Runaways 4

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An hour later, Jen stood next to the black limo holding Alyson as Lisa opened the door for them. Matt passed a thick white envelope to Jackie and climbed in after them. They rode in silence as the car drove down the long, dark driveway, through the gates, and onto the street. Jen watched through the tinted back window as their prison faded into the night then disappeared completely as they rounded a turn. She settled back into the soft leather seat, her hand gripping Alyson’s, and wondered what their future now held.

“That’s the last you’ll ever see of that place,” Lisa said with a warm smile.

Jen looked at her. “We’ve never seen the outside. We were drugged when they brought us there. We woke up naked in small rooms in the basement.”

Lisa looked at Matt, shaking her head. “That’s so unfair. If we had known how bad they treated you, forcing you into a life like that . . .” Her voice trailed off and she looked away in shame. Matt put his arm around Lisa and looked at the two teenagers across from him.

“But now what are we going to do with you? You two cost me nearly eighty grand today,” he said.

Jen’s mouth dropped open. “Eighty grand?!”

Lisa nodded. “It was thirty thousand for our . . . party. Bob paid some of that. Then Matt paid Jackie another fifty for your freedom.”

Alyson was listening. “Th . . .thank you,” she said, her voice barely a whisper. It was the first time she’d spoken since she was raped..

Jen hugged her. “We’ll find a way to repay you. I . . . we promise.”

Matt smiled. “We’ll talk about that later. First let’s get Alyson taken care of. I think a doctor should check her over.” He placed his hands on theirs and smiled warmly. Jen smiled back, her eyes glistening with tears of gratitude. Alyson even managed a slight smile before closing her eyes and resting her head on Jen’s shoulder.

The car wound its way through the city streets before turning north onto a two lane highway that led out of the city. Jen and Alyson were soon both sound asleep as the long black limo made its way further and further from the city, and their homes.

Several hours later, the car turned into a secluded drive with a gate across it. The driver slid a card into a slot next to the car and the gate slid open. They passed through and the metal gate slid shut behind them. Closed circuit security cameras followed them as the car passed along the narrow twisting lane lined with tall pine trees. Jen and Alyson were still sound asleep when the car stopped in front of a large log home on the shore of an isolated lake. They carried the exhausted girls into the house without waking them, up to a large guest room and laid them together in the large bed. Lisa pulled a thick comforter over them and left a note on the night stand, then they quietly closed the door behind them and retired to the master suite in the other wing.

Jen blinked at the sunlight that streamed in through the window onto her face. She slowly opened her eyes and peered in confusion at the red and white checkered curtains. Then she realized that she was dressed. That hadn’t happened since the day Andrea had captured them. Slowly, her mind began to clear and last night’s events came back to her. First the sex, then leaving with Matt and Lisa. But that was all she could recall.

She felt movement on the bed behind her and she froze. ‘Oh no!,’ she thought, ‘What happened here!?’

“Jen?,” the sleepy voice asked. “Is that you?” Jen rolled over and was relieved to see it was Alyson lying next to her.

“Aly!,” she cried, embracing her friend. Then she pulled away, remembering the hell Alyson had gone through. “Are you all right?”

Alyson shrugged, looking around the bright, cheery room with its red and white curtains and thick log walls. “I don’t know. I think so, but . . . where are we?”

Jen got up and went over to the window. She gazed out over a sparkling lake surrounded by trees and some low mountains. “I don’t know. It must belong to Matt and Lisa.” She turned back to Alyson, who winced as she sat up. Jen rushed over to her.

“You’re not all right!” Alyson groaned as she stood up. Her eye was turning from a sick yellow to an ugly black where Bob had struck her. “I’ll be ok. Just a little sore . . ” she touched her crotch and made a face. ” . . . here.”

Jen’s eyes filled with tears. “That asshole!,” she spat. “I’d like to kick him in the balls!”

Alyson took her hand and smiled. “I know,” she whispered and kissed Jen’s cheek. Jen sniffed and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. She noticed two chairs flanking an open door to a bathroom.

“Hey! We got a bathroom! Why don’t you go first?” Alyson shook her head.

“No, you go ahead. I want to look around.”

Jen smiled and kissed her forehead. “Ok. I won’t be long.” She went into the bathroom and closed the door. Alyson looked over the room with it’s high log rafters, dormer windows, and matching log furniture. There was a large woven rug covering the hardwood floors and a few natural paintings were hung on the walls. It was very nice. A friendly and inviting room. Her eyes fell on a piece of paper lying on a pine dresser near another door. She went over and picked up the paper. It was a hand written note.

