Something Different For Me

From one way of life to another, Welcome to the club

It had been a busy day; staffing a company stand in a huge international exhibition hall wasn’t an easy life, even if it was in Hong Kong. Business trips abroad are not all play and no work, quite the opposite, I was knackered and in need of refreshment in the form of a cold beer. The guy from the HK office (Ron) looked much the same as I felt; thankfully, this was our early finish afternoon so 2PM couldn’t come soon enough. The two replacement guys turned up to take the exhibition on until it closed at 7PM.

I looked across at Ron, ‘Beer?’ I asked.

‘Beer’ he replied. ‘I know just the place’

We walked out into the heat. Both loosening out ties and with our jackets over our shoulders, we set off away from the harbour; me following Ron to wherever we were going. We talked of this and that but mostly I was still soaking up the atmosphere in what is still one of the most exciting places in the world.

We walked for about ten minutes, passing a couple of likely looking places but Ron ignored them, finally turning into a small entrance set back slightly. Passing through the doors, there was a small desk behind which sat a guy in a concierge type uniform. Ron nodded to the chap who turned a book on the desk so that it faced Ron.

‘Private club,’ he said, ‘I need to sign you in. Oh, and we’ll need to redo our ties. They might just let us in if we’re carrying our jackets,’ he grinned. He did the signing bit as I adjusted my tie. He finished, turned to the stairs and headed up. I followed.

The stairs opened up into a large landing with another set of stairs going upwards, there was a chain across them to indicate no entry, and a large room off to the side. It was noticeably quiet after the noise of the street and pleasingly cool. Ron turned towards the room and I followed him in. It was well furnished with large comfortable chairs set four at a time around low tables and sofas set opposite each other either side of longer low tables.

The bar was along a wall opposite the large window which gave a good view down the Gloucester Road we’d just walked along. Two good-looking barmen, resplendent in brilliant red and gold waistcoats, served behind the bar. There was discreet classical music playing softly. The whole atmosphere was of a well mannered and well staffed gentlemen’s club. But for the view, it could have been in London.

‘What would you like Jack?’ Ron asked me. ‘A beer as planned?’

‘That would be fine thanks’ I answered. I could already taste it!

He ordered the same and then turned and headed for one of the tables. I hesitated and then followed, understanding; the drinks would be brought to our table. Ron nodded to a few of the other members as we crossed the room, and they in turn acknowledged him and then me. We sat in adjacent chairs and I surveyed the room as we waited for our drinks. The only sounds were the quiet music and soft buzz of male voices.

We talked about the exhibition for a couple of minutes before our beers arrived. We both fell silent in appreciation as the barman set down two perfectly presented beers; both were in iced glasses and perfectly clear with a smooth white head. The barman left after a nod from Ron and we reached for our drinks. Raising them first towards each other, we then took a welcome sip. It was perfect.

‘This beats working for a living,’ I said

We sat there in mutual silence, enjoying the beer. I broke the silence by asking Ron if he’d like another. ‘You can’t,’ he replied, ‘one has to be a member. However,’ he paused for effect, ‘I can get you one.’ He stood and looked down at me, smiling. He held out his hand for my glass. As I handed it to him, our hands momentarily touched. He smiled again and then headed for the bar.

He returned to the table and we waited for our beer to be served. It came and we talked about nothing much. When we finished our beer, Ron asked me if I’d like another. I declined the kind offer and said I like to take advantage of our early finish and return to the hotel to wash and shave before going out for the evening. He agreed, and we got up and left the club; I felt slightly light-headed but alright. The heat hit us as we stepped into the street and I broke out into an instant sweat. I’d be glad for the shower.

He seemed much more relaxed when we arrived at the hotel and I felt at ease in his company. We collected our respective key cards and used them to call the lift. It slowed to a stop and we got in, traveling in silence to the 29th floor. Getting out, Ron turned left to go to his room and I right to go to mine.

