Sunday’s Game

On Saturday Michelle was a wreck. At breakfast she was silent and when I spoke to her she jumped like I’d spooked her.

“What’s the matter with you? You’re as jumpy as a cat.”

“Oh, nothing, I just have a few things on my mind.”

“Anything I can help you with?” I asked trying hard to conceal the sarcasm in my voice.

“No, I’m going to a shower tomorrow with Myra,” she lied, “and I was trying to think of a gift to bring. I have to go out shopping.”

“Ummmm.” I answered pretending to be engrossed in my paper. Looking at her, I felt pangs of desire. She was some beautiful woman and I missed the great sex we used to have, but then the images of her sucking on Jeff’s cock came flooding back and my prick began to grow under the table. I reached down and tried to arrange it to make it more comfortable. I looked at Michelle as she went on, lying about her day, and thinking about what was going to happen tomorrow – about George’s big black cock slipping between her ruby lips. God, this was driving me crazy.

“Well?” She was looking at me with a puzzled look on her face.

“What? Oh, I’m sorry, I was thinking about something else.” I mumbled. Yes, I was thinking about something else, alright.

“I asked if you needed me to get anything for you while I’m out.”

“I’ll go with you.” I offered.

“No, I’ll be making several stops, Women’s stuff and you’ll be bored.”

We used to go out on weekends and have fun shopping. If she went to a ladies store I’d go and watch her try things on and always suggest something sexy for her to buy. When did that end?

I watched her as she cleaned the dishes from the table and then gathered her things. In a few minutes she was backing out of the garage.

I put in a call to Henry to let him know the coast was clear and he could come over to check out his camera stuff. An hour later Henry arrived along with Dave and Charles, the X-rated film guy. We talked about the details of how it would go tomorrow. There was no way the crew could get into the house Sunday morning, so I needed to get Michelle out of the house tonight for an hour or two so the crew could get in and settled. They would spend the night in my attic.

Michelle was gone all afternoon and when she returned she had only a couple of bags. She didn’t offer to show me what she’d purchased. I suspected she’d been shopping for a special outfit to wear for Jeff tomorrow, and when she had gone into our bedroom, I slipped out to the garage and checked her trunk. My suspicions were confirmed. There were several bags containing sexy dresses, lingerie, and even a pair of shoes with spike heels.. They must have been six inches long. Very sexy looking.

So much for her reluctance to meet with Jeff and George tomorrow. If I’d had any doubts about going through with the film production, they were erased when I saw the clothes.

That evening, it was tough getting her out of the house. Michelle wanted me to barbecue some hamburgers and just stay home. She said she was tired and needed to get a good night’s sleep. I insisted but practically had to drag her out of the house. We went to a Chinese place, and I excused myself to go to the bathroom where I called Dave on my cell phone and let him know the coast was clear to move the crew in. We’d be out at least an hour.

When we got home, it was very quiet – there was no evidence that anyone was in the attic. They were very professional. Even the little cameras around the house were virtually undetectable. I could see several little dots in the corners of the bedroom but if I didn’t know what they were I’d never have been suspicious.

I decided to give the guys upstairs a little thrill, so I insisted that we keep the lights on while we were undressing. Michelle wasn’t very receptive to my advances, but I pushed hard and she finally gave in. I stripped her nude in the full light and turned her around so that the camera’s could get good coverage.

Then I lay her on the bed and poured warm baby oil on her and gave her a long slow massage. She enjoyed that – since it didn’t require any action on her part so there was no protest. As she got more and more excited, I spread her legs and lifted her hips to give the camera in the corner a full view of her open and wet pussy. I had a tremendous hardon and was looking forward to making love to her. Slowly, I brought her to an intense orgasm. As she calmed down I moved between her legs and started to mount her to relieve my own tensions.

“Please, Brad, Not tonight. I’m just very tired.” Then she turned over and within seconds was sound asleep. I lay there awake for a long time, hurt and very angry.

