Sunday’s Game 1

After three holes the skies opened up and we were drenched by the time they made it to the clubhouse. No more golf today. Normally, we would have sat out the storm and then finished, but cold and wet, none of the foursome the stomach for more golf or the lunch and drinks we usually enjoyed afterwards. Just a quick shower and a change of clothes and I headed home – four hours early. I parked in the driveway and let myself in the side garage door, carrying my wet clothes to the dryer in the laundry room.

As I was about to punch the start button on the dryer, I heard the voices. Oh great, I thought, visitors. The day was just getting better and better. What next, the toilet overflowing? Worse! It was Jeff , my next door neighbor and fellow employee. Known as the company bore, he wasn’t satisfied boring me at work.

No, he had to drive me crazy in my private life, too. He had selected, out of the thousands of houses in our city, the one house next door to me to buy.

His wife Myra, also a bore, although attractive and well built. She usually accompanied him on his unannounced visits around the neighborhood. Five minutes with these two would put anyone to sleep. Even Michelle would be in dire need of rescuing by now, I thought. But then, who better than her to suffer the boring visits of these two. Jeff bored me to tears every day of my life at work, and whenever he managed to invade my privacy at home. I wasn’t about to let him and Myra ruin my Sunday afternoon. Nope, I’d slip on some dry clothes and find a football game at a local bar. Let Michelle deal with them.

That fateful Sunday started off with the same old routine. We’d been married for ten years, Michelle and I, and our life was a comfortable routine. Work was routine, play was routine, and worst of all our sex life was routine. Once, twice a month seemed to be plenty for both of us. I missed the intensity, but it didn’t seem that Michelle cared. She never initiated sex and often declined when I did. Was this the way the rest of our life was going to be?

Anyway, on this particular Sunday morning, I impassionately kissed my wife and headed for the golf course. We had a regular foursome that played every Sunday without fail, rain or shine. However, this Sunday it wasn’t just rain. By the time we teed off the sky was filled with a mass of very black clouds. After three holes the lightning started and soon the heavens opened up. We headed for the shelter of the clubhouse, where it was planned that we’d have a couple of drinks and wait for the storm to pass. If it didn’t pass, we’d have a few more drinks and then some lunch.

On this day, it seemed obvious to me that we weren’t going to be seeing any sunshine, so I decided to go home and do a few of the things around the house that Michelle had been nagging me about. My golf buddies complained loudly and called me a few choice names like ‘pussy-whipped, but I was determined to play the ‘good husband’ today.

Grinning to myself I turned and headed back out of the house. No, I wasn’t about to subject myself to the punishment of Jeff and Myra.

Then she giggled. I froze in my tracks. It was the same giggle I’d heard all those years ago. The nervous half-laugh that she laughed the first time I seduced her. I paused and waited. Another giggle, followed by, “Oh, Jeff, No!”

Springtime – Six months earlier. Jeff and Myra loved the house. The negotiations were simple since the sellers were anxious, and the deal was made in less than a week. Financing, moving, everything had gone very smooth. Everything went like clockwork and within three months they were all moved in and settled. Next door lived Brad and Michelle and Jeff liked the idea of buying the house here because Brad and Jeff worked together. So far the relationship hadn’t really developed but with time, Jeff was sure they’d be fast friends.

Jeff picked a room high in the attic above the second floor, to build his office. He framed it out, put in a bathroom, and added dormers on either side of the house with large double windows, to give him a bright, sunny atmosphere. He then added windows on each the end of the house and was delighted to note that, with his high perch he could see in every direction with almost totally unobstructed views. He decided that a telescope would but a nice addition for exploring the neighborhood. He finished everything off with carpeting, wallpaper.

On one end he built his office. On the other, he set up his photo lab with a darkroom and plenty of storage for his equipment, supplies and photos. He spared no expense. This place was his little getaway. He did some work at home, but mostly his hobby was photography and videography. Here he could get away from Myra and the rest of the world to be alone and work with his true love – pornography. He had a large collection – some he’d taken himself but mostly stuff he’d purchased. Now, with the right equipment he hoped to expand his collection of his own work.

As Spring turned into Summer Jeff became more and more comfortable with his office/studio, often spending whole weekend afternoons up there. Myra was busy most weekends with her mother and her two sisters. She usually traveled the sixty miles to see her mother on Sundays and Jeff looked forward to the time alone in his office. One particularly warm Sunday morning he was busy organizing some new photos when he heard the garage door next door and then saw Brad backing out. “Off to golf,” he thought. “Someday, I’ll have to take up that game.”

