Runaways 6

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Alyson and Matt walked hand in hand down the stairs to the main floor. He couldn’t help but steal glances at her luscious, perky tits as they made their way down the staircase to the kitchen.  They bounced slightly and the sight caused his dick to twitch, despite the blow job Lisa had just given him.  Alyson felt his eyes and turned to look at him.
“See something you like?,” she asked.  Her lips weren’t smiling, but her eyes sparkled playfully.  Matt grinned sheepishly.
They arrived in the kitchen and he turned her to face him.  “Sorry, honey. You look so damn sexy I couldn’t help myself!,” he replied, caressing her cheek.
Alyson looked into his warm eyes.  She had been having a hard time trusting him, any man for that matter, since their last night at Jackie’s.   But something about him told her that she could trust this man and she found herself falling for him a little more each day. After last night, she thought maybe she was ready for the next step. She closed her eyes and nuzzled his hand.
“You really are beautiful,” he whispered.  He placed his free hand on her other cheek and moved his face close to hers.  He kissed her softly and she returned the kiss willingly.  When she felt his tongue touch her lips, she immediately opened her mouth and sucked it inside, throwing her arms around his neck and pressing her small body tight to his.  She could feel his awakening cock pressing into her thigh and began kissing him with more passion, abandoning all inhibitions as she savored his warm lips. They pulled their lips apart and Matt kissed her trembling neck, sending shivers down her spine.
She brought her lips to his ear and nibbled on his earlobe for a few seconds before whispering softly into his ear. “Make love to me, Matt.” He pulled back and looked into her soft, brilliant green eyes.
“Are you sure?,” he asked, a curious mix of concern and desire showing on his face and in his voice.  Alyson looked up into his deep blue eyes, a shade darker than Jen’s, she noted, and nodded.
“Yes.  I trust you and . . .I love you,” she said, the last words a low whisper.
Matt pulled her to him, their eyes only inches apart.  She could feel his warm breath on her face.  “I love you, too, Alyson.  And it would make me very happy to make love to you.”