Fuck her! It was now revenge time. Tomorrow my wife was going to have a ball while two guys fucked her brains out. And they were going to provide me the material to get my sweet revenge and even earn a bunch of money while doing it. Getting rid of a cheating wife and making a lot of money in the process – how sweet it is!

Next morning I was up at six – shower, coffee and toast and I was ready to leave. But I sat thinking for a long time. Today was going to be such an important crossroads for Michelle and me. I’d already decided, but I could still stop things. What was the use, Michelle had made her choice. I had to get going.

I went back to our bedroom to kiss Michelle goodbye; it really was goodbye. After today there would be nothing left of our marriage – no going back. I thought she was asleep, but when I walked in she was up and putting on a robe.

I don’t know what made me do it, but I had to try one more time. “Michelle, I know things haven’t been going well with us lately. What the hell, I don’t really need to play golf today. What do you say if we just take off and drive down the coast. We can get a little motel on the water, a bottle of champagne; spend a couple of days, just the two of us.”

She looked absolutely stunned, “Why, uh, we can’t do that. You have to be to work on Monday.”

“I’ll take off Monday. Come on, let’s do it. We’ll have fun, I promise. Please Michelle.”

“No, I can’t. I promised Myra that I’d go shopping with her, and I have a million other things to do. Maybe some other time. Okay? Oh, look at the time. You’d better get going or you’ll be late for your tee time.”

So. That ended it. Our marriage was over.

I met Dave at a diner. We ordered coffee; Dave a bagel.

After the waitress had served coffee, Dave smiled and said, “Henry called me a few minutes ago. Everything is a go. Your wife called Jeff ten seconds after you backed out of the driveway. She was still protesting the black guy coming, but Henry said she didn’t sound very convincing. He says she’s looking forward to doing the two of them.”

I was annoyed, “How the hell does he know that?”

“Well, right after she called Jeff, she called her girlfriend, Janet and told her she was going to do it. She said she’d never had a black man before and that she’d heard this guy George was really hung. Her exact quote was, “I’ve heard that you’re still a virgin until you’ve been done by a black man.” Quite a little wife you have there.”

I just sat there feeling a mix of anger, depression and sexual excitement.

Dave interrupted, “If you’d like, we can go over to Charles’ office. He’s got a video feed there from your house and we’ll be able to watch”

“How the hell did he get that installed.”

“He put it in last night, while you were out eating Chinese. Come on, let’s go; I’m excited to see some more of that gorgeous little wife of yours.”

The studio and office that Charles occupied would do justice to a medium-sized film studio. It was much larger and better equipped than I’d imagined and there was lots of activity going on. Video and DVD recorders filled several rooms as they duplicated the master films he purchased. He also did some filming here. There were people running all over the place.

A beautiful young receptionist showed us into a small theater and soon Charles joined us. He gave some instructions on a phone and the screen lit up showing my living room. It was empty. Charles spoke into the phone and the feed switched to our bathroom where Michelle was sitting in a bubble bath. They zoomed in on her face and I was astonished at the quality of the digital video. It was very good.

Speaking into a different phone, Charles said, “Lets see some of last night’s tape.” The screen went blank for a few seconds and then came alive with Michelle and me nude on the bed. I was stroking her to a climax and my erection was very visible. She was writhing in her orgasm and a few minutes later we all saw her shake her head and push me away.

“Some little bitch.” Charles said. “She lets you bring her off and then kisses you off for the night. Nice chick. Well, we’ll see if we can’t even things up a bit today.”

The screen then switched back to Michelle who was just getting out of the tub. We watched her as she dried herself and then shaved her legs, underarms and finally her pussy completely bare. Jeff’s request, according to Charles. Then she put on powder, lipstick, and perfume; paying particular attention to her breasts and her inner thighs. Forgoing any underwear at all, she then tried on several outfits before selecting a little black thing that was very sexy. It was black chiffon with a scoop neck and a full flowing skirt. She looked dazzling in it, especially when she put on the six inch spike heels and a single strand of pearls that I’d given her for our anniversary.

