Sick In Bed

 I kicked at the soaked sheets, trying to disentangle
 them from my sweaty legs. They were all twisted up,
 but I managed to pull my feet free and roll over onto
 my side. I knew that in a very short time I would be
 shivering so badly that I’d be forced to pull the
 matted sheets back up again, but for now I was just
 too hot. Damn fever!

 The mild flu that had sent me to bed early on Friday
 night had, over the weekend, developed into a raging
 fever. Ed had wanted to stay home with me, but I
 wouldn’t let him miss work. Besides, it wasn’t like he
 could do anything. I just had to sweat it out.


 The doorbell rang.

 I squinted at the clock radio: just past 11 am. Who
 could that be? Not Alley surely; I’d had Ed phone
 her last night to tell her I was sick and cancel our
 lunch date. I toyed with the notion of just laying in
 bed and ignoring the bell – it rang again – but decided
 against it. It might be important.

 I slid out of bed, wrapped my thick robe around my now
 shivering body and walked slowly towards the door. The
 stairs gave me some difficulty – I was pretty dizzy –
 but I grabbed the handrail and took it one step at a
 time. It took a while – the bell rang again before I
 reached the bottom – but I eventually made it. Flushed
 and sweating, I opened the door.

 It was a nurse, but dressed like no nurse I had ever
 seen before. She wore a white nurse’s uniform, but the
 skirt was very short, barely covering her thighs, and
 the neckline plunged down to the top of her breasts in
 a deep vee. She was extremely attractive – funny, it
 must have been the fever; I didn’t normally think of
 other women as attractive – with thick, red hair, a
 slender waist and long… long, stocking-clad legs…

 I must have been staring at her legs where they disap-
 peared under the skirt – once again, it must have been
 the fever – because she cleared her throat to get my
 attention. If it hadn’t been for the fever, I’m sure
 my face would have burned with embarrassment.

 She spoke. “Mrs. Adams?”

 I nodded, croaking out a “yes.”

 “I’m nurse Johnson, from Homecare Inc.” She adjusted
 her little hat. “I’ve been hired to look in on you.”

 That made sense. I assumed that Ed, or possibly
 Alley, had decided that I needed some medical
 attention. Very thoughtful, really. “Come in.”

 I took a step back from the door, but stumbled. I was
 still rather dizzy and weak. The nurse rushed forward
 and grabbed my shoulder, steadying me.

 “Here,” she said. “You belong on your back.” She was
 right; a fresh wave of dizziness washed over me. She
 put her hand around my shoulders and helped me back
 up the steps. At one point, I stumbled, and she
 dropped her hand to my rear end to steady me. She kept
 it there for the rest of the journey, using it to
 control my progress. I was acutely aware of it…

 Finally we reached the bedroom and she steered me into
 the bed. “Now you just lie there, honey,” she told me,
 pulling off my robe, “and let nurse Welles take care
 of you.”

 Shivering, I fell back onto the mattress. The nurse
 fixed the pillow behind my head and then began
 straightening out the tangled sheets at my feet. I
 watched for a bit. In my feverish state, her movements
 seemed almost hypnotic. Her long, slender arms moving
 over my body; the way her red hair tumbled out from
 beneath the white cap bent over… I was quite unable
 to take my eyes off her. Eventually, however, the
 fever took hold and I began to drift away. I was so
 tired. I think I fell into a bit of a daze.

 It was like I was dreaming. I felt my nightie – a long
 tee-shirt, really – being pulled up until it was
 bunched under my chin. Then a voice: “Just relax…
 relax… leave everything to nurse Welles… she’ll
 take care of you…”

 I relaxed. Then I felt a pair of soft hands – her
 hands – running along the top of my chest and then
 down to my breasts. My breasts! I wanted to sit up and
 push those hands away – I’d never been touched there
 by another woman – but it felt so good. Those hands
 slid over my breasts, rubbing… massaging… tweaking
 my nipples…

 I couldn’t help but let out a quiet sigh as those hands
 left my breasts and moved slowly across my stomach and
 down to my crotch.

 “Just relax…” I felt her finger on the top of my
 pussy, just touching, teasing me… I moaned and thrust
 my hips up to meet that finger, but every time I did
 so, it moved away, not quite losing contact, but just
 enough so the pressure didn’t increase.

 “Please…” Was that my voice begging? I must have
 been delirious. But it felt so good. After a few mo-
 ments, I felt her hands parting my thighs. I helped,
 opening my legs and thrusting upwards slightly with my
 crotch. I was rewarded with an extra bit of pressure,
 and let out a moan.

 Then I felt something cool and wettish, sliding down
 between my legs and up against my rear-end. “Just
 relax…” It pushed up against my anus. I tried to
 clench my ass muscles to stop it from entering, but
 every time I tightened up, the finger left my clit.

 Whimpering in frustration, I gave in and let her push
 the object into me. Further and further… and the
 deeper it went, the more pressure was brought to bear
 on my clit.

 Why wasn’t I saying something? Why was I letting this
 stranger invade my privacy like this? But as that
 thought drifted through my mind, my body shivered at
 the pleasure this person was giving me.

 I’d never had anything up there before, so it felt
 kind of strange. Hurt a bit, but the feelings of
 pleasure caused by the hand on my crotch more than
 made up for any discomfort. By now I was moaning and
 whimpering, feeling like I might come any moment.

 The feelings built and built until I was thrashing
 about on the bed, humping my crotch into her roaming
 hand, trying, needing to…

 …Ahhh… I sat up, drenched with sweat, pulling my
 soaked hand away from my throbbing crotch.

 I’d evidently masturbated myself to orgasm while I was
 sleeping. That fever did strange things to me. I kicked
 at the soaked sheets, trying to disentangle them from
 my sweaty legs.

 They were all twisted up, but I managed to pull my feet
 free and roll over onto my side. I knew that in a very
 short time I would be shivering so badly that I’d be
 forced to pull the matted sheets back up again, but for
 now I was just too hot.

 Damn fever.

 The mild flu that had sent me to bed early on Friday
 night had, over the weekend, developed into a raging
 fever. Ed had wanted to stay home with me, but I
 wouldn’t let him miss work. Besides, it wasn’t like
 he could do anything. I just had to sweat it out.


 The doorbell rang…

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