Alyson blushed.  “Really?”   She glanced toward the stairs.  “You still want me with Lisa and Jen to . . .”  He put a finger to her lips, stopping her mid sentence.
“Yes.  I love you, and them, too.”  He smiled at her.  “Lisa feels the same way.  And it doesn’t take a genius to see how you and Jen feel about each other.”  She blushed again and lowered her head.  While they had made no secret of their love, she and Jen had tried to keep their feelings low key.  Matt continued.  “So what’s the problem?  We all live here together in a perfectly weird, but wonderful loving relationship.  We can be with whoever we want, or all together.  No rules.”  He put a finger under her chin and raised her eyes to his. “Does that sound ok to you?”  Alyson nodded and pulled his hand under chin to her lips and kissed it, then lowered it to her breast, pressing it tight.  All the while, her eyes never left his.
Matt caressed the soft smooth skin then let his fingers brush lightly across her erect nipple.  She sighed and pressed his hand tighter to her tit, squeezing it. She tilted her head back and Matt kissed along her neck and down to her firm, round breasts.  He kissed them for a moment, then started gently sucking and nibbling on her hard nipples. Alyson held his head in place, moaning softly as he first teased one nipple, then moved over to the other one.  She could feel her pussy getting wet and the smell of her sex soon reached both of their noses.
Matt halted his sucking and picked her up, cradling her small body in his strong arms.  They kissed passionately as he carried her into the living room and set her down carefully on the large couch.  She looked up into his eyes and saw only love and desire, the same feelings she herself was experiencing.  He kissed her again, then knelt on the floor in front of her.  She leaned back on the couch as he pushed her legs wide open, breathing in deeply as the full scent of her aroused pussy filled his nostrils.  He rose up and once again began kissing her tits, leaving a trail of kisses across her flat stomach to her smooth, hairless pussy.
He licked all around her slit, causing her to suck in her breath in anticipation of feeling his tongue in her waiting pussy.  But he denied her that pleasure, instead only kissing around it and moving down to her inner thighs.
Alyson was becoming anxious and a little frustrated.  She wanted, no needed, him to lick her pussy! She moaned and raised her hips in an attempt to attract him back to her hot, dewy lips.  Matt slowly kissed along her thighs back up to her crack, then slipped his hands under her buttocks and raised her up, fully exposing her inflamed pussy and under it, her tiny puckered asshole.
“Please . . .!,” she pleaded.  “Lick me!”  He blew gently across her swollen lips, already glistening with her juices.  She gasped at the feel of his breath on her sensitive lips and pushed upward, trying to push her pussy to his lips.  “Matt, please!  Stop teasing me!”
He smiled up at her and stuck out his tongue.  Beginning at the small fleshy spot between her pussy and asshole, he ran his tongue slowly along the length of her slit up to her erect clit.  Alyson gasped and squirmed in ecstacy, but he didn’t do it again as she had expected. She opened her eyes and looked down at him.  “Please! Don’t stop!,” she pleaded.  He grinned and lowered his face again.  This time, he started at her tiny rosebud, causing her to gasp in surprised pleasure. Lisa was right!  It felt wonderful!  He continued in this pattern, Alyson squirming and writhing under him.  Every time his tongue touched her there, it sent a jolt of electricity through her body.
“Oh, yes!  That feels so good!,” she cried.  Matt gave her a few more licks then looked up at her.
“That’s one of your most sensitive g-spots, or at least it is with most people.”
She grinned at him.  “I believe you!  Please don’t stop!”  Her eyes were wild with lust.  Matt lowered his head again and went back to work, paying special attention to her newly discovered g-spot. He began alternating between her asshole and her clit and Alyson cried out.
“Oh, yes!  Right there!  I’m gonna cum!!  Don’t stop!! Please don’t stop!!”  Her voice trailed off into a low wail as Matt felt her vagina contract and then push outward, her labia expanding as if she were trying to expel something from her womb.
“Oh, yes!  Yes!  Yes!! Uhn!  Uhn!  Uhn!”  Matt continued to lick while she came over and over, her body jerking and convulsing so much that he had a hard time keeping his tongue in place.  After a moment, he sensed she had had enough and released her tortured pussy, watching her face as her orgasm eased and finally ceased.  He sat down next to her and they embraced for a long moment.
Alyson whispered into his ear. “I need you inside me . . .now!”  They pulled apart and he rolled her onto her back and knelt between her legs.  His huge cock hung just over her excited vagina.  He looked down into her beautiful face, searching her hypnotizing eyes for any hint of doubt. Again, all he saw was love and desire. No fear.  She pulled his face to hers and kissed him, tasting her own cum on his lips.
