Suck As If Your Life Depended On It

I hadn’t heard from my college buddy Gary in over 7 years, so it was a real surprise when he called me out of the blue, and asked if I would meet him at the beach that evening. Gary was a handsome blond guy with a substantial cock, with heavy low hanging balls. I would think of him often in my college days when I beat off. 

We had never had sex, and I never saw him nude, but had seen the outline of his meat, and just knew it was thick, and uncut. Real man meat. I agreed to meet him in the parking lot. He was short with me on the phone, and as I was driving over to meet him, I had misgivings. But, I decided to take the chance, and am I glad I did!

I had described my car so when I arrived Gary got out of his car and came over. We shook hands. He didn’t release my hand but instead placed it on his already hard crotch. I was taken aback, but something inside me said to keep cool, this could be what I’ve always wanted.

As Gary walked around the car he must have unbuttoned his jeans because, when he got into the car, he hauled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. Never in my wildest dreams did I realize just how big his tool really was. 

Gary asked if I’d like a taste of his uncut rod before we went to my place. Man, was I ready for that! The aroma of his magnificent tool was as stimulating as its great size and tough hardness. I love uncut prick, so I pushed my hot wet tongue under the foreskin and nearly lost my mind with the excitement that his taste caused.

He pulled me up by the hair, and said, “The rest waits till we get to your place.”

On the way back to my house, he kept my right hand in his big crotch and said he hoped I was a good cocksucker. He was hot as a firecracker and said he needed a guy who could suck him dry. He’d always thought I was Gay, and knew I could fill his need. He said that he’d been thinking about me a lot over the past few months. He didn’t touch me but did keep up the talk about needing a good cocksucker.

When we got to my house, Gary wanted to take a shower. I was a little disappointed because I loved the sweaty cheesy aroma of his crotch, but he insisted.

While he showered, I made him some sandwiches and opened a can of beer. He sat at the kitchen table, naked and with a hard-on. As he was eating, I got busy with my professional mouth and tongue. His body was magnificent – blond hair on his well-developed chest, flat belly with hair down the middle right into lots of reddish-blond pubic hair surrounding his stud meat and unbelievably big balls.

When he said he was ready, I was out of my clothes in a flash and we were on the bed. He knew how to get me hot – or maybe its just always his way. He growled out commands: “Eat my stud dick, boy.” “Choke on that stallion meat.” “Wash those hairy nuts with your hot tongue.” “Open my asshole with your tongue and ram your finger up it.” “Chew on my tits, cocksucker.” “Tell me what a lucky cocksucker you are to have such a good stud.”

I responded to everything he ordered; sucked his tits, loved his belly, ate his meat, licked his big balls and sweet asshole. After about thirty minutes, I knew he was about ready to shoot me his wad. He told me he had a big load to wash out my throat with. Gary took his hands, placed them behind my head, and started humping me vigorously. Then he screamed, moaned, and groaned and shot a load of hot cum all over my face, wiping his fat tool over my lips, smearing the hot cum through my moustache.

I was really surprised afterwards when Gary started kissing and cuddling. He was all over me with real affection. This was really surprising after all that “macho” raving about cocksucking. I felt between his legs for that ramrod and found only a big, flaccid hose. It was only a few moments until Gary was sound asleep in my arms.

He told me he’d have to leave at 5 AM, so I was not surprised when Gary woke me at four. He said he’d like to have a little time before he left, that he’d like me to fuck him. He said his asshole cunt needed to be filled with the hot cock he’d been dreaming about. 

My cock leaped to attention, ready to fuck some sweaty, virgin manhole. He raised his legs, and I shoved my hard pre-cum soaked cock up his asshole with one lunge. His hot enormous meat was between our bellies as I fucked him. As Gary did when I had sucked him, he begged to be fucked harder, really turning me on and needless to say I shot him a creamy load of cum within a short time all over his ass cheeks. I just couldn’t hold back.

I noticed that his rod was jumping up and down and Gary asked if I were cocksucker enough to eat him again quickly. It was almost five A.M., so when I started in licking his big heavy nuts, Gary said, “I just want my cock sucked and then I’ve got to go.”

I buried Gary’s hard rod in my throat and I could feel the cream starting to rise from his hairy balls. He continued his talk: “Eat my meat.” Choke on that hot rod, you cocksucker.” “Suck it like your life depends on that hot load you’re going to get.” And then he shot it: a big, hot, delicious load of sweet cum all over my face. God, it felt good.

We dressed. Gary said he would have no coffee, said he had to go. We got into my car and started toward the beach parking lot. He took my right hand, kissed it, and put down his open fly. It stayed there until we got back to the parking lot. He said he’d be back again. I can hardly wait!

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