‘Damn,’ I said out loud. The door to my room was open and the huge cleaning trolley parked outside. My early arrival had caught out the cleaners.

‘Hang on,’ said Ron, ‘get your stuff and you can use my bathroom.’ I thanked him and went to my room. I waved aside the profuse apologies of the chambermaid, saying it didn’t matter. I picked up my wash stuff, deciding to return to my room to change clothes later.

The door to Ron’s room was open; he was walking around in a bathrobe already and pouring a beer from the mini-bar. He held up the empty bottle in a silent question to me. I nodded acceptance. ‘Good’ he said and took another.

‘There is another bathrobe in the bathroom if you want to get out of those sticky clothes, Jack,’ he said. I thanked him and went into the bathroom. It seemed huge after the one in my smaller room. The privilege of rank I supposed. It had a large spa bath, a big walk-in shower with two shower heads on opposite walls, twin wash basins and a loo. I smiled at the ‘phone by the loo; oh to be that busy I thought with amusement. I quickly stripped off and put on the robe, putting my clothes to one side and then went into the main room. It was thankfully cool. Ron handed me a beer as I entered.

He turned and walked to the widow and pulled it open as far as it would go: not much as the hotel was clearly worried should somebody leap from it. That wonderful, indescribable warm scent of Asia filtered through the narrow gap as did the distant hum of traffic far below us. We stood side by side, barefoot on the three feet wide strip of cold and highly polished granite which ran the width of the room in front of the windows. We drank our beers in companionable silence, leaning forwards onto the stainless steel safety bar which ran across the windows at hip height.

Ron broke the silence. ‘What did you reckon to the club?’ he asked casually.

I thought for a few seconds. ‘A very comfortable oasis of calm,’ I said, ‘it has the air of privacy and privilege which I felt most comfortable in. Thanks for taking me there.’

‘It was my pleasure Jack; would you like to go there again sometime? They serve very good food for private dinner parties in a room on the next floor.’

I replied that I’d noticed the closed off stairs and a dinner party there would be something to look forward to.

‘That’s good,’ he said thought fully. ‘That’s good,’ he repeated.

I said I’d like to wash my face and shave and then shower.

‘Sounds good to me Jack,’ he said, ‘I’ll shower in the meantime.’

I went into the bathroom and filled one of the basins, rinsed my face, dried it and got out my razor. As I did so, Ron came in and reached into the big shower and turned on one of the heads; as he waited for the hot water, he shrugged off his bathrobe and without any hesitation, hung it up on one of the hooks. I glanced in the mirror at him, out of curiosity more than interest. He was well formed, the same height as me and tanned, except where he’d worn briefs, as he turned back to the shower I had a fleeting glimpse of his circumcised penis. He looked good I thought as I started to shave.

As I shaved to the background noise of the shower, I thought of the exhibition, the walk back, the club and now here at the hotel. As these thoughts went through my head, they assembled into a pattern and started to make connections. As I stood there shaving, a dawning realisation emerged: the club, all professional men, the private acknowledgements, the low buzz of male voices, the quiet and unassuming comfort, the casual smiles of goodbye, men comfortable in the company of other men and then Ron’s casual question about my view of the club, and then it hit me.

I’d been taken to a men’s club, not an outwardly gay club, a men’s club. A subtle place where men could be men without the perceived social stigma of being overtly gay. And now me, here with a naked man in the same room only a couple of feet away. I’d finished shaving and didn’t quite know what to do next. I was now damp with my own perspiration generated by the warmth of the room and my racing thoughts. Ron compounded my dilemma.

‘Plenty of room in here for two,’ he called out. Then just the silence, broken only by the sound of the shower running. He compounded my dilemma by leaning across the shower and started up the other shower head. He stood in front of me soaked from head to toe, grinning at my discomfort. ‘Come on in Jack, the water’s great,’ he smiled. As if hypnotized, I slowly undid my bathrobe and let if fall to the floor. I saw Ron give me a quick all-over glance; I stepped into my side of the shower. I was nervous to say the least.

