Straight Boss Needs Relief From Gay Worker

I worked at a construction Company in Cincinnati and was a proposal editor in the marketing department. My boss was a blonde haired, bow-legged beefcake former minor league baseball player with, you guessed it, a wife and kid.  Bummer.  He was in excellent shape after being out of the league for about 3 years, (he was only in the league for a couple of months before he was cut because of a pulled hamstring.)

He was pretty bright for a sports guy, but it was pretty obvious that he was hired by a good old boy network of men in the construction biz.

Ever since I worked at this place, this guy made me horny.  After hours, this guy would walk around with his shirt untucked and his pants undone, like he was at home in the privacy of his own home or something.  Really weird, but I fucking loved it.

I’m no former baseball player, but girls always fawn all over me, poor things; I’ve got a decent muscular build, 5-9″  with meaty legs and some balls that, well, they’re pretty low hangers when it’s hot out, and a cock that grows to a huge 8″ when I’m about to unload. I play sports and folks usually don’t know that I’m gay, for whatever reason. 

My boss didn’t know I wanted him real bad, either.  And he never made out like he ever even thought of looking at me twice, but I did notice that he felt so comfortable with me around that he would play “pretend gay” games when he was in a joking mood.  For instance, once this guy patted my ass when I walked out of his office, and said “I can’t help it, buddy, I haven’t had any! Heheh” .  He made it like a silly joke.

He kept doin’ this and doin this.  It got more and more explicit, too.  One day in summer he was talking about how horny he was, and it was just he and I in his office, and he kept saying how much he wanted to get laid that he used to say shit like “I could even take a blow job from a homeless guy, a fucking goat.”  He would close his eyes and lean way back in his chair with his thighs slung wide apart to show his fucking meaty basket. Balls the size of fucking kiwi fruits.  One packed neatly on the left side of the crotch seam on his dress pants, and the other, you could see from the outline, nestled on the right side. 

The way he sat, his pants road up like a pair of jockey shorts; his cock, appearing erect–it had to be erect because it stretched from the tightly packed balls all the way up, pointing to the his left pocket, and if he had his hand even resting at the top of the pocket, he could have felt his own hard knob jutting through the pocket.  He was so hot I would just fucking stare at him for as long as I could until he opened his eyes!

Anyway, one night we were working late on this proposal and I ended up having to type the damn thing myself on one of the computers because the rest of the staff had prior engagements.  Anyway, I am typing up this damn construction proposal, and Derek, this blonde baseball stud, my boss, comes up real close to the keyboard, kind of joking and says something stupid like, “Can you proof this?”  and he is just standing there fully clothed, but with a huge fucking hard-on–like nine inches at least– pointing up left, like before. Icouldn’t fucking believe it.

I looked up at him, and he fucking stared at me like, “touch it, touch it”.  I looked down, and he was wearing his gray suit, which wasn’t the tightest suit or anything, but I could see the outline of his huge nutsack, his unbelievable fucking cock, and a fucking wet spot near the top of the left pocket. 

“Jesus, what are you fucking horny or what?”  I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Whoa, yea, this time I’m not kidding, you gotta help me out, here, my man.”

I lifted my hand slowly from the keyboard and I grabbed at the outline of his ballsack.  I pinched between what I thought where his balls would be and I held his ballsack between my thumb and forefinger.  I pulled gently at the ballsack, tugging so that his cock attached would kind of dance around in his pants.  He groaned this kind of high pitched moan, and I undid his belt and then his pants.

When I undid the zipper, I did it real slow and wanted to see what kind of shorts he was wearing.  He was wearing white Hanes briefs, and as I pulled the pants down, it was incredible.  His balls were huge, but they were riding up and separating so that his nuts spread apart from each other in the briefs which were
pretty tight.  And then, the humongous rod almost protruding from the top of the shorts with a bigger spot on them than was on the pants. 

I tugged at the left leg opening of his briefs and stretched it across the front of his nutsack, and I saw them.  They were fucking huge, pink nuts with brownish-blonde hair peaking out from the sides in back of them.  But the most interesting thing was that they were riding up like he was going to come, and there was an extra skin from his ballsack that I could see from the underside of this groin, leading to his butcheeks in back–he was jutting his nutsack so far up and forward that I could see the underside of his ballsack leading to his meaty ass! 

I put my mouth– not on his nuts– but right in between them as they rode up toward his rod, all the time stretching the briefs off to the side.  It was like I was sucking the very base of his shaft, right where it starts on the under side, and then, I grabbed his nuts with my lips and sucked them until they hung down a little more. 

I pulled his briefs down, and his huge fucking cock sprung away from the moist briefs and there was a little spider web-like silver thread of come that connected the whitish-pink head to the briefs. 

He moaned real high again when I stuck out my ready tongue and laid it right on the under side of the head of the guy’s knob and I squeezed my mouth around the rod pushing all the way down the shaft.

He couldn’t fucking handle it!  He grabbed my head and screamed with a closed mouth and he fucking shot hot come down the back of my throat and the roof of my mouth. It must have been like, six huge spurts, the last two were outside my mouth because he pulled out and grabbed his shaft-tip with his major-league sized hand pumping the two last strings of jiz on to the rug.
He said “whoa, that was out of control, man. Shit, whew! Heheh” and he felt a little embarrassed and he started pulling his pants back up.

“Don’t tell anyone about this, okay man?”

I said something like, “Jesus, don’t YOU tell anyone.”

He didn’t fucking reciprocate or anything, which I was pissed about, that fucking premature sports stud! What a laugh.  Anyway, it was hot.

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