“Fuck me, lover!  Please!,” she begged.  Matt positioned his cock at her opening and pushed gently, not wanting to hurt her.  But Alyson knew exactly what she wanted.  As he slowly increased the pressure, she felt herself opening up to accept his massive tool and she forced her hips upward, pushing nearly half of his long tool inside her in one push.  She gasped in pleasure and Matt looked down at her, surprised by her aggressiveness.
“You really do want this, don’t you?,” he said, a small grin on his face.
“Uh-huh,” she replied breathlessly.  “Don’t stop.  I want all of you!” She began pushing again and Matt complied by pushing the rest of his cock into her tight pussy, with only slight difficulty.
Alyson bit her lower lip and moaned as the big tool slid deep into her tight cunt.  When she felt his pelvis touch hers, she opened her eyes and smiled up at him.  “Mmmm . . . you feel wonderful, baby!,” she said, her eyes sparkling.
Matt smiled back at her. Her tight vagina was gripping his cock firmly and took a lot of concentration not to blow his load right then and there. If not for Lisa’s blow job, he doubted he could have lasted this long.  Alyson pulled him to her, kissed him hungrily, the pushed him back.  “Now fuck me!  I want to cum with your hard cock inside me!” Matt began to pump in and out of her hot little pussy.  Alyson locked her eyes on his.  Something about her was different.  Gone was the shy, quiet little girl he had gotten to know over the past weeks, to be replaced by a wild, sex hungry vixen!  She matched his thrusts stroke for stroke, digging her fingernails into his back.  Every few minutes she’d pause her grunting and moaning to say something like, “Yes!  Fuck me!”.  She was really getting into it, as if she was releasing years of pent up sexual frustration.  She was quite obviously enjoying herself immensely, as was he.
She began breathing faster and wrapped her long legs around him, pulling him to her.  “Oh, yeah, baby!  I’m getting close!!  Faster!!” Matt picked up the pace until he was hammering in and out of her wet snatch, their sweaty bodies meeting and their fluids mixing with a wet, squishing sound.
“Oh, yes!!,” Alyson cried, then screamed in total ecstacy as her body exploded in a mind-numbing orgasm.  Matt felt her vaginal muscles clamp down even harder on his cock, making it impossible for him to move.  It was even harder for him to control his orgasm and he groaned loudly as he felt the cum rise in his balls and shoot into Alyson’s spasming pussy in one long, drawn out stream.  After what seemed like a long time, he finally stopped and collapsed into Alyson’s waiting arms. They lay there for several minutes, trying to catch their breath while their bodies buzzed from their mutually intense orgasms.
Alyson began to rub his back and he opened his eyes, lifting his body from hers.  They smiled at each other and kissed.  His cock was still buried in her wet pussy and he could feel their mixed juices running out and down her slit to the couch.
“Baby,” he said, “that was unbelievable!”
Alyson kissed his neck.  “Trust me, it was my pleasure!”  She raised her head and gazed into his eyes.  “I love you, Matt.”
He took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply.  “And I love you, Alyson.”  Just then, someone cleared their throat over by the kitchen. Matt and Alyson both turned to see Lisa and Jen standing there with smug grins on their faces.
“So that’s why breakfast isn’t ready!,” Lisa exclaimed.  She was trying to look serious, but Jen started to giggle and she lost it.  She began to snicker, then broke down laughing at the sight of them entwined on the couch.  Matt grinned at Alyson, who playfully pushed him off of her.  He stood up, his deflating cock sipping from her sloppy pussy. Cum mixed with pussy juices spilled from Alyson’s vagina and a long string of it connected the end of Matt’s dick to her labia.  Lisa brought them a box of tissues and they quickly cleaned themselves up.
Jen sat down next to her friend and hugged her.  “So?”
Alyson just looked at her.  “So . . . what?,” she asked, knowing perfectly well what Jen was asking about.
Jen slapped her arm gently.  “So, how was it?” She looked up at Matt, who had his arm around Lisa as they both watched Alyson, waiting for her reply.
“Oh!  That!,” Alyson said with a grin. She winked at Matt and shrugged.  “It was ok, I guess.”
Jen stared at her for a few seconds, then looked up at Matt, who was trying unsuccessfully to keep a straight face. She looked back at Alyson, who was grinning at her.  “Why, you . . .!,” Jen began, then slapped her arm again. “Tell me!”
Alyson and Matt laughed, then Alyson said, “It was incredible! Matt is one great lover!”
Matt stuck his chest out with a grin and Lisa rolled her eyes. “Oh, geez!  Did you have to say that in front of him?  Now we’ll never hear the end of it!”  This time everyone laughed.  Matt pretended to look hurt for a second, but he soon joined in on the joke.