I moved under the shower-head and let the water run over my head and on down over by body; this was so I could legitimately stand there with my eyes shut and gives my heart time to slow down. After a minute or two, I relaxed more and thought to myself, what is the big deal about sharing a very large shower with another man?

I opened my eyes and saw that Ron was busy soaping himself all over; he was covered in soap and he had his eyes shut as he washed his hair. He was clearly taking no notice of me so I relaxed even more and reached for the liquid soap dispenser. Standing there with the warm water pouring over me, I started to soap myself. I was now almost fully relaxed.

We carried doing our own things for quite a while so it caught me by surprise when Ron said, quite casually and naturally, ‘Can you scrub my back with this thing Jack?,’ offering me a pad made of mattered course rope, with a strap across the back of it to keep it on ones hand. He proffered it in such a natural way that I instinctively accepted it: as I did so, he casually turned away from me and leaned slightly forward onto the wall, taking his weight onto his hands which he placed at shoulder height, and about a foot wider than the width of his shoulders. I hesitated; Ron waited, saying nothing. I gathered my courage and squeezed some soap onto the pad, put my hand through the loop and slowly reached up to his shoulders.

At first, I was hesitant but soon got into the rhythm of scrubbing across his shoulders. I was gentle at first but he pushed himself back against the force of my hand indicating to me that he wanted to feel the roughness of the rope against his skin. As I continued to add more soap and relax again, I loosened up and got into the swing of it; as I did so, Ron started to move against my movements. 

As I relaxed further, I was able to stand nearer him and not at arms length, making my movements more fluid and natural. As I worked away from his shoulders and down his back, he started, almost imperceptivity, to slowly rotate his hips. As I moved down to his waist, the movements, although not blatant, started to take on a sensual quality. I decided that I’d go no lower than the top of his (rather fine) arse.

I got to my self appointed limit and then moved on up his back to his shoulders again. He was still making his gyratory movements as I reached above his shoulder and grabbed the shower-head out of its clip on the wall, freeing it on the end of its long, flexible chromed pipe. I rinsed his shoulders using it like a hose and then down over his back. The soap ran down his back in great white rivulet’s across, and between the cheeks of his arse and on down his legs.

I rinsed on down to his waist, across his arse and than knelt slightly as I chased the last of the soap down the back of his legs and across his feet. As I glanced up I caught a glimpse of his balls, still with a residue of soap on them, as he continued to move his arse in slow circular movements. I turned the head of the shower over so that the jets were firing upwards and, as I stood, let the jets spray up into his arse and across his balls. As the jets hit, I heard a distinct hiss as he drew a sudden breath through his teeth.

I turned the head over again and sprayed his back as I moved to replace the shower head back in its socket above his head. As I did so, his moving arse brushed across my penis – and then again. It wasn’t an accident, it was a deliberate movement. I dropped the shower head back into its socket as his arse brushed me a third time. My mind raced; I hadn’t been standing that close to him. I looked down at the gap between us; it was a small gap, or had been, but it had been narrowed by the fact that I had the beginnings of an erection.

‘I’ll do yours now Ron,’ he said as if nothing had happened; I turned away, not in acceptance, but to hide my embarrassment, dropping the back scrub in my hurry to do so. He casually knelt to retrieve the scrub as I turned to face the wall, taking up a stance much as he had. He first covered my shoulders with soap using his hand, not the scrub, and then my back also. It felt strange and I wondered when he’d use the scrub as his movements didn’t suggest that he was in any sort of hurry.

He carried on down to my lower back and I tensed slightly as he carried on past my waist and without any hesitation casually soaped either cheek of my arse. He re-soaped his hand then and returned to the back of my legs and on to my feet. I sensed him stand and move closer; there was a slight pause and then I felt the roughness of the scrub across my shoulders. I relaxed then. It was quite pleasant being scrubbed, the roughness of it, the hot water, and the luxury I suppose of being pampered.

