Sexy Joke

I am married to a wonderful and exciting woman. She’s 29 years-old and gets prettier everyday. Cara is a vivacious brunette with brown eyes. I was in lust with her body the first time I saw her. I still am. Cara is 5’9″, with long shapely legs that are situated below a tight pear-shaped ass. Her bust is about a 34C and she has a washboard stomach from the 100 sit-ups she does everyday. Needless to say I am a very lucky man.

I work for an industrial engineering firm that designs and manufactures high-end industrial equipment, assembly-line robots, aerospace equipment and the like. One of the perks is I get to travel frequently on business. Cara works at an accounting firm and gets to travel quite a bit herself; unfortunately we rarely get to travel together with the exception of vacations.

Believe it or not this has actually helped our love life. When we are apart our libidos seem to go into overdrive, like an itch you can’t scratch. Our reunions turn into these sex crazed frenzies. We have had sex in the airport parking lot a few times and we have gone down on each other in the car on the way home. Cara always made these extravagant plans for my homecomings. She would pickup me up at the train or the plane wearing no underwear and a short shirt.

On our anniversary two years ago she picked me up in a limo. She was waiting for me at the terminal wearing the fur coat she had inherited from an aunt (a black sable coat worth more than my car) and a pair of heels. She was standing talking to the driver when I approached. When we got into the limo she raised the partition so the driver wasn’t visible, picked up the phone and told him to take the long way home. Cara then slid the sable coat off to reveal that she wasn’t wearing anything other than her shoes.

She quickly undid my pants and wrapped her mouth around my cock until I was hard. Before I could cum she stopped, leaned back in the seat and pushed my face to her pussy. I licked her vigorously until she came with a shudder and a small gasp. I moved to place my rock hard prick into her wet snatch. I rocked on the balls of feet, pumping in and out of my wife as the limousine made tits way to our home. Soon I was grunting and Cara was moaning loudly.

There was no way the driver couldn’t have known what we were doing. Before we were home I shot a week’s worth of sperm into my willing wife. Cara is a very intelligent woman but she also can be very naive at times, almost an airhead. I love putting her on. I’ll tell her an outrageous story I made up with a straight face then wait a few days for her to repeat it to someone.

She usually laughs after the initial anger disappears. Before you get the idea that I make her look foolish because I’m sick or sadistic you have to understand that Cara has three older brothers. I think one of the reasons she was attracted to me was I was somewhat like her brothers. Growing up they teased her constantly.

She always got even though and she always gets even with me. With the help of her father, Cara became a master at practical jokes. She would tell her brothers that their dates had left messages canceling their dates or telling them that the pool party they were going to was now a formal dinner or vice versa. She pulled practical jokes on me all the time. For my birthday a few years ago I deduced that Cara was throwing me a surprise party. My only mistake was that she wasn’t. I started hinting that I knew she was to friends and family.

Someone asked her if she was giving me a party, and when she said no, the person told her I was convinced she was. So she did. The day came. I expected this big shindig that night so when we stopped in Mc Donald’s for lunch imagine my surprise when all my friends and relatives were there shouting surprise. Cara booked a kid’s party at Mc Donalds for her 32 year-old husband. She made me wear a crown while all the other customers cracked up at my expense when they realized I was the guest of honor. I have always tried to play practical jokes on her but mine always fizzle. Until just recently.

My company was working on a joint project with a French company. We provided the hardware and did the manufacturing and they handled the software. The project was in the design stage for 2 years and was nearing production. I was being sent to France for a few weeks to work with the French techs. I speak French fluently due to the fact that I was a military brat and my father was stationed in Europe when I was in grade school. I picked up the language then and just kept it up over the years.

It is very valuable skill in the business world. While in France I became friendly with two of my colleagues, Anton and Lucas. I was having some problems with my hotel during the first week and Lucas and Anton moved me into their apartment for the duration of my stay.

The hotel had a thing for Americans they told me and I shouldn’t have been booked there in the first place. I stayed with these guys, they showed me some of the nightlife and we got along real well. Both spoke English very well with Lucas be the more proficient. Both of these gentlemen were real-life lady killers. Their phone rang constantly with calls from women at all hours. They would have women knocking on the door at 2 or 3 in the morning.