She examined herself in the mirror and nodded approvingly at her image. She was ready for her big day.

Charles was a great host. A lovely young waitress in an extremely revealing outfit brought us soda, drinks and told us in a very suggestive voice that we could have anything else that we wanted, just ask. I presume she meant snacks, but it wasn’t clear. We sat in the Charles’ theater and talked about the porno movie business while we watched Michelle on the theater screen pace around our living room. She was obviously very nervous about the black guy, George, coming today. Had it been only Jeff, I’m sure she would have been much more relaxed.

A speaker-phone beeped and Charles punched the button to hear, “Jeff is coming up the walk. No sign of the black guy.”

When the doorbell rang Michelle jumped visibly. She wiped her hands of perspiration and then opened the door. We could see the look of surprise on her face, “Jeff. But…where’s George?”

“Well, I knew you were nervous about him….”

“Oh. Well, I was getting used to the idea, sort of. But, I’m glad you’re here. Come in, come in. How are you, darling?” She reached for him and kissed him warmly.

He pushed past her into the room closing the door, “The neighbors might see.” he explained. Then he took her into his arms and they kissed deeply, his hands roaming over her body. Feeling her lack of underwear, “Wow, you really got ready for today. You look gorgeous and you feel so sexy.”

“I wanted to be desirable for you,” she breathed. “And I wanted to look special for you to show me off to George.” When he didn’t reply, she pulled him down on the sofa and rubbed her breasts into his chest, and then kissed him deeply.

Coming up for air she said, “Do you like my outfit? Too bad George isn’t going to see it.”

Charles interjected, “She’s brought up George three times. Obviously she’s reconciled her fears about being with him.”

Jeff smiled at her, “He was very disappointed that you didn’t want him. I told him you didn’t like Blacks.”

“Oh Jeff! Why did you tell him that? I don’t even know him, but anyway, I don’t feel that way. Honestly, that’s terrible. I feel bad that you told him that.”

“Isn’t that what you said? That you didn’t want him here?”

“Well, I was a little taken back when you suggested it. But, I was getting used to the idea. Actually, I was getting a little excited at the idea of having both of you.”

“But you were so angry at me for inviting him.” Jeff protested.

“Oh well, that was just because I wasn’t prepared for the idea. But my friend told me….” She stopped blushing.

Oh, so you’ve been talking to your friends about fucking a black guy?” When she didn’t answer, “Then,” asked Jeff, “I guess you really wouldn’t have minded if I brought him?”

“Well…No, I guess not.”

“Good!” said Jeff, producing a small cell phone. “Hi George. The coast is clear, come on over.”

“Jeff!” Michelle was annoyed. “You had this planned all along. Where is he?”

“At my house. We thought it better if I talked to you first, just to make sure. And anyway, we didn’t want the neighbors to see me and a black guy coming into your house.”

In the theater, the speaker phone blurted, “There’s a Black guy coming across the back lawn, he came out of the house next door.”

“That will be our friend George.” Charles said.

There was a knock at the back door and Jeff untangled himself from Michelle and got up to answer it. “Hi George, come on in and meet Michelle. You’re going to love this. She looks like a million dollars.”

Michelle saw a very handsome Black man following Jeff in from the kitchen. “George, this is Michelle. Isn’t she everything I told you she was? Michelle, this is my very best friend George.”

“Wow, she’s gorgeous, Jeff. Let me have a look.” George pulled Michelle up from the sofa and did a little dance with her. Then he twirled her around watching as the skirt flew out showing her lovely legs. “Jeff, Buddy! You’ve found a little treasure here. Thank you so very much for inviting me. We’re going to have a wonderful time today.”

