I greet you at the door with a smile and a hug, feeling the tension in your body from a hard day’s work. I kiss your cheek as I close the door behind us. I take the briefcase from your hand and toss it onto the couch.

“Hungry, sweet?”

You shake your head. “I had a late lunch.”

I hold you close, just enjoying you pressed up against me, your arms wrapped around me, your breath hot against my neck. I reach down and squeeze your ass through your beige business skirt. I nibble your ear and then whisper into it.

“I can tell you’ve had a rough day today.”

You sigh and melt into me.

I squeeze your ass harder, pressing you against me.

“For the rest of the night, you have no responsibilities. No deadlines. No accounts to reconcile or reports to file. No choices to make.” I begin pulling your skirt up slowly. “You have no choices at all. No decisions.” I can feel you squirm as my hands bunch up your skirt above your ass, exposing your prim and proper cotton panties.

I push you up against the door, my hands squeezing and kneading your ass through the panties. I kiss your neck and bite it lightly as you wrap one leg around my waist and clench against me.

“Mmmmm…” you purr, rubbing against me. I smile and push back, letting you feel how hard my cock is through the clothing that separates us.

“In fact, sweet,” I continue to whisper, “I’m the one who’ll be making the decisions tonight. Understand me, pet?”

You whimper and nod, your hips grinding against me with rising need. “Yes, my Lord.”

I reach down and pull your other leg up, and you wrap it around me, both legs hugging my waist, your back pressed into the hard wood of the door. With one hand, I reach beneath you and massage your pussy through your panties. You react instantly, your motions becoming more uncontrolled and your hands clenching and unclenching.

“My first decision is that you will come right now. You have thirty seconds to start coming. If you fail, I will punish you. Do you understand?”

You gasp. “Yes, my Lord!”

With that, I begin rubbing your pussy harder now, feeling your wetness soak the cloth. I push against you even harder and open your mouth with my tongue, probing you and kissing you deeply. You are frantic now, barely able to catch your breath as I suck on your lips and thrust my tongue deep in your mouth.

My fingers are rubbing your clit now, faster and faster, and I can feel your body tense as it prepares to climax. And then you are shuddering uncontrollably, moaning into my mouth, and I keep rubbing you, and you grind against my hand, and you cry out as you clutch me and shake from the orgasm.

I remove my slick fingers, letting your skirt fall back down. Still pressing you against the door as you relax and let your shaky legs slide down to the floor, I put my fingers in my mouth and suck them.

“Mmmm…” I kiss your cheek and whisper in your ear. “You taste so good, pet. I hope you don’t mind the fact that I’m going to force your body to produce a lot of that tonight. I really hope you don’t mind. Because you don’t have a choice. I’m thirsty for you, pet, and it’s going to take everything you have to slake my thirst.”

I kiss you, catching the moan that escapes your lips.

Suddenly, I pull away from you and pull you with me to the center of the room. I remove a black blindfold from my pocket, like a magician performing a scarf trick, and hold it in front of you. Then I turn you around and lower the blindfold over your eyes. I tighten it, making sure you can’t see a thing. Your body tenses a bit, and I merely hold you from behind and kiss your neck until you relax.

I strip you slowly, pausing to kiss and fondle your flesh as I expose it. Each portion of your body gets worked over with my hands and lips as all barriers to your flesh are removed. When I have stripped you completely, I take your arms and touch your wrists together behind your back, indicating that you should keep them there. I wrap a satin scarf around and between your wrists, tying it tightly, binding your wrists together.

“Is that comfortable, pet?”

You nod. “Yes, my Lord.”

“Good.” I spread your legs apart with my hands, and brush my fingers against your pussy momentarily before stepping around to face you.

I kiss you gently while I remove my clothes. You struggle with yourself not to move as I kiss your lips, your cheeks, your neck, the V between your breasts, the smooth surface of your breasts. By the time I reach your nipples, I am naked, and I tease you by merely flicking my tongue rapidly and briefly against each nipple, making your nipples even harder.

With one hand, I take my hard cock and press it to my stomach as I embrace you. My cock is sandwiched between our bodies as I kiss you. I know how much you want it inside you, but the night is young, and there will be plenty of time for that later.

We stand there kissing for a while, me with the freedom to let my fingers play upon your body as I see fit, and you forbidden to move. You know how much I enjoy tormenting you like this, how I so love all the reactions your body makes as I stroke your skin. You’ve had one orgasm so far, but you know that your second one will take a long time to get here, and that you will have to spend a long time being aroused and frustrated before it arrives.