He reached across and released the shower head and hosed down my shoulders, back, arse and then my legs before returning it to its bracket on the wall. It felt good. When I’d totally relaxed, Ron caught me unawares.

‘Turn around Jack,’ he said softly.

Without any thought or hesitation, I did just that; as I turned to face him, I made momentary eye contact and then leant back against the wall, closing my eyes as I did so. He soaped my shoulders, arms and chest before re-soaping his hands. In the pause, I tensed; I felt his hands soap my hips and the flat of my stomach and then nonchalantly, and very momentarily, my penis and balls in one smooth, practiced movement. Before I had time to react, he’d moved on to my thighs and legs. I looked down as he did so and checked out my penis; it was full but not hard. It felt pleasant and I was pleased that I hadn’t reacted more. I was in control of this I thought to myself.

He finished soaping me and stood up, reaching for the shower head as he came upright. He lifted it out of its bracket and started to spray it over my neck and shoulders; it felt good. He moved on down across my chest, creating a cascade of hot soapy water which flowed over my stomach, hips and down across me legs. Moving on down, he sprayed it across my stomach and hips and then across my full penis and then up under my balls. He hesitated for the merest moment and then stooped down to rinse my legs and feet. I relaxed, he hadn’t tried anything. He finished my legs and feet and then moved as if to stand up, instead of which he moved slightly up and took my penis fully into his mouth. I pulled away.

‘No, Ron,’ I said.

In one movement, I stepped from the shower and reached for the bathrobe. I hastily tried to pull it on but it clung to my wet body so I just threw it around my shoulders and left the bathroom. I went straight for the mini-bar, grabbed a miniature vodka, threw a handful of ice from the bucket into a glass, poured the whole lot in and took a generous swig. My heart was racing as I leant on the steel safety bar in front of the windows, the metal cold against my hot skin exposed by the hastily thrown on bathrobe. I waited for by breathing to return to normal and my erection to subside; his mouth had felt too good for comfort. Standing there, staring out at the traffic far below, and not particularly seeing it, I calmed down and my erection faded. I went to pull the gown off my shoulders to put it on over my now dry skin.

‘Let me help,’ said Ronald’s voice from behind me.

I looked into the window to see his gowned reflection coming towards me. He walked up behind me and gently took it off my shoulders and held it so that I could put it on. I put my free hand in first and then transferred my drink to the other hand to get my other arm in. Ronald pulled it up onto my shoulders.

‘Give me that,’ he said reaching for my drink, ‘so that you can tie the cord.’ Wordlessly, I handed him my glass and then tied the cord around my waist.

I turned and leaned back against the safety bar. Ronald put my drink down on the table and then just looked at me questioningly.

‘You’re in a dangerous game Ron,’ I said.

He said nothing, just moved closer to stand beside me, looking out of the window. He looked so disappointed.

‘It’s OK,’ he said, ‘I understand, but I’m alright; there’s nothing wrong with me. The guys in the club are all like me, discreet and very selective. They don’t do the gay scene, and neither do I. I haven’t been with anybody for well over a year now.’

He stood there looking so utterly sad that I felt a great compassion towards him. With hardly a thought, I moved towards him and gave him hug, nothing intimate, just a mans hug and he mutually returned it.

‘I hope I didn’t offend you.’ his muffled voice said into my shoulder.

‘Not at all,’ I said, ‘don’t worry about it.’

I realised that his damp hair smelt good and that perhaps I should break this hug. I relaxed my grip and he did the same.

We looked at each other and he gave me a shy smile. ‘Sorry,’ he said.

‘It doesn’t matter.’ I said, and then without any conscious thought, leaned towards him and, softly and briefly, kissed him.