George pulled Michelle close to him feeling her body up and down. His erection was growing and he rubbed it against her belly, and he kissed her deeply on the mouth. Michelle responded to him at once putting her arms around his neck and pulling herself even closer. Jeff watched, amused and George explored Michelle’s body. At this pace he’d have her on the floor in minutes.

Interrupting, Jeff asked, “Where’s Ron with the gear?

“He’s bringing it over now.”

“Who’s Ron?” Michelle asked. “And what gear is he bringing?”

“Ron is a friend of mine who’s into photography. Last week I took a couple of pictures of you, but it’s clumsy using a tripod, so I asked Ron to come over and take a few pictures of us.”

“Oh no! Not those kind of pictures again! Jeff, I just won’t have it. Send him away.”

Another knock on the back door announced Ron’s arrival. George went to let him in while Jeff explained the facts of life to Michelle. “Listen, Sweetheart, the fact is, that we’re going to take pictures of you, and video of you, and as many and as intimate as we want. And you have no choice. Do I have to keep explaining to you what’s going on here? You either cooperate with us or I give the pictures I took last week to your husband. Do I make myself clear. Do I??”

“Oh, Jeff. Don’t do this, please. Can’t we just be here and make love and enjoy each other?”

“Oh yes, we’re going to enjoy each other. And George and Ron are going to be here and be part of it. Now just get over it!”

Michelle started to cry, but Jeff pulled her close and kissed her deeply. She resisted briefly but then gave in to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. “Oh Jeff, I love you!”

“Ya, right. I love you, too, Sweetheart.” he murmured sarcastically.

I recognized Ron as soon as he walked into the room. “That’s my BOSS, I exclaimed. He’s not into photography. He just wants to fuck Michelle!” Ron was a short, balding man – about fifty I guess. He had been responsible for bringing Jeff into the company and also for promoting him ahead of me. Now I guess it was payoff time for him.

“Looks like the whole company is getting involved.” remarked Dave sarcastically.

Ron was busy setting up his gear and testing his lights. George found the CD player, put on some music and then pulled Michelle away from Jeff and started to dance with her. Jeff lay on the sofa and watched them.

It was starting. Now they were playing with her but very soon the play would stop and then they would be fucking my wife!

The next hour was all foreplay. George and Jeff took turns dancing with Michelle. I guess Ron couldn’t dance, or maybe he just liked to watch. But he seemed to enjoy watching, particularly when George was dancing with her. George would pull her dress up revealing her bare rear while he pressed his fingers into her. She was responding like I’d never seen her before. After a particularly sexy dance, George took her hands and put them on his crotch. “Take it out.” he ordered.

Without hesitation, she unzipped his fly and with difficulty managed to wrestle his monster cock out of his pants.

“My God! You’re huge.” exclaimed Michelle. And he was! I thought Jeff was big but this guy had a monster. His cock was like a horse. It must have been as big around as my arm and, it seemed to be at least a foot or more long. Michelle, her eyes wide with astonishment, was not able to reach around it with only one of her small hands around it, so she held him with both hands.

“Suck it.” he ordered as he pushed her head down. Ron moved in with a video camera as Michelle took the head of his cock into her mouth. It was so large that she could barely get her lips over it. But she tried. Oh, how she tried. She licked it and nibbled and stroked his up and down with one hand while the other caressed his balls. I could tell she was loving this. It was her first black cock and she meant to make it memorable.

Taking the head out of her mouth for a minute she said to nobody in particular, “Oh God! I love this cock. I’ve never seen anything like this in my whole life.”

George sat in a chair and Ron filmed every stroke of her mouth over the head of his cock. Ron seemed to be enjoying this almost as much as Jeff and George. His face was all red and he was perspiring as though he was really involved in the sex.

This was wonderful. Getting Jeff and Ron on video fucking my wife was priceless, how sweet the revenge.

Now Michelle was kneeling in front of George. Jeff lay on his back and slid up between Michelle’s legs. His head disappeared under her black chiffon dress but from her reaction I could tell he was licking her pussy. Ron filmed the whole thing and focused in on the large bulge in Jeff’s pants.