Most of the time with a few drinks in them but Lucas and Anton weren’t the type to disappoint a lady. Lucas was 6’1″, black hair he kept in a small pony tail and brown eyes. He was the catalog version of tall, dark and handsome. Anton was 6′, light brown hair with piercing hazel eyes like a cat’s. Both guys lifted weights every morning on a weight bench in the corner of the living room and it showed. I lifted weights also but I had to take weight off the bar after they were done just to get started.

We became rather good friends in the few weeks I was there and I promised to return their hospitality if they wanted to come to the States. I returned home and resumed my life.

Six months later I came into work and guess who was there. Lucas and Anton had been sent over here to oversee any problems with the finished product as it came out of production and was given field tests. I went home that night and asked Cara if it would be all right all if the guys stayed here. We had the room. When I was still single I had inherited a little bit of money from an uncle. He was career military man and a bachelor.

In his will he told me take a nice vacation with some of the money and use the rest to make a down payment on a house. I had worked at construction while in high school and college and enjoyed working with my hands. So I bought a handy man special, ten rooms with a pool and spa. It was a converted farm house with a detached barn that was now the garage.

The previous owners had been involved in a nasty divorce and they had trashed the place. It took me until 3 months after I had married Cara to reach the point where it was presentable enough to have guests over. That was a few years ago and I have finished the house, almost. Cara said sure, they were welcome. Then the evil part of my brain kicked in.

I told her that they only spoke French. I figured that was a joke I would get a couple of hours out of. I also suggested that she watch herself around these two because they were passionate Frenchman and avowed ladies’ men. I warned her that these guys eyed anything in a skirt.

I told her that they didn’t do it on purpose. They couldn’t help it when they were around an attractive woman. I called the guys at their hotel and told them to check out in the morning then they could follow me home after work. I spoke to Lucas in French on the phone and told him I would explain the next day. The next day I explained to them what I had told Cara. They agreed to play along and

Anton added something to it. After I told them how I had teased Cara about how she should watch out for them, he suggested they go out of their way to ignore her as if they didn’t find her the least bit attractive. I was game and so were they. We headed home. I introduced them to my wife. Lucas commented in French, “This is going to be harder then I thought. You are a lucky

Cara looked at the smile that crossed my face, “Well Al, what did he say?”

I quickly replied, “Just saying what a great house we have.” He added, “It’s going to be hard to ignore such a beautiful woman. I don’t know how long this prank is going to last.”

“Pleased to meet you,” I translated for Cara.

Cara had made a salad and bought steak for me to throw on the grill for the four of us. We ate on the patio beside the pool after opening a bottle of wine. I spoke with Lucas and Anton in French and translated for Cara’s benefit when needed.

The guys were doing well acting ignorant of the English language. Soon Cara started making comments that she wouldn’t have if she had known that our guests were able to understand. She grinned mischievously, “I could use a good humping tonight, Al.” When I blushed and glanced towards the guys she purred, “They don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Don’t be a prude.”

Neither Lucas nor Anton reacted to my wife’s comment.

Anton remarked, “This might be a lot of fun. She is going to kill you when she finds out but…”

That night we made love. Afterwards Cara remarked on how good looking the two Frenchmen were. She understood why they were such studs with the ladies. Over the next couple of days we made our guest feel at home. We made dinner each night and on the weekend we took them to dinner then dancing. Cara watched in amazement at how many women threw themselves at Lucas and Anton.

I realized it was cramping their style not being able to speak English in front of my wife so I left with Cara. We were the only 2 that made it home that night. On the ride home Cara remarked that the guys were checking out every girl in the club. I mentioned that they always do that. Cara in a hurt sort of voice said, “They haven’t checked me out yet.”

“Yes, they have.”

“No, Al, They haven’t. I would know if they had.”

“Maybe you didn’t notice, that’s all or maybe they just being polite since we are their hosts or else they’ve been real sneaky about it.”

Cara pouted, “They should have noticed me. I’m not homely. We are living in the same house there should have some kind of male reaction to the only female in the house. Yet they don’t look at me like they look at the rest of the women.”

I let it rest for the night.

Lucas crawled in about 9 AM, Anton just after Noon. “I love America!” was all Anton said before going to his room for a nap.

For the next week my wife tried to get noticed by the Frenchmen. They started giving me reports at work. Our hours were a little different at work with me starting at 9 and Lucas and Anton coming in between 10 and 12 to account for the time difference so they could contact their company with progress reports or to get info.

