Stay At My House

Helping those escaping the wrath of Hurricane Ike seemed like a noble cause when I became involved with my church assisting the victims. We were providing food and beds for men women and children in the family life center of the church. It was a tiring but an enjoyable task. On the second night we had filled up our beds and had called the local hurricane coordination center and informed them we were out of beds.

It was late at night and I was ready to go home when this young black man came in and said he needed shelter. I looked him over and saw that he was one damn good specimen of the human male, muscular, not too tall but not short, firm jaw and a teasing smile, with dancing eyes.

I don’t know how to describe it any better, but it was one of those times when a female sees a male and immediately gets weak knees. I am telling you he had that affect on this older white married woman. I could see that he was taking me in from head to foot. I was wondering if I had the same affect on him.

The shelter director informed him that we were out of beds and if he wanted to stay, he would have to use a blanket and sleep on the floor. He smiled, thanked her, and agreed to do so.

I do not know what possessed me but I blurted out, “Oh I have an extra bedroom and can take him in.”

He walked to me and said, “Hi, My name is Jackson.” I responded and told him my name was Jane.

Actually my husband was working overseas at this time and had been gone for a month on a 6 month contract with a defense contractor.  I was not sure I had made a good decision under the circumstances. It really had not set in on me until we were in our cars headed to my house. I kept glancing in the rear view mirror to be sure that Jackson was still able to keep up with me as my mind was racing like mad. What have I done! I thought.

My mind flipped and I let my subconscious take control of my normally rational evaluation of situations. Here I am inviting a sexy young black man into my house while my husband is gone and I do not even know anything about Jackson. Oh well what is done is done.

I drove into the garage, lowered the door and stepped out the side and motioned to Jackson to come in the side door with me. We walked through the kitchen into the family room where I sat down on the couch, threw off my shoes and said to Jackson, “Have a seat. I hope you do not mind if I rest my feet as I have been on them all day and they need some rest.”

“Oh I understand. Maybe I can use the time to get my stuff out of the car if you will tell me where my room is.” I told him it was the one on the left down the hall and that mine was the one on the right.

Jackson got settled in his room then returned to the family room where I still had my feet up on the couch as I sort of reclined on one of the arm rests. Jackson reached down and lifted my feet and sat beneath them and started a massage. I was a bit startled at first. Jackson looked at me and said, “I hope it is OK. I figured the least I can do is give your feet some relief.”

I giggled and relaxed as Jackson continues the massage. I closed my eyes and let my mind do some wandering. I was deep in thought of how nice it would be if Jackson would wake me up in the morning with a massage between my thighs. “OHHHH stop it now, Jane, you are a married white woman, it isn’t good to think this way.”

I barely opened my eyes and looked at Jackson. I could see that some beads of sweat were popping out on his forehead, hummmmmmm I thought, wonder what is getting him so heated up, hehe!

I also noted that he seemed to be preoccupied with looking up my long shapely legs. My skirt had managed to slip up pretty high on my thighs and I was not about to pull my skirt down. I wanted him to enjoy my white thighs.

Guess I should describe myself some. I am 5 ft 9 inches tall, dark hair and eyes, nice round bottom that swings when I walk, I have a full bush that is very dark, thick and curly. My breasts are c-cup size.

I shut my eyes and sort of wiggled some moving one of my feet in a position in Jackson’s lap to note that his black cock was getting firm. I sort of sighed and relaxed and encouraged Jackson with some works like, “Hmm, that feels so good Jackson.” Hummm and breathed a sign or two, “ummmmm.”

“Jackson I guess all good things have to come to an end sometime. I think it is my bedtime and there is only one bathroom so why don’t you go first to get your shower.”

“OK Jane, I am off to the shower.”

I lay on the couch until I heard Jackson go into his bedroom. I then went to my room and put on a robe and headed for the shower. After my shower, as I passed Jackson’s bedroom door, I noticed it was open and the moonlight lit the room. Jackson was lying in the bed naked. I stopped as I saw his long hard cock standing up as if for inspection.

Well, if it was seeking my approval, I was ready to give it my highest rating. Gee it was long hard black and so damn sexy looking. I stood starring at it when suddenly I noticed that Jackson was looking at me with a grin on his face. I abruptly moved to my room and closed the door as I almost passed out with the excitement of what I had just seen.

I didn’t know what to do. Before this happened, I thought I would like to have him but now that I had seen this manly specimen of a cock, I knew that I wanted it between my legs, punching deep inside me. I put my hand down between my legs and felt my wet pussy as it shivered in anticipation knowing that there was a hot cock just a few feet away that my white pussy needed. My husband had been gone over a month and his wife was getting horny in his absence.