I leave you now for a moment, and you bite your lip, wondering what will happen next. You can hear me walking across the room, opening something that sounds like a sliding drawer. You hear something that sounds like tinkling bells. You hear me approach you again.

You gasp as I suddenly grab your left nipple and touch something hard and metallic to it, and you cry out as you feel your nipple clamped. The clamp is not so tight that it hurts you, but you can feel your nipple throb with the pressure.

I grab your right nipple and quickly clamp it as well. I kiss you as you groan from it, and while I am kissing you, you gasp as you feel each clamp in turn suddenly get heavier, and you realize that I have added small weights to each clamp. The clamps still are not painful, but the weights add to the pressure. And when you move, you hear the tinkling of bells. You blush.

I begin licking the tips of your nipples and flicking the bells that dangle from the clamps, and you moan with a combination of embarrassment, discomfort, and need. I keep this up for a while, letting the stimulation start to overwhelm you.

Then I adorn other parts of your body with bells. I fasten clip-on earrings, each with a small bell dangling beneath. I tie bells to your ankles. I tie bells to the scarf that binds your wrists. I tie bells to your thighs. I tie bells in your hair. And then I make you spread your legs as wide as they’ll go for the finishing touches.

I must be gentle here. I take your left outer labia and pull on it, stretching it out just a bit. Then, deftly and quickly, I put a clamp on it and tighten the clamp only to the point where it will not fall off, and no more. I repeat this with your right labia, and you can hear the tinkling of these new bells as they tug at your most sensitive of places.

I step back to admire my handiwork. You are trembling, setting off a chorus of tinkling bells, which only serves to make you tremble harder.

“You are beautiful, my pet.”

“Th-thank you, my Lord.”

“I think these adornments enhance your beauty. Perhaps I will have you wear them more often for me.”

You shiver, creating more musical ripples. “If it pleases you, my Lord.”

I smile. “Dance for me.”

You gasp, but already your body is obeying me. It’s awkward to dance with your hands tied behind your back, but you try to dance gracefully for me. The bells tinkle at full volume.

“More seductively. Arouse me with motion.”

You try to lose yourself in the dance, swaying your hips, moving your feet. And always, always, the tinkling of bells. Your motions are erotic now, exciting. You have lost yourself in dancing, swaying to the sound of your own heartbeat. I feel my cock twitch at the sight of you.

“Now stop. Face away from the sound of my voice.” You obey me as I speak. “Spread your legs wider. Bend over slightly. Now make your ass dance for me. Grind it. Don’t move anything else, just your ass.” You begin, moving your ass in undulating circles. “That’s it. Show me how much you want my cock inside you. Let your ass tell me this by the way you grind. Think only of how you would love for me to thrust deeply inside your pussy.”

You are one mass of tinkling bells as you grind for me. I watch your ass, wanting so much to fuck you. Instead, I put my hand on your ass. “Keep grinding,” I command you. I let your ass guide my hand as you wiggle for me.

Over and over, you make delicious circles, ovals, figure-eight’s with your ass. You grind and gyrate with your mind as well as your body, displaying your great need for me, testing the limits of my self-control. How easy it would be to simply take you now, to impale you on my throbbing cock and fuck you until we both achieved a quick and much-needed release. But the release becomes so much sweeter when desperation is at a fever pitch. I restrain myself and simply enjoy the motions of your ass.

Finally, when you are panting from desire, I playfully swat your ass and command you to stop and stand. I remove the bells from your body, starting with the clamps on your pussy lips. You breathe a sigh of relief as the pressure leaves you, and you are glad as each bell is removed. But instead of removing the nipple clamps, I attach an end of a silver chain to each clamp. You whimper as you realize that the pressure on your nipples will not be relieved.

Slowly I pull on the chain. The throbbing pressure of your nipples increases, and you instinctively step forward to relieve it. I kiss your lips quickly and take a step back, pulling on the chain again. You follow me. You quickly learn the rules of the game as I stop you with my hands and guide you silently.

You are not to step forward until I have pulled the chain taut and your nipples begin to stretch. Then you are allowed to move one step. But you must stand still until you feel your nipples being stretched again. Step by step, with an alternating rhythm of increasing and decreasing pressure to your poor nipples, I lead you to the bathroom.

By the time we arrive, you are panting, and I can smell your arousal. It pleases me. I kiss your lips again and remove the clamps, hearing you sigh with relief. I give each nipple a quick kiss, then prepare a shower for us.

