She Is So Hot

I saw through the louvered closet door a sight that made my knees almost buckle. He’s taking her to our bed! I almost screamed out, but managed to choke it to a whimper that was covered by the sagging of the bed. But, another part of me was getting wet and I had to see more.

Just then he reached in the night stand, taking my semi-sweet strawberry oil out and pouring the warm liquid all over her almost too thin body. She’s moaning and groaning as he let his hands wander completely over her body, from her midsection, spreading the oil down her thighs to her toes. “Pop!” it’s a little toe cracking as he pulls on it.

Giggling, she’s stretching her long body, hands pushing the head-board and pushes her feet to him. “Oh, my good god!” Courtney screams.

“I wonder where they imagine I’ve gone?” I think, as he’s working her feet almost to the point of pain.

My mind feels like a tennis ball volleying back and forth between, ‘Why is John doing this?’, to ‘Yes! That looks so hot, and I’m just a little perverted to be enjoying it so.’

Then he drops her feet, cups her breasts with both hands, slides them to the nipples and stretches them almost too much! (The tennis match now defaults to my pussy, which is leaking down my thigh).

My fingers have got to get down there, spread those juices to my clitoris, and slip into… ohhhh, it feels so warm and wet. Funny, no thoughts of John and Courtney for several seconds. I’m not even watching!

By now John’s sliding his thin, long cock between her breasts, his head’s titled back, and he’s gritting his teeth. I can see the sweat from his lewd motions rolling down his back, to the crack of his buns.

Oh… he’s going to cum… no… I can tell he wants to save it. (I know him so well). Yeah, he’s bending forward, releasing his meat, clutching her breasts with both hands, then sliding his red-oiled fingers to her small opening in her stomach, through her pubic hair (which almost matches his strawberry fingers), and into her already wet cunt!

My fingers began moving in and out of my own opening, in time to the ever increasing tempo of his two fingers pumping into her. Now her back is arching, as if she were approaching her climax… (No, no; she once told me that it takes a long time for her to come.) John’s stops, he thinks she’s going to come, and wants to torture her a little.

“Don’t stop!” she cries out. “I’m going to cum, pleeze! Harder! Faster!”

“No, I want you to stay like this for awhile. You’re SO HOT!”

I can hear him quite clearly, even with my heavy breathing. “I WANT MYSELF IN YOU!” John’s getting too loud. Our neighbor Bob might hear.

Her long legs stretch toward the ceiling, spread wide in open invitation. “Do it! YESS!” I whisper softly to myself.

His back is to me and I actually see an opening the size of a quarter between her legs. He’s teasing her, giving me time to notice how wet and open she is. John’s right… She is so hot looking!

Well, he’s not much of a tease. He’s moving toward her, guiding his eight inches toward her ‘not so secret hole’, slipping all the way into her. Slowly, I see his meat exposing itself to me again… (He is a tease!), until I see the bottom edge of his penis-cap, and back into her. And back out, back in, out, in…

“OH NO!?” the disbelief is in his voice, and on his face that’s tilted back so far I could see it! “L I N D A!”

Only in that instant did I realize I had leaned forward into the light of the room. John’s standing there. (“God, the cum is spurting from the tip of his stiff throbbing cock, spurting as far as two feet in front of him) Shock etched into his glistening face.

Cum and sweat and oil now dripped from his shrinking cock. He’s frightened and babbling “L-Linda, I’m sorry…” but then he started smiling as he realized my hand’s were up my skirt, that I was playing with the heat between my legs. Immediately his manhood started twitching and rising again!

I looked at Courtney, (the cheating bitch) she was completely stunned, her chin hanging down to her flushed and oily breasts, as she watched me drop to my knees. I wanted to lick the sweet musty juices from John’s dick.

Soon he was again hard, and of course his confidence returned with his erection, and he (almost roughly) picks me up! Now he’s laying me on the bed, spreads both Courtney’s and my legs, and hungrily licks and sucks both sweet pussies, bouncing from one to another.

Suddenly, Courtney and I are holding hands, smiling at one another, and softly caressing each others face, neck, breasts, and stomachs.