Cara left for work 40 minutes after I did because her commute was only about ten minutes. Cara also had and early day every Friday getting out at 2 o’clock. Every other Thursday both guys worked late then had Friday off. This left a number of times when Cara was in the house with one or both of the guys while I was out. Anton told me how my wife walked into the kitchen wearing a very short robe one morning while he was sitting there having coffee.

She proceeded to look for something in the top cabinets so that her ass just barely showed. She watched him in a mirror we have hanging in the kitchen in the kitchen. He said it took all his willpower not to look. Lucas recalled how “forgot” to button up her blouse this morning as she left for work. He caught a glimpse of a very sheer bra and her cleavage before she left.

He watched from behind the curtain as she buttoned up before she got into her car. We had a good laugh over Cara’s predicament. She was determined to be noticed. The weather was warming up and I decided to open the pool over the weekend. This led to some more unreal situations with Cara and the two Frenchman.

On Sunday it was in the 80’s and the water was warm enough so you could swim. After lunch the sun was shining in the yard so we decided to try the water. We all went to change. Lucas and Anton were in the pool first. Our bedroom overlooks the pool and I was surprised when Cara stopped dressing and stared into the yard.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I think they forgot to pack bathing suits.”

I looked and both guys were free-birding it. Not a stitch on. “Well, I told them to make themselves at home. I guess they don’t usually wear bathing suits. I’ll go Americanize them before you get down.”

They laughed when I explained what Cara had witnessed. They said it was a joke and were going to put their suits on. They quickly climbed out as Cara stepped outside. I was impressed. First by how well-endowed both men were. Lucas was 6 inches limp and Anton was larger than that. Secondly that they didn’t let their jaws drop to the floor when they got a look at my wife.

She was wearing a pink crocheted string bikini that just covered her. She looked awesome. The guys just nodded embarrassedly and went inside. Cara’s mouth was open in surprise. “Did you see the size of their equipment!” she exclaimed.

I nodded.

“No wonder they do so well with the ladies,” she continued.

The guys returned wearing swim trunks and we spent the afternoon frolicking in the water innocently. The next day at work the guys told me they were going out of their minds. Not only was it funny how my wife was trying to attract them at every moment but she was in sexual overdrive. We were fucking very night and from what they were telling me, we weren’t quiet about it.

Cara was getting bolder also. Last night after we made love, I had fallen asleep. Cara had gone downstairs to the kitchen for a snack wearing the sheer shortie-nightie and she had been wearing it when we started to make love. The master bedroom is in the rear corner of the 2nd floor. To get to the kitchen you can either go out into the 2nd floor hallway then down the stairs that leads to the living room and dinning room and into the kitchen or you go through our walk-in closet to the family room then down the stairs directly into the kitchen.

Anton and Lucas were in the living room watching a movie (they weren’t supposed to understand English but Cara never asked why they watched TV so much ). Cara took the long way waving to the guys as she passed. She then stood with the refrigerator door open drinking something.

The guys told me the light from the fridge made the nightie transparent. Cara had to know this when she did it. She finished her drink and walked past them pausing hallway up to the stairs to say good night. The guys got an eye full of my wife but didn’t react. They just waved their hands over their heads and turned back to the television.

I have to admit every time Lucas or Anton told me another episode about my wife exposing herself to them, I was getting turned on. Every chance we got Cara and I made love. She was just as horny as I was and I thought I knew why. It was turning her on also. I saw a pattern emerging, the bolder she was trying to get the guys attention, the more intense our lovemaking was.

One night before we made love, I sat on the edge of the bed and mentioned that we should try and keep it down a little bit.

“Keep what down?” Cara asked demurely.

“The noise. The guys have been teasing me about how vocal “WE” are.” I explained.

“By “WE” you mean me? Their rooms are at the other end of the house so they can’t possibly hear me, unless they have their ears to the door.”

“Cara, you know you can be pretty loud at times. Anyway they don’t seem to mind. Lucas said he even enjoys it.”

We began to make love. As I thrust slowing in and out of my wife, enjoying her slit tight cunt, she asked, “What did Lucas mean, he enjoys it?” as she thrust back at me.