The water is as hot as we can stand it, and I step in first to guide you. I pull you to me, your arms still pinned behind you, the blindfold still covering your eyes. I pull you into an embrace and let you feel my naked flesh against yours again, let my cock rub against you.

Then I pull away and bathe you slowly and thoroughly. The shower is large enough for me to position you any way I please, and I put you into delightful positions in order to bathe every part of you. I make you bend over, your legs spread wide, and I use my left hand to steady you while my right lathers your ass. I rub my soapy fingers along the crack of your ass, teasing you, slowly pushing just the tip of my index finger into your tiny hole and rubbing there.

I make you lean with your back against the wall and your legs as far out as you can go without slipping, and use the soap on your pussy. I am very careful not to stimulate you too much. I don’t want you coming again for awhile.

I have you kneel before me, the water splashing against your back. I run my thumb along your mouth for a moment before parting your lips. I pull down, and you obligingly open your mouth for me. You can feel the head of my cock touch your lips now, and you eagerly take it inside your mouth.

I run my fingers through your hair as you begin to suck me, and I begin a running monologue of tender words, telling you what a good pet you are, how sweet you are to me, and how much I love you. I start rambling a bit as the orgasm swells within me, telling you what is in store for you, how much pleasure I am going to force from your body, and how before the night is through you will be begging me to let you stop coming.

And then I explode inside your mouth, moaning at the top of my lungs. You hungrily devour every drop and milk me dry, until I have to pull my suddenly too-sensitive cock from your mouth. I help you up and embrace you, kissing you violently, tasting myself on your lips.

“I love you,” I whisper in your ear.

It takes perhaps ten minutes to dry you and prepare you for the main course of tonight’s erotic feast. As I dry you, I play with your body, teasing your arousal ever higher. Your movements are without the slightest inhibition and are guided only by need. They are accompanied by the most delightful whimpers, pouts, and entreaties. I could command you to remain motionless and silent as I rub you with the towel, but it pleases me for you to display your desire.

At last, I lead you to the bedroom. I remove the scarf that binds your hands together, and I let you embrace me briefly, your hands grabbing my back, pulling us together. I kiss you after a minute and pull away from you.

I replace the wet blindfold with a dry one, and you climb onto the bed as I guide you. I have you lie on your back, with your legs spread apart. Your knees are bent and pressing down onto the sheets, exposing you to me completely. With soft, fake-fur cuffs, I strap your legs in this position at the ankles and lower thighs.

The ankle cuffs are attached to the foot of the bed, while the thigh cuffs are attached to the sides. Then your wrists are strapped above your head, stretching your arms taut. When I have finished, you are immobile and utterly vulnerable.

You cry out in surprise as you feel something enter your ear, and you reflexively jerk your head aside. I take your left nipple and squeeze firmly, keeping the pressure on it as I tell you to relax. Distracted by your nipple, I finish sliding the earplug in, making sure it fits properly. I kiss your other ear and whisper “don’t be frightened, pet.” The second plug goes in without a struggle.

You whimper as you feel me put something else over your ears. You realize they are headphones, the big kind that cup the whole ear. The trembling of your body begins again.

I lie down beside you, stroking your breasts gently. “Sweet?” I say very loudly, almost shouting. “Can you hear me?”

“Y-yes, my Lord.”

I kiss your lips. “In a moment, I am going to turn on some music.” It feels awkward to be talking so loud, but I have to make sure you hear me. “I am going to turn it up slowly. You must tell me when the music sounds normal to you. Do you understand?”

You nod, biting your lip.

I have a 10-disc CD changer that I’ve programmed for a few hours’ worth of sensual music. More than we’ll need, but guaranteed not to run out before I am finished with you. I touch the play button and begin slowly turning up the volume. It will have to be very loud to sound normal through the earplugs.

“That’s it, my Lord,” you say, just when I start to worry that the volume might be getting too high. “That’s loud enough. I-I’m a little scared.” I am at your side instantly, touching you, kissing you, soothing you without words. I stroke your face and kiss your forehead. I lie next to you and let you feel the warmth of my body. I hold you until I can feel you relax a little.

You sigh. “It’s…it’s okay now, my Lord. Thank you.” I kiss your forehead again and shift position so that I’m lying on top of you. I slip my hand under your head and cradle it as I kiss your lips. For several minutes we simply kiss, and I feel your body respond to mine. My cock, so recently drained by your sweet lips, is awakening again.

It’s time to begin your sensual torment.

I kneel between your spread legs, simply sitting there, not touching you. Your body tenses as all contact with me is broken. I let you feel this tension for awhile, letting it build within you, letting you wonder what will happen next.