‘Jen and Alyson: We hope you slept ok. We didn’t want to wake you when we got here. Make yourselves at home. There are towels, toothbrushes, soap, and shampoo in the bathroom and plenty of clothes in the closet that should fit you. Come on downstairs whenever you’re ready. Matt and Lisa’

Alyson put the note down and opened the door next to the dresser to reveal a huge walk-in closet. She walked in slowly, examining the clothes hanging from the racks. There were dresses, skirts, jeans, tops, and t-shirts. On the other wall were built in drawers containing new packages of socks, panties, bras, and nylons. Next to the drawers was a shoe rack containing everything from high heeled dress shoes to hiking boots.

“Alyson? Where are you?”

“In here!,” she called out as she looked through the underwear for something that would fit her.

“Wow!,” Jen exclaimed as she entered the closet. “Whose is this?”

Alyson pulled out a pair of panties and continued looking for the right size bra. “According to the note on the dresser, it’s ours,” she said. Jen retrieved the note and quickly read it.

“All right then!,” Jen said with a grin. “Why don’t you go have a shower while I pick out something to wear!” Alyson smiled and began undressing. Jen found herself watching, unable to pull her eyes from Alyson’s body as she slowly undressed.

Alyson was aware of Jen’s eyes on her as she undressed, but it didn’t bother her. It actually kind of excited her that Jen found her attractive. She dropped her tattered skirt to the floor and turned to face Jen with a slight smile. As their eyes met, Jen nervously turned her head, pretending to look at the shoes. Alyson came closer and took her hand. Jen turned and found herself looking into her friend’s deep blue eyes, so warm and beautiful. Alyson placed Jen’s hand on her bare breast and kissed her on the lips.

“It’s ok, Jen,” she whispered. “Come on. You can wash my back.” They walked hand in hand to the bathroom. Jen dropped her skirt and shredded blouse along the way.

Matt and Lisa were sitting on the couch sipping coffee when the girls came down the long curving log staircase from the second level. Both wore jeans; Jen in a red t-shirt, while Alyson had chosen a denim work shirt.

“Good morning, ladies!,” Matt called out cheerily. “Did you sleep ok?”

Lisa stood up and smiled warmly as they approached. “I see you found something that fit you.” She looked at Alyson, concern in her eyes. “How are you, honey? Do you want to see a doctor?”

Alyson gave her a shy smile. “Uh, no . . . thanks. I’ll be ok.”

Matt eyed her warily. “Are you sure? That eye looks quite sore, and after Bob . . .” He felt his anger rising and he stopped himself, inhaling a deep breath. “Let’s just say that you had a pretty rough night.” Alyson sat nervously on the edge of the couch that faced the one Matt and Lisa were sitting on. Jen sat down next to her.

“No,” she said. “I’ll be ok. I’m just a little sore.”

Lisa seemed dubious, but acquiesced. “Can we offer you some breakfast? Anything you want!”

Jen looked at Alyson, then to Lisa. “Waffles?” She knew it was Alyson’s favorite.

Lisa smiled. “You got it. Just give me twenty minutes.” She disappeared through a set of swinging doors. Matt looked over at the two pretty young girls on the couch across from him. Despite what had happened, he was still very attracted to them, especially Jen.

“Where are we?,” Alyson asked. Jen also looked over at him, her silky, freshly washed hair shining in the morning sunlight.

“And when can we go home?,” she added.

Matt sighed. He stood up and went over to the large plate glass windows that practically filled the wall overlooking the lake, from floor level to the rafters two stories up. After a moment, he turned to face the girls.

“This is my vacation home,” he said. “And I’m afraid you’ll have to stay here for a while.” Jen felt her blood run cold. Had they traded one prison for another? She looked at Alyson, who looked equally afraid, then back over to Matt.

“B . . . but I thought you rescued us so we could go home?,” Jen asked in a shaky voice.

Matt took another breath and went back over to the couch. “I know. And that was what I wanted to do.” He sat down. “You see, Jackie is afraid you’ll bring the cops back to her place so she made it a condition of your release that I keep you isolated. She . . . said that she knew where you lived and if she saw either of you there, or me, that she . . .” He paused and looked down. “She said she would hurt your families.” He looked back up at them. “I’m sorry. I tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn’t budge. And I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving you there.”

Jen and Alyson looked at each other and back to Matt. There was something in his eyes, a kind of sorrow, that told them he was telling the truth. “B . . . but we wouldn’t tell anyone! We just want to go home!,” Jen said, her eyes welling up.