As he sat looking at his neighbor’s house, Michelle came out the back door dressed in a light robe and carrying an armload of towels, books, a pitcher of what was probably iced tea, and various other bottles. She placed everything on a small table next to a lounge, spread out the towel, and took off her robe. She had on only a tiny bikini, and it showed off her magnificent body in the most wonderful way. “God, she’s gorgeous,” thought Jeff. He quickly put away his photos and picked up his camera and took a few shots of this luscious creature. Then he attached a long lens and set it up on a tripod. Looking through this very powerful lens, Jeff could clearly see every detail of Michelle’s body. Her face filled the entire lens. He snapped a couple of pictures of her lovely face with the sunglasses on. “What a sun goddess.”

“She’s gorgeous,” he thought to himself, “I’ve got to get this on video.” With that he quickly moved a tripod into position and mounted his digital camera. Zooming it to fill the entire viewer with her body, he started it running. It was connected to a large monitor and he could see Michelle’s body in 35 inch color. Then he pickup his 35mm camera and settled in to watch.

As he started snapping pictures, Jeff was delighted when Michelle sat up, reached behind her and removed her top. Her breasts sprang free, and Jeff’s cock immediately rose to attention. “Wow! She’s really something. Come on, Baby, take it all off.” As if responding to Jeff’s pleading, Michelle raised her hips and slid the tiny bottom of the bikini off. She obviously thought that the high shrubs in their yard protected her from any viewers. She wasn’t aware of Jeff’s wonderful vantage point high in his attic. He snapped some pictures of her vital body parts in extreme close-up, but the long lens could barely get both of her breasts in the frame, so he switched to a shorter lens so he could get her whole body in the picture.

She then rubbed sun lotion on her body, paying careful attention to her breasts. She did her stomach, arms and legs. Finally, she allowed her legs to part and her hand wandered down between her legs to rub some of the lotion in that most delicate spot. She lingered there for a while, gently stroking herself, before lying back, eyes closed and drifted off into a nap under the warm sun.

Jeff had it all on film. His beautiful, young neighbor lying naked in the sun stroking that luscious pussy. Great stuff for his collection.

“Oh, Jeff, No?” What was going on here? I stopped dead in my tracks. Cautiously and silently, thanks to the sound of the falling rain, I shut the door, removed my shoes and padded over to the dining room door. The sight which greeted me was well…routine. It was Jeff and Michelle; Myra was not here. That’s interesting. Where was Myra? Anyway, Jeff and Michelle were sitting together at the dinner table looking at a photo album. Jeff and Myra’s photo album. The one we’d seen about, oh, two thousand times. Yet Michelle’s face was flushed, that endearing combination of embarrassment and arousal that I had come to know so well. And forgotten.

“Aw, come on, Michelle! It’ll be fun! Just a couple like these.” He was showing her some photos in the album. I looked harder and could see a woman posing – probably Myra. “And maybe a couple like these,” he said flipping the page. The woman was now posed, lying on the sofa in only a bra and panties.

“No, not those! But as she was saying “No”, she was nodding, “Yes.” “Maybe a couple like these,” she pulled the pages back to the originals. “Maybe just one or two – but nice ones!”

Michelle was very unhappy. They’s been married ten years and it felt like their marriage was over. No children, no sex, no future. Brad worked all the time and expected her to just make a life without him. When he came home he was either too busy with work he’d carried home or he was too tired from all the work he’d done that day. She’d tried talking to him, but he just tuned her out, sometimes his mind would just drift away in the middle of her sentence. Yesterday, she’d asked him if they couldn’t please do something about their “problem.” She reminded him that they hadn’t had sex in over a month. She needed the sex, wanted it, but in the middle of his pleading, he just said, “Do you know what that stupid Jeff is doing to his house now?” He hadn’t heard any of her conversation.

She was desperate with longing. Discussing it with her friend, Janet, wasn’t much help either. Her solution: “Maybe you should find yourself a lover?”

That was no solution at all. She wanted her marriage to work, but it just seemed that it was going nowhere. A lover wasn’t the solution. Not that there weren’t plenty of opportunities. She enjoyed the flirting and the attention she got from men, but she was afraid of the risk to her marriage. But it was fun to play.

Even Jeff, their neighbor was paying a lot more attention to her these past few weeks. He always seemed to find an excuse to drop by. Lately, he’d just been coming through the gate into their back yard and knocking on the patio door. If it was open, he’d just walk right it. “Someday, he’s going to come into my yard and catch me when I’m sunbathing nude,” she thought, and the idea was more appealing to her than she thought it should be.