I don’t know who was the most surprised. We pulled slightly apart and looked silently at each other. Then, in a moment, we both knew what was going to happen. We moved towards each other and kissed again, this time for longer and with some feeling. We briefly parted and then kissed again, this time with no hesitation. We kissed deeply and passionately, out tongues exploring each other. He held my head firmly to his as I pulled his body to mine.

I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. I fumbled around for the cord of his bathrobe and tugged it frantically to untie it. All the time he was wildly kissing me, his hand firmly holding my hair. As the cord came free I pulled the front of his gown aside and then reached up, pushing it off his shoulder. He broke the kiss and let me go so that he could shrug off the gown. He stood in front of me naked with the most wonderful erection.

‘Now yours,’ he said.

I undid my gown and, without taking my eyes off his face, let it fall open and then shrugged it first off one shoulder and then the other, letting it fall to the floor. His eyes dropped to look at my cock, and I looked also. It stood out horizontally, a dewdrop of precum leaking out as we watched. We both looked up and moved towards each other and embraced. We kissed slowly, a lovers kiss. As we did so, Ron ran his hands down by sides and around the cheeks of my arse, pulling me close.

I felt his cock hard against me and then both his and mine pressed between us. It felt good and I felt great. Letting go of me, he stepped slightly back and then reached down to take my cock in his hand; gently he pulled it as he stepped slightly back. I got the message and moved forward, smiling, he let go of my cock, turned and walked towards the bedroom. I remember particularly noticing again his fine arse. I followed him, with not a little nervousness.

The room was lit only by the lights from the surrounding tall buildings and neon signs. Ron killed the air-conditioner and opened the window a little and the warm air and noise from the traffic far below flowed into the room. I stood in the room watching him as he moved confidently around the room, unabashed by his nakedness and fine erection. I felt surprisingly unembarrassed but remained nervous. Feeling somewhat awkward, I sat down on the edge of the bed, my stiff cock standing at an angle.

Ronald moved to the other side of the bed and lay down on his back, stretching himself luxuriously as he did so. He then lay still looking at me, his cock stood practically vertical to his flat stomach. He reached up and put his hand on my shoulder, then, imperceptivity, gently pulled. I just rolled back, turning as I did so. He held his arms open and we fell into an embrace.

There were no more inhibitions.

We kissed, rolled, fondled, grabbed, kneaded, nipped, sucked and rubbed together, glorying in each others closeness and willingness to be as we were. It was just unbridled passion made all the more exciting, for me, as a first time into something that I had always regarded as taboo and something I never imagined that I would ever do, or ever want to do. I enjoyed the anticipation of waiting for the moment of Ronald taking my rigid cock into his mouth and me so badly wanting to do the same to him.

Eventually we slowed down, he was full length on top of me kissing me gently now. He then moved down my chest, giving little, light kisses as he went. When he got to my nipples he sucked them gently, flicking his tongue across them as he did so; just as do to my wife. It felt strangely erotic and I felt my cock harden even more, indeed, I felt as if I would cum it felt that good. He moved on down, still giving little kisses across my stomach; I closed my eyes in anticipation. I felt his lips lift from my skin and then, after a slight pause, his warm breath on my cock; I held my breath, waiting.

After what felt like an age, I felt his tongue flick lightly across the end of my penis, a pause, and then the tip of it pushing into the eye of my cock; he held it there and jiggled it slightly, taking my cock with it. I felt a large drop of precum ooze out of me and around the tip of his tongue. In one movement, he then took the leaking head of my circumcised cock into his mouth and gently sucked. I groaned out loud as I felt a great rush of precum well out of me; as it did, he slid the length of my cock into his mouth.

How I didn’t cum I’ll never know; I just willed it not to happen. Ronald must have sensed it as he lifted his head clear of me; I felt my cock fall away and the cooler air of the room on it.

‘OK?’ he asked.

I opened my eyes and looked down at him. I nodded.

‘OK,’ I said and closed my eyes again.

