I never thought I’d write a letter like this but Juniper – my lady – talked me into it.

We earn our living by playing in a rock band, a band you have heard of, but one I won’t name in this letter. Rock and roll is a hard wild life and all the stories about being in a successful are true.  But Juniper and I try to maintain after three years of a great marriage as normal a life as we can under the circumstances.

Believe it or not Juniper, who was against any kind of swinging started the whole thing.  She knew I was tempted by Sandra a blond back-up singer we were using at the time but she was being good about it.  We talked about it too and everything was cool until my wife and I were backstage with the drummer-boyfriend of the said lady. 

We had come to see his new rhythm ideas and the four of us were alone.  I turned from talking and admiring the tall shapely blonde to find my petite Juniper – who has the sexiest body I’ve ever seen – making hot eyes at the drummer Dan.  He was blonde too, long haired and he had taken his shirt off and looked like a Viking warrior.  He was sweating and he was smiling appreciatively at my wife.

Jealousy rose its ugly head and I felt the cool hand of Sandra on my crotch were my cock instantly bulged to life.  She smiled and shrugged with her taut little tits, hard-nippled under her thin t-shirt. “We’re cool and we don’t get jealous, can you dig it? She said.

At the sound of her voice, Juniper and Dan turned to look at us.

There we were, the four of us, all along, with Sandra’s hand still on my bulge.  I got a grip on myself and stepped away from her grasping hand, but it was already too late, we all knew what was going to happen next.

Dan nodded telling me that her and Sandra liked to swing with other couples and that he had the hots for Juniper. He asked me what I thought about Sandra and I nervously looked into her eyes. There was an excitement in her expression that made my heart pound. I was torn and Juniper and I looked at each other.

Time moved on – and we undressed each other locking the door.  Things got more exciting especially when Sandra took over, pulling me down and giving me the most sensual head I’d ever had. It might have been because my wife and Dan were watching, but I had to stop Sandra before I blew my wad too quickly. Sandra’s slinky sexy body was like a snake moving all over me as I leaned into a pile of cushions finally succumbed to her talents.

If Sandra hadn’t been so erotic the sight of Dan eating and sucking Juniper’s sweet pussy would have driven me nuts, but every time I began to feel jealous about that Sandra did some fucking great sexual thing that made my cock throb and pushed everything else from my mind.

Finally Sandra rode my rock hard cock until I blasted my cum deep into her tight juicy love hole twisting as she pushed her hard nipples into my mouth, her vagina sucking every drop of cum from me as my eyes watched Juniper getting it from Dan.

Dan was holding Juniper’s sexy little body and sucking her mouth, her nipples, her ears and eyes; everything he could reach, like she was some kind of dessert.  His hands held her ass and her legs where wrapped around his hips as he stood there fucking her hard with his back against the wall.

It was a wild scene and I was still cumming in Sandra as Juniper cried out in passion as her orgasm passed through her body.

Dan’s body stiffened and he made a noise like he was in pain as he thrust one last time and held himself ridged and filled my Juniper with his cum.  His mouth covered Juniper’s and they kissed as they came together.

Sandra didn’t let me dwell on what I’d just seen, she grabbed my hair and came again making my cock twitch wonderfully as her mouth sucked mine with her tongue twirling around mine. Then she shuddered into a second climax riding me wildly and my wife and Dan having slumped to a setting position on the floor next to watched.

To my surprise, afterwards everything was cool.  We were still friends and Juniper was in my lap making me hard again.  Strange but we made love to our own wives then and it was just as hot. 

Later that night, at home, we talked about what had happened and made hot passionate love again.  And yeah, we met up with Sandra and Dan again and again and things got even better between us.

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