Matt nodded and shook his head. “I know, but I think part of the reason was just to be a bitch. I had to use some . . . persuasion to get her to agree to release you.” He saw their questioning looks and smiled. “Ok, it was blackmail, I admit it. Anyway, I think she just did it out of spite. I’m sorry.” He stood up. “It could be worse,” he said, gesturing around the large house and grounds. “I own everything you see. We have horses and plenty of trails. You’re free to go anywhere you like, on the property, that is.”

Jen looked at Alyson. “It is nice,” she said. “And I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride.” She looked into Alyson’s eyes and saw them soften a little.

“It seems like we have no choice,” Alyson replied resignedly. “And it is a lot better than . . . before.” Jen hugged her and Alyson returned her warm embrace. They separated and Alyson turned to Matt. “Can we at least call our parents? Let them know we’re ok?”

Matt frowned and looked thoughtful. “I don’t know. She said not to go home, but she didn’t say you couldn’t call. I better make sure, just in case they somehow managed to tap into your parent’s phones. I don’t want to put your families in any risk.”

“Come and get it!,” Lisa called from the kitchen.

Matt ushered the two teens ahead of him toward the kitchen. “Let me look into it, ok?”

“Thank you,” Jen said, and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“You’re very welcome!,” he replied as they went into the eating area of the kitchen. “After you eat, I’ll show you around, then I’ll call Jackie.”

Later that night, Jen and Alyson walked into the same room they’d slept in the night before. Lisa had offered them each their own rooms, but Alyson didn’t want to be separated from Jen. Jen felt the same way and the idea of sharing a bed with Alyson excited her. Their shower that morning hadn’t involved any sexual activity, although they did kiss a little. Alyson was still hurting, both physically and emotionally, and Jen didn’t want to push her.

“I like it here,” Jen said, sprawling on her back on the king sized bed. “Aren’t the horses beautiful?”

Alyson nodded, eyeing Jen’s heaving breasts. “It’s very nice, as far as prisons go.” She began unbuttoning her shirt.

Jen propped herself up on her elbows, her breasts stretching the fabric of the t-shirt. “It’s a whole lot better than our previous accommodations!” She watched while Alyson removed her shirt, walked over to the makeup table, and sat down. She picked up a brush and started brushing her hair. Jen got up and walked over behind her, watching her face in the mirror.

“Here, let me do that,” she said softly, taking the brush from Alyson’s hand. As she brushed Alyson’s soft hair, Alyson closed her eyes and smiled.

“That feels nice!,” Alyson sighed. “I love it when someone brushes my hair. Mom used to . . .” She stopped, her eyes filling with tears. Jen pulled her to her feet and they held onto one another for a long time.

Finally Jen said, “Let’s get some sleep. They got ready for bed and crawled under the covers. Jen spooned Alyson and they soon fell asleep, feeling safe and loved in each others arms.

The weeks passed. Jackie had given in and allowed them to each make a short phone call to let their parents know they were alive and well. They had to tell them that they were runaways and weren’t coming back, but not to worry. Alyson had nearly broken down while talking to her mother, who pleaded with her to come home. She had cried herself to sleep that night while Jen held her.

They began to feel more comfortable with their surroundings. Lisa and Matt showed them around the ranch and taught them how to ride and care for the horses. Jen spent a lot of time in the stables with the horses while Alyson was content to read or watch TV. Her physical scars healed and emotionally she began to act more like herself. Every night, her and Jen went to bed, sometimes naked, but nothing happened beyond heavy petting and kissing. Jen was anxious to make love to Alyson, but she didn’t want to push her.

One night as they were getting ready for bed, Alyson said, “Matt really likes you, you know.”

Jen shrugged and pulled back the sheets. “Sure, he likes you, too.”

Alyson shook her head and crawled between the sheets. “That’s not what I mean. He still wants to . . . have sex with you.”

Jen pulled the covers over her t-shirt clad body and gave Alyson a quizzical look. “Really? He hasn’t said anything.”

Alyson smiled and turned off the light. “I’ve seen him looking at you. Trust me, he does!”

Jen thought a moment, letting her eyes adjust to the dark room. “Do you think I should? I mean, I do like him . . . and it might be fun!”

Alyson frowned, thankful that Jen couldn’t see the look of jealousy on her face in the darkness. “What about Lisa?”

“She’d probably want to be there, too.” She took Alyson’s hand. “What about you? Would you mind? Or would you want to be there, too?”

Alyson shook her head. Every time she thought about sex, even with Jen, the image of Bob’s leering face popped into her head. “I . . . I don’t think . . .”