“I guess we should turn that thing loose,” Ron remarked. I didn’t comprehend what he was saying until he put the camera down and sat on the floor next to Jeff. He unzipped Jeff’s pants and pulled his cock out.

“Holy shit!” I remarked. “That’s my boss. The guy’s a fag!” We all watched as Ron stroked Jeff’s cock a few times and then took the full length of it into his mouth. He was giving Jeff a blowjob and Jeff was not resisting. “Jesus, this is incredible. I’m going to have pictures and videos of my boss giving Jeff a blowjob! Incredible.”

“Looks like they’ve done this before.” Charles remarked.

After a few minutes, Michelle pulled away and remarked, “I’m so horny. Will somebody please fuck me?” Then she saw Ron with his throat filled with Jeff’s cock. “Oh my God!”

George stood up pulling her with him, “Let’s go into the bedroom where we have more room.” Our cameras followed the four of them. Ron had retrieved his camera and wiping his chin off, he followed them down the hall.

As they were walking Michelle, George and Jeff were tearing at their clothes. By the time they got to our master bedroom they were all naked. Reaching the bed, they fell into a pile, Michelle on her back, legs high, Jeff kneeling between them. George, kneeled at her head and for the moment was content to push the head of his cock into Michelle’s mouth. Jeff pressed the head of his cock against Michelle’s pussy. She was very wet, both from her own juices and from Jeff’s tongue, and his cock slid easily into her.

“Oh, God! That feels so good,” she cried. Jeff began a steady cadence fucking my wife very hard. She was obviously loving it because she was matching his strokes by lifting her hips to meet him.

Charles shifted uncomfortably in his chair. “God this is incredible stuff. I think we’ve got a real winner here.”

“You really think it will sell?” Dave piped up.

“No doubt about it. This could get us an award at the Porno Flick convention in Vegas next year. It’s absolutely what they’re looking for.”

Michelle was sucking as best she could on George’s huge tool, and from the noises she was making she was really enjoying the fucking she was getting from my neighbor, Jeff. The big screen in the center kept shifting from camera to camera to get the best views, and each of the other dozen or so cameras were running on smaller screens off to the side. It was an amazing production and my wife was the star of the show.

Michelle began to thrust up harder and her cries signaled her impeding climax. She made a sound almost like crying with little yelps each time Jeff’s cock plunged into her. Jeff responded to her excitement and began to build to his own climax. With a shriek Michelle pulled Jeff to her and lunged several times very hard into him. He responded by pounding hard into her and with a loud grunt he poured his sperm deep into her belly. Then, exhausted, they dropped back onto the bed.

She didn’t get much rest, though and in only a very few minutes, George moved down on the bed. “Let me have a go at her, will you?” he asked Jeff.

Jeff moved up to Michelle’s head, placing his knees on either side of her head, his cock dangling in her face. She immediately took his cock into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum from it.

George, meanwhile was moving into position between Michelle’s legs. He lifter her legs high in the air.

“God, he’s big! We need to get this on tape.” Ron remarked.

“Jeff, hold her legs apart.” Jeff reached out, took Michelle’s ankles in his hands and pulled her legs up even higher and wide apart.

“Higher. That’s good. Now let me get a closeup of that great cock moving into her.” Ron was in there with the video camera, light on filming as George began to rub the head of his cock against Michelle’s waiting pussy lips.

“Oh, God.” murmured Michelle, “I don’t know if I can do this. He’s so big!”

“I think she’s right, George. She’s pretty small; you might not be able to get that thing into her.”

“I’ll be very careful, but you’ve got her very lubed up and I think this is going to work just fine.” With that he lifted the head of his cock up and down across the opening to my tiny wife’s pussy several times, and then he pushed forward a bit. We could see on the big screen as the head of his cock started forward into Michelle. She jumped and yelped at once.