I’d made that part up so I figured I might as well run with it since she seemed to be excited by it, so I lied, “He said he was jerking off listening to us, well, you actually.”

“But neither one of them has even given me a second look. Yet they get turned on listening to me fuck you?”

I forgot they weren’t supposed to notice her. “It’s not that they haven’t noticed you honey. They just don’t trust themselves around you. They didn’t say that, but I get the feeling that you’re turning them on and they’re trying to be polite by not staring or flirting because you’re my wife.”

Cara was really into it now, matching me thrust for thrust as our conversation moved along.

“You… really… think… I turn… them on?” She drew the last word out as she spasmed with an orgasm as I ground against her mound, rubbing her clit against my pubic bone.

Then after Cara had recovered she climbed on top of me and proceeded to blow me. She continued to talk between strokes. “Did you notice…” -stroke- “how big,” -stroke- “their dicks,” -stroke- “are?”

She was quiet then. She was making love to my cock until I came in a gush in her mouth. I really hadn’t paid attention to what she was saying until I had come. I bet she wasn’t thinking about my cock while she was sucking me dry.

That night while we slept for a time I awoke and I heard Cara talking in her sleep. I couldn’t tell what she was saying other than two names, Anton and Lucas. Curious and since neither off us had bothered to dress earlier, I placed a finger at my wife’s pussy slit. It was sopping wet. She rolled over at my touch so I just went back to sleep. But a plan starting to take shape in my mind as I dozed off.

I was intrigued by that fact that Cara was turned-on by this game I had devised. What made it more of a turn-on for me was that I wasn’t sure how far I or Cara was willing to go before it ended.

At work Monday morning I found out I had to make a trip to a client to troubleshoot a product. It was a 4 hour drive so I made plans to stay overnight at least and maybe a few days if necessary. That meant my wife and our two French guests would be alone for a day or two.

The trouble with the product had to do with moisture shorting out the power supply. It took me 4 trips to figure out what was wrong and how to rectify it. Over the course of three weeks I wasn’t home for 13 days. Three days at the clients, back home, then 2 days there then back home and so son for three weeks.

When I was home my wife and I fucked each other’s brains out. I started talking about her getting fucked by some stranger’s big cock while we made love then I started suggesting she was getting fucked by two big cocks. A few days later I tried telling her that she was getting fucked by two strangers with big dicks while I was away.

The last fantasy I tried on her as we made love was I was watching her in bed with 2 guys fucking her every-which-way. I ended up by telling her she was fucking Anton and Lucas while I watched.

I had never seen Cara as excited as she was when I told her step by step how it would happen when she fucked these two French men. I was as excited as I have ever been also. We were humping two or three times a night when we talked the scenarios through while making love. Cara started joining in more and more when she realized I was turned-on by the thought of her fucking our guests. Her tales all involved Lucas and Anton.

The other big thing that was happening when I wasn’t home was related to me by our guests. It seems that on the days when I was gone Cara had the habit of leaving the bedroom door open when she was dressing or undressing. I also noticed that when it was my turn to do the laundry that Cara seemed to be wearing all her really sexy undergarments when I wasn’t home. The guys were catching glimpses of her in g-strings and sheer bras.

A few times they caught her in stockings and garters as she walked past the bedroom door to the closet for her dress. The idea of my wife having sex with our two French guests intrigued me to say the least. I just wasn’t sure how to set it up without freaking Cara out.

One Sunday afternoon the four of us were swimming in the pool and I decided to make some Pina Coladas. The combination of the rum and the sun had a pretty strong effect on all of us. I decided to test the waters so to speak. Lucas and Anton were wearing small tight Speedo type trunks.

I started asking my wife what she thought about the guys’ bodies. Cara still didn’t know they understood English so after a few drinks she was letting her mouth move faster than her brain. “They are great. Very sexy. Muscles in all the right places and the packages. Umm, tempting,” she commented with a gleam in her eye.

I taunted, “Do you think you could handle them in bed?”

“It would certainly be interesting to try. If it worked out I might go back to France with them, then what would you do smart guy?”

By now Lucas and Anton were staring at us. Cara was laying face down on a chaise and I was sitting under an umbrella at the patio table.

“I think you need some lotion before you start to burn,” I told her.

“It’s on the table. Would you mind?”

In French I asked, “Any volunteers?”

