Special Trip

My wife and I are in our early 40’s and we found ourselves with the kids at college, me selling our small business for a nice profit and looking at a cold January winter in the north. So we decided to drive to Florida and enjoy some sun. I booked us at a condo and we headed out.

We had several days to get there so we took our time. We drove and found a hotel in time for dinner and headed to the bar for a drink. We started talking to a group of guys that were part of a basketball team for a small college. They were between games so had the night off. There were 5 of them and all seemed pretty interested in my wife and she flirted right back with all of them.

We bought the guys dinner in the bar and then stayed for a live band and Kim traded off dancing with all of them. I ended up getting distracted playing pool with some other guys and after a while I noticed my wife was no where to be found. I headed back to the room assuming my wife was there and when I arrived at our room I could hear quite a commotion so I looked in and found my wife naked dancing for the guys.

She was giving one of the guys a lap dance and his hands were roaming all over her ass and I saw him reach behind and put a couple fingers in her pussy and I think one might have found her backdoor as they kissed. He then pulled them out and fed them to Kim. He was black and my wife seemed to be really into him kissing him letting him do what he wanted to her.

She then started undoing his pants and slid off his lap and grabbed his cock, taking him into her mouth and giving him a blow job right in front of all the guys. She did this for a few minutes and then she got up and lowered herself onto his cock and I watched as this young stud fucked my wife bareback with all the other guys yelling out in encouragement.

I was a little stunned by the scene and stayed towards the back so I did not disturb the activity. He said he was going to cum and she got off him and he sprayed his cum all over her tits. Then a white guy grabbed her threw her on the ground and buried his cock into her pretty quickly and fucked her until he came in her pussy.

It was kind of strange watching this but it was a turn on, my cock was rock hard in my pants. She slid up to the tallest guy, who had to be almost 7 feet tall, and got up on his lap and ground her cum soaked pussy on his crotch, cum was dripping out onto his pants and then did the same as the first guy and pulled his pants down and started sucking him. She was on all fours and her ass was wide open for the taking so one of the other black guys got behind her pulled out his cock which must have been 8 inches.

He put the cock to her pussy and slid in as she kept sucking the big guys cock. He started pounding her hard and she had a hard time concentrating on the cock in her mouth and I am pretty sure she had an orgasm. She then started stroking the cock very fast until he started cumming in her mouth and about that time the guy fucking her erupted in her pussy.

The last guy was right there and slid his cock into her pussy and used the cum oozing out of her pussy as lube and worked his thumb into her ass. With a quick motion he pulled out of her pussy and started sliding his cock into her ass. At first she said no, no but he kept pushing it and as it made its way to full penetration she seemed to accept it and then seemed to enjoy it. This was a shock since she had only let me fuck her ass a couple times. He grabbed her hips and thrust it slowly at first and then faster and faster until he was ready to cum and he pulled out and sprayed it all over his back.

The first guy was hard again and said, “I have to get some of that ass,” and was right there to bury his cock in her pussy to lube it some and then slid it into her ass. He started fucking her ass and seemed to last forever and finally he was ready to cum and instead of pulling out he came deep in her ass. When he finished, he was the last one there and looked at me and said, “Thanks man,” and left.

I went over and kissed my wife and she said, “If you want to fuck my ass, now is the time.”

So I got behind her and started sliding my cock into her ass and cum that was just deposited sprayed out. I started to pound her ass and was just too excited and started cumming very quickly adding my cum to her anal passage. We took showers and headed to bed.

By next morning but I knew this trip was going to be something special.

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