Yesterday, they got to talking about photography, and Jeff asked her if she’d ever consider doing some modeling. She was flattered, of course.

“What kind of modeling?” she’d asked.

“Oh, glamour stuff, cute, sexy stuff,” he replied. “Semi-nude,” he’d added when she seemed interested.

“Well, I don’t think anyone would be interested in me. That stuff is for all those twenty year old beauties. Besides, I don’t know about the ‘semi-nude’ part.

“I’ve shot some stuff of Myra. I’d like to show it to you. Maybe it would be something you’d be interested in doing. You certainly have the looks for it.”

“Why thank you!” It was the first time a man had complimented her like that in a long time. Her husband hadn’t noticed her in weeks. It felt very good and she found herself becoming sexually aroused at the thought of posing “semi- nude” in front of a camera. What did that mean anyway?

“You going to be around tomorrow? I’ll get some stuff together and bring it over. I’ll bring my camera, too, and we’ll take a couple of test shots.”

“Well, Brad will be playing golf tomorrow, so I guess…”

“Ten o’clock okay?”

“Uhhhh.. Okay, I guess.” What was she getting herself into? But, it was nice having the attention of a man, and certainly there could be no harm at looking at a few photos of Jeff’s wife. If she became uncomfortable with the situation, she’d just ask him to leave.

“That’s the spirit. That’s my girl!” A chill went up my spine. What was Jeff doing?

Your girl?

Michelle stood up nervously and giggled again. I found myself catching my breath. She was wearing the white dress that I’d bought for our last vacation to Jamaica. It fit her perfectly, hugging her in all the right places, accentuating her breasts, hips and bottom. The top was ‘off the shoulder’ and scooped with buttons down the front. When she leaned forward, I knew Jeff could see the tops of her white breasts. She looked beautiful. I felt myself getting hard. The sight of her like this was only partly responsible. The thought of Jeff seeing her breasts caused a wave of excitement in him.

Here she was, standing in front of Jeff, behaving in a very sexy manner, flirting. Nervously she struck a pose, pouting lips, hands on knees. Just like Marilyn Monroe. Jeff laughed with delight and stood up. That’s when I noticed the camera in his hand. It was a large camera with a flash mounted on top and I could see the name Nikon on it. I’d heard that Jeff was a very serious amateur photographer, and he was clearly an expert with the thing for in the space of a second or two he’d taken half a dozen pictures of a very red faced Michelle. The camera was a professional model with a motor drive and a large film magazine mounted on the back. He was obviously prepared to take a lot of high quality pictures of my wife. Somehow that camera made things a lot more exciting for Michelle – and for me as well.

“You’re very beautiful.”

“Thank you, kind sir!” Michelle sang and sank back in her chair, her dress riding up a little. She blushed even redder and covered her face with her hands. “I feel so stupid doing this.”

“Oh come on now! You’re a great deal prettier than Marilyn ever was.” This was a side of Jeff I’d never seen before. “Wait a minute! I have a few more shots left here. Come on, a few more, huh?”

A few more? With that camera he probably had a hundred feet of film and could shoot 500 shots – or more.

Michelle didn’t hesitate for very long this time. She struck a couple of poses and the camera clicked away happily.

“Now, unbutton the top button of your dress.

“Unbutton? No, I don’t think so.”

“Just one. Remember how Myra posed in those pictures.”

“Well, Myra’s your wife,” but even as she protested her fingers were playing with the top button.

“Come on, you can do it. Just one little button. Oh, that’s very nice. One more? Please? Pretty Please? Oh, you’re so beautiful!” With only a brief hesitation, she had unbuttoned first the top button and then the second. Then she leaned forward so the dress fell open and Jeff could get a full view of her breasts. What was going on here? This guy was looking right down here dress and shooting pictures of her half exposed breasts!

“All right! A bit more leg. That’s it! More! Come on, Michelle!” Again there wasn’t too much hesitation before she raised the hem of her dress to knee level. I smiled. Typical Michelle. To her this was daring.

“Higher! Higher!”

“Beautiful, a couple more shots. Turn this way. Bend over. Great! Now unbutton one more. Yes! Great. Good, good. Another button.” Michelle was now following his instructions and the embarrassed blush was replaced with a healthy flush of passion. She was really enjoying this! The dress was open to her waist now, and I could clearly see her full breasts down to her nipples as she turned this way and that way for the camera.

Ok, now lets see those beautiful legs. Raise your skirt. Higher!