Jen rolled over and propped her face on her hand. “Aly, you were raped – brutally. Sex isn’t supposed to be like that. Maybe if . . . if you were with someone caring, like Matt, . . . and Lisa, it would help you recover.”

Alyson thought her words over. Maybe she was right, but she was terrified even at the thought of someone touching her in that way. Even with her deep feelings for Jen, it was hard for her to allow her to touch her. “Maybe someday, but not yet.” Wanting to change the subject, she smiled at Jen in the gloom. “But if you’re gonna do this, I heard them making plans for tonight. Maybe they’d like some company!”

Jen’s eyes sparkled. “Really? Hmm . . .”

Matt and Lisa embraced in their room, their tongues probing, seeking out the other’s. Matt’s hand cupped her firm breast over her t-shirt and she sighed as his fingers lightly caressed her erect nipple. She pulled away, breaking off their kiss, and playfully grasped his stiffening cock over his boxer shorts. Grinning, her pulled his t-shirt over his head while she removed hers. She was reaching for the waistband of his shorts when their door swung open.

Jen stood alone in the hallway, wearing only her short t-shirt and looking a little unsure. Lisa smiled and beckoned her in. Matt turned in time to see Jen’s small bare ass peeking out from under her shirt as she closed the door behind her.

“Hi, honey. Is everything all right?,” Lisa said softly as Jen walked over to her. She looked at Lisa, then over to Matt. Her eyes took in his hard, bare chest, then dropped to the thick bulge in his boxers.

“No,” she replied, her eyes still on his boxers. “I . . . I just wanted . . .” Lisa turned her head back to look into her eyes.

“Would you like to join us?,” she asked her softly. Jen smiled weakly and nodded. Lisa smiled warmly and pulled Jen’s body to hers. They embraced and kissed, their tongues dancing together sensually. When they pulled apart, Lisa said, “Is Alyson coming?”

Jen shook her head. “I asked her to, but she said she wasn’t ready yet.”

Lisa smiled. “Why don’t you and Matt find something to do? I’ll go and talk to her.” She slipped her shirt back on and gave them each a peck on the lips. “Hopefully, I’ll be right back with her!,” she said with a sexy grin and slipped out the door.

Jen turned to Matt. “Hi,” she said softly, her eyes searching his. They moved closer, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Jen’s hands went to his bare chest and she caressed it sensuously. Matt pulled her small body to his, stroking her back over the thin t-shirt.

Jen lowered her hands to his shorts. They broke off the kiss and stared into each others eyes. Matt smiled and lifted her t-shirt up and over her head., revealing her young, sexy body. Her firm tits needed no support, the nipples stiff. The enticing scent of her virgin pussy reached his nose, taking him back to the day at Jackie’s when he last smelled and tasted her.

“My god! You are absolutely perfect!,” he exclaimed, stepping back to admire her. She blushed and smiled, then dropped to her knees. She began pulling his boxers down. His hard cock sprang out at her, the head shiny and glistening with precum. She was again amazed at the size of it. She kissed it tenderly, then slowly slid her lips over the soft head. It was so thick that it completely filled her mouth. Once again, she found herself wondering how the huge cock would fit inside her tiny pussy. This time, however, her fear wasn’t as strong.

Matt moaned loudly as Jen worked her tongue around the head of his cock. She teased the sensitive area just under the head, then sucked nearly half of the long thick organ into her warm, moist mouth. He gasped in pleasure and threw his head back as she stroked his shaft while still sucking hard on it. She kept this up for a few minutes, then popped it from her mouth to lick and suck on his hairless balls. She kept alternating back and forth from his cock to his balls, bringing him to the brink of orgasm by sucking his cock, then allowing him to relax before doing it all over again.

She had his cock back in her mouth when the door swung open and Lisa stepped in, followed hesitantly a second later by Alyson. Lisa saw Jen, her lips wrapped around Matt’s shaft, and grinned. She turned to Alyson.

“Take a seat. You can just watch if you like,” she told her. Alyson sat on the edge of the bed, her eyes glued on Jen. Jen gave her a quick wink and rolled her tongue over Matt’s head, causing a low moan to escape his lips.

“Mmm . . . my turn, darling,” Lisa said, licking her lips as she dropped to her knees next to Jen. Jen reluctantly let Matt’s dick slide from her mouth and licked her lips. She leaned over and kissed Lisa, then stood up and kissed Matt. Lisa took over sucking Matt’s cock and Jen went over and sat next to Alyson.

“I’m glad you came,” she said, hugging her. “It wouldn’t have felt right without you here.” Alyson smiled shyly, then her mouth twisted into a questioning grimace.