Lisa took Matt’s hand and pulled him toward the kitchen.  She beckoned for the girls to come too.  “Come on, I’m starving.  Let’s get breakfast started.  We can play some more later!”  They all followed her into the kitchen, talking and laughing.  Their new lives had begun.

Epilogue: Four years later.

Alyson steered the black Mercedes convertible through the night.  Jen sat next to her in the passenger seat of the luxury sports car, but neither spoke. They were both too caught up in their own thoughts. She turned onto a once familiar street, and drove slowly along it. There had been a few changes in the last four years, but she still recognized the neighborhood.
Alyson and Jen had been living happily, although somewhat restrictive, lives with Lisa and Matt.  In fact, they still were.  Because of the fear that Jackie would harm their families, they hadn’t had any contact with them other than the odd, short phone call to let them know they were ok.  Matt used his many contacts to arrange for new ID’s for Jen and Alyson, so they were able to get drivers’ licenses, social security numbers, and credit cards, which Matt paid for.
But Matt had come home to their secluded home with some important news last night.  Jackie’s operation had been raided by police.  Acting on a tip, police staked out her mansion, then moved in a week later.  She was being held without bail, along with Andrea, John, and anyone else that had been there.  The charges were extensive: kidnaping, rape, torture, and trafficking in human slavery, to name a few.  She and her cronies were going to be spending a long time behind bars.
After Jen and Alyson had retired to their bed, they spent half the night talking about whether they should testify against Jackie.  They had already decided to go home, but only to visit.  Their home was with Lisa and Matt now, and that wasn’t going to change.  They made love and fell asleep, deciding to talk it over with Matt and Lisa in the morning.
The next morning, the four of them watched the breaking story of Jackie’s arrest on the news  and decided that their testimony wasn’t going to be necessary. And besides, Jen pointed out, it would be difficult to keep Matt and Lisa’s names out of it if they did go to the police with their story.
After breakfast, they packed a few things and Matt loaded them into the trunk of their car.  He and Lisa had offered to come with them, but the girls declined their offer.
“We have a lot of things to explain,” Alyson had said. “I think it would be best if we went alone this time.”
Lisa held her hands and hugged her warmly.  Now twenty, Alyson had turned into a beautiful young woman.  Her hair was a little longer than it had been when they first met up with their new lovers, and she no longer added the blonde highlights.  While she had been a little envious of Jen’s more popular looks at sixteen, she was now easily getting as many stares as Jen did, if not more.  More importantly, throughout her years with Matt, Lisa, and of course, Jen, she had exhibited no more symptoms of mental stress from her brutal rape.
That’s not to say that Jen hadn’t blossomed as well.  She was still very beautiful, and with her long, wavy blonde hair flowing around her shoulders and halfway down her back, she could rival any runway model or starlet anywhere in the world.  Both girls had grown a little taller and their bodies were lean and well toned. They could often be found sunbathing in very skimpy bikinis, or more often than not, completely nude around the pool.
Matt closed the trunk of the sleek black car and kissed each of them. Lisa did as well, giving them each an extra hug.  “Please drive carefully,” she said.  “And don’t forget to come back home.”  Lisa was sick with fear that they wouldn’t come back to their happy home.
Jen kissed her.  “Please,  Lisa, stop worrying!  We couldn’t stand to be apart from you any more than you can!  We will come home, I promise!”
Alyson kissed her as Jen climbed into the passenger seat.  “Me, too, honey. We’ll be back in a few days.  Don’t worry.  I love you.”  She blew a kiss to Matt and he stood holding Lisa while they pulled away and disappeared down the long driveway.
Lisa wiped a tear from her cheek.  “Do you think they mean it? Will we ever see them again?”  Matt  squeezed her shoulders.

“Of course we will.  You heard Alyson. This is their home and they love us!  They’ll be back.”  He sounded confident, but he too was a little concerned.  They were going to see their parents who they’d been stolen from four long years ago.  He led her inside, still holding her.