“Ow, that hurts. It’s too big, it’s not going to fit!” she exclaimed.

Not to be put off, George continued to push forward, his huge cock stretching the cuntlips of my wife’s pussy wider than they’d ever been before.

“Ohhh, God, it hurts! Oh, Stop! Please stop.” But George wasn’t about to stop. The head of his cock had disappeared into Michelle and he was steadily making progress, inch by inch. Beads of perspiration stood out on Michelle’s forehead and her breathing was short and shallow.

“Dave, he’s going to kill her!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, she’s doing just fine,” remarked Charles. “I’ve seen this a hundred times. She’s pretty uncomfortable right now, but wait a few minutes. She’ll be begging him to fuck her harder.’




I watched her face as the huge black cock descended a few more inches into her. She was still gasping but her distress seemed to lessen a bit. Her breathing wasn’t quite so panicked and her fingernails weren’t digging into Charles quite so hard.

His cock was now about half way into her. To Michelle, it felt as if her whole body was filled with this giant cock. There couldn’t be any more, could there? Just when she felt he was going to tear her apart, he reversed and pulled his cock out, not all the way, but just so that the head was inside of her.

“That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” he asked her. She simply moaned a sigh of relief, which was short-lived because he began his forward assault again. This time the pain wasn’t as great and she began to think she was going to be able to handle him. But this time he went deeper, much deeper. Much deeper than her husband, even deeper than Jeff. She could feel his cock pressing against the very top of her womb, but still it kept coming. It was stretching and filling her like nothing she had ever imagined before. She lost all thought consciousness of anything except the intrusion of this huge cock inside of her. She felt dizzy, she thought she was going to pass out. Then she felt it pulling out again, and for the first time she had the beginnings of a feeling of pleasure.

His cock was wet, partly from Jeff’s cum, but also from her juices. Her body was responding. Even though her consciousness was telling her that something terrible was happening, her body was responding sexually.

The next stroke was a little faster and it went a little deeper. There was still pain as her body adjusted, but there was also pleasure, definite pleasure. Each stroke was a little faster and a little deeper. After a dozen strokes, George pushed all the way in. She felt his pubic bone against hers pushing hard. He was trying to push even deeper, but he’d reached his limit and she handled it! She’d taken every inch of that huge cock. George stopped and allowed her body accustom itself to this intruder.

But now, she didn’t want him to stop. Now it was clearly feeling good. Each stroke felt better and better. She wanted him to fuck her.

“Please fuck me.” she whispered, and then in a louder voice, “Fuck me, oh please fuck me. I want it; I need it. Fuck me hard.” And he did.

George was truly a fucking machine. His hips started a rhythm that drove Michelle to heights she had never known before. She climaxed almost immediately, and then again a few short minutes later. But he didn’t stop. George didn’t stop until she had cum again and again and again. And even then, he didn’t stop. He was pounding into her with an energy that was amazing. After nearly an hour of steady fucking, he began to pick up speed and we all knew that he was cumming. When he came it was huge. He drove into her hard, brutal. Five, ten, fifteen times. Grunting and cumming, pouring his sperm deep into her belly.

Michelle couldn’t handle the pill. When we made love, she always insisted that I wear a condom. I hated the rubbers, but I wore them because she couldn’t handle the pill and she didn’t want children. Now, in the space of an hour or so, two men had dumped full loads of sperm into her belly. I wondered where she was in her cycle. It seemed a couple of weeks ago that she was feeling poorly and told me she was getting her period. I couldn’t remember the exact date, but it seemed likely that she was near a very dangerous time. I laughed to myself. I wonder if it will be black or white?

We watched for the next two hours as Jeff and George took turns fucking my lovely little wife. They hardly stopped at all. They fucked her every way they could. At one point she was sitting astride George and Jeff moved in behind her and fucked her in the ass. She’d never allowed me to do that. I wondered if it was a first for her. Then she even offered to let Ron fuck her, but instead he asked for a blow job. She gladly complied. My wife was now the official office slut, available to anyone.