“You almost looked like you were enjoying that!,” she said, nodding toward Matt.

Jen grinned widely. “I was!” Alyson looked at her doubtfully. “Really?”

“Uh-huh. It’s a lot different when you do it because you want to, and not because you’re forced to do it.” Alyson looked over at Lisa, who indeed seemed to be enjoying her work. The expression on Matt’s face left little doubt as to his enjoyment. She looked back at her gorgeous naked friend sitting beside her.

“Maybe later,” she whispered, her eyes locked on Jen’s. Jen smiled and pulled Alyson’s face closer to hers. They kissed long and hard, their tongues exploring each others mouth while their hands roamed freely across naked skin.

“J . . . Lisa, baby . . . please s . . .stop! I’m gonna cum!,” he moaned. Lisa slipped his cock from her luscious lips and smiled up at him.

“So cum. I don’t mind!,” she said, winking seductively. He just smiled, lifted her to her feet and pulled her t-shirt over her head for the second time that night. Then they kissed briefly and stared into each other’s eyes.

“Not yet,” he whispered, nodding at the two teens making out on the other side of the bed. Lisa smiled at him and went over to them, her nipples hard on her small tits. She reached out to both of them and stroked their hair lovingly. They broke off their kiss and looked up at her. Jen’s hand went to her perky breast and she began fondling it and teasing the nipple.

Matt walked over and sat next to Alyson. He placed his hand on hers and smiled warmly as their eyes met.

“Hi,” he said softly.

Alyson looked down at the naked man holding her hand, his thick cock standing straight up. “H . . . hi,” she answered, averting her eyes from his cock.

“You never did get any pleasure at all . . . that night, did you,” he asked gently, almost apologetically.

She shook her head, but said nothing. Matt smiled again and raised her hand to his lips. “Why don’t you let us show you how beautiful sex can be when you really care about your partner.” He glanced around and chuckled. “Or partners!”

Alyson looked over at Jen, who was on her knees removing Lisa’s pants, revealing a very sexy red thong. Lisa looked over at her and smiled. “No tricks, Alyson. And nothing rough. The four of us can spend all night making love.”

Jen smiled up at her. “That sounds nice.” She turned to Alyson. “How about it, Aly? I really need you to be here.”

Alyson looked at Jen’s beautiful face and those hypnotizing blue eyes, and knew she wouldn’t be able to say no. It did actually sound nice. And maybe it was something she needed to do to get over her ordeal. She smiled at Jen and nodded. Jen went over to her, pulled her to her feet, and hugged her warmly. “Thank you, Aly.” She released her and pulled her face close to hers. “I love you, Alyson,” she said, and kissed her.

“I love you, too,” Alyson replied after they finished their kiss. As Jen began to undress Alyson, Lisa grinned and looked over at Matt.

“Three women! I hope you had your wheaties, lover!,” she said with a wink. “Maybe we should have some . . . uh, marital aids ready, just in case!” She ran over to a dresser and rummaged through one of the drawers, and pulled out a shiny silver vibrator as well as a long, life-like dildo.

Matt put on a mock pout. “So, it seems I can be replaced!”

Lisa dropped her toys onto the bed and grabbed his cock, stroking it lovingly. “Not replaced, just occasionally substituted!”

As Jen pulled Alyson’s night shirt over her head, Lisa looked over at her firm, slender body with open admiration. “Wow! You have one beautiful body, Alyson,” she said, still stroking her fiance’s cock.

Jen looked from Matt’s thick cock to Lisa’s petite frame. “You’re not very big,” she asked. “How do you . . .” She gestured at Matt’s massive cock. ” . . . fit that . . . inside you?”

Lisa laughed. “I know it seems impossible, but your body will adapt. And trust me, it feels wonderful to have a hard cock inside you!” She looked up at Matt. “How about a demonstration, babe?”

Matt grinned. “Excellent idea!” He turned Lisa around and gently pushed her to her hands and knees on the bed. She raised her small ass up in the air and wiggled it at him. Her swollen labia and pink flesh glistened between her legs. Jen and Alyson stood watching as Matt positioned his thick tool at her small opening. He pushed gently and Lisa wriggled her ass until the head slipped inside. Jen and Alyson watched in awe as Lisa’s pussy stretched wide and Matt slowly pushed all nine inches inside her.

Lisa moaned loudly. “Oh, yes, baby!! I love having your big cock in my pussy!!” She began humping his cock and Matt began to move slowly in and out of her distended cunt. “Oh, shit , yes!! It feels like I’m already cumming!! Oh!! Ohh!! Ohhhhh . . .” The girls watched in fascination as they began moving faster and faster, their bodies slapping together. Lisa’s moans became grunts and she began to cry out.