He was gentle about it, sucking me for as long as I could take it before I took his head in my hands to stop him. We’d wait, and I let go of his head and he’d start again. Eventually, I held his head and kept hold of it. I was ready to explode. I looked at him and we silently and mutually agreed to rest. He moved up the bed and lay beside me, then, provocatively, rolled onto his back, putting his hands behind his head. I looked at him and then down at his cock. It stood almost vertical, its head glistening with precum; I was awed at the size of it too; it looked huge even to my eyes; circumcised and thicker about a third of the way down its length before tapering down again to where the root of it was surrounded by thick, glossy dark hair. It was magnificent; it was a sculpture in flesh. I was envious. I moved my hand towards it.

I grasped it, gently as first and then firmer; I was surprised at the solidity of it and how big and warm it felt in my hand. I had never touched another man; the only experience I could bring to Ronald was that which I had learned from early girlfriends and my wife over the years of marriage. Squeezing gently, I pulled up on his cock and was rewarded with a generous flow of precum; I watched as it flowed over the head of his cock and onto my fingers; I parted them slightly and so that the precum flowed between them and then slid by wet hand down his cock. Once at the root, I squeezed again and moved up to milk another great teardrop of crystal clear liquid. I repeated this twice more until his cock was a glistening rigid pole. I was now turned on like never before; now I wanted to take him into my mouth.

I moved towards my goal and Ronald shifted slightly to meet my mouth; I’d intended to savour the moment but as I opened my mouth the combined movement of both of us resulted in me taking a major part of his cock deeply in my mouth in one go. To stop it going too far, I firmly clamped it between my lips, something he must have felt as he stopped moving, and then relaxed. His cock felt huge, very warm and tasting slightly salty from the precum; I lifted my head so that I had only the head of his cock in my mouth; gently, very gently, I sucked it whilst moving my tongue around the head, just as my wife has done to me countless times over the years. 

Although his cock was rigid, the head felt soft and pliable in my mouth and I enjoyed feeling it give under my tongue. Ronald was breathing heavily now and I couldn’t resist milking another great drop of precum from him as I held him in my mouth. It was a wonderful sensation to feel is rise from him and over my tongue; the warmth of it as I spread it over the head of his cock. Unintentionally, my wife had taught me well. Ronald lifted my head from his cock.

‘Wait,’ he said, breathing heavily, ‘Wait,’ he said again.

I gazed at his cock as his breathing slowed. He pulled me up so that I was above him and I lay on top of him. His eyes were closed and I kissed him softly on his slightly parted lips. Our hard cocks were pressed together and I could feel the stickiness of our combined precum between us. I moved up and down slightly; our slippery cocks sliding back and forth over each other; it was a good and intimate feeling.

As I raised my head, Ronald said, ‘Lay beside me Jack.’ I reluctantly rolled off him and onto my back beside him.

‘Stay here,’ he commanded, and then rolled off the bed and walked out into the sitting room. In half a minute or so, he returned with the tube of liquid soap from the shower and a towel.

I must have looked doubtful as he said, with a smile, ‘For me, not you.’

He sat on the edge of the bed beside me and reached for my hard cock. He expertly milked it of some precum which he rubbed down the length of it. Then he squeezed a generous drop of liquid soap on the head of my cock and let it spread itself over the head and watched as it started to run down my cock. He reached over and placed the tube on the bedside table and then wiped his hands on the towel. I lay there watching and waiting, not without some trepidation. In the last hour, I’d done things I never even thought of doing and now this; I knew where this was going next and I wasn’t sure if I could manage it.

Ronald turned and knelt beside me; he then lifted is right leg over me and knelt astride me over my hips. Nothing was said by either of us. He leaned forward, putting his hands either side of my head on the pillow; he just looked down upon me. We stayed like this, he looking down on me, and me looking up at him, for a short while; then, without breaking his gaze, Ronald moved upright, reached behind him and took my cock into his hand.

