters.  In all my 42 years, I had never ever in my wildest dreams thought I would be with another guy.  This all changed however quite suddenly one Wednesday afternoon, about 6 months ago.  I’m not a large, muscular type, in fact I’m rather slight of build and short, however I love to work out and stay in shape.

For several years I have been treating myself to a nice (and needed) monthly massage.  I have always scheduled a female to give me the massage and as a matter of fact have specifically steered clear of having some guy do it because I would feel uncomfortable.  Back in February, I called to arrange a much needed massage for a very sore hamstring but unfortunately the regular girl I used was booked as were all the other girls and if I needed to get in right away (and I did) I would have to book with “Jason.”  I reluctantly made the appointment and so I really felt the butterflies in my stomach the next day when I showed up for my session.

The attendant led me to the room and told me to go ahead and undress down to my underwear and get on the table and that Michael would be in shortly.  I did as told and several minutes later the door opened and in walked this large, 20’s something, quite muscular black guy dressed in white tee and white drawstring sweats and a “Hello Al, I’m Jason”.  He told me to turn onto my stomach and get comfy.

The massage began with him rubbing warm oil onto my neck and shoulders. Within 20 minutes he had proceeded down my back and was working on one of my thighs and I was feeling myself getting hard and I was hearing myself softly groaning.  I was actually getting extremely turned on by his rubbing me. When Jason asked how that feels, I could just barely audibly moan “it feels sooo good”.  I just knew that the position my dick was in, pointing down between my thighs, he could tell I was aroused.  I really had some erotic thoughts going through my mind and he must have sensed this because he had stopped massaging my leg and I could sense his presence at the head of the table.

I opened my eyes and was startled to see that he had lowered his sweats slightly and his semi-erect cock was lying on the table aimed at my face. How could he know this is what I craved at this moment when I didn’t even know?  How could he even take this risk?  It was almost like I was in a trance as I moved my head towards it and let him slide it into my mouth.  Although this was my first time ever, it seemed to me like the most natural thing in the world to do and I was loving it, loving the taste of it, loving how smooth it felt in my mouth.  I was so hot and so much in lust for him at that moment that I took my mouth away and as I was rolling onto my back, I held my arms out to him wanting him to lay down on top of me, wanting his lips on mine.

I had my arms around his back holding tightly as I sucked his tongue into my mouth, kissing him deeply, feeling his by now very large cock rubbing against mine.  He raised up and I nervously let him remove my underwear, put his arms under my legs and lift them onto his shoulders and it was then that I realized I was getting ready to feel the first ever cock inside me.

I was between delirious with lust and delirious with fear as he rubbed it against my rectum trying and failing to enter me.  Fortunately the massage oil was within his reach.  He oiled his cock and applied oil to my rectum and fingered some inside.  He repositioned my legs over his shoulders and proceeded to slide inside me.  The pain was excruciating.  I was trying to pull away from him pushing at him and trying to twist away.  I was crying, it hurt so much.  He just held my legs tightly against him, not moving inside me but keeping me impaled, telling me to just relax, stop fighting against it.  He then bean very slowly, gently sliding in and out of my ass.

The pain began to subside somewhat and my crying was more like a whimper as he fucked me for the next 15 or 20 minutes.  I felt him tense up as he held it in me deeply and I could feel his hot cum shoot up into me.  This felt so fucking good, his thick cock deep inside me and I was now aware of the feel of his pubic hair against my ass and the feel of my legs against his chest and shoulders.  As he softened and slid out, I shot my load all over the front of his tee-shirt.

I left the building that day and drove home very confused and scared, somewhat ashamed, but very excited too, as I felt his cream leaking out of me.  After much soul-searching over the next several days, I knew I had to pursue this new- found “pastime”.  I wanted to fully explore this new me that had just had my first gay experience and was now feeling very good about it.  I figured it would arouse suspicions not only from my wife but also at the spa if I booked another massage so soon after the last one but I really wanted to see Jason again before I had too much time to think about every reason why I shouldn’t and lose my nerve.

It had now been six days when I called the spa and asked to speak to him.  I was put on hold for about 2 minutes which seemed like 2 hours and by the time he got to the phone I was a basket case of shattered nerves.  I didn’t really know what to say and probably sounded like an idiot but his soothing tone calmed me somewhat….he was probably half my age yet he was the one who had to calm me.  He said it was nice to hear from me and that he was hoping I would call and did I want to come in for another massage.  I explained to him that I thought that wouldn’t be a real good idea because of the timing but that I needed to see him as soon as possible, preferably tonight because this was a Tuesday, and my wife had her movie club and would be out till late.  He suggested his apartment and gave me the address and directions and said he was looking forward to seeing me again.

After hanging up, I could barely catch my breath…..what in hell was I getting myself into?  The day seemed to drag on forever and by the time I got home, had a quick bite with the wife, kissed her goodbye, gave her a good 5 minute head start, I was out the door and anxiously driving the short distance to meet Jason.  I found his apartment easily enough, knocked on the door and he yelled from inside that the door was open and to come in and make myself at home.