“Oh! Oh, yeah!! Oh, shit!! Don’t stop!! Don’t stop!! I’m cumming!! I’m . . .” She let out a loud cry and her body stiffened, then began convulsing as each wave of the orgasm overtook her. She gasped and groaned. Her face turned red, along with her neck and upper chest, and sweat beaded on her face and body. Finally, Matt eased up on his thrusts, sensing that she’d had enough, and slowly pulled his cock from her pussy, gleaming with her cum. Lisa collapsed to the bed, a contented smile on her face, panting for air.

Jen saw the look of satisfaction on Lisa’s face and grinned at Alyson. “I do believe she enjoyed that!” Alyson giggled and Lisa lifted a hand in acknowledgment, letting drop limply back to the bed.

“Uh-huh!,” she gasped.

Matt sat down on the bed to catch his breath. “Do you think you’re ready to try that?,” he asked Jen as he slowly stroked his still hard cock. The sight of him doing that excited Jen.

“You didn’t cum!,” she exclaimed in surprise. She thought he had shot his load inside Lisa’s cunt.

Matt smiled at her. “I almost did a couple of times.” He reached up and touched her cheek. “But I don’t want to wear myself out too quickly.” Jen smiled and kissed his hand as it passed over her soft lips. She sat down next to him and grasped his wet, sticky cock and began to stroke it slowly as he had been doing.

Alyson’s eyes went from Matt’s cock to Lisa, then back to his hard cock while Jen continued stroking it. Jen looked over and saw she was watching and reached out for her hand. She replaced her hand with Alyson’s on Matt’s thick cock and moved it up and down until Alyson got the feel for it and began doing it herself.

“Ahhh . . . that feels real nice, Alyson,” Matt said with a smile. Alyson smiled back and adjusted her grip to a more comfortable position. Matt sighed and leaned over to kiss her. Their lips touched and Alyson parted her lips to let his tongue into her mouth. She found herself getting more and more turned on by his tender kiss and the feel of his hard cock in her hand.

Jen, meanwhile, was rubbing her hands over Matt’s chest and kissing his nipples. He broke the kiss off with Alyson, who dropped to her knees on the floor and continued jerking his cock. Matt and Jen’s lips met and she felt her body melting against his. He slipped a finger between her legs and began running it along her slit until her was able to slip it inside her hot, tight, twat.

Jen gasped in pleasure into Matt’s mouth as his finger slid between the lips of her pussy and found her small opening. It felt so good, she didn’t want him to stop. He continued rubbing and probing at the pink flesh just inside her labia. He twirled it around her opening, but didn’t want to risk popping her cherry with his finger. He had other plans for it!

Suddenly, he felt Alyson suck the head of his cock into her mouth. He hadn’t been expecting her to do that and he moaned in surprise as much as pleasure. “A . . . Alyson! Baby! Oh, shit!! If you . . . keep that up I’m gonna . . . cum!,” he gasped.

Alyson released his big tool from her mouth and looked p at him, licking her lips. “Just cleaning you off!,” she said with a grin.

By this time, Lisa had recovered enough to roll over on the bed and watch her fiancé and the two hot teens. Her finger was buried in her pussy as she watched Alyson suck her cum and pussy juices from his cock.

“How do I taste, darling?,” she asked, touching Alyson’s arm.

Alyson turned to her, her lips still wet with her cum. She grinned and licked them again. “I think I’d like some more,” she said, her eyes taking in Lisa’s slender, naked body. Lisa smiled and pulled her finger from her freshly fucked cunt. She leaned back, spreading her legs wide.

“Then come here, lover, and eat my pussy,” she cooed. Alyson crawled between her legs and started licking Lisa’s sopping wet pussy. Lisa closed her eyes and started moaning.

Matt looked into Jen’s clear blue eyes. “Do you think you’re ready, or do you want some more time?”

Jen grinned. “I want to fuck you . . . now! But,” she pointed at his huge cock, “it’s so big!” Matt laughed and hugged her reassuringly.

“Remember what Lisa said. Your body will adapt and stretch. I’m not saying that it won’t hurt a little the first time, but if you relax and let it happen, I think you’ll find it quite pleasurable!”

Jen looked a little apprehensive, but Matt’s warm smile reassured her and her eyes sparkled. “Ok, let’s do it. Where do you want me?”

Matt indicated a spot on the bed next to Lisa and Alyson, who had switched positions. Lisa was now enthusiastically lapping away at Alyon’s hot little pussy while Alyson was moaning and sighing.