For a moment I considered rushing in and beating him senseless but something held me back. Curiosity perhaps. Whatever it was I’m glad I did. Biting her lower lip Michelle raised the hem of her dress a little higher.

“More Michelle! Come on, you have beautiful legs!” He quickly shot a sequence of her lovely legs as her dress moved even higher.

Maybe it was his compliments that did it, words she hadn’t heard in a long time. She gulped and, still biting her lip, she slowly raised the hem higher. Time stood still and all sound ceased to exist. All sound except the raspy breathing coming from Jeff, the shuddering breaths coming from Michelle and the clicking of the camera. And still her hem went higher. Inch by inch she revealed those magnificent thighs to his eyes. I knew his heart was beating with desire. And so was mine. Those familiar thighs were revealed in a new light. I had seen them so many times and yet I hadn’t seen them at all. Now they were being revealed to me for the first time. My breathing was labored as my eyes followed her hands, tugging at the hem. Higher! Higher! Until, ahhah! – just the glimpse, a wonderful glimpse of her panties.

I was dying for more. Please Michelle, I breathed, show me more.

“Take it off, Michelle!” Jeff commanded.

She stopped and looked at him, a long look as if she was making a major life decision, rationalizing what she was about to do. Decision time. Then with a deep sigh, she whisked the dress over her head and stood there, arms crossed over her breasts, eyes closed. She was beautiful. Below, her tiny panties hugged her mound, barely covering it, allowing wisps of hair to curl out from below. Above, she was braless, naked except for the cover afforded by her hands. That didn’t last very long either. With her eyes still shut she lowered her hands slowly. Ah Michelle! Her breasts were objects of perfection. Round, firm and full. They were made to be squeezed, fondled, caressed. The brown aureole, tipped with erect nipples beckoned to the tongue. The camera clicked feverishly.

“Your panties!” his voice was hoarse.

“N…n…no! No, I can’t!” she breathed but her actions belied her words. Her fingers snaked down her hips, slowly, uncertainly.

“Yes, Michelle, Do it!”

Shaking slightly she hooked her thumbs into the waistband. Then with a deep breath she peeled them off. I watched them fall and bunch up at her ankles. Then I raised my eyes to feast on her jet black forest of pubic hair. Jeff gasped and clicked away madly. His eyes were burning with desire.

“Lay down on the sofa!” he commanded. She did as he said. “Arms over your head. Cross your legs.” His camera fired over and over again he walked around the sofa getting different angles of her lovely body. She looked absolutely gorgeous lying there stretched out, eyes closed, mouth partly open.

“Now, spread your legs apart.” Slowly, very slowly, she followed his instructions. She seemed almost helpless not to do what he asked. Slowly her pink pussy came into full view.




“Wider!” “Wider!” The camera snapped more and more of her naked body as he zoomed in on her wet pussy.

“Now put your hand on your pussy?”

“I.. . I can’t do that.”

“Do it!” He commanded. As his flash fired several more times, her hand slowly descended between her legs, and she began to gently stroke herself with one finger. His camera caught every moment. The flashes popped one after the other and the only noises I could hear were the whine of the motor drive on the camera and my own heavy breathing.

“Now, stand up.” She did.

“Turn around,” he croaked. She turned facing the sofa, her back to Jeff.

She obeyed slowly, her movements shaky, uncertain. Her breasts were heaving, the nipples extended to their maximum. I watched her, my heart pounding, as she faced away from my hiding place revealing the beautifully rounded globes of her firm bum. They were magnificent. Enticing.

“Spread your legs, Michelle. More, More!” Jeff’s voice was barely audible. “Good… Now…bend over. Keep your knees straight. Just bend at the waist. That’s good, now bend over more. More! Put your face on the sofa. Good.”

Yes, I whispered desperately, yes! We were both rewarded. Again very slowly she parted her legs and bent down at the waist pushing her ass out at the same time. I almost cried out at the sight. The globes of her ass beckoned the eye to the crack between them, to the tiny, puckered rear hole, to the treasures below. There, presenting an obstructed view was her sweet crack guarded by the half shells of her slightly parted outer labia. As her legs parted those labia separated further revealing her shining folds, shining wetly. As Jeff clicked away a drop of moisture trickled out and ran down her inner thigh.

As Jeff was giving her these instruction, as she stood there, legs spread, face on the sofa and her beautiful rear end displayed in full view for us to see, Jeff reached into his camera bag and pulled out a tripod. Quickly, he extended the legs, and installed the camera to the top of the tripod. Then he reached back into his bag and pulled out a video camera and installed in on the side of the tripod. He would have both video and still pictures of my lovely wife totally naked.