How would I do this? What should I do? Should I wait to see if Jackson would knock on my door to ask me some off the wall question? I wrapped my fingers around my clit and gently massaged it making my heat rise higher and higher. My mind was now unable to function as it kept telling me to fuck that black stud. Don’t worry about being married, just do what any white woman would do when she sees a hard black cock ready to fuck her.

I knew it was no use. My sexual desires had risen to take control of my body and mind as I got out of bed, walked to the next room, pushed the door open, walked to Jackson’s bed and looked at his jet black body laying on the white sheets. His manhood was still standing tall. 

In a low manly voice, Jackson said, “Come on Momma, Yo Daddy needs you.”

I just melted at his words and knew that I was now for the moment, I would be his as I moved onto the bed. I went into his arms as we kissed like two horny high school teens after the Senior Prom. I soon trailed kisses down his black body, rubbing my face on his kinky chest hair and nibbling his nipples. I moved on down as I felt his ball sack knowing they were filled with black baby seed ready to be planted in my garden. I licked the clear nectar from the head of his black cock and circled it with my tongue as he moaned with delight. His cock stiffened with each lick. I took his cock into my mouth as he gently and slowly pushed into my mouth.

I could hear him breathing hard and moaning deeply in his throat delighting in passion. I then moved my woman hood above him and straddled his head as he sniffed his hot bitch and started licking my clear nectar.  I felt his tongue take control of my now swollen clit and nibbled sending shivers all over my body. We continued this for a few minutes until we both were about to loose control.

Jackson pushed me over and took control as I opened my thighs to welcome my horny black stud. He entered me and slowly pushed until I felt the head of his cock push against the mouth of my womb as if to open it up so that he could plant his seed.

Jackson started thrusting as I gasped at the thickness and depth as his cock started giving my white pussy what it had been waiting for. I dug my nails into his back, as he put his hands under my white butt and pulled me tight. I knew he was getting ready to ride hard and fast. I wrapped my arms tighter and held on, as each thrust grew harder and faster and deeper. I was gasping with each thrust and thrusting back with thrusts of my own. I was now breathing as hard as Jackson and we both were wringing wet with sweat.

I started verbalizing like never before. “Fuck me, you fucking black stud. Fuck you white Momma! Damn you! Give me all you have! Oh Daddy! Empty those black balls in my white pussy! I’m yo Momma!” His black balls were now pounding on my white ass like wrecking balls.

Jackson started his own verbalization, “Uuhhhhh fuck! Uhhhh!” as he grunted with each thrust. “Yo me, white bitch! Yo me, white Momma! I’m fucking yo white ass! I’m gonna empty my balls in yo ass!”

I soon screamed out as I dug my nails in his back, “Yo Momma is gonna cumm! Cum in yo Momma. Make me cum Daddy.” Jackson then thrust hard and deep as his cock started throbbing. I felt each shot of black cum then I started shaking all over as I entered my orgasm, my vagina started contracting pulling the last drop of his black seed and pulling the sperm deep inside my white womb. I then went still for a moment then collapsed as Jackson stopped thrusting and lay on top of his fresh fucked bitch, letting the last drop of black sperm drain from his black balls. I held onto my black stud as I lay there relaxing and thinking of the pleasure we had just had.

I whispered to Jackson, “Just think, Hurricane Ike did this.”

I moved over and lay beside me as we drifted off into sleep. I awoke the next morning and was confused at first as to where I was and who I was in bed with. I soon remembered and felt down between my legs and the pubic hair that was now matted with dried black sperm. I looked over at Jackson and his deflated black cock that had been so grand and gorgeous the night before.

I knew that it had been well taken care of by me and was sure I it would be eager to rise up to the occasion once again when tempted. I gently kissed my black toy and as I did, I felt a tingle down between my thighs. Calm down now Jane! I thought.

I decided to get up and fix Jackson a good breakfast as I suspected he was going to need it before the morning was over. I knew that my white pussy was ready to get some more of that good black cock.

I heard Jackson coming into the kitchen so I met him at the table with a cup of coffee and a kiss, “Good morning, my black lover. Did you enjoy you first night in my house”?

He reached under my housecoat and cupped his hand on my hairy fir bun, and said, “This is mine now baby. I have staked my claim.”

“OHHHHH and this is mine Daddy,” as I grasp his black cock and gave it a gently squeeze.

We both laughed as we looked at each other.

I was now thinking of what the next night would be like. Sexxxxxxxxx and a lot of it.

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