Sensual Treatment

My wife got into an accident about 3months ago and broke her leg in 2 places and had to have knee surgery. After the casts came off she had to have physical therapy. We had a in home therapists that come to the house and provide the therapy service. My wife is 42 years old, 115 lbs 34C blonde and blue eyed.  Very pretty and sexy.

When I got home that day of her first treatment she was wearing her usual night- shirt and was in the bed. She invited me to lay with her, and as I did I noticed her favorite dildo was in the bed. I asked what was she doing and she said she had been thinking about me ever since I left this morning and was horny. We had some amazing sex that evening.

The routine became the same every time she had her therapy and I would come home and she would be wet, ready, or masturbating. So on Thursday was her next therapy at 1:30 I re scheduled my lunch and drove home and parked down the street. I wanted to see this therapist.

To my surprise it was tall well built brunette and very pretty. Guessing 6 ft. tall, 38c and about 140 lbs. I waited a few minutes and snuck in the back door into our porch. The door from our porch into the kitchen and den has a glass in it so I could see into the den where she got her therapy. My wife was on her back and the therapist was raising and bending my wife’s leg. Then I saw that my wife didn’t have any panties on, giving the therapist a clear view of her tight pussy.


After awhile of the stretching and bending she put my wife’s leg on the floor and got down beside and started massaging her leg starting at her ankles and working her way up her leg to her knee then to her thigh. My wife slightly spread her legs as she massaged her thigh; the therapist then pushed her nightshirt up totally exposing her pussy. She massaged higher up her thigh till her fingertips were touching my wife’s lips. I could see my wife arching her back to her touch and I could hear the therapist tell her to relax that she would make her feel good as always. I then watched as she slowly ran her fingers over pussy and letting one finger slip inside her. I was about to bust and then she lowered her head and I couldn’t see but I knew she eating my wife.


The therapist then stood and removed her scrubs and she and my wife sixty- nined till they both came.  At least it sounded like they did from the moans I could hear  .I was hard as I have ever been in my life.  I thought it was over until she pulled a dildo out of her bag and started running it over my wife’s pussy and slowly putting it in her as again she leaned into my wife and started eating her at the same time. I could see my wife’s hand fingering her pussy. This lasted a few minutes when I saw the therapist throw her head back, saying “Don’t stop, I am cumming.”  My wife continued fingering her till she stopped cumming. They laid there for a few and then she got up and dressed and helped my wife back down the hall to our bedroom.


I waited till the therapist left which was another 30 minutes. I opened the door and snuck to the hallway and our bedroom door was shut and I couldn’t hear a thing. After she left I went to my car and called my office to tell them something came up and I wouldn’t be back today. I then called my wife and told her I would be home in 5 minutes.  She said good that she was horny and needed to be fucked.
When I walked into the bed room she was naked playing with her self, I said I stopped at the convenience store down the street, and this hot looking woman got out of a van that had Home Medic written on the side. She said that is my therapist Kelly, and yes she is attractive but all business. Now get undressed and fuck me, which I did. I have watched them two more times, but haven’t let my wife know that I know about her special therapy.

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