What surprises would he have next?

“Can I get up now, Jeff?” Michelle asked, hopefully. Almost a little girl’s voice.

“No, stay just where you are. This is beautiful. You are gorgeous.” Jeff had started the video and was now using a remote control to fire his camera. At the same time, his right hand was busy undoing his fly.

I gulped, as the realization of what this development meant, feeling both terribly excited but a little jealous. I had ignored Michelle for so long, ignored her desires and her needs. She deserved this. The thought of watching her make love to another man – of watching another man fuck her – had always been a fantasy of mine. Now, it appeared that it was going to happen. I remained perfectly still. Let her have her fun. So I stayed in my hiding place and released my rock hard cock. It was wet and my hand felt slick on the skin. I was in heaven.

The sight of Michelle’s wide open pussy was driving me crazy. It was all I could do to keep myself from crying out. Somehow, I remained quiet, and when my eyes refocused it was to witness Jeff carefully, soundlessly approaching behind her. He had positioned the tripod with it’s two cameras slightly off to the side so that he wouldn’t block her beautiful pussy.

As Jeff approached her I could see, sticking out of his open fly, a very large and thick cock. He must have been fully eight inches in length and nearly as big around as my wrist. She’d never had a cock like this, but it was clear that very soon, Jeff was going to be fucking my wife.

Michelle was still facing away, eyes tightly shut. He paused for only a fraction of a second as he positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy. Then with a grunt he pushed forward burying his cock inside her in one single motion. Michelle’s head flew around, eyes wide open.

“What..?? Jeff! No! Jeff! Stop! Don’t! Ohhh!” Ignoring her protests, Jeff held her against the sofa preventing her from moving. Then he pulled out part way and drove into her again, and again, and again. Her pussy was very wet from the photo session and, in spite of his huge size, she had no trouble accommodating him. Then he started driving his cock into her. Her protests turned to whimpers and soon, she was pushing back, matching his thrusts. For a moment, I felt a sense of jealousy as I wondered at the ease with which she took him inside. My cock was nowhere near his size, but she’d taken him without any problem. But that moment of jealousy vanished as she closed her eyes once more and gasped with each thrust.

I watched as they fucked. Soon, their urgent thrusting toppled them onto the sofa. I noticed that Jeff had anticipated this with his placement of the cameras, and they were both getting great shots. Apparently he’d set the still camera on an automatic mode since it seemed to fire it’s strobe about every three seconds.

In the meantime, Michelle twisted around so she was facing Jeff and pulled him onto her. Reaching down she took hold of his cock and guided it inside her. Wrapping her legs around his waist she began a thrusting her pelvis upwards, eagerly meeting his thrusts. My hiding place offered me an excellent view of him sliding in and out of her, her juices dripping, running down her crack and onto the sofa.

My own cock was throbbing and I felt as though I would explode if I didn’t have some relief soon. My right hand was busy, feverishly stroking away.

“Ahhhh!…Ahhhh!… Jeff! Fuck me! …F…f… fuck me!..” Jeff responded with even harder, more eager thrusts. Then he began to grunt, and I knew he wasn’t far from coming. Would he stop? Would he pull out.

Michelle picked up on this, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Come! Come! I want to you come inside of me! Oh, yes, please come! I’m coming, too! Yes! Ahhhhhhhh!” Michelle’s scream pierced the air and her whole body shuddered as her orgasm tore through her. Her climax spurred Jeff on and he was obviously only too happy to comply with her request. His buttocks clenched and unclenched spasmodically and I knew that his cum was pouring deep inside my young wife’s belly. My hands moved faster, my ears still ringing with the words Michelle had uttered; forbidden words uttered by those sweet, demure lips. “Fuck me! Oh, Jeff, Please fuck me!”

I came right after Jeff and sprayed the wall with jets of come while waves of pleasure surged through my body. Breathing hard, I took out my handkerchief and wiped my cock before administering to the walls and carpet. There are still tell-tale stains there. Smiling, I slipped out the door and quietly drove away.

When I returned home late that afternoon, Michelle was dressed in shorts and a T-Shirt. She had no bra on, which was unusual for her, but there was no hint of what had happened in my house that day. She was cordial and routine. When we went to bed that night my thoughts of her being fucked by Jeff caused an instant hard-on and I began to pet her. She responded quickly and we made love with more intensity than we had in months. She was wild and as she approached orgasm she screamed, “Fuck me, fuck me!”

We were both thinking about the events of earlier in the day. Only this time she left out Jeff’s name.



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