“Lie on your back,” he instructed. “Unless you want to do it the way Lisa and I just did.” Jen thought about it, but Matt interrupted her thoughts. “I think on your back would be better for your first time.”

“Are you sure?,” Jen asked.

Matt nodded. “Yes, and as an added bonus, I’ll be able to watch your face when you cum!” Jen punched him playfully and laid down next to Alyson. Alyson looked over at her and smiled as Lisa continued eating her pussy. ‘I love you,’ she mouthed silently to Jen, taking her hand. Jen returned her smile and squeezed her hand. Matt knelt on the bed at her feet and spread her legs wide. He looked into her eyes. “Ready?” She bit her lower lip and nodded.

“Ok, just try to relax. This is going to be fun, ok?” He leaned over her and rubbed the head of his cock along her swollen lips. Jen closed her eyes. The feel of his soft head sliding along the length of her slit was starting to create a warm buzz deep inside her belly. As he began to increase the pressure, the feeling grew stronger and seemed to spread.

After a few moments, Matt ceased rubbing the velvet soft tip of his cock along her lips and positioned it at her opening. He began to gently push it in, working it from side to side. Jen inhaled deeply and felt her pussy stretch as the thick head slowly slipped into her warm, wet tunnel. She gasped at the odd sensation and her pussy clamped down on Matt’s shaft. She could feel his pulse as her vagina walls clamped down on the intruder, squeezing the huge head as if unconsciously trying to force it back out.

“Are you ok, Jen?,” she heard Matt ask.

“Uh-huh!,” she panted. “Doesn’t hurt – it just feels . . . weird!”

Matt chuckled. “That’s only the head. We’ve still got a long way to go!” Jen opened her eyes and looked down at the long cock sticking into her. She still couldn’t imagine it all fitting into her, but she trusted Matt. She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes again. Matt pushed in further, fighting the urge to cum as her pussy constantly expanded, then squeezed his rock hard dick in its soft, vise-like grip. Jen’s face twisted into a grimace as he went deeper into her virgin pussy.

Jen vaguely heard Alyson cry out as she came from Lisa’s intense pussy licking. Matt kept up a slow, steady pressure and she marveled at the strange sensation he was creating in her cunt. Suddenly, a searing pain enveloped her distended pussy and she cried out. She felt someone take her hand and in the next second Alyson’s voice was in her ear.

“Shhh . . . It’s ok, Jen. I’m right here,” she whispered softly. “This is the worst part, but it’ll be over quick.”

Lisa stroked her hair. “She’s right. Soon, it will start to feel real good!” Jen took a deep breath and nodded up at Matt. He pulled back so that only the tip remained in her, then pushed back in to her cherry, stopping before he touched it. Jen grimaced again, but didn’t cry out this time. He pulled out again and with a quick glance to Alyson, drove his cock in to the hilt in one quick motion, tearing her hymen apart.

Jen screamed in pain as Matt ripped through her barrier and buried his full nine inches inside her untouched womb. The pain was intense and tears ran down her cheeks. She opened her eyes to see Alyson looking down at her, a slight smile on her face. “It’s ok, Jen,” she said soothingly. “It’s all over. You did it! See?” Jen looked down and was amazed to see Matt’s entire cock completely inside her body. She looked up at Matt, who gave her a concerned smile.

“Are you ok, Jen?,” he asked, wiping a tear from her cheek. Jen looked down in disbelief at her grossly distended pussy, her lips stretched tight around the thick shaft.

“I . . . I think so. It just hurts more than I was expecting it to,” she replied, lying her head back down on the pillow.

“Sorry,” he said. “I thought it would be better if I did it all at once. Get all the pain over with in one shot.”

Jen licked her lips and smiled weakly at Matt, her eyes pleading. “Just go easy, ok?” Matt nodded and slowly pulled his cock back out. Jen grimaced as it slid past where her hymen had been torn free. He pushed it back in, Jen gritting her teeth against the pain. Matt continued the slow, gentle fuck, watching Jen’s face for any signs that she was becoming accustomed to his huge organ in her tight pussy. After a few minutes, he felt her relaxing a little and her pussy walls eased up on his shaft, making it a little easier to move.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Lisa smiling at him. She looked down at his cock as it slid in and out of Jen’s tight little twat. “It’s so hot watching you fuck another woman!,” she exclaimed, kissing him.

He grinned at her. “I could say the same about you!,” he panted.

Jen was becoming used to the feel of Matt’s cock and he was no longer causing her any serious pain. She felt the familiar tingle starting deep in her belly and she began moving her hips upward to meet his thrusts. Lisa knelt next to Jen and stroked her firm breast.