And then my hand is suddenly on your thigh, caressing it gently. You arch up involuntarily, hoping I will touch your aching pussy, but I merely enjoy the feel of your creamy skin. How smooth and sweet it is, so agreeable to being petted and caressed. I withdraw my hand, leaving you tense and unfulfilled for a minute.

My lips are upon your belly now, and I kiss you as you moan helplessly. I trace little circles with my tongue around your belly button, listening to your ragged breathing. And again, I withdraw, leaving you with no sensation.

Suddenly you feel my fingers squeezing your right nipple hard, and you cry out and raise your ass off the bed, squirming. I release your nipple and let you feel the frustrating sensation of nothingness for awhile.

Now I kiss your calves, slowly working my way up your legs, licking and sucking the flesh. When I reach your inner thighs, I open my mouth wide and suck the flesh in hard. You squeal and writhe as much as your bonds will allow, and I bite lightly into your thigh and suck harder. I release your flesh with a wet popping sound that you cannot hear, and rub the angry hickey with the tips of my fingers, listening to your sigh of relief.

After another frustrating period of no sensations, I move back to your lips, pressing my body full against yours. I press the tip of my cock against your pussy and rub the head along your slit, catching your moans with my lips. You thrust against me, begging me with your body to fuck you. But I merely tease you like this, kissing you and rubbing your pussy lips with my cock, until you are trembling with need. Then I withdraw.

I watch your sumptuous body writhe for awhile before beginning my next stimulation.

It seems like an eternity for you. You never know what to expect next. One minute I might be lightly circling your nipples with my fingers, the next I might be spanking your inner thighs. I might massage your feet, or nibble on your earlobes. I might run an ice cube over your body. And always, the lengthy pauses between stimulations to give you plenty of time to wonder what will come next.

At long last, just when it seems your pussy will never receive the lengthy attention I offer to other parts of your body, I lower my lips to your pussy and probe you with my tongue.

You cry out and thrust your ass off the bed, and I catch it in my hands and knead your ass-flesh roughly as my tongue and lips play upon your pussy. I do not touch your clit yet, though it strains at me as if it had a mind of its own. I merely continue the slow build to your approaching orgasm.

And then I stop.

You moan in frustration and need, pumping your hips at me, but I merely stroke your thighs lightly. Little by little you relax, your ass sinking back down onto the bed.

When you have relaxed, I begin again.

There is nothing held back now. You have become a writhing, panting, frustrated creature, howling without words as I bring you again and again almost to orgasm, then leaving you alone as you beg and moan and whimper and thrash and try so hard to push yourself over the edge without my help.

Finally, just when it seems you will go mad, I attack your clit with my tongue.

Your cries are almost violent as I begin lapping you rhythmically. Over and over again my tongue performs the same sweeping motion across the hard knot of flesh, making it even harder and causing your cries to rise in pitch and volume.

I thrust a finger into your pussy, not missing a beat in the licking. I press against your G-spot in a counter-rhythm to the licking of your clit. It’s a syncopated pattern of press-lick, press-lick, press-lick, press-lick, over and over again. Your ass is high off the bed, your wailing constant.

Your whole universe has been reduced to the sensations of your pussy and the music in your ears.

I can feel the tension in your body as the orgasm builds. You let out a long wail as the wave begins to crest, then you are screaming and pumping your hips wildly as the orgasm overwhelms you. I move with you, not missing a beat, the constant press-lick, press-lick pushing you even higher into the stratosphere.

You become nothing but a chain reaction of orgasm upon orgasm. Wave after wave of mind-blowing pleasure tears through your body. You are lost in an ocean of feeling, being tossed about by powerful waves as you come and come and come.

At long last, just when you feel yourself coming down, the wave depositing your tired body on the shore of relaxing bliss, I lie on top of you. Kissing you, I gently push my needy cock into your dripping wet pussy. You whimper as you feel the wave begin again.

When I am all the way inside you, I remove the headphones and the earplugs, then take off the blindfold so I may stare into your beautiful eyes. I kiss you passionately as we begin to fuck, our bodies moving together in perfectly matched rhythms. I reach up and undo your wrist cuffs so that I can feel your arms wrapped around me, so that I can lose myself in you.

I fuck you slowly and steadily, building us both to earth-shattering orgasms. When we finally come, we come together, screaming out each other’s names.

I kiss your eyelids as we float back to earth.

“I love you, sweet,” I whisper in your ear.

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