He was in another room and I could hear him talking on the phone.  His place looked fairly neat, well decorated with a lot of what looked to me like African art pieces.  As I sat down on the couch and waited, I could see down the hall into the kitchen and could partially see him there on the phone.  He appeared to be wearing a robe and his legs and feet were bare so I was guessing he hadn’t yet dressed.  He finished his phone conversation and came into the room and crossed over to me as I stood up and we embraced without a word.  Just as I thought, he hadn’t dressed yet and in fact had nothing on under his robe.  His cock was hardening to attention and was poking out of his robe against the front of my pants.

We kissed still having said nothing and with his hands on my shoulders, I felt him pressuring me down.  I went to my knees and was once again face to face with his beautiful, silky, black cock, much darker than I remembered it and as I wrapped my lips around the head, it seemed much fatter than I remembered as well. My mouth was stretched to the limit as I moved down the shaft.  I managed to get a bit more than half way down the length of it then started a slow rhythmic sucking as I stroked him.  I was stroking him with my right hand and my left wrapped around behind him, up under his robe, gently squeezing his large balls.  Jason was softly grunting as I picked up the pace and started jacking him off faster, taking even more of him into my mouth.  He starting fucking back and so I took my hand away and let him fuck my mouth, the head of his cock reaching into my throat.  He started slowing down and his cock was pulsing when he began to feed me.  He shot 4 or 5 spurts of his hot cream into my mouth as I swallowed.  I kept my lips wrapped tightly around his shaft so I wouldn’t lose one delicious drop.  Only when he began to soften did I let him pull out and even then as it emerged, I licked the slit as I squeezed to get any remaining cum. 

I raised up off my knees and fell weakly back onto the sofa as Jason sat down next to me and said “Welcome to my place….do I know you?”  We both laughed and then fell into each other’s arms, gazing into each other’s eyes when we began making out like two teenagers.  We must have kissed and sucked tongues for 10 minutes before he sat back and I laid my head against his chest while he held me.

It had been quiet for several minutes when he asked me what I expected out of him and what direction did I want this relationship to go.  I told him I hadn’t much thought about this only that I enjoyed myself the first time and wanted to continue my exploration and I enjoyed immensely what we just did.  And I told him he had been on my mind non-stop since last Wednesday and that I have been in a constant state of heat. 

When I asked if he could get hard again soon he smiled and took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. Ikicked off my shoes and was unbuttoning my shirt as he undid my belt and pulled down both my pants and underwear.  I stepped out of them and as he lowered me to the bed, he straddled my chest and let me touch the tip of his cock with my tongue and it was very soon once again at its full hardness.

He asked me what I wanted and I thought of the hottest thing I could say to him…..”I want you to breed me”.  He said “oooh, baby”, then told me to roll over on my stomach so that he could get deep into my “pussy”.  He had his robe off and we were both completely naked with him lying down on me, his cock rubbing between my legs, rubbing against my balls and dick as he kissed my neck and whispered in my ear that he was going to fuck me really hard and deep and make a baby in me.  I got goose bumps on hearing him say this.  He then raised up and with his hands on my hips, pulled me up onto my knees so that my ass was elevated for him to enter me.

He tried but again he couldn’t get the head in my tight hole so had to get out of bed and get some lubricant out of his nightstand.  He slathered the oil onto my ass and then greased himself and once again I felt his cock against me and pressing the head inside.  And again, the pain was intense but I think less so than the first time.  He only entered me with about three inches before pulling back then started giving me these slow shallow thrusts almost teasing me until I began to thrust back at him wanting more.  He kept it going like this until I was begging him to put it in me.  He finally started a longer stroke until I was getting the full length with each thrust.  I had my head buried in his pillow and he was fucking me very hard and very deep and I was delirious, every nerve ending in my body was pulsing when he finally groaned loudly and filled me up with a larger load than I expected so soon after our first episode.

I collapsed onto my stomach and he collapsed too, still inside me.  We laid silently, him on me, him in me for at least 10 minutes and I was almost dozing when he pulled his softened cock out of me and rolled off to my side.  I had cum at some point as we fucked and I could feel it cool and wet against my stomach as I laid there, fully relaxed, next to him.

He and I both had nodded off and slept until I startled awake, realizing where I was and saw that the clock on the nightstand read 10:56.  I shook Jason and got up and quickly dressed, Alice would be home at 11:30 and I had to run.  He walked me to the door, his big beautiful black body naked and we embraced and kissed.  I thanked him for the wonderful evening and I wanted to be with him again, but longer the next time.  I promised to call him the next day. We kissed again and I drove home.  I had been home about 5 minutes when I heard Alice’s car pulling into the driveway at 11:25, five minutes earlier that usual.  Close call!

As I lay awake that night, I felt very much alive and very happy.  I concluded that 1. I wanted Jason in my life and 2. I wanted to continue making a life with Alice.  I just had to think of how to safely do both.  I hit upon the makings of an idea that night I thought might work and as it turned out, worked better than I could have ever wished for…….


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