Lucas was quickest. My heart was racing as Lucas squeezed lotion onto his palms and began rubbing it into my wife’s back and shoulders. Cara lay there enjoying her quasi massage. Lucas kept going rubbing the lotion on her lower back.

The sight of my wife in a tiny string bikini glistening with sweat and suntan lotion was mesmerizing as Lucas’s hands methodically worked lower and lower. He was now working lotion into Cara’s tanned firm thighs. I watched fascinated wondering where this was going.

Abruptly Lucas stood up with an obvious erection and jumped into the pool.

Cara sat up looked at me then went into the house.

“What happened?” I asked Lucas when he came back out of the pool.

“You sure you want to know?” he asked with a guilty look.

I nodded. He looked quickly at Anton before turning to me and answering. “I think your wife came while I was rubbing her thighs. I wasn’t sure how far you wanted me to go so I decided to cool off before I did anything that might have…”

“You could have gone as far as you wanted,” I interrupted.

I explained that I was hoping something would happen and I thought that my wife would be more than willing. I blame a lot of what I said on the alcohol but I kept talking just the same. I told them that Cara and I were fantasizing about her going to be with both of them at the same time, a menage atrois, with me watching.

Both men, once they were sure I was serious, told me any time if Cara was willing. I guess all that teasing and showing off she was doing had gotten to them.

I wasn’t sure what to do next though.

I spent the next week thinking about it. Lucas and Anton asked a couple of times if I was still considering that scenario. I kept bringing it up with Cara to see what her reaction was. If we were having sex she as all for it if we weren’t she kept saying I wouldn’t go through with it. Our project at work was moving fine and I wasn’t surprised when the guys told me they were headed home in a week or so. I had to move fast or it wasn’t going to happen.

I made plans with Lucas and Anton for Friday. I was going to take Cara out for dinner and I wanted them to meet us at the house that night. I wanted to surprise Cara so she wouldn’t have a chance to change her mind.

I left work early Friday and told her to meet me for lunch at the mall. I took her shopping telling her that we were going to dinner at a really fancy restaurant and she should buy something nice to wear. I made suggestions on the type of dress.

She finally picked out a short, tight like an Oriental style dress. When I walked her over to Victoria’s Secret and suggested she buy something to wear underneath, she knew something was in the works. She took my charge card and my suggestion.

We went home and got ready for dinner. Cara looked spectacular. Her dress was black and red. She had on a lacy merry-widow bustier with sheer panties and stockings attached to garters from the bustier under her dress with pair black pumps. She looked exceedingly sexy.

At the restaurant all the mens’ heads turned to follow my beautiful wife. I playfully dropped my hand on her thigh during dinner and let my fingers roam to the tops of her stockings. I ordered I bottle of good wine and made sure Cara’s glass stayed full. We had a nice dinner. Before we left I excused myself to go to the men’s room and called home. I told the guys we would be home in 30 minutes.

I had set my plan in motion and I wouldn’t be able to turn back now. On the drive home I slid my hand up Cara’s dress and slipped a finger under her panties. I worked my finger in and out as we drove home. I parked the car in the garage.

The house had a few lights on but not many. We walked in and went directly to our bedroom.

Cara asked, “What is this?” when she saw candles burning in our room.

“Part of your surprise honey.”

“Just part?” she wanted to know.

I helped her remove her dress as I kissed her deeply. “Put this on and sit on the bed.” I told her as I handed her a blindfold. She placed it over her head, covering her eyes. I went to the door where I waved Lucas and Anton quietly into the room. Both men were wearing silk boxers and had the beginning of a hard-on.

Cara was sitting on the foot of the bed looking very sexy in her bustier and stockings. I approached her. Kissing her passionately I started to loosen the bustier so her tits were exposed with her firm nipples pointing forward. I asked her to detail w she would handle Lucas and Anton in bed. She graphically described what she wanted them to do to her.

“I want them to lick my pussy.”

I slid her panties off over her stockings and shoes and pushed her softly back on the bed.

“Keep telling me while I eat your pussy,” I commanded before I crawled away and motioned for Lucas to take my place. Lucas knelt at the foot of the bed and began licking my wife’s pussy.

She kept talking between moans, “While one licked me I would lick the other… ohh, yeah. I would have the other put his, ohhh that feels soooo good… big cock in my mouth. Ohhh I want you inside me.”

