Spear My Tight Asshole

One summer while I was in college I took a job at a hotel so I could pay
my bills. I was a bellman. What was great about working as a bellman was
that I wasn’t stuck in one area. I could wander the whole hotel and talk
to different staff members anywhere.

There was one guy who I got to know quite well. His name was Dale. Dale
was a sales manager and I never thought he was gay or bi. Dale was a
little shorter than me, was a little chubby, had a big ass, slicked back
hair, and glasses. I never even considered him attractive but I loved sex
so much–I didn’t care what he looked like. It was a Tuesday evening when
Dale and I had our first encounter. He was the manager on duty that
evening and I had gotten a page to help him in the executive offices with
some boxes.

Since it was the evening, there wasn’t anyone in the offices. Most of the
lights were out except for Dale’s office. I went in and asked him what I
could do for him. “Yeah Vince, could you help me with those boxes in the
corner and take them to the storage room on the 10th floor?”

Being the ‘perfect employee’ I said “No problem Dale.” I went over to the
boxes and bent over to pick one up. I was startled when Dale placed his
hand firmly on one of my buttocks when I was bent over and massaged my ass
with a finger.

Still rubbing my hole he whispered “How about we go upstairs where we have
more privacy?” I bit my lip and nodded. We headed upstairs loaded with
boxes. My cock was hard as a rock and was so sensitive as it rubbed
against my boxers. Once we were upstairs and Dale opened the storage room
I dropped the boxes on the floor, fell to my knees and whipped out Dale’s
cock. His too was rock hard and he produced a nice eight inch shaft with
a nice purpleish cock head that was already oozing with pre-cum. I stuck
my tongue out and licked the salty fluid being sure to run my tongue all
around his cock head to lube it up. It was working too because he let out
a deep moan and placed his hands on my head. He shoved my mouth over his
cock and proceeded to fuck my hot oral “cunt.” I pulled Dale’s cock from
my mouth roughly, and licked his meat with my wet tongue–running my mouth
up and down. I took light bites on his prick, just like it was corn on
the cob. Cupping his tightened balls, I put his dick back in my mouth and
continued to suck for his cum.

Dale’s pants had fallen to his knees by now and he yanked his red dick
from my mouth and slapped my face with it. “You’re such a little slut
Vince. Yeah, a little slut. Now I’m gonna FUCK your little tight ass
HARD.” I got up on my feet, let my pants fall down. Dale turned me
around and pushed me over onto some of the boxes. I loved being
dominated. Dale spread my ass apart with his strong hands and I felt a
wet finger probe my opening. Soon, Dale had two or three fat fingers
fucking my young pink asshole. It felt soo good.

“Fuck me Dale. Spear my tight asshole with that fat, long, hard cock of
yours!” Dale must have been really worked up because he didn’t give a
fuck about me. He just shoved his meat up my ass. Oh it hurt–but I
loved it. His initial thrust sent his cock halfway up my ass. With his
thrusts getting stronger and deeper I felt like such a bitch impaled on
his meat- it was great. Dale squeezed my hips and just pounded my ass.

“I’m cumming, yeah I’m gonna cuuuum” and with that Dale sent a flood of
his warm juice up my ass. He pulled out and sat down on some boxes behind
him catching his breath. I still lay face down on the boxes and could
feel Dale’s cum running out of my ass and down my leg. Dale got up, took
a tissue from his jacket pocket and cleaned up his cum from me. “Vince,
let me suck you off.”

He took my dick in his mouth and within 30 seconds I sent my cum careening
down his throat. Dale licked all my juice up and kissed me on the cheek.

I cleaned myself up and went downstairs and checked in with my manager.
“Hi Tanya. Sorry it took so long but Dale had a lot of stuff for me to

“Sure Vince.” Alice said smirking. I think she knew what happened. She
knew I would fuck just about anyone.

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