Dave and I went for lunch, with them still fucking. We discussed the arrangements of the porno movies, and how it would work.I was flabbergasted when he told me how much money would be forthcoming if it was successful. It was an incredible business.

When we returned, Michelle was on top of Ron in a 69 position. She was sucking his cock and he was licking her pussy. Jeff was fucking her from behind and Ron was stroking Jeff’s balls. George was sitting cross-legged with the video camera, panning back and forth.

They fucked all afternoon. George was the star. Ron came once or maybe twice and then he was done. Jeff did better. According to the camera crew he came five times. But he seemed pretty much finished also. But not George. George was fucking with as much energy as he had in the morning. I could tell Michelle was tiring but she was still enjoying it.

“He’s wearing her out,” said Charles. “I’m not sure how much more of this she can take. I don’t thing you’ll be getting lucky with this lady again for a while.”

I just smiled. Lucky? No, not in the way Charles meant, but it certainly was a stroke of luck, the way things were turning out.

A few months later.

Everything worked out just as we’d hoped. Better, in fact. Shortly after that big day, I requested a private meeting with Ron. His official title was CFO, Chief Financial Officer, and managing the company’s money was his responsibility.

When we sat down he said, “I think I know why you’re here. You weren’t happy that I promoted Jeff ahead of you, but that’s just the way things are. And I also know that you haven’t had a pay raise for a long time. Well, I just want you to be patient for a while. Maybe after the first of the year we can give you a little raise.”

“No, Ron.” I’d never been permitted to call him by his first name and he looked startled when I said it. “No, I’m not here for a raise or a promotion.”

“Well what do you want, then?”

“I want you to fire me.”


“Yes, I’d like you to fire me and give me a big, fat separation deal.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Are you crazy?” He was very flustered.

“No, Ron, I’m not crazy. And here’s a list of what I want. It’s not negotiable, and I want it in writing. Continue my pay for a year, medical insurance for two years, sign over the company car I’m driving. And, oh yes, I’d like a little bonus. Say a hundred thousand dollars, payable today.” As I talked I walked over to the VCR that he had in his office an inserted a tape. I pushed the play button.

“You’re out of your mind. Get the hell out of my office, and while your at it, clean out your desk and get out of the building. You’re fired….” With this last his voice dropped off as he noticed what was playing on the screen. It was a crystal clear video of him with Jeff’s cock stuffed well down his throat.

A contract was drawn up and signed the next day. It took him two days to get me the check, but he was good for it. He kept asking for the videotape so I gave it to him. He was stupid, he never asked if there were any others. Ya, there were a couple of copies.

A few weeks later our video, “Michelle Does Her Husband’s Boss” opened in six thousand Adult Motels, Video Arcades and Porno Stores. It’s reception has been phenomenal, and the money is pouring in.

I was going to send a copy of the tape to the Company President and to Jeff’s wife, but I thought, “What the hell, he’s got to be worried about that, and sooner or later it will happen. Let him stew in his juices for a while.”

It took a few weeks but eventually somebody in the company saw the film, and bought a copy. It made the rounds in the company and eventually, one of the wives saw it. She gave it to Jeff’s wife who promptly gave it to her lawyer.

So Jeff is gone, from the company, from the neighborhood, from the town. So is Ron. George is still around and has no trouble getting a date. Getting a job has been a bit more difficult.

Oh, and as to Michelle. A few days after the event, she and I watched a home movie. The next day she signed a divorce agreement, no contest. I gave her the house; I could never live there again anyway. But, she’s going to have to go to work which she thinks is a big problem.

She told me that she doesn’t know how she’s going to support herself, so I gave her Charles’ phone number and suggested that she and George go see him. Maybe she will. I hope so. If she does, I get a nice percentage of the take.

So, look for Michelle and George in a movie coming soon to your neighborhood porno theater.

The End


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