Gradually, he lowered himself until I could feel my cock slide between the cheeks of his arse and then the slight sensation of it being pressed down as it came up against a resistance. With the slightest movement, Ronald pressed down and I felt a gentle grip around the tip of my cock. He let go of it and then leaned forward again, placing his hands either side of my shoulders; my cock stayed is the entrance of his arse. In all of this time, Ronald’s eyes never left my face.

‘Don’t cum,’ he whispered and then, in one practiced movement pressed gently back and my cock slid fully into him.

It happened so quickly that I can’t remember any sensation of it happening, but I can remember the feeling of warmth around my cock as his arse made soft contact with the tops of my legs. He sat perfectly still, and grinned down at me. I said nothing as I couldn’t begin to know what if anything I could say. The silence was absolute. I lay there, frightened to move in case I came; eventually I got my mind and cock under control and I felt able to relax. As I did so, I felt my hips sinking into the bed as I relaxed; I must have been tensing up to meet him as he settled onto me. He smiled at me again.

‘Don’t move,’ he said quietly. I nodded my assent; I didn’t dare say anything in case it was the wrong thing to do. This is new to me remember.

He lifted off me and my cock fell forward at an angle across my stomach. Ronald reached across and picked up the tube of liquid soap and squeezed another load of it onto it. He dropped the tube onto the bed beside him and, without using his hand, knelt above me and lowered himself onto my cock. It slid inside him and he put all of his weight upon me to drive it as deep into him as it would go. He paused slightly and then slowly and deliberately rose and then fell again onto me; gradually, he built up a rhythm. He grinned down at me and I returned his smile; we were fucking and I felt marvelous and strangely manly.

His arse was tight around me; it was hot and slightly rough but I slid in and out of him with ease. His cock was hard but not rigid and it swayed from side to side as he rose and fell on my eager prick. I was now stiff inside him and beginning to move against him as he settled onto me at the end of each movement. Gradually, between us we set up a rhythm; he settling onto me as I rose to meet his lovely arse. At one point I reached down to take each of his arse cheeks, gripping them so that I could go deeper into him.

It seemed that we went for ages. He stopped twice more to lubricate my cock and we picked up our rhythm easily again. As he moved, I looked at his swaying penis, it was now leaking precum, some of it was falling onto me and some running along his shaft. I gently held his cock and pulled to milk more precum out of him. A huge drop came out so I did it again, with the same result. I moved my hand and spread the precum over the head of his cock and then down along its length. It was wonderfully slippery and started to become harder and rigid. Ronald continued to move on my cock as I slowly masturbated him; the precum kept flowing and eventually, his movement became irregular as I increased my hand movement; then, he stopped moving altogether.

He stopped with my cock only half inside him as I continued to stroke his shaft; his eyes were closed and his breath coming is short gasps. He let out a great sigh and suddenly let all of his weight go onto my prick which buried it deep inside him. With one gasp, a huge jet of cum shot from his cock; I felt the heat of is as it landed across my stomach and chest. As a second jet followed, I felt my control slipping and I stopped trying.

As I exploded cum into his arse, I let go of his spurting cock and sat up and hugged Ronald to me. We sat there in mutual exquisite agony as we came. His cum continued to rage from his cock,trapped as it was between or stomachs; I felt his hot cum squirt between us as I felt myself cumming into his arse. Eventually (it seemed like an age) we quietened and my cum ceased to flow. I pulled slightly away from Ronald and looked at him, almost guiltily. He smiled and then tenderly kissed me. I returned his kiss and relaxed.

We stayed like this for a little while and I then lay back down, releasing the scent of Ronald’s cum which covered our stomachs; I scooped some into my hand and massaged his softening cock with it. After a minute or so, he eased himself forwards and my soft penis fell out of him. Instinctively, I moved to one side and he lay beside me. He lifted his left arm, I moved close, putting my head on his shoulder. He brought the other arm over and held me close to him, kissing me on the forehead as he did so.

‘Was that so bad?’ he asked.