Alyson and Jen were getting close to their former homes.  Both were nervous, unsure of the reaction they’d get when they told their parents that they weren’t staying.  Alyson pulled to the curb in front of Jen’s parent’s small bungalow, killed the lights and turned off the engine. Both sat staring silently at the modest home.  They could see lights in the kitchen and family room and the flicker of a TV through a crack in the blinds.  A light burned invitingly over the front door.
“Do you want me to wait?  Or come in with you?,” Alyson asked. They had already decided to each do their visits separately, but Jen seemed reluctant to go in so Alyson thought she would offer.  Jen turned to her and took a deep breath, then shook her head.
“No.  Thanks, but this is something I need to do alone.  I just didn’t think it would be this hard!”  She looked again at the house, then opened her door and stepped out.  Alyson popped the trunk and got out as well.  She helped Jen collect her bags from the trunk, then gave her a hug and a quick kiss.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to at least wait until you’re inside?,” Alyson asked.  Jen shook her head.
“You don’t have to.  I know they’re home . . .”  She looked at the house again.  “And I’m pretty sure they’ll let me in!” Alyson returned her smile and kissed her again.
“Ok, then.  Call me if you need me . . . for anything.”  She got back into the car and started the engine while she watched Jen walk slowly up to the front door.  When she reached it, she set her bags down and turned to wave at Alyson.  Alyson waved, put the car in gear and pulled away.
Alyson watched in the mirror as Jen reached out and pressed the doorbell, but she was out of sight before she saw if anyone opened the door.  She made a right turn onto her old street and drove slowly past her mother’s house.  There was a light on in the living room, where she knew her mother would be in front of the TV watching the late news before going to bed.  She drove to the end of the cul-de-sac and turned around.  This time she pulled the expensive luxury convertible into the driveway behind her mother’s now tired looking Hyundai, the same one that they’d had for two years before she was kidnaped. As she turned off the headlights and cut the engine, she saw the curtain in the living room window pull back, then fall back into place.  She sighed. There was no going back now.  She opened her door and stepped out, smoothing her knee length black skirt over her long, slender legs.  As she began walking toward the front door, the porch light came on and the inside door opened.
Her mother peered out through the screen door as Alyson approached, her shoes clicking on the concrete walkway.  As she got closer, she began walking faster.
“Mom?  It’s me . . . Alyson!,” she called, quickening her pace yet again. Her mother paused, then flung the door open and ran out as she recognized her long lost daughter’s face in the woman coming up the walkway.
“Alyson?!  Is it really you?!,” she cried when they met just outside the door.  She hesitated only a second, taking in her face, then embraced her, crying a mother’s tears of joy.  “It is you!  Oh, my baby!  You’ve finally come home!”  Alyson hugged her tight, her own eyes overflowing.
“Mom!,” she said in a voice choked with emotion.  “I missed you so much!”
Alyson retrieved her bags from the car, which her mother eyed suspiciously, and a few minutes later they were sitting across from one another in the living room.
“Tell me where you’ve been?  What have you been doing? How have you managed to live?  And that car!  Why couldn’t you . . .”   Her mother’s questions spilled out in a jumble.  No doubt she had been asking herself these  same questions every day for the last four years. Alyson held up a hand, stopping her in mid question.
“Mom, please!  One at a time!,” she said, smiling into her mother’s face.  She had aged a lot in the  time that she was gone.  “I’ll tell you everything, don’t worry.”  Her mother sat back, took a deep breath, and smiled.
“I’m sorry, honey.  It’s just that . . .”
“I know, Mom.  And I’m sorry you had to go through that.  But I’m ok. And I need to tell you first off that I . . . well, I didn’t exactly tell you the truth the first time I called.”  Her mother raised one eyebrow, but didn’t speak.  Alyson continued.  “We did run away, that part was true. But we were kidnaped as soon as we got to the city by a . . . a very bad woman.   A friend helped us get away from her, but she said that if we had any contact with you, they would . . . hurt you.  I couldn’t risk that.  I’m sorry.”
Her mother absorbed this, then said,   “So what’s changed that you felt it was safe to come home?”
“The woman who took us has been arrested and she’ll be going to prison for a very long time,” Alyson said.  “As soon as we heard, we came back.” Her mother looked thoughtful, then her eyes grew wide and her hand went to her mouth.
“Oh, dear god! Not that woman on the news who kidnaped young girls and turned them into . . .”  Her eyes welled up as Alyson nodded and hung her head.  “Oh, my poor baby!  Did they hurt you?”
Alyson looked up and met her mother’s sorrowful eyes.  How could she tell her mother what they had done to her?   She was still haunted by nightmares in which Bob brutally raped her again and again.  She lowered her head and said quietly,  “I’m ok now, Mom.  I’ve managed to put it behind me and get on with my life.”
Her mother came over and sat beside her, putting an arm around her shoulders as tears ran down Alyson’s face.  “Oh, honey!,” she whispered.  They sat there holding each other for a long time, neither speaking while Alyson wept.  She finally dried her tears and tried to smile.
“I have a pretty good life now, Mom.  Jen and I live with some people who love us and treat us like family.  I’d really like for you to meet them.”
Her mother nodded.  “I’d like that, honey.”  She paused.  “So, Jen is still with you, then.”
Alyson explained that they had been together the whole time and that Jen was home with her parents now.