The sounds in itself are almost too much of an erotic rush. He sounds like a freaked out, sucking, boiling, rushing, remote creek, and we’re moaning and laughing, with tears almost coming out of our eyes, not only from the sexual tension building, but also from the realization that so much joy can come from not being possessive.


John now knows that everything is cool and loose, so calmly walks to the phone on the night stand, dials, then speaks, “Bob… John here, I need some help. Can you come over right away? … Thanks, see ya soon.” 

“It is okay?” his eyes on me. Now there’s a smile on my face. (He doesn’t know that I’ve been lusting after Bob’s sweet buns for years.

I turn my head and look at Courtney. She’s smiling! She knows how I feel. We all start babbling about sex, strawberry oil, birth control… Suddenly, I realize that a few minutes have passed since the phone call.

“John, you better put your pants on to answer the door. He only lives across the street.” No sooner than spoken, when the doorbell chimes.

“Fuck it,” he says as he’s walking to the door.

The surprised look on Bob’s face; looking from John’s blonde head, to his blonde pubic hair, over to Courtney’s red clad pussy, to my soft brown bush; was absolutely precious!

“Damn, what’s going on? I mean, are you serious? This place smells like a brothel, can I join in? Oh, you want my help…”

I had to interrupt him. “Drop your pants.” (I can’t believe how slutty I’m feeling. Hmmmm, not a bit of shame, either. And I’m not drunk.) “Jeez, your slow.” I’m not thinking now as I help him undress, throwing his clothes as far as I can, as if he might change his mind.

Thinking again: ‘Bob’s penis is so big around, not as long as John’s, but hard and beautiful. Will my mouth fit around it. Yes… Hmmm, god it’s so soft yet hard. What a paradox.’

Wave upon wave of sensual desire sweep through me. No more thoughts. Just erotic joy. Ohhhhh…

Again Courtney’s “YESS!” fills the room.

I had been so enrapture with Bob’s body, (so different from John), that I had forgot about them! John’s face is now between Courtney’s legs, her thighs squeeze his head, then open wide, then clutch his head again.

‘Oh-oh,’ I thought, ‘Bob’s going to cum too soon! I better stop sliding my mouth over his huge helmet.’ My mouth popped as it left his cock.

I’m Stand up, (a little stiff from being on my knees so long), pull Bob with me, and lay on my back next to Courtney. At the same time, John gets on his knees between hers, and slams his meat into her almost violently. Bob’s trying to push his penis (it’s almost as big around as my wrist) past the lips of my comparatively small pussy. He pushes my knees farther apart and it tightly slips into my juicy heat.

‘God, I’m so horny, it doesn’t hurt at all.’ That’s the last thought I have, as the energy leaps from my cunt to the top of my head. “Ohh FUCK! I’m cumming. “EEEEK! Fuck me harder!!” Now he’s pulsating into me.

“LOOK OUT!!!” Bob’s yelling… “Ahhhhh!!!”

The guys are harmonizing with lewd sounds, my shrieks piercing on top. What a group. Courtney (she’d cum earlier) lay there laughing at our joy, thus adding her part into the band.


What a scene we must be making. All four of us dazed and spent for a short time, just a little embarrassed, but temporarily satiated.

Shortly though, John still had not had enough of the taste now flowing from Courtney and my pussys.

“Linda, would you lie on top of Courtney with your cunts together for me? I want to lick you both at the same time.”

We both cry did as he asked almost at the same instant. Shy at first, we were looking at each other, smiling, and then moving into position.

Bob moved to a large chair in the corner and began to play with his fat cock, his mouth open in amazement, licking his lips, obviously feeling hornier than he’d ever felt in his life.

Meanwhile John’s eyes were closed, he was lying on his belly, licking from the soft brown hair between my legs, to the curly strawberry taste and color of Courtney muff.

Courtney and I were squirming and moaning and when it became too much for Bob, a white fountain spurted from his member as he held it as tight as possible to let as little of it escape as possible onto the chair and floor.

Later I wanted some time alone with Bob and I could see John was happy with his mouth slurping at all the liquid flowing out of Courtney’s gaping hole I again was amazed to see that open pink hole, as John backed off for air! I’d never seen another couple having sex before and here I was one fourth of a foursome.

Isn’t life strange?

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