Lucas looked at me for confirmation. I nodded. Lucas stood and slipped his boxers off. I was amazed at the size of his cock ,it must have been 11 inches long. He
placed the head gently at the entrance to my wife’s cunt then slowly pushed it in, inch by inch.

Cara gasped, “Oh fuck, you’re a god!, shove harder, please harder!”

Anton not wanting to be left out shed his shorts and moved to the side of the bed. Before Cara knew what was happening he placed the head of his cock to her nipple lightly brushing it. I went to the other side of the bed and placed my mouth on her nip e gently licking it.

“What?! Who!?” she didn’t get to finish her question because Anton slid his cock into her mouth before she could close it.

I whispered, “Just relax honey, this is both our fantasies come true.” I slid the blindfold off. Her eyes were wide but she didn’t protest. Lucas was moving at a frantic pace now and Cara was holding onto Anton’s cock with one hand as her head bobbed on his 10 inch pole.

I knew that things could go horribly wrong if Cara didn’t accept this situation but when her body stiffened momentarily then she moaned loudly bucking her hips violently into Lucas as she came for the first time.

Lucas withdrew and turned my wife around so she was on her knees facing him. Anton stood behind my wife and entered her wet stretched pussy easily. Cara looked amazed at the size of Lucas cock as lustily wrapped her mouth around it. I stood there watching, playing with my stiff manhood as my wife was fucking and sucking two French men. They had a rhythm going now. It reminded me of lumberjacks working a two man saw.

Anton thrust forward into my wife’s cunt, pushing her forward making more of Lucas huge cock disappear into her open mouth. It wasn’t long before Lucas started to gro and his hips buckled as he came deep in Cara’s mouth. Cara started to come almost at the same time pushing harder into Anton’s dick as Lucas’s spunk overwhelmed her mouth.

I watched as his jism leaked out of her mouth and ripped onto her chin. Lucas stepped away and gestured for me to take his place. I hurriedly took his place. I not sure Cara was even aware it was my cock in her mouth. Her eyes were out of focused and glazed over with lust. She seemed to be having explosive orgasms every few minutes.

I came quickly spewing my load all over my wife’s face and hair. Anton was still going strong. He pulled out long enough to turn Cara onto her back before entering her again. Cara was long gone at this point. She didn’t know who was fucking her and she didn’t seem to care as long as she had cock in her.

“Fuck me harder! Yess! Like that!” was all she kept saying, over and over again.

Anton had stamina. He kept pounding away at her and she came half a dozen times that I could tell. I was getting hard again from watching and I wasn’t the only one, Lucas was erect again.

Anton couldn’t hold out any longer. He arched his back as he pulled out of her pussy and came on my wife’s chest and stomach. I watched the sperm glisten and roll along Cara’s cleavage as and once again hard Lucas replaced Anton between Cara’s legs Cara wrapped her legs around his waist as he violently thrust his cock into her cunt. Lucas was a complete contrast to Anton. Anton was smooth and steady. Lucas was fast and furious.

Lucas pulled Cara up and let her weight force her deep onto his c k. He then lay back on the bed with Cara straddling him. Cara was bouncing up and down on his dick. She increased her pace.

At first only about 8 inches were making it into her pussy then as she moved faster more went in until soon all 11 inches were ne. Cara was bucking frantically then she came tremendously as Lucas grabbed her by the hips and forcefully pushed her down onto his cock as he came deep inside her.

Lucas’s cum was dripping out of my wife’s pussy and down the sides of Lucas’s shriveled penis. I looked at Cara in amazement. She was a sticky, gooey mess. She had cum in her hair, on her face and neck, on her chest and belly and even her ass and thighs. Her stockings were ruined. They were stained and had runs in them.

Cara was exhausted. She rolled over and closed her eyes and went to sleep. The guys and I went to the kitchen and had a beer together and something to eat. I couldn’t thank them enough. They couldn’t thank me enough either.

The next morning Cara was embarrassed by what had happened when we all had breakfast together. That ended quickly when she realized we were all speaking English.

She got up and went to the sink and grabbed the spray faucet and hosed us all down saying, “You Bastards! You understood every word I said. And YOU! You put them up to it!” she glared at me with false reprove.

A few days later they left for home telling me, “Next time you visit us, bring your wife, okay?”

I said that I had planned on it.

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