“But, what are you doing driving a Mercedes?  Where did you get the money to afford a car like that?”  Her eyes narrowed suspiciously and Jen knew that she was thinking it must be either drugs or prostitution.

“That’s a long story, Mom.  It actually belongs to some friends.  The ones who helped us to get away and took us into their home.”
Her mother frowned.  “They must be good friends to loan you a car like that.  Are they rich?” Alyson sighed. It was starting already.  The suspicion.  The interrogation. She supposed she should allow her mother some leeway.  She had certainly earned it over the past four years.
“They are very good, and very close friends.  And, yes, you could say they’re rich.” Actually, Matt was obscenely rich.  He had developed a software program years ago that had been put into wide circulation by the government and made a very nice eight figure profit when he sold the rights.  Some careful investments, and a few risky ones, had since tripled his net worth and very soon he expected to break the hundred million dollar mark.  She explained this to her skeptical mother, leaving out the part about their unorthodox living arrangement.  She also didn’t bring up that this was only a visit and she would be returning home in a day or two.
Her mother asked a few more questions and Alyson answered them as truthfully as she could.  She didn’t want to go into any of the details of her capture and subsequent abuse.  She was afraid she had already said too much and risked implicating Matt and Lisa.  Finally she yawned and said, “We’ve been on the road since six am.  Could we go to bed and talk more tomorrow?”
Her mother smiled and stood.  “Of course!  I’m sorry, honey.  You must be exhausted.  Let me get some fresh bedding on your bed first.”  They went up the stairs, Alyson automatically avoiding the two that squeaked.  While her mother made up her bed, Alyson went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, then went into her room just as her mother was finishing up.

“There!  All ready!”  She smiled and kissed Alyson on the forehead, although Alyson had to bend slightly now so she could reach.  “Sleep tight, dear.  I’ll see you in the morning.”  Alyson closed her door and looked around at her old room. Nothing had changed.  The same posters were still on the walls and everything looked just as it had the night she left.  She undressed and climbed into bed naked, as she had become accustomed to doing.  It was strange sleeping in her old room, but it was even stranger to be sleeping alone.  For four years, there had always been at least one other person in bed with her, usually Jen, and it was an odd feeling to have the entire bed to herself.  She stared up at the shadows of the oak tree moving across the ceiling and thought back to that night four years ago.  Was it fate?  True, Andrea had tricked them, drugged them, then forced them to have sex with strangers.  But if she hadn’t, they  never would have met Lisa and Matt, who she couldn’t imagine living apart from.  And how was she going to explain her and Jen’s unusual relationship with them to her old fashioned mother?  Or even the fact that she was madly in love with Jen?  She sighed and rolled onto her side.  Tomorrow was going to be a very interesting day, to say the least.

– The End –

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