‘No,’ I said softly, ‘no, it wasn’t.’

We lay there in silence for some time until I moved; I suddenly needed some space.

‘You’re leaving,’ Ronald said in a statement rather than a question.

‘Only to shower,’ I said, more in delaying the moment than in truth.

‘I’ll join you,’ he said, moving to sit on the edge of the bed.

I was conscious of him looking at me as he followed me to the bathroom. I walked into the shower and hit both taps for the respective shower heads; I didn’t care about the temperature, I just needed to clean up and get out to order by thoughts. I directed the water onto my chest to rinse off his cum and then to my softened, but still thickened, cock. Ronald was soaping himself and then let the water cascade over his head. I couldn’t help actively noticing, and admitting to myself, that he looked good. He noticed me looking at him and he reached for my cock; firmly he gripped it and pulled gently, milking a tear-drop of residual cum from me. He wiped it off with his finger and, without breaking my gaze, seductively licked it.

‘Mmm’ he hummed, ‘lovely.’ I felt my cock stir.

Half smiling, I reached up to turn off the shower; I needed to move.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. I cursorily dried off and pulled on my shirt, pants and trousers. The rest of my stuff I crammed in my wash bag. I pushed my still damp feet into my shoes; I turned to face Ron who’d silently watched me. I went to say something, I don’t recall what, but he beat me to it.

‘Don’t feel bad about this Jack’ his kind eyes looking into mine, ‘It was mutually good, wasn’t it?’ he asked.

Nodding my agreement, I said, ‘Yes it was.’

‘That’s good,’ he said, ‘tomorrow then?’

‘Yes.’ I heard myself reply as if outside of my body. ‘Yes,’ I repeated.

I picked up the rest of my stuff and left. I almost ran down the corridor back to my room. I messed up the swipe of the key card and the lock glowed red to show it hadn’t been activated. I calmed down and swiped it again, slower this time. The light turned green and I gratefully pushed the door open; once inside, I leant against the closed door; I didn’t put any lights on as the ambient light from the city below was enough. After a couple of minutes, I walked further into the room and absent mindedly undressed. I walked naked to the bathroom, picking up my wash bag on the way.

I quickly rinsed my mouth and as I turned to leave, caught sight of myself in the mirror. I looked back at myself. Did I look different? Did it show what I had done? Would others know? All these thought raced through my head as I stared at myself. I turned away and went back into the room and on into the bedroom. I climbed into bed and lay there staring at the ceiling. What had I done I asked myself; all the taboos had deserted me and I had done something I never would have thought myself capable of. I lay there for what felt like hours, the thoughts going through my head making sleep impossible.

I got up and stood at the window, pressed against the safety bar; it felt cold on my skin and the three feet wide strip of black granite floor between the edge of the carpet and the windows cool to my feet. I stood there for a good while, I don’t know for how long, with my thoughts dragging me back to what I had done. As my thoughts unfolded and I stopped trying to make sense of what I had done, I felt my cock stirring and soon came to a full erection. Slowly, as I stood looking out across the harbor, I stroked myself, milking a little precum every few strokes and spreading it over the head of my cock.

I didn’t stop; I carried on until I felt myself near the edge and I still didn’t stop. Standing there a little way back from the window, I came, and came hard. My cum lay in white streaks, stark against the black of the granite floor. As the spasms subsided, I felt my warm cum fall onto my legs and over my fingers; with my free hand I’d held onto the safety bar for support as I felt as if my legs would collapse.

‘Fuck, that felt good,’ I said to the empty room.

I padded to the bathroom and rinsed myself off in the shower. I returned with a handful of tissues and cleared up the floor by the window. Dumping the paper into the bin I dropped onto the bed. My next recollection was of the room filled with daylight, it was 10 in the morning; we were due at the exhibition for noon until 7pm. How would I face Ronald I asked myself; I’d soon find out though I decided to get there early so that we met in public; I felt it would be easier that way.

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