“Starting to feel better?,” she asked, smiling knowingly.

Jen nodded, but didn’t open her eyes. “Uh-huh! F . . . feels real good!” Alyson crawled up beside Jen and gave her a warm, wet kiss. Jen responded by hungrily sucking Alyson’s tongue into her mouth. They kept up their passionate kiss for several minutes until Matt started moving faster, and Jen broke off the kiss.

“Oh, yes!! Fuck me!!,” she cried, her eyes wild with passion and lust. Alyson watched in awe as Jen began bucking her hips furiously, matching Matt’s thrusts stroke for stroke. She tossed her head back, her tits straining skyward. “Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Oh, yes!! Don’t stop!!” Lisa looked from Jen over to Alyson, who met her gaze. Lisa smiled as Jen and Matt continued their energetic fuck.

“This is how sex is supposed to be,” she said. Alyson looked down at the look of intense pleasure on Jen’s face. It was obvious that she was enjoying her first taste of intercourse! Lisa reached over and brushed her hand over Alyson’s cheek. “Do you think you’re ready for it?” Alyson shrugged, and was about to say something when Jen suddenly cried out again.

“Oh, yes!! Yes!! I’m cumming!!!” Her body went stiff as her words turned into a strangled cry, the tendons in her neck straining as the orgasm enveloped her. Matt kept up his steady pumping while she tossed her head from side to side, her mouth open in a silent scream. Alyson watched in wonder as her body twisted and convulsed on the bed. Matt slowed his thrusts, eventually stopping to allow her to come down from the orgasmic high. Her convulsions finally ceased and she flopped back on the bed, her chest heaving and her body flushed crimson red, coated in a sheen of sweat. Matt leaned over her, his hard cock still buried in her hot pussy.

“Are you ok, Jen?,” he asked. Jen nodded, gasping for breath.

“Th . . . that was . . .” She paused to catch her breath. “That was incredible!,” she finally managed to say, a smile of total contentment on her face.

Matt kissed her and straightened up. “Ok, pulling out now.” He slowly extracted his hard cock from her tight pussy. Jen gasped as the thick tool was pulled out, her juices gleaming on the long shaft. She had gotten quite used to having him inside her and when he pulled it out she felt a kind of emptiness that she couldn’t explain. She closed her eyes, her body still buzzing from her massive orgasm.

Lisa grinned up at Matt. “Wow! Two women and you still haven’t cum! Maybe I was wrong about the marital aids!”

Matt returned her grin. “Only through sheer willpower!,” he exclaimed. Lisa sat up on the edge of the bed and slipped his sticky, wet cock into her mouth, savoring the taste of Jen’s sweet cum on it.

“Mmmm,” she murmured as she licked and sucked the juice from it. She slipped it from her mouth and smacked her lips. “Very tasty!,” she said, turning to Jen. “You have a very sweet little pussy, Jen!”

Jen smiled at her. “And your fiancé has one big, delicious cock!”

Matt looked over at Alyson, who was watching them all closely. “So what do you think, Alyson? Want to try it?”

Alyson looked at Jen, who smiled at her and nodded enthusiastically. “Go for it, Aly. Believe me, it’s well worth it!,” she said.

Alyson stared at them for a few seconds, then lowered her eyes, shaking her head. “I can’t . . . not yet. It’s . . . too soon.” She looked up and met Jen’s eyes. “I’m sorry, I just . . . can’t.”

Jen sat up and moved closer to her and caressed her hair. “It’s ok, Aly. I didn’t mean to rush you. I’m sorry.”

Matt sat on the bed and took her hand. “We’re not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to. It’s just that, I don’t want what that . . .” He paused, controlling his anger. “What that asshole did to you to turn you off sex completely, because it can be a wonderful experience that two caring people can share.” He smiled at her, but his eyes were serious. “I’m afraid the longer you wait, the harder it will be.”

Alyson nodded, gripping his hand. “I know. But I’m not ready yet, ok?”

Matt gave her a warm smile and kissed her cheek. “Ok. Whenever you’re ready. No one’s going to force you.”

Lisa grabbed his hard cock and stroked it. She looked up at him, a mischievous grin on her face. “Well, if she’s not ready . . .”

Matt chuckled and ran his fingers through her hair. “All right, how do you want it?” Lisa stood up, kissed him quickly, and went over to the dresser. She returned with a tube of KY and the same mischievous grin on her face. She held up the tube.

“Let’s see if that monster will fit in my back